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March 2004

26th March 2004

EVIL, INJUSTICE, UNFAIRNESS!: Often I receive emails asking why there is so much injustice in this world to-day. Why is there so much corruption, greed, poverty, irrational senseless slaughter of the innocent, wars, revolutions, holocausts, crimes against children, genocides, terrorism? And why so much cruelty and gross selfishness where the wealthy ignore the urgent needs of the poor. These are of course very important questions!! One important thing to keep in mind is the purpose of life on earth. What is going to happen to us when we cross over? Read more…

Your perception is a product of your environment. If you were born in India , would your beliefs be different from those of the West, or from the Chinese or from the Africans or from the South Americas? ALL informed people would agree. Is there any reason then to be dogmatic about your personal beliefs, be they religious or otherwise? Is it not reasonable to rise above your early environmental conditioning and accept that the paranormal, communicating with those who crossed over has been empirically validated? Free yourself from man-made restrictions and allow for the truth to descend onto you to shed the very much needed light. Transcend the boggle threshold now to access information which you will INEVITABLY access on crossing over in the afterlife dimension. Forget the defeatists, the losers, the negative of this world - go where the light is. Unfathomed rewards are guaranteed.

MAN-MADE THEOLOGY: needs updating. What applied to those who lived 2,000 years ago cannot be applied to those who live to-day. We live in an age where science has refuted superstition and false beliefs. Information transmitted from the other-side states that total forgiveness comes about ONLY when the ones we cheated forgive us themselves. That comes directly from the afterlife dimension. Going to a priest for forgiveness, thinking you're departing planet earth with a clean sheet, is most erroneous. It is only part of the story.

PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE: it has all to do with vibration. ALL physicists now agree that everything in the universe is vibrating - love, thoughts, deeds, actions, solids. Even our duplicate spiritual bodies are vibrating. All the accumulated vibrations (or lack of accumulated) vibrations - i.e. the level of spirituality you attain during your lifetime will automatically send you to an afterlife realm which can accommodate your vibrations. All realms in the afterlife are vibrating from the lowest to the highest. When you cross over you will be judging yourself. Good decent folk will have nothing to worry about; they are likely to end up in the third realm - really a most wonderful place of existence. Click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 27 'What Happens to You When You Die.'

TERRORISTS - Only some believe that when they blow themselves up they will meet 50 virgins in heaven! The tough conditioning which must have taken place to convince some terrorists of this fallacy must be enormous. Some of the kamikaze Japanese pilots who committed suicide thought they would go straight to heaven. All these are twisted, mistaken BELIEFS. But BELIEFS have to give way to empirically elicited information which tells us differently (see item above). There will be a heavy price to pay for every serious transgression - WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.

ACCPETANCE of the PARANORMAL IS ON THE INCREASE: Amazing Gallup Poll results show that in the last 25 years Americans doubled their acceptance of the evidence for the afterlife. Some 65% now accept the afterlife and another 37% concede there COULD be an afterlife. Nearly three times as many now in 1970 accept reincarnation as a fact - 27%- and rising.

ROLE OF EVIL: I call it the 'dialectics of spirituality.' This means first, that we do have 'free will'. Whenever we are confronted by or tempted to do evil and win by making the right decision we experience spiritual growth. If there was no evil, there would be no experience of choosing between doing 'good' and 'evil'. It is when we do have a choice and make the right decision that we gain higher vibrations, higher spirituality. So in a way the existence of 'evil' helps us on our spiritual evolution.

19th March 04

A LAWYER RESPONDS TO THE 'NEW SCIENTIST': Journal FAILS to pass the legal test. The 13th March 04 issue of the journal NEW SCIENTIST (NS) made "The Power of the Paranormal" its main theme. It had three special reports and its full front page depicted a large bent spoon - willfully misleading the reader by asking "Why won't it [the paranormal] surrender to science?" NS failed to pass the test of 'legally admissible' reasoning in publishing two of the articles which used inferior reasoning. A third article by Robert Matthews is far more balanced, more incisive, more informative and more acceptable. So my reply refers to the first two articles. Read more…

'NEW SCIENCE': is where the non-physical energy is being studied and researched by some of the most intelligent and advanced empiricists of the world to-day. Has the 'new science' revolution started? Is the old, traditional reductionist science - some traditional scientists talk about giving way to the 'New Science'? From information received from the U.S a number of leading 'new' scientists will be taking part in a most important conference this year regarding the afterlife and mind/matter topics. Some of the world's most advanced scientists to participate will include: D Byron Ph.D., Jane Kata Ph.D., Ed May Ph.D., Dean Radin Ph.D., Marilyn Schlitz Ph.D, Professor Russell Targ Ph.D, Jessica Utts Ph.D. And with absolute certainty, these scientists are not going to accept beliefs in lieu of empirically based research.

SPIRITUAL MOVIES: Are you like me in thinking that Ghost was a great movie? Do you want to see more movies based on spiritual themes? According to Stephen Simon Producer and Director of INDIGO, Producer of SOMEWHERE IN TIME and WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, some of the best movies made every year go virtually unseen. The major distributors won't touch the most heartful, soul-satisfying movies, because they don't think there's enough money in it for them. Big, violent action movies bring in audiences that eat those huge boxes of popcorn. That's why theater-owners want them, and that's why Hollywood makes them. Join Spiritual Cinema Circle and get three inspirational movies on DVD every month. Read more…

ARE YOU INTUITIVE?: You can help the Institute of Noetic Sciences, probably the leading psychic research organization in the world today, by taking part in an online research project to test and potentially train your intuitive powers. Go to

RESEARCH PROJECTS: in full swing. I had a pleasant surprise when I read through the 28 page catalogue of research projects being conducted at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma California this year. More funding is of course always needed.

RECONCILIATION of PSYCHIC PHENOMENA and RELIGION?: I am not going to use confrontation regarding what is the truth about the existence of the afterlife. This is because by being intelligent, by the use of reason, by negotiation and understanding we can come to mutual agreement as to the truth about the hereafter. Psychics generally state that the reason why the individual lives eternally is because the individual is part of the 'divine.' At first this was opposed by theologians. This is most fundamental. Is there anywhere in the Bible which confirms or is consistent with the said statement? The answer is absolutely YES. In John 10.34 Jesus states: "Ye are Gods." And later in 14:12 Jesus also states, "Everything that I'm doing … YOU can do … even greater things than these."

12th March 2004

THE GREATEST STUFF UP!: Chris Robinson, the pre-cognitive medium, psychic detective who was employed by British espionage service M15- MAY be tested by the most closed-minded debunking skeptics in history -Zwinge Randi, Wiseman and French. I advised Chris to pull out - because his success would make these debunkers look like fools - and the laughing stock of the psychic world. And inevitably they will CHEAT, LIE and DECEIVE to protect their asses. Zwinge Randi had a copy (through my courtesy) of an email I sent to Chris to pull out of the proposed experiments. Here is a part of Zwinge Randi's email response directed to me: "… it's quite possible that Robinson actually believes he has these abilities, and he may be inclined to accept our challenge for that reason. …You may find this difficult to believe, but there are honest people out there who are merely self-deluded."

AND THIS HAS BEEN STATED BY ZWING RANDI IMMEDIATELY BEFORE THE TESTS HAVE STARTED!!!!! This is like asking three Wizards of the Ku Klux Clan to find a negro innocent of a crime. So Chris, get out now, because when you succeed in your tests, they'll tear up the results and claim you cheated or failed. Get out now and DO NOT TRUST those who are fundamentally violating equity and law by being a judge in their own cause!

TERRORIST ATTACKS IN SPAIN: Some 116 people killed and hundreds injured in three separate bomb train blasts. Inevitably those who have knowledge of the afterlife would have a much easier crossing over and would be able to operate normally within a reasonably very short time in the afterlife dimension. Others ignorant of afterlife matters will take longer to adjust to the new conditions. We have it from excellent sources that in the afterlife, it is known beforehand when people will be crossing over and there will be spirit helpers to help as much as they can with the transition from the physical to the spiritual world. Huge negative, horrific karma to those terrorists who caused the wanton slaughter. Let us all send light and love to the families left behind.

JOHN EDWARD TOUR: so far nothing happened to John Edward whilst he is in Australia - no police, no prosecutors, no FAIR TRADING ACT Director - except a couple of old time debunkers who are green with envy that John Edward is enjoying such huge success. Even the dupe of the skeptics, the interviewer TW from Sky Channel, has kept as quiet as a mouse - despite his best efforts to denigrate John Edward. Some 20,000 people attended on two nights - standing room only - to watch John Edward perform miracles on stage by exhibiting most impressive information coming directly from the afterlife. I was there and fully confirm John Edward's psychic gifts when he picked on people at random from the thousands who were there - ALL appreciative of his mind blowing psychic gifts and accuracy of the afterlife messages.

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST: the movie by Mel Gibson. Whilst no doubt the movie will make money, there is serious doubt that the intention of the movie is to make the audience squirm in their seats could backfire. When I was coming out of the theatre a number of people looked gloomy, sad, somber, and reacted negatively. One would have thought that a spiritually successful movie would make you feel elated, enlightened, inspired, uplifted, positively motivated to do good things. Mel Gibson's idea is that we would feel very sympathetic to Jesus after we see him being brutally treated for nearly two hours continuously. A Rabbi was heard to say - "Jesus suffered for 12 hours at the end of his life. There were many of us who experienced more pain than Jesus did for six years."

SERVICE , SERVICE, SERVICE. In my early Catholic days I was taught that suffering is redemptive. That my be so. But what comes directly from the afterlife about you getting a good deal is to be 'spiritual' - performing selfless service is what will expeditiously accelerate your spirituality - something which will have a huge positive impact on crossing over. Incidentally, Silver Birch, one of the greatest afterlife teachers with the highest credibility - who severely criticizes Christian theology, also states that Jesus was the most spiritually advanced person on earth.

WISE WORDS DIRECTLY FROM THE AFTERLIFE: "Fear is born of ignorance. Where there is love and trust and knowledge, there fear cannot reign. An evolved spirit cannot be afraid at any time, because he (or she) knows that there is no experience that can come to him (or her) in any phase of life that he cannot master, for he is part of the divine … Fear is a negative quality which destroys, vitiates and saps. It impairs your judgment; it clouds your reason; it prevents you from seeing issues clearly. There is no problem that comes to any soul which you are incapable of solving. There is no difficulty that you cannot conquer - if you would but allow the latent divinity to rise to the surface." Silver Birch - see bibliography in BOOK top right.

4th March 2004

A Skynews Australia presenter and self-confessed skeptic TW became a dupe of the skeptics during his half an hour show last Monday 7.30pm trying to denigrate John Edward. The presenter came across as most amateurish. He showed he is colossally IGNORANT about recent afterlife empirical testing and showed he has limited intellectual capacity to deal with psi. He was most, UNFAIR, UNPROFESS-IONAL in being willfully partial as a moderator. He was DISHONEST in his manipulation of time and content to favor the skeptics. It was a classic abuse of position to articulate his own negative prejudice. Close content analysis of what he stated makes him just like one of the 60's skeptics- totally uninformed and doggedly dogmatic. He is rapidly becoming an embarrassment in the media about psi matters - even to the informed skeptics - because he is uninformed. I sent TW details of how John Edward's mediumship was found to be valid by scientific testing. Dishonestly TW did not allow for a balanced view. No wonder John Edward refused to be interviewed by him. We know how John Edward in the past was treated most unfairly and savagely by envious skeptics on air.

JOHN EDWARD'S SHOW: on Channel 22 FOXTEL is one of the most popular shows on Foxtel.
Why then would this presenter also on Foxtel, because of his colossal ignorance about psychic phenomena, try to stab John Edward in the back! Why did he deliberately omit to mention the scientific studies about psychic phenomena? Why did he intentionally mention the skeptics' offer of $1m and did NOT mention the psychics $1m offer -which hitherto has NOT been rebutted in five years. Why did TW actively promote closed minded skepticism - instead of coming across with the dignity honesty and integrity of a professional journalist? Instead he came across as a sycophantic, obsequious baggage boy for the ignorant debunkers.

MODERN MIRACLE: GWEN BYRNE and PAT JEFFRIES were reunited with their dead sons during materialization mediumship of Rita Goold. Both these ladies actually hugged and kissed their sons (who had died some years before) in one of the most amazing materializations in the history of psychic phenomena. One email to me would enable this uninformed skeptic mentioned above to interview these two ladies in the UK. He will be stunned, amazed and shocked to learn how materializations by gifted mediums happen - see chapter 10 - go to BOOK top right.

SKEPTIC IDIOCY: the editor of highly prestigious SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN in 1908 refused to report that machines could fly. He said it took birds some 7 million years to learn to fly - and will take as much for humans to do the same. The New York Times, the US Army and noted academics all heaped derision on the Wright brothers AFTER they had successfully conducted manned flight. For more stunning examples of skeptics idiocies- go to BOOK top right - click on chapter 25.

HOLLYWOOD OSCARS: We saw the glamour, the excessive wealth, the glitter and the gold, the gross materialism, the pomp and ceremony. But the sensitive ones also saw the huge egos, the gross selfishness, the vindictive rivalry, the back stabbing. And we also saw the leading movies - devoid of the most important information on earth - the consequences of being too materialistic in this world. Short term thinkers I say. Why? Because we ALL have to cross over - and afterlife research shows there are ENORMOUS consequences.

ROBIN WILLIAMS: Do comics have to say anything to get a laugh? This Robin Williams was trying to get a cheap laugh mimicking a deaf person signing. It's like laughing at a paraplegic. Karmically, those in the KNOW understand that is likely to be a lesson Williams will have to learn sooner or later.

HELEN DUNCAN: one of the greatest materialization mediums of all time was a victim of colossal injustice when the Court in 1944 in war time Britain refused her to demonstrate her psychic skills in Court to show the British Court that she was not a fraud. Why did the Court deny Helen Duncan the due process of law to which she would be entitled to-day? Why not allow a gifted medium to show to the world under strict supervision that psychic phenomena are real? Why? Because Helen Duncan would have shown that psychic laws are valid and traditional, conservative science would have to be completely revised to allow for the existence of the non-physical (psychic) energy. Clearly, it takes CHEATING, FRAUD, LYING, DECEPTION and NEGATIVE MANIPULATION to retard, but NOT to stop the inevitable acceptance of psychic science.

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