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Report 24th November 06

Materialization session Friday 24th November 06 - Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Cosmo Lang (1930' to 1945) came through.
He was instrumental in organizing a very important committee to investigate spirit contact in his time. The famous Report was suppressed for forty years.

Dr Cosmo Lang, who fully materialized for the Circle of the Silver Cord, invited me to ask him questions: I asked him three key questions:

a) about Christian theology,

b) about the Council of Nicea - regarding the way Jesus was made into the 'Son of God',

c) about his famous report of 1938 - and why it was decided to suppress the findings of the Church of England committee to investigatse Spiritualism and communicating with entities from the afterlife. Click on Audios of David Thompson materializations - top left column.

COMMENTARY: MIRACLES? No miracles, just afterlife physics operating. I am receiving a great number of emails from people all over the world warmly expressing the view that they are getting a great deal of listening to William and the other voices from the afterlife. People are absolutely fascinated to hear the voices of those who died over a hundred hears ago. By our understanding it is a ‘miracle’ (=afterlife physics) these things are happening – where loved ones from the afterlife are vocalizing, expressing their love for those who are living. What is happening is that those from the afterlife are able to use David Thompson’s ectoplasm (whitish substance which is emitted from David, the medium) to reduce their vibrations to match the speed of the earth’s vibrations. According to physicist Professor Einstein, the vibrations of our ‘vortices’ on this planet earth are spinning at the speed of light, E=mc2(squared). Now the afterlife entities’ vibrations are spinning faster – but with ectoplasm they can reduce their vibrations to our physical earth’s vibrations so that they can vocalize their message to their loved ones – and for William and his colleagues to converse with us. These sound files are giving a great deal of hope to many people around the world that one day they too, will inevitably reunite with their loved ones once they cross over. More about materializations: click on BOOK top right, click on chapters 9, 10, and 11.

WANTED: Circle of the Silver Cord (medium David Thompson's materialization Circle) seeks a Patron to assist in bringing the message of environmental preservation and the continuity of life after physical death to the world. We seek someone who with their current standing can gain access to mainstream media to relate their experiences of the Circle. Email...silvercordcircle.

INVEST IN AFTERLIFE DOCUMENTARY: I am considering a proposal to do a documentary on the evidence for the afterlife. The documentary will be based on the evidence I have in my book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE (click BOOK top right). Producers/investors are needed to discuss the production of what will be the definitive afterlife documentary something that will be shown in different languages – on television worldwide for years to come. For further information

SPECIAL THANKS to William, Timothy, Jack and all those participants who made these memorable materialization sessions possible. Thanks also to David Thompson the materialization medium.

The New Zealand materializations experiments were held for the Spiritual Alliance Church. The following well known people fully materialized with really clear voices - click on Audios top left..
David Thompson's WEBSITE:

THE ENVIRONMENT: William from the afterlife dimension of the Circle of the Silver Cord tells us it is critical to watch our environment very carefully as there is a link between the destruction of our environment and our ability to communicate with the afterlife. In other words, if the mega companies and industries completely neglect the environment, continue to chop down all remaining trees we have left on this planet Earth for industrial use and continue to pollute the heavens with industrial waste, smoke and smog and other toxic material we are then likely to have very serious problems that could become irreversible. The principle outlined by William is that there is a link between the destruction of the environment and the lowering of the vibrations of Earth. At the moment, the conditions of the environment are reversible. We can save the environment. We can continue to tell companies and governments and other polluters of this world they have a huge responsibility to maintain clean, healthy environment. Plant a tree to-day and make sure no one chops it down for firewood!

WHEN A LOVED ONE CROSSES OVER: I also get mail about what to do when a loved one crosses over. This depends how psychically and spiritually advanced a person happens to be. Those psychically advanced are in a position to send messages to a crossed over loved one asking for confirmation that he/she is OK. Mostly this happens either by way of dreams or an apparition or in some other way – perhaps as pre-arranged between the parties. But if one happens to be an average, decent person, the best way to make the body most receptive is to get into a habit of relaxing your body – from the top of your head right down to your toes – all muscles have to be relaxed. Then clear the mind – clear all the clutter. Then send your love to your loved one as if they were still alive. Remember, whatever messages of love you send must come from the heart. Then allow your mind to be completely free of clutter again, to be calm and receptive. This kind of exercise helps you psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. If someone on other side wants to respond you have done everything in your power to be open to receiving it. But be patient. Something WILL happen. The psychically and the spiritually advanced usually know what to do themselves. But inevitably, with absolute certainty, we have been given a guarantee that there will be a most wonderful reunion with our loved ones.

LORD DOWDING, Air Chief Marshall: we salute the greatest British wartime leaders in history. He masterminded the Battle of Britain, when hundreds of Nazi planes tried to destroy England. War leaders were absolutely stunned at the way he was able to achieve victory when there were overwhelming odds against him – Britain did not have half as many planes at the Nazis had. Yet miraculously, Lord Dowding in his own quiet way achieved brilliant results. Secret out: he was a quiet spiritualist. He said himself in a book he wrote that communication with the afterlife entities is not only possible, it is real, it is a fact! He knew he had a great deal of inspiration – help from afterlife positive forces, a great deal of urgent help in the most critical event in British history when the Nazis were determined to crush and destroy Britain. Access what Lord Dowding has to say about communicating with afterlife entities – see his book: MANY MANSIONS – try .

WHY BE POSITIVE? Don’t listen to those who are negative. Never reinforce those who preach doom and gloom. Ignore the losers and defeatists of this world. Time and time again we do get confirmed information that our minds create our future. Negativity creates and generates more negativity. The opposite, optimism, good positive actions and consistently being positive will generate precious positive energy. This will become critical as a way of life – because inevitably, whether you’re optimistic or pessimistic, you will one day cross over – there are NO exceptions – and the state of mind at the time of crossing over will be critical. If you develop a healthy, positive outlook, if you keep an open mind, if you avoid the defeatists and negativity and at all times you have the confidence that things will sooner or later come your way, you’re a winner, you will be way ahead.

‘PSYCHIC DETECTIVES’: when psychics solve murders. Psychic incidents were confirmed by the Midwest City Police Department, Oklahoma City Police Department and County Sheriff’s Office by Detective Paul Zeckman, Detective Dan Evans, Police Officer Patrick Quigley, Diedre Esherman, Assistant District Attorney, Detective Pam Garrick. Two incidents: a) Jamie, a 22 year old African American was kidnapped and killed by ‘three thugs’ – body dumped. Psychics Nita Lee and Dr Sally Headding worked independently but were able to relate critical information to the police to make arrests which led to convictions of the kidnappers and the criminal who organized the murder. These gifted psychics confirmed that the there were three men on contract to kill the victim; that the victim was ‘dead’; the dead victim was NE of the city near the State line; was near a train track; there was a sign ‘Cattle’ and another sign ‘HURFORDS’; he was wrapped in a blue blanket near a tin building; that he would be found by two deer hunters (as he was in November 1994); that the planners of the murder would be eventually caught. The second incident concerns gifted psychic J.McGee – ‘victim made a meal for another who killed him’; murderer fled towards Ocean City then to a Beachside area and other leads. Det. Paul Zeckman stated among other things words to the effect, “I don’t know how these psychics do it. But they perform a service we cannot ignore. One day psychic witnesses testimony will be admitted as evidence. In the past DNA and polygraphs were not admitted in evidence, so it will be only a matter of time before psychic evidence will be admitted because of the critical information they give us to solve murders.” I do keep the videos of these PSYCHIC DETECTIVES for the purpose of the record.

CRITICAL THINKING: do not be tricked, do not be hoodwinked and misled by those materialists who preach critical thinking when they themselves show to be UNCRITICAL. You can NEVER have ‘critical thinking’ by some materialist when he applies the ‘presumption of fraud’ whenever the afterlife or the paranormal is presented. That is NOT critical thinking. That is not intelligent thinking. That is not seeing concepts in a truly balanced way. That is negative thinking. That is prejudiced thinking. That is an illogical and unreasonable way of looking at phenomena. So before someone presents his begging bowl to support his alleged critical thinking, don’t be a fool by supporting frauds and scams. Save your hard earned income. Instead, buy the RIGHT books to continue to develop your own critical thinking to be able to immediately discriminate between the quack who is trying to take control of your mind, who is trying to sell you negativity or trying to take over your decision making processes and those who are truly genuine. The genuine ones do not put pressure onto you to adopt a presumption of fraud or of truth. They tell you to keep all options open. Be objective. Consider ALL options. Remember, no materialist ever proved that the objective evidence for the afterlife is wrong. There has never been research which showed that the afterlife can never exist. These things will become most critical in time to come when something suddenly hits about the afterlife.

MIRACULOUS MATERIALIZATIONS What do you do when you come across materializations? People who have been dead over 100 years ago and in one case over 3,000 years ago - walk, talk, answer questions very intelligently - and shake hands with you? These 'miraculous' materializations - which really are nothing but physics in operation (the lowering and increasing of vibrations) have to be researched at the highest level.

We have these materialized etherians who are willing to assist us. They are giving us critical information about the afterlife and the environment. Why would then the Government spend billions on military research and space explorations when we have the greatest opportunity to research the most important discovery in human history - conversing with those who crossed over?

I meet some very good people whose response to the news of the materializations is governed by their religious conditioning: "I know you are honest Victor, but I just cannot believe that people who died can materialize ...” "Why not?” I asked.

Note carefully about his response, "Because I was taught that is not possible ... we all stay underground until Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead!!"

"Even for millions of years?"

"Yes, absolutely!" was the uninformed reply.

These people have not learnt anything from the Galileo experience that whenever there is an inconsistency between science and theology, inevitably science prevails – and will ALWAYS prevail.

Frustrating, I can tell you, it is frustrating. If, among other things, you have any ideas on what to do with our materializations, feel free to contact anytime. Infra-red filming is being looked at - but at the moment it gives radiation and that would hurt the medium.

THE SCIENTIFIC PROOF OF SURVIVAL AFTER DEATH Here is an extraordinary paradox as stated by Michael Roll. In the UK only those who can be relied upon to dismiss the findings and conclusions of our pioneers of radio and television are allowed on radio and television! Our scientists who support the British pioneers of radio and television - Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge and John Logie Baird - have been blocked from speaking on the radio or appearing on television. Only a handful of local radio presenters have defied this official and unofficial censorship, notably James Whale. Read more …

IMPORTANT NEW AFTERLIFE WEBSITE: I highly recommend you to have a look at this new website – inevitably it will help the thousands of people searching for the meaning of life here – and the hereafter Keith says, “The purpose of this website is to help spread awareness of the fact that communication with the afterlife is real, that there is life after death, and to provide you with external links to the websites containing the evidence to prove these facts.” Click on …

“Investigating lawyer Victor Zammit in my opinion is a courageous and insightful man who teaches us to think and feel outside negative, stereotyped conditioning.”
Allison Dubois, medium extraordinaire, inspiration for the TV series “MEDIUM” . (On the inside cover of the hard copy of the book)

Report 17th November 06

COMMENTARY: for the purpose of the record I, Victor J Zammit, state that as an empirical investigator with special expertise in the admissibility of evidence, I have attended experimental sittings with materialization medium David Thompson on nineteen separate occasions and I state as follows:

1. I can GUARANTEE that no fraud is taking place and that it is impossible given the strictest empirical measures taken, for fraud to take place,
2. that paranormal activity is taking place on a repeatable basis.
3. that materializations of people who crossed over decades ago are taking place.
4. I shook hands with two of these entities.
5. I had brief discussions with these materialized entities. I asked intelligent questions and at all times they replied intelligently.
6. I heard different male and female voices,
7. I was present when levitations have taken place.
8. I have seen materialized fingers moving over a luminous plate,
9. I taped paranormal voices,
10. I interviewed twelve people of the highest credibility who were convinced that the entities who materialized were their close relatives and friends.
11. That in FOURTEEN weeks, no debunking skeptic has taken on the sponsored HALF A MILLION DOLLAR challenge to duplicate these sensational materializations. We’re still waiting for some debunking skeptic to take us on! As a matter of fact, David Thompson the materialization medium is hoping someone will take on the challenge - this is because when the applicant fails, David Thompson will get the half a mollion dollars! See Materialization Report Read more …: the first brief report on David Thompson’s materialization empirical experiments … Read more …

“Investigating lawyer Victor Zammit in my opinion is a courageous and insightful man who teaches us to think and feel outside negative, stereotyped conditioning.”
Allison Dubois, medium extraordinaire, inspiration for the TV series “MEDIUM”

POLICE WHO SOUGHT GIFTED MEDIUMS/PSYCHICS (1): Because some debunkers are not being honest when they state that the police never obtained psychic help from gifted mediums, for the next ten weeks or so I will cite each week a case where the police actually sought and obtained the assistance of gifted psychics. (1) Delaware, Wilmington Police Department had no more leads in its attempts to capture serial rapist. Detective Ingraham under the supervision of Capt. Nathaniel McQueen sought the services of a gifted psychic Nancy Myer. Nancy was able to give the police information to capture, arrest and get the criminal to confess to the crimes he committed. The criminal was a serial rapist. The gifted psychic Nancy led the police where the criminal actually lived. She pointed to the actually building. There she said – I see him in my mind – coming and going. Nancy was not paid any money for her psychic service. Col. Irvin Smith of Wilmington Police Department stated for the camera for all the world to watch and hear, “Nancy Myer made an outstanding contribution to law enforcement.” Special thanks also went to Capt. Nathaniel McQueen, Lt. Joseph Aviola Jr., DE Stat Police, Troop 2. The police want results in their investigations. Gifted psychics are making a huge contribution in this regard. Well done Nancy Myer! Very well done! Read more

ORTHODOX SCIENCE – A BALANCED VIEW: It is true, as 'materialist orthodox scientists' claim, that the world made extremely rapid progress in standard of living when AFTER some 1,500 years of ‘darkness’ people abandoned making decisions based on superstition and religion. However some of the ‘new scientists’ claim that orthodox scientists fail to make a distinction between subjective, personal beliefs subject to complete invalidation- and afterlife physics. There is an abundance of hard core evidence for afterlife physics but now unfortunately big business has hijacked a lot of research programs to focus on ways to become more aggressive and make bigger profits in the here and now.

AFTERLIFE PHYSICS needs urgent research funding. Physicists now accept that there are other unseen dimensions in the universe that cannot be observed because they operate at a higher rate of vibrational frequencies. I’ve had highly credible, most reliable people state that they experienced walking in a street when all of a sudden they saw people walking around with clothes of past centuries. Clearly, the mind has the potential to penetrate other dimensions even temporarily. Holotropic breathwork, out of body and Near-Death Experiences also show there are other dimensions where people obtain information that is later confirmed.

RUSSIAN SCIENTIST CONVERTED BY EXPERIENCE: George Rodonaia was an atheistic scientist working in physics in Russia when he was hit by a car. Doctors pronounced him dead and wrote out the death certificate. Three days later, immediately before an autopsy was done on him he regained consciousness. This scientist said he had been in a different dimension, described what his wife had been doing, described the condition of his friend’s wife while she was having her baby. This scientist stated that he could read people’s mind’s when he was in this unseen dimension. The experience was just so overwhelming that he was absolutely certain that life continues after physical death and he decided to become spiritual for the rest of his life. His near death experience put him into a different, but real dimension which to him was life changing experience. Read more…

MYSTERY SOLVED: why is it that with so much clear, blatant objectively hard core evidence for the afterlife we still have closed minded debunkers and others who REFUSE to do research about the afterlife? Why is it that when they read that an invited guest EXPERIENCED paranormal activity, accepted that an ‘afterlife entity’ touched him and talked to him, accepted fraud did not, could not and was impossible to take place, they say “I don’t believe it because my upbringing information tells me these things do not take place.” Here is what Psychology, Neurolinguistica Programming (NLP) and informed psi empiricists have to say about this:
a) NLP: it’s all about ‘DELETIONS’. Those who are deeply negatively entrenched against the paranormal and afterlife evidence actually delete, consciously or unconsciously any information which would be considered to be fundamentally inconsistent with their learnt or conditioned cherished negative beliefs. Their MIND tries to protect them against their emotional negative beliefs by deletion.
b) Psychology: ‘rationalization through cognitive dissonance.’ These debunkers try to rationalize their negative beliefs because the incoming information conflicts with their existing afterlife negative prejudice. The debunker’s mind tries to protect from anxiety and stress any inconsistent information by rationalizing their negative beliefs– no matter how empirically valid or scientific the new inconsistent information may be.
c) Psi (paranormal) empiricists: research shows that the empirically elicited information from the afterlife dimension from highly credible sources state that those debunkers who can’t accept the afterlife evidence do not have the necessary level of ‘vibrations’ to understand or to accept the critical information even if they experience it themselves. But guaranteed, one day they will. Here is a direct quote from Silver Birch, a high afterlife intelligence about this matter, “Alas, with the majority of individuals, the spirit is so deeply embedded, so embryonic, so latent, that it is with the utmost difficulty that it can be reached at all. Some are so engrossed in matter that the spirit within them is but a tiny flicker, so small that it produces practically no light. But it is there …”

SCIENTIST CHALLENGES ORTHODOX SCIENTISTS: Prof Stan Grof guarantees that he can convince the most stubborn, obdurate scientist to accept the existence of the afterlife through the experience of ‘Holotropic Breathwork.’ Here is a challenge for those who do have the intellectual capacity and the ability to perceive paranormal activity with equanimity – in a truly balanced way. What do you have to lose? Nothing but your unfounded negative prejudices.

A Must-Read Book. Stan Grof’s When the Impossible Happens. “Dr Grof’s mesmerizing firsthand account of his fifty-year inquiry into waters uncharted by conventional psychology.”

PARANORMAL SURVEY: Rosemary Breen in Melbourne, Australia, has requested our assistance in promoting her online survey on paranormal experiences. She has received ethics approval from Monash University. The survey can be accessed through the university's website at:

Here is some background about Rosemary and her research project:
The Nature Incidence and Impact of Paranormal Experiences
My name is Rosemary Breen and I am a Master of Education (Research) candidate in the Department of Education at Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia. As part of my studies I am conducting an online survey of the paranormal. By paranormal we mean experiences that cannot be explained using the current laws of science. These events include premonitions, out-of-body and near-death episodes, telepathy and apparitions. We know that many people believe in the paranormal but this survey is not about beliefs. It is about what people ARE and are NOT experiencing. The survey is open to anyone 18 years of age or older, regardless of whether they have or have not experienced the paranormal. The survey is anonymous and will take only 5 to 10 minutes to complete.Your time sincerity and participation in the survey are greatly appreciated.Please direct any queries about this survey to
The deadline for completing the survey is likely to be late November 2006.

THE SCOLE EXPERIMENT: “For the open-minded skeptic, the evidence collected over a period of six years and with more than five hundred sittings by the Scole experimenters and the afterlife team is absolute, definitive, irrefutable and irretrievably proven. Many regard the Scole experiment as the greatest recent afterlife experiment conducted in the Western world.” See Chapter 8 – click on BOOK top right.
Senior scientists and investigators who participated in the Scole Experiment included Professors David Fontana and Arthur Ellison and Montague Keen, Dr Hans Schaer, a lawyer; Dr Ernst Senkowski; Piers Eggett; Keith McQuin Roberts; Dr Rupert Sheldrake; Professor Ivor Grattan-Guiness all with scientific or other relevant background and host of other highly credible witnesses who have had years of experience in dealing with the paranormal. NASA scientists involved.

SWINDLERS, CHEATS- WATCH OUT USA, UK, CANADA. A woman posing as a psychic who can supposedly “ward off evil spirits” has swindled more than $500,000 from at least four customers in Sydney, and may have fled overseas. Warn anyone you know to BEWARE of ANY so-called psychic promising to 'remove CURSES.'

Police are hunting the group which includes the "psychic" woman, a man who may be her husband, and another couple who may have been involved in the fraud of $308,000 from a 60-year-old Bexley (NSW) woman, as well as $200,000 from another woman. They also managed to coax two other female customers into giving them $17,000 and $7000 each in cash to be "cleansed". The victim who lost the $308,000 told police she answered an advertisement in a local newspaper for psychic readings, and then was unwittingly robbed over two months, while the other three victims have just recently come forward. The woman, who only wished to be known as Giuseppa, said she went to the psychic seeking help for her depression. "She said I was aggravated and cursed,'' Giuseppa said, adding that the woman "looked at a crystal ball and touched me with her hands''. The psychic promised, during five or six 10-minute sessions, to rid the cash of a family curse. "They have a target market," detective inspector Jim Stewart, crime manager of Holroyd local area command, said. "They go for the most vulnerable people ... those who have strong religious beliefs or believe this sort of cleansing may benefit them and their families. "They claim to be spiritual healers and cleansers, and build up the victims' trust over a period of time. When they first see them they'll say your watch needs cleansing, and take the watch off them and keep it for a couple of weeks and then give it back. "Then next they say you should also have this cleansed, and it might be jewellery or something like that. They will take that and again give it back a couple of weeks later and build that trust. "Then they'll say 'you really should have all your money cleansed so you don't have bad luck and your family can be prosperous'. And once the victims hand over the money, they're gone." The psychic must have seen what was coming, because by the time police began investigating, she and her family had already vacated a Merrylands home with the cash. (Item from Sydney Morning Herald, 17-11-06)

Have a good week, Victor!

Report 10th November 06

MATERIALIZATIONS SENSATION: JANE S flew some 3,300 miles to Sydney from Western Australia to sit in with the Circle of the Silver Cord on Sunday 12th November 06 - where spectacular materializations are taking place. Read her own report about these sensational materializations taking place in Sydney. Read more ... Hear also the sound files from the same materializations experiment - click to top left column AUDIOS OF DAVID THOMPSON MATERIALIZATIONS .'YOU DON'T BELIEVE IT'? $500,000 OFFER see below.

COMMENTARY: DOES THE WORLD NEED A CHRISTIAN REFORMATION? I do get emails about religions- and often I’m asked about Christianity. While Christians are one of the many religions which do accept the existence of the afterlife there is much information in the Bible and Christian dogmas which are blatantly wrong (just go to Google and write in Biblical inconsistencies). Biblical preachers keep on putting their heads in the sand – ignoring these colossal biblical blunders. These have to be removed for credibility’s sake. We live in 2006 and people want objectivity not blind faith. I respect your beliefs, but with some 1.1 BILLION Christians around the world, many of whom are voting with their feet and abandoning Christian religion, these matters are important.
These days religious researchers who have the advantage of the highly specialized relevant empirical information are urging the Christian Churches to initiate a new reformation. Why? Whenever in the Bible there are inconsistencies between science and theology, the ‘Galileo Principle’ shows that science will ALWAYS prevail.

‘GALILEO PRINCIPLE’ – the Church made Galileo (pictured) recant and renounce his scientific heliocentric view of the solar system stating that the Bible is right and that everyone must accept that the sun revolves around the earth. It took the Church over 330 years to concede that Galileo was right, that science prevails over theology, that its theology was wrong and that the Bible is wrong about the position of the earth in the universe.

Further, is it not reasonable to raise the issue that if Christianity is following the teaching of Jesus, why then should anyone add and deduct from what Jesus stated when he was alive? For example, in the past the Church stated that anyone eating meat on Fridays would commit a ‘mortal sin’ – meaning that if a Catholic died after eating a ham sandwich on Friday, he/she would be sent to ‘hell for eternity’. That created a lot of FEAR but did not make sense. Eventually the Church revised that dictum and decided to delete it from its dogmas. Did Jesus never say to anyone not to eat meat on Fridays?

Another one is that to-day fewer than estimated 3% of Catholics in the world believe that a snake, using a human voice box persuaded Eve in the Garden of Eden to eat the forbidden fruit. This has huge consequences. Why? Because the Church stated that God sent Jesus to save mankind from Adam and Eve’s ‘original sin.’ If the Adam and Eve story is not accepted, that has huge implications for why Jesus was necessary on this planet earth at all.

Further, eternal damnation is now discredited. How? It is now found that there was a deliberate mistranslation of the word ‘eon’ – some over-enthusiastic ecclesiastic translator knowingly and willfully mistranslated ‘eon’ to mean ‘eternal’ when in fact eon means a ‘a period of time’ during the Roman times of Jesus. See below. Throughout the centuries the Catholic Church used the threat of eternal damnation to scare the daylights out of millions of people. Some old timers in Catholic countries still want to use FEAR to control the minds and the hearts of the ignorant, the feeble and the unaware. But the Church does accept the afterlife and I urge them to accept the empirical evidence and to remove anything which is insulting and which cannot be independently or empirically supported.

COUNCIL OF TRENT in the 16th century: the Cardinals nearly passed a motion (lost by three votes) that women had no soul! The time has come for the Vatican to revise all religious writings and it must throw away anything that is without substance and inconsistent with empirical afterlife research.

DO YOU HAVE THE SPIRITUAL COURAGE TO STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH? Christians still repeat the Nicean Creed which was drafted in the year 325AD at the Council of Nicea under the patronage of Roman Emperor Constantine. These beliefs are over 1800 years old and to-day, they are by and large IRRELEVANT to do-day’s urgent spiritual needs. Do you have the moral courage to question this outdated and outmoded creed?

ROMAN EMPEROR CONSTANTINE: is credited as the man who shaped the Western mind. Our beliefs, ethics, values came from his Council of Nicea in 325 AD in Turkey. Emperor Constantine invited hundreds of Bishops and other Christians to what turned out to be the most significacnt Council in Christian history - representing the Christian world - where he stated what fundamental Christian theology would be. Remember, he was NOT a Christian at the time. He was a Pagan Sun Worshiper. He was horribly brutal. Not in dispute, Constantine, the man who shaped the Western mind is credited with having murdered:

- his wife Fausta in 320 AD by pushing her into a bath of boiling water.
- his son Crispus,11 year old, 326 AD by beheading him.
- Sopator, in 321 AD with his bare hands his ‘spiritual advisor’,
- Maximian, in 310 AD his wife’s father
- Bassianus in 314 AD, his sister Anastasia’s husband
- Lieinianus, in 319AD, his nephew, by Constantina,
- Licinius in 325AD, his sister Constantina’s husband.

THE OBJECTIVITY OF OBJECTIVITY: : if you don’t have credibility, you have nothing. This has to do with objective/subjective truth. Personal, religious beliefs are ‘subjective’ meaning that no one can independently substantiate and support the beliefs. They all could be wrong. All beliefs are necessarily ‘subjective’.

But the world is now moving to empirically elicited information and knowledge: empirical research, properly done, as science is, is more ‘objective’. This means that if you make a statement you need to independently support the statement - you need to be objective. Or if you have a formula you need to be able to duplicate the results obtained using that formula over time and space, keeping variables constant.

All my research is objective. I do NOT have the luxury of beliefs. Credibility is about presenting empirical, objective evidence for the afterlife which no one is able to rebut: click on BOOK top right.

SKEPTIC'S $1M CHALLENGE the biggest JOKE in paranormal history. Why? Because according to the conditions he himself set up, Zwinge Randi states that in the final testing of the psychics, only HE has the power to judge whether or not the applicant proved any aspect of the paranormal.


HE is making the offer, HE drafted the conditions, HE is the adjudicator, HE is the judge and HE is the jury about an outcome HE has a huge personal interest in. And HE is the one who said, "I will always have a way out of paying (any money to any applicant) ..."

A blatant conflict of interest! What a great joke! He is violating one of the most important equitable principles we have in the Western world,"No one is to be a judge in his own cause." His challenge is absolutely meaningless. It is irrelevant and absolutely misleading designed to fool, con and deceive the public. Zwinge Randi's $1m offer is the greatest JOKE in paranormal history.

ISRAEL USING PSYCHIC ‘REMTOTE VIEWING’ in its ESPIONAGE. It is no surprise that the Israeli government uses gifted remote viewers to locate the Israeli kidnapped Gilad Shalit. The U.S., China and other countries are using gifted remote viewers in their espionage activities. Why not the Israelis? Corporal Gilad Shalit was kidnapped in June by radical Palestinians. According to journalist Tim Butcher, the army deployed 41 year old psychic medium Orit Tomer Ish Yemini. Of course, procedurally the Israeli army officially denies it is obtaining the services of gifted psychics. But the British Daily Telegraph published the remote viewing story sometime ago. I can state - with absolute certainty - remote viewing is real and although there are highly gifted remote viewers known to us through their work with the CIA and in the military, I myself experienced critical remote viewing when I was involved in intelligence matters in my own matters. I can state that given certain contingencies, when everything else fails, espionage agencies want the best results no matter how the results are obtained. Governments judge by ‘results’ not by religious prohibitions or cultural or conventional practices or by traditional beliefs and values. ‘RESULTS by any means necessary’ still rings in my ear.

CRITICS: criticism is always welcome as long as it is based on evidence . At university level, descriptive criticism has no value at all. For example, if I present some 22 areas of objective evidence for the afterlife, and a critic says, “I do not accept the evidence” – that is absolutely meaningless and not admissible in rebutting evidence. A critic or a skeptic or a debunker has to use empirical analysis to demonstrate HOW, WHERE, WHEN and WHY the evidence cannot be accepted. This so far as to my objective presentation of the evidence for the afterlife has not been done in the eight years that my book has been on the internet– and can never be done because the presentation is objectively based.

CRUSADING? Occasionally I receive emails about this. But note carefully, I am NOT crusading about afterlife matters. I am NOT a preacher. I am NOT interested in beliefs. You can keep your beliefs – as long as they are based on peace and love. I am a professional trained in scientific method and regard myself as an empiricist. I am professionally qualified to assess evidence. I use scientific method in my investigations and unless the results are purely empirical I do not accept them, whatever they may be. Click on BOOK top right.

THE AFTERLIFE IS PURE PHYSICS: crossing over is purely a change of vibrations from the physical to the faster vibrating energy of the afterlife. To many empiricists, the afterlife is a matter of physics not of beliefs. ‘Devils’? The only evidence empiricists come across is those caught in the darker realms in the afterlife act in a mischievous way. These are known as ‘lower Astrals’. But the opportunity for them to progress is always available – even if will take eons of time.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Unlike scientism ( the dogmatic belief in the existing materialist orthodox science), science in the true sense of the word is open to unbiased investigation of any existing phenomena". Prof Stanislav Grof

QUOTE OF THE MONTH: “The day science begins to study nonphysical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all previous centuries of its existence.” Nickola Tesla inventor of the Polyphase Alternate Current (AC), AC Induction Electrical Motor, Tesla Coil, Wireless Transfer of Energy and Telegraphy, Radio Transmission Principles). Click on:

THE CHURCH OF NON-BELIEVERS: Here is one of those atheists professors disseminating his atheism throughout the world without ever having rebutted the evidence for the Afterlife. Further, his argument is not at professional level: See for yourselves: R Dawkins (who is anti-paranormal, anti-afterlife): "You might say that because science can explain just about everything but not quite, it's wrong to say therefore we don't need God. It is also, I suppose, wrong to say we don't need the Flying Spaghetti Monster, unicorns, Thor, Wotan, Jupiter, or fairies at the bottom of the garden. There's an infinite number of things that some people at one time or another have believed in, and an infinite number of things that nobody has believed in. If there's not the slightest reason to believe in any of those things, why bother? The onus is on somebody who says, I want to believe in God, Flying Spaghetti Monster, fairies, or whatever it is. It is not up to us to disprove it."

First, if some people want to believe in atheism, as long as they do no harm to others they too can believe in whatever they like. But for the professional debater ‘atheism’ is not scientific, is not empirical, is not objective. In fact, atheism is a subjective belief – and ANY subjective belief is itself subject to complete invalidation. Whereas the afterlife objective evidence is strictly empirical. And in any inconsistency between the personal atheistic belief and afterlife empirical evidence the afterlife evidence inevitably prevail and will ALWAYS prevail.

Professor Richard Dawkins

ROY STEMMEN’S PARANORMAL REVIEW new afterlife website this week contains more great stories:

SCOTLAND. In one of the few Halloween events that has any real relevance, the grand-daughter of famous materialisation medium Helen Duncan lead a ceremony on 29 October that honoured 81 individuals from Prestonpans, close to Edinburgh, who were accused of witchcraft and put to death in the 16th and 17th centuries.Read more….

REMOTE VIEWING: ISRAEL. It was a clairvoyant using remote viewing techniques who was responsible for leading US commandos to Saddam Hussein’s hiding place in Iraq three years ago. Read more…

Report November 3rd 2006

MATERIALIZATIONS- WORLD SHATTERING EMPIRICAL EXPERIENCES THAT WILL INEVITABLY CHANGE THE WORLD’S AFTERLIFE BELIEFS: I state I am very much impressed by the fabulous materializations which took place in New Zealand last weekend. Those who have been 'physically dead' for years walked and talked to us at these materializations experiments. They sounded very happpy, full of life and joked with us. Loved ones were re-united. Old friends met again. We heard their familiar voices. We heard their laughter. We felt and understood the hope that one day we are all going to be re-united in a beautiful afterlife dimension for a long, long time. We were also very fortunate to have a high-being relate to us a most wonderul, positive message of hope. Read and listen for yourself, the greatest discovery in human history: communicating with those loved ones and others who crossed over.

SPECIAL THANKS to William, Timothy, Jack and all those participants who made these memorable materialization sessions possible. Thanks also to David Thompson the materialization medium.

The New Zealand materializations experiments were held last weekend for the Spiritual Alliance Church. The following well known people fully materialized with really clear voices.
David's WEBSITE:

Be patient, as we have made the voices clearer by making bigger files, the sound files will take time to down load.

* Gordon Higginson former President of the Spiritualists National Union (UK) and a gifted materialization medium himself , (Listen to audio- Read transcript). Read more about Gordon.

* Coral Polge world famous psychic artist (listen to audio- transcript coming). Read more about Coral.

* Maurice Barbanell, founding editor of the Psychic News (UK);
(Listen to audio- transcript coming). Read more about Maurice.

Silver Birch, a spiritual genius on afterlife matters;( listen to audio; read the transcript ) Read more about Silver Birch.

The last three were well known in life to Ken Pretty, the host and organizer of these miraculous New Zealand materialization meetings. He recognized them unequivocally and spoke with them about old times. That was most impressive and devastatingly convincing.
Listen to interview with Ken (12 mins 3 MG).

Another nine people, including my wife Wendy, had loved deceased relatives materialize and speak with them about personal relationships, embrace them and kiss them. Listen to more files and reactions.

Over and over the message came through that there is no death- just a transition to a different existence.

These experiences show – overwhelmingly that life after death is inevitable, unavoidable and inescapable for those who BELIEVE in the afterlife AND for those who do not believe in the afterlife.

I do get emails from time to time claiming that these ‘miracles’ are just stunning. First, science says there are NO miracles. What is happening is ‘physics in operation’: the increasing and decreasing of vibrations of an entity has nothing to do with religions or personal beliefs. Non-orthodox scientists and empiricists agree that materializations are a scientific process. So why don’t we just automatically accept these materializations?

This is because your belief system has been shaped by your environment. If you were born in some parts of India you would not even question materializations and would accept them as normal. If you were born in China or Africa or in the Amazon or in Alaska or in Russia, your world view would be totally different from your Western world perception. Just because you may have been born in the West, does not mean your beliefs are superior to anybody else’s. Your values, beliefs and traditions started in the year 325 AD in Nicea when Emperor Constantine decided what beliefs people in the Roman Empire had to accept. It is on record that Constantine shaped the Western mind. But the shaping of the Western mind was NOT empirically based. It was based on Judeo/Christian religious beliefs which do not have the substance of empiricism or science. Accordingly, the Western religious mind has to adjust to science the same as when Galileo demonstrated that whenever there is an inconsistency between science and our environmental religious beliefs, science will prevail – and will ALWAYS prevail. It cannot be any other way.

MATERIALIZATIONS are world shattering events and are empirically (scientifically) based. We empiricists do expect some opposition at first, as Galileo did, but eventually the empirically based materializations will prevail over personal and religious beliefs which do NOT have the substance of science. See BOOK chapters (right column):
3. My sensational materialization experiences
9. Einstein’s E=mc2 and materialization
10. Materialization Mediumship
11. Helen Duncan

OFFER NOT TAKEN: we have offered huge incentives to anyone around the world to prove to us that these materializations are not valid. If they can do that they get half a million dollars. But if, and when they fail, these debunkers have to pay the medium David Thompson the half a million dollars. We know with ABSOLUTE certainty, no skeptic, no theist, no theologian, no debunker, no materialist physicist or biologist will take us because deep down in their hearts they do KNOW that the materializations experiments are the greatest proof that the afterlife exists and that communication between our world and the afterlife dimension is not only possible, it is happening!


1) “You are dealing with the devils.” Even the Vatican’s paranormal representatives do not claim that. It is sheer stupidity even to raise the issue of devils in materialization when loved ones who materialize reveal a great deal about their own loved one still on earth. The voice, the accent, the attitude, the personality, the knowledge of intimate facts about the sitter and the love they exude to their loved ones can only come from those who were very close to the sitters when they were physically on earth. Besides, the Church of England, under the auspices of Archbishop Lang formally investigated afterlife communication and conceded that it is possible to communicate with our loved ones who crossed over.

2) THE MEDIUM HIMSELF IS PRODUCING THE VOICES: again, this was stated to me as a legitimate ground for an objection. WRONG! The medium is tied in twelve different ways by one-way plastic tags which CANNOT be undone by anyone – wrists, legs and calves are tied to the chair. The only way out of these plastic tags is by cutting them with clippers. Further, there are some ten other seals on the medium which are checked when the session is over. Further still, the medium is tightly gagged. So it is IMPOSSIBLE for the medium to articulate a voice – let alone ten different voices in one night – and when these voices were put through the computer, all voices graphed differently.

3) ‘THE VOICES SOUND THE SAME’: with better quality sound equipment, it is easy to hear the differences in voice production. At the moment we are compressing the sound files to put them on the Internet however we now have some high quality (350 MG) recordings of each session. One emailer said that Gordon Higginson and William sound the same. Hearing them LIVE, the voices are hugely different and as stated with quality speakers the differences are obvious. Further, we did, as anyone around the world can do, analyse each voice with Audacity and see that each voice had its own peculiar graphic pattern – no two voices were the same. David Thompson’s voice is vastly different from all the materialized voices we heard. We are endeavoring to get some of the voices tested using Forensic Audio testing – where we are informed will give us the ultimate results because the Courts will accept in evidence the results of Forensic Audio testing.

Further, afterlife entities regularly tell us that in physical materialization it is very difficult to speak through ectoplasm. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle often tells us of the 'battle' he has when he tries to speak in materialized form. Timothy tells us that it is like trying to speak when your head is underwater . In 'direct voice' mediumship the voices come out very clearly because it is much easier to speak through the ectoplasmic voice box of the medium. More about this later.

4) “THERE HAVE TO BE TRAP DOORS!” – guaranteed, there are NO trap doors at all. Ceiling, floors and walls are inspected. As an empiricist I do have the technical knowledge what to look for and guarantee any debunker that no trap doors exist.

5) “YOU ARE DOING THIS FOR MONEY”: The medium David Thompson, not only does not get a cent for his weekly meetings - he is tied tightly, is terribly inconvenienced and is always in danger of being injured or losing his life because of light hitting the ectoplasm – the whitish substance being emitted from him during these fantastic materializations. No-one else is making money from this- In fact, it has cost me some $250,000 over the sixteen years in pursuing truth in afterlife matters and the paranormal.

6) “IT’S A CASE OF CONFEDERATES HELPING THE MEDIUM” – again, I know all the regular sitters and when materialization occurs, the sitters participate in the dialogue with those materialized and their voices come from where they sit. They have to hold hands whenever materializations occur. I guarantee that these sitters can never be doing anything paranormal. One has to be with them during materializations to fully understand that no fraud is or can ever take place. In New Zealand my wife and I and Rosheen accompanied the medium David Thompson. The nineteen others who attended the materialization session were all locals and knew before the session started where each of us was sitting. Each of us was holding hand with one of the New Zealanders.

7) “YOU HAVE NOT HAD A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE FROM AN AFTERLIFE ENTITY WHO KNEW YOU” – just last Friday my wife’s father came through and revealed certain information that only he and my wife knew about. The communication was done in the presence of some 21 sitters in New Zealand.

8) “IT’S ALL FRAUD”: this is usually uttered by the closed minded skeptical debunkers who usually go into DENIAL when confronted with empirical information inconsistent with their own cherished skeptical beliefs. Talk is cheap. Those who call fraud have the onus to show how where, and when afraud is taking place. They have not done that – nor have they taken me on regarding the half a million dollars to duplicate our sensational materialization results. That speaks volumes.

9) “THERE HAS TO BE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR SCIENTIFIC METHODOLOGY YOU ARE USING”: that’s easily stated than identifying what variables I have not taken care of. Hitherto, no one - no materialist scientist or empiricist has ever identified where, when and how the empirical methodology has not been strictly adhered to. Fraud precaution is always very closely monitored – floors, ceilings and walls always inspected. Doors and windows are at all times blocked and sealed and obstacles are placed immediately behind them so that it would be physically impossible to open them at any time. ALL the sitters and the medium are always thoroughly searched before entering the experimental room. Sitters hold hands and all engage the materialized spirits in conversation so that every sitter is located by voice at any time during materializations. The medium is securely tied with seals all over his body and he is also gagged.

FUNDING: considering the huge consequences of the afterlife, why is it that governments do not fund research into what id really an area of physics? We are informed that the United States and the Chinese governments finance paranormal research –but for military purposes. The paranormal and crossing over have nothing to do with religion. They have to do with physics, with science, with change of vibrations. The afterlife is the ULTIMATE frontier – not space exploration. Billions of dollars can be saved when the whole world understands the reality of the afterlife. Empirically elicited messages from those great entities from the afterlife such as Silver Birch and Gandhi tell us that world peace can be achieved if the whole world understood the afterlife.

ECTOPLASM: there have been a number of enquiries about ectoplasm photos. Sad to say the first batch of photos with David Thompson did not come out - but that really is not terribly important because physical mediums emit ectoplasm more or less the same way – usually from the mouth. There are several photos of mediums emitting ectoplasm on the internet. Ectoplasm is whitish in substance. The afterlife entities use ectoplasm to reduce their speed of vibrations to the speed of vibrations as they are on earth so that they can materialize, be seen and they can communicate with us. Jack Webber, physical medium who died in 1937 exuded ectoplasm from his mouth. That could easily be David Thompson emitting ectoplasm. See picture

In New Zealand 25-28th Oct. weekend

Two materialization sessions (David Thompson, materialization medium, pictured) have taken place this week: one Wednesday night, the 25th October 06 and the other one tonight, Friday 27th October 06.

On both occasions nineteen guests were invited to test for themselves these world shattering materializations experiences. The materializations were just absolutely fantastic – meeting and talking to these crossed over loved ones who materialized to talk with those still living on this planet earth! Six sitters, including Wendy my wife, were reunited with their loved ones - plus, our regulars came through: William, the convener, young Timothy who is the expert with ectoplasm and has the job to bring some humor to offset the implied solemnity of the session, Honest Jack, another special appearance by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and May.

The objective of materializations, say the team, is to show that there is no death and that those who crossed over can communicate with us

For most of these people it was their very first time in a materialization experiment. They were all searched, all mobiles, coins, watches and jewellery anything of metal had to be left outside the session room. After music had been played to raise the vibrations, we were told to hold hands. Immediately, William materialized. He introduced himself and clapped his hands and stamped his feet showing us that he was now fully materialized.

Timothy, who is the ectoplasm expert told Rosheen to bring out the luminous plaque. He then told us to watch carefully as he was going to materialize his right hand onto the luminous plaque. A small hand was seen to materialize and he took it around to everyone showing his tiny fingers moving. Timothy crossed over when he was nine years old and whilst he is now an adult in the spirit world, for some technical reasons he materializes as a nine year old boy.

‘Honest Jack’ then came through and he materialized his hand – which was seen to be huge. He shook hands with many of the sitters.(Listen to audiofile 25/10/06)

Soon after a voice was heard calling for ‘John’ who was sitting next to me. It was John’s father who materialized and told John that he is with him. John’s father came over and touched John’s face the way he used to touch his face when John’s father was still alive on earth. I heard John say to his father, “Yes, that’s how you used to hold my face. I love you dad.”

A ‘woosh’ sound was heard and someone by the name of George materialized – he was recognized as Elizabeth’s father. They had a short conversation – a most emotional exchange of greetings - then he went straight over to Ken, Elizabeth’s husband whom he had neve met in life. He embraced him, shook his hand and and told him, “Look after my daughter!” (Listen to audiofile).

Martin materialized and had conversation with his mother, one of the invited sitters. They had an exchange of conversation. Martin had some difficulty in verbalizing the words but eventually he got his message of love to his mother.

Will Gains, an American show business personality materialized and had a conversation with Ken, one of our guests for the special night. (Listen to audiofile)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, has a powerful personality and a strong voice. He usually makes a comment how difficult it is to speak in materialization ectoplasm – helping us to understand that it is not easy to verbalize from the afterlife in these materializations. I asked him if he wanted to relate to us a special message. Among other things he said that we should stand up for our beliefs. But most interestingly, he stated that those who used to attack him when he was alive and now crossed over, had come to him to apologize for their attacks. My information from elsewhere is that those attackers, cynics and those malicious debunkers who aggressively attack those who are spreading the afterlife knowledge have to ask for forgiveness before they can make progression in the afterlife – IF they are not caught on the ugliness of the dark Astral realm on crossing over. I say that Sir Arthur was minimizing the apologies! (listen to audiofile)

GORDON HIGGINSON, nationally known in England for decades as a medium and President of the SNU materialized and had a conversation with Ken Pretty, PSYCHIC WORLD columnist and medium. Gordon Higginson’s voice is very clear – relative to those first timers who come through to say hello to their folks here on earth. Higginson’s very English voice and accent are definitively unmistakable. Ken Pretty, who had known and met Higginson when Higginson was on earth, stated that absolutely, he conversed with Higginson. (Listen to audiofile)

DAVID THOMPSON’S MENTAL MEDIUMSHIP: David gave an invited audience a demonstration of his mental mediumship – which is totally different from his materialization mediumship. In mental mediumship, the meeting is held in the light where David receives messages from those in the afterlife- identical to what John Edward and James Van Praagh are doing. He related messages to a number of people but I will use just one example to show how just miraculously accurate David was in his mental mediumship. All thatI am about to mention can be confirmed by the thirty people or so who attended this mental mediumship of David. In one reading (confirmed by the recipient), he told her some FIFTEEN VARIABLES. Every thing was DEADLY ACCURATE!!!! This to me matches some of the world’s best mental mediumship we’ve ever seen on television.

More later.

Post script to last week's report: Camilla Persson sat with us again. Timothy announced that he had her brother who had been very close to Camilla with him. He then materilialized a pencil and paper so that the brother was able to write a note to Camilla - in Swedish.


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