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September 4th 2015

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COMMENTARY- CONSCIOUSNESS WHERE IS IT? Materialist scientists say, without evidence, that 'consciousness can only be found in the physical brain'. Are they right? Because other open minded scientists have PROVED that 'consciousness' exists outside the physical brain. I have asked these materialist scientists before - and I am asking them again now, why do you reject the possibility that consciousness exists outside the brain without even considering the evidence? So much brilliant work was done by the giants of science in the twentieth century: Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Crookes, Sir William Barrett, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Professor James Hyslop, Dr. Robert Crookall, Professor Ernst Senkowski, Prof. Camille Flamarion. More recent scientists and empiricists such as Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Dr. Ian Stevenson, Dr. Helen Wambach, Dr. Michael Sabom, Dr. Peter Fenwick, Dr. Brian Weiss accepted consciousness outside the brain. Read more...


Dr. Dean Radin (Senior Scientist at IONS), Dr. Neil Theise (Professor of Pathology and of Medicine), Dr. Julia Mossbridge (Cognitive Neuroscientist), Dr. John Hagelin (Quantum Physicist), Dr. Menas Kafatos (Quantum Physicist) and Dr. Rudolph Tanzi (Professor of Neurology, Harvard University)
engage some of the very latest thinking and evidence for why it is becoming increasingly impossible to reduce consciousness to brain processes alone.

Science today is split between 'materialist scientists' and 'post-materialist scientists'. The world knows very well that any evidence about the paranormal and the afterlife will automatically be rejected by the 'materialist-scientists'. But there are many courageous, brilliant 'post-materialist' scientists who are open-minded and adding to valuable knowledge about the afterlife. Read the Manifest for a Post-Materialist Science


Part 2

Scott is a trainer at the Monroe Institute and is the creator and trainer for a new 6 day course there "Near-Death Experience Intensive". He is author and voice of “Into the Light”, a Monroe Products CD that features four meditations designed to give you a sense of what it is like to have a near-death experience. Read more about the CD.

DO WE PLAN OUT LIVES? LA IANDS TALK with Richard Martini, author and film maker, Jennifer Shaffer Medium, and hypnotherapist Scott De Tamble. Rich Martini is the author of 'Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife'. The 90 minute documentary about reincarnation is at flipsidethefilm.com - and the book is at Amazon, or flipsidethebook.com.


"A self-help guru whose advice helped millions has passed on to his 'next adventure.' That’s the way Dr. Wayne Dyer looked at death, merely as a transition to something new. His long time publisher, Hay House, announced the news on Facebook, saying in part, 'Wayne has left his body, passing away through the night… Our hearts are broken, but we smile to think of how much our scurvy elephant will enjoy the other side.' " Read more...

With over 40 years in the field, Noreen Renier discusses with Alex Tsakiris the changes she’s observed in psychic investigative work and how law enforcement has embraced and utilized the technique. Listen



When her first husband died in 1983, Professor Sylvia Hart Wright and her son, jointly, had an experience that suggested he was trying to contact them from beyond the grave. Wright started researching the writings of doctors and social scientists on after death communication and in time interviewed almost a hundred healthy everyday people who had sensed contact with the dead. The result was her book When Spirits Come Calling: The Open-Minded Skeptic's Guide to After-Death Contacts [Read online] When her second husband died in 2005 extraordinary light phenomenon signaled his presence on two occasions. On the first occasion it was witnessed by Jane Katra who writes this account. Read more...

After Tom Woods died his wife, Walda, received a number of signs that he continued to exist. These signs culminated in highly evidential messages.


"You are born with the gift of healing and it is your responsibility to develop it, just as the child born with the gift of playing the piano has to develop it by practice and training. You do not have to sit in a circle although that may help. It is developed by your motives. It is developed by the way you live your life. It is developed by the attempt to reach the highest standard of purity and perfection that is possible. It is helped by increasing your desire to heal as much as you possibly can ... and if you as a healer would need healing yourself you need not depend upon another healer, but you have to learn how to attune yourself to the power so that it can produce the result on you direct ..." (Silver Birch)

MORE INFORMATION DIRECTLY FROM AN INDEPENDENT AFTERLIFE SOURCE a brilliant British afterlife investigator ARTHUR FINDLAY asked an entity who was talking to him by direct voice "I cannot see you now, but, if I could, what would you look like?"

Afterlife entity:
" I have a body which is a duplicate of what I had on earth, the same hands, legs and feet, and they move the same as yours do. This etheric is the real body I had on earth which interpenetrated the physical body. The etheric is the real body and an exact duplicate of our earth body. At death we just emerge from our flesh covering and continue our life in the etheric world, functioning by means of the etheric body just as we functioned on earth in the physical body. This etheric body is just as substantial to us now, as the physical body was to us when we lived on earth. We have the same sensations. When we touch an object we can feel it, when we look at something we can see it. Though our bodies are not material, as you understand the word, yet they have form and feature and expression. We move from place to place as you do, but much more quickly than you can."

QUESTION I am a newcomer to research into the afterlife. Can you recommend a couple of good books - especially ones where the information was transmitted from the otherside? Cherrie.

Victor: Hi Cherrie, there are many really good books which I have been promoting in our weekly reports. Three excellent books that helped me when I started to investigate: Life in the World Unseen by Anthony Borgia. I also highly recommend The Rock of Truth by Arthur Findlay (includes important transmitted information) and the books of Silver Birch (all transmitted information). These books are available from The SNU bookshop.

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE OF A 17 YEAR OLD BOY " Dear Victor and Wendy Zammit, I have followed your weekly posts with much interest as when I was seventeen, back in 1974, I had a profound near death experience following a cardiac arrest in hospital. Back then, there was no literature on the subject that I could access and on resuscitation and recovery I felt like a complete stranger in a world I no longer understood. This initiated a five year search for answers – spiritual, philosophical and scientific – a search that I have finally written about in a memoir, "Home Light". It is written in an accessible style, narrated from the point of view of my seventeen-year-old self. It's available at Amazon. "


INTERESTING, EDUCATIONAL AND HIGHLY ENTERTAINING! You are invited to hear Victor speak at his "Speakers' Corner/ Sydney Domain best" to Sydney skeptics.

Wednesday 23rd September 2015 at 8pm at the 'OPEN FORUM' IN SYDNEY, a venue where intelligent people meet to discuss controversial issues. There was a great deal of interest in the packed hall at my first meeting with the skeptics sometime ago so I was invited to continue my presentation about the evidence for the afterlife. You are most welcome to join us and bring a friend with you. Let's have a really good night of fun full of exciting information. 100 meters off Broadway at 10 Shepherd St Chippendale. $4. includes supper.

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1) " I really enjoyed Tony Woody and how he said he didn't think of himself as "precious" - wonderful! Verlie

2 ) " Enjoyed the article about Icelandic medium Indridi Indridason. I have met Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson in Copenhagen; we talked about the Nordic country’s physical mediums Like Einer Nielsen (a medium we both have researched - I am writing a book about his work and life) and other physical Danish Mediums. Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson is a very kind and interesting man with great knowledge." Marion Dampier-Jeans

3) " The interview with Ann Harrison was most interesting." Tony Papard

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