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October 14th 2011

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COMMENTARY: COMMUNICATING WITH THE AFTERLIFE IS THE GREATEST DISCOVERY IN HUMAN HISTORY! Forget about rocket science. Forget about the workings of the universe. Forget for a moment electronics. Undoubtedly, the greatest, most significant discovery in human history is contacting our loved ones who crossed over and are living in the afterlife dimension. I have been present at so many reunions with loved ones in our materialization sessions with medium David Thompson. I was reunited with my younger sister. Wendy was reunited with her father who crossed over many years ago. Our Circle leader was reunited with her own brother- all of them give us validation by their voices and by the familiar, intimate circumstances known to each party.

Many of our readers have been reunited with their loved ones through mental mediumship or by other after death contact experiences. Some have returned from near death experiences where they had direct communication with loved ones. Many have had contact dreams which are more real than life itself and don't fade with time.

It may take some time for some people to accept the reality of these personal experiences. But with time those of us who have been fortunate enough to have them feel incredibly grateful. The personal experience of contact with our crossed-over loved ones - in our own way, in our own time, in our own circumstances is the most powerful, most evidential experience we can ever have.

Shed a silent tear for those living in deep, gross material darkness.

Kenneth RIng and Sharon Cooper's book "Mindsight: Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind" recounts interviews with thirty people who were blind, some of them from birth, who were able to see during their near death experience. In the video below we meet Vicki Noratuk who had been blind from birth. She could not even see black. When she was about 20 she was in a car accident. She found she could see for the first time; she recognized her wedding ring and her hair. The medical staff were worried that they could not get her back; she did not care. She felt herself go through the ceiling and could hear beautiful music. She saw people made out of light- but she had never seen light before.




SR stand for successful results. P stands for paranormal phenomena. R stands for repeatability. vc stands for keeping all relevant 'variables constant'. And T is for time and S is for space. No genius conservative scientist, no skeptic, no materialist has been ever to dispute this formula. Testing paranormal phenomena, testing afterlife evidence is critical to make it absolutely clear we have NOTHING to do with BELIEFS or religion or 'blind' faith. Any phenomena which can be repeated over time and space, keeping variables constant and which consistently yields the same results is absolute proof of the validity of the phenomena. I've applied this formula successfully to materializations, ouija board, mental and trance mediumship - and it can be applied to other afterlife evidence.





OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE: INSTRUMENTAL TRANS-COMMUNICATION (ITC) or TRANS-DIMENSIONAL COMMUNICATIION (TDC) - this cutting-edge afterlife research is very likely to cause a revolution in the acceptance of the afterlife: (ITC and TDC refer to the same thing). Basically, ITS and TDC refer to afterlife experimenters researching the afterlife evidence where images of those who crossed over are seen on a television screen or voices recorded via radio, over telephones, on answering and fax machines and computers. There are a number of investigators around the world researching ITC-TDC. For example, from Germany there's scientist Prof Ernst Senkowski, In Italy Daniele Gulla, Sonia Rinaldi is in Brazil and from the U.S. there is Mark Macy - investigators. Marc Macy said that scientists working for the International Network for Instrumental Trans-communication (INIT) in the late 1990's received pictures of people and places in the afterlife on a television screen. The images are not very clear as yet. But guaranteed, when the communication and images are perfected there will be a revolution in the world about the afterlife dimension. The WHOLE world will then accept the inevitability of the afterlife. This may take some decades - but with those from the afterlife and those dedicated in our world - progress is guaranteed. Read more about Instrumental transcommunication.

" The astral realm is much like Earth, though more mental, less physical. In the spirit worlds thoughts create reality, so as thousands of people leave Earth and enter the astral planes, the worlds in those subtler planes take on an Earth-like appearance. Researchers in many countries report messages from " the other side" describing concert halls, museums, hospitals, schools and homes much like those on Earth — but often much more magnificent — all set in landscapes of trees, flowers, mountains, meadows and rivers that, again, are like the landscapes here but much more lovely and breathtaking." Read The Various Realms of Spirit by Mark Macy.


Dr Stevenson put his considerable reputation on the line when he introduced his scientific work to the world through most prestigious psychiatric journals like The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease (September 1977) and The American Journal of Psychiatry (December 1979). He published several volumes about past life recall and each time a volume was published, greater detailed confirmation was accumulating for his evidence for reincarnation.
Stevenson's scientific research shook the academic world out of its usual skeptical complacency. It was one of the first times that a scientist with an established reputation in the physical sciences produced clear evidence for reincarnation and for the afterlife.


Case 36
Sharon Police Department
Darrell Cozart Missing, found murdered
Forensic psychic:
Mary Ellen Rodrigues
Some of the psychic's evidence:
something happened to Darrell, keeps telling me the same word over and over 'Fickel'; he's been shot a few times, there's a rope around his head; lying in swamp; face up; you will find him before Tuesday.
Capt. Jerry Smith, "I don't know how to explain it. I don't know if I believe in it. I just know that it happened ... there's no explanation for it! Darrell (the murdered man) kept telling the psychic (from the afterlife) 'Fickel', 'Fickel' ... It was only after we arrested the suspect that it dawned on me it was his (the suspect's) surname ... that was exact ..." Psychic Detectives


CHINA: PSYCHICS IN CHINA ARE FINANCIALLY - AND MORALLY SUPPORTED BY THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT - 'THE SUPER PSYCHICS': "The ‘Super Psychics’ of China, have been recognized and nurtured by their Government for the last 25 years. Paul Dong and Thomas E Raffill, authors of China’s Super Psychics, state that millions of dollars were spent researching EHF, or 'Extra Human Function' in these children. Schools and research centres are widespread throughout the country. By 1997, 100,000 of these Children had been recognised. Thomas E. Rafill claims that as the 1990s drew to a close, psychic research became a center of controversy, as many masters of chi gong meditation promoted their practices as a path to mysterious spiritual powers. However, psychic research in a scientific framework has continued to receive the support of the Chinese government. Read more.... No research has revealed the numbers at present. ...
As I said many times, whoever masters the paranormal, will have the capacity to master the world without firing a shot. The Chinese have the large number of people on their side and a rich tradition of chi gong practices which are said to open up psychic abilitites. When other super powers recognize this, it will be too late. It would take them some 100 years to catch up - if ever.

QUESTION: In what way is the afterlife better than what we have on earth? Terri, Utah.

Victor: Very briefly: information directly transmitted from the afterlife dimension from those regarded to be highly credible all state that for the good, average, open-minded person (one does NOT have to be perfect) the afterlife dimension is superior living in every way: first, on crossing over we retain our character and our memories and we will have a solid body. But we will be in perfect heath condition at all times - we will never get sick. The blind, the disabled and others who had any physical or mental problem - all will enjoy perfect health. We do not have to 'work for a living', no mortgages, no rent to pay; we do not have to sleep, eat, drink or even exercise. Eventually, we go back to the best age of our life. There will be plenty of time to do anything your heart yearns for: playing music, reading, writing, composing, attending concerts, painting landscapes, portraits - lots of time to socialize with those who are on the same level of spirituality. You will be able to travel anywhere almost instantly. Of course, there will be opportunities for those who want to go to higher realms by doing volunteer spiritual work.

"You have the greatest treat due when you reach our world, becuase we have music of a quality and superiority you cannot now comprehend. We have octaves of sound that you have never heard in your world. We have symphonies, we have concertos, we have orchestras and we have the greatest music makes and masters in our world. You have only a few in yours. " (Light from S. Birch)


The producers of the show Weird or What took part of Tim Coleman's documentary on the Scole Experiment and then FRAUDULENTLY claimed that the whole thing had been set up using magician's tricks. Never watch this fraudulent Weird/What show again. DO NOT BELIEVE SUCH SKEPTICAL RUBBISH! The highly prestigious British Society for Psychical Research sent formidable scientists and afterlife investigators - Professor David Fontana, Professor Ellison, Montague Keen - and others - to investigate the Scole Experiment. They ALL did CONTROLLED experimens for the Scole Experiment. A scientific report from the (British) Society for Psychical Research is available. According to the professional afterlife investigator Montague Keen speaking on behalf of three investigators who wrote the report: ‘None of our critics has been able to point to a single example of fraud or deception.’ Professor David Fontana concedes, "Yes, I accept that conscioussness survives .." (Keen and Ellison 1999). Read more...

'Sally Morgan, a flamboyant television medium is getting full houses throughout the U.K. She's packing out 1,000 seat theatres. Sally Morgan has an alluring positive personality and is converting many to accepting the afterlife. She is a good medium - when she gives a reading she mentions names and places and identifies relationships correctly. Sally has been on the end of a campaign in the UK- the media there fraudulently accusing her of obtaining information from an unknown 'helper'. That claim is now being withdrawn. The critics then tried to claim she is 'cold reading' - rubbish. There is also an upstart magician who is trying to attack her to get some publicity for himself - confessing he himself was a fraud and a cheat. This is what psychologists call 'projecting' his own fraud onto Sally. Sadly, the more successful and briliant one is, the more enemies one makes.



Australian mediums Sunny Burgess and Marilyn Whall will be conducting a demonstration of psychic mediumship at the Brisbane Redland Bay RSL club (corner of Passage and Middle street) on Friday 28th of October 7.20pm and at Brisbane Coorparoo RSL club (45, Holdsworth Street) on Sunday 30th of October at 2.20pm. Tickets for each show are priced at $50 and available at the door. Each show is scheduled to last approx 2 hours. This is a fundraiser for the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Wendy and I will be sharing our experiences at
Church of the Spirit Spiritual Church
Caringbah Senior Citizens Centre
Sydney Australia

Saturday, 29th October, 2011
7:00 pm (for 7:30pm start)

Several of our subscribers have asked us to start a discussion forum independent of the excellent forum we currently have on Facebook. They want one where different interest groups and different threads can be clearly separated and where no external body has control of the data. Would love to hear from someone who has expertise in this area. Email

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This week's guest Dr. Jon Klimo co-author or the Handbook to the Afterlife which examines information from 200 years of published material. Part II deals with: recognizing you are dead (harder than you'd think), separating from the body, meeting spirit helpers, moving through levels, reuniting with loved ones, recovering, visiting the living (optional), reviewing and judging the lifetime, doing spiritual work, and (for some) reincarnating. Part III considers how people can interact with the dead, whether to help a loved one on the other side, deal with a ghost, or simply because you wish to develop your own mediumship abilities. .
See www.jonklimo.com

FEEDBACK (selected responses)
1) Hi Victor and Wendy I have to agree with you about the show The One...........I actually find it annoying to watch, I also have my own gifts and I certainly would not appreciate being placed I believe in such a compromising situation. I take my hat off to those participating.........Thanks again
Love and Light Carole

2) Hello Victor, I appreciate receiving your weekly report.
Do you know anyone in the Sydney area who could help me with a 'Guided Afterlife Connection"? Regards Lesley

Hello Victor and Wendy zammit,
Just want to say that i absolutely love your friday after life reports and look forward to them every week for the past 2 years! thank you! :) thank you both for the great and uplifting work that you do! :) Adam.

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The best is yet to come, and baby wont it be fine
The best is yet to come, come the day your mine
Come the day your mine
I've got plans for you baby
And baby you're gonna fly

Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.