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May 2007

Friday Report May 25th 07

COMMENTARY: AFTERLIE EVIDENCE: so you don’t believe in or accept the evidence for the afterlife? Every Sunday night, we, the members of the Circle of the Silver Cord, converse with people who have been dead for over a hundred years. Allison Dubois, on whom the television show MEDIUM is based, talks to the dead all the time – and she relates messages to others wanting to hear from their crossed over loved ones. And there are thousands of gifted mediums around the world who are making direct contact with those who crossed over. Scientists have tested gifted mediums and these results were repeatedly successful. Thousands of people have confirmed that the mediums’ messages are totally correct.

LAWYERS WHO ACCEPTED THE AFTERLIFE More than the members of any other profession, lawyers and judges are trained to evaluate the credibility of witnesses, and the strength of evidence. So I was impressed when I found a number of lawyers and judges, at the top of their profession, who investigated the evidence for the afterlife and were prepared to make a public stand to support it, with absolutely nothing to gain, and often at great personal cost. These were men of the highest intellectual caliber who all approached the subject in a rational and objective manner applying the legal test of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. All had been open-minded skeptics to begin with and all maintained their conviction until their deaths. Read more…

THE 'SURVIVAL TOP 40': Once again I am grateful to Michael Tymn for reminding me of the superb book and website of Miles Edward Allen The Survival Files who lists the very best cases demonstrating the survival of the human personality. At the top of his list he puts an incredible experiment by Dr Wolfgang Eisenbeiss who set up a chess game between two grand masters, one living and the other in the spirit world playing through a medium who know absolutely nothing about chess. The game went on for many years during which time Maróczy, the grandmaster in spirit, wrote 38 pages of biographical information in response to Eisenbeiss' questions. Eisenbeiss then obtained the services of Laszlo Sebestyén, a historian and chess expert, to find out if the information could be verified. Out of 92 statements made by the spirit Maróczy, Sebestyén, who dug into library records and interviewed two of Maróczy's surviving children and a cousin, was able to confirm 85 of them as factual. The remaining seven may have been factual, but no records could be found to confirm them. Read more…

I was intrigued to find that in order to rank the top 40 cases Allen has devised an evidence scoring system that can be easily applied using a decision tree. A wonderful contribution to afterlife research!! Check it out…

1500 ITEMS FOUND Gregory and Violet Parent followed the directions of dead missionaries and found not one but 1500 crosses that had buried by the missionaries in obscure places while they were living and were trying to convert American Indians to Christianity. These were relics that nobody alive knew about. What is even more convincing is that after Gregory and Violet died another investigator, Hamlin Garland, found a medium and continued the experiment, connecting with both the Parents and the missionaries and finding another 15 buried crosses. Read the full story...

When the missionaries mentioned in the last item came through to Garland they told him: “We have all changed our opinions about many things- not only about the Indians but about religion. We learn the truth on this side…We have found now that there is no difference in creed.”

STARTING A PHYSICAL CIRCLE Several people have emailed that reading about David Thompson’s mediumship has inspired them to try to create their own physical mediumship circle. There are many excellent resources out there but one of the best to explain what happens in a physical circle like the Circle of the Silver Cord is Frank Brown’s site The Voice Box.

NDE’s AND RELIGION Otherworld Journeys: Accounts of Near-Death Experience in Medieval and Modern Times (Paperback) Author Carol Zaleski demonstrates that modern near-death reports belong to a vast family of otherworld journey tales, with examples in nearly every religious heritage.

THE GREAT QUENTON CRISP – a controversial message – are you a loving lesbian? Or just plain gay? We had many people from the other- side materializing to meet loved ones still on this planet earth. But we had a very special visitor last Sunday night: a most famous gay performer coming through last Sunday night – Quentin Crisp (1908-99). A movie was made about him called, The Naked Civil Servant. Quentin felt strongly about sexual freedom at a time when homosexuality was illegal. But underneath the humor, he stated something very profound: that there is no condemnation of homosexuality in the afterlife at the level where he's in. When he came through last Sunday, he was witty, jovial, very relaxed, laughing and joking showing he was "in excellent spirit". He showed that he is exactly how he left this planet earth on crossing over. Listen to audio (1 min).

SELFLESS SERVICE Higher entities repeatedly state that the way to higher vibrations is by way of selfless service – you can be male/female and you can be of any occupation or profession and from any class – from the lowest to the highest. Conduct of cruelty, exploitation, selfishness and egoism, dominance, abuse of power – all or any of these will inevitably reduce your vibrations which, according to transmitted information, will cause great problems on crossing over. Loving sexual behaviour between consenting adults where there is no exploitation is not seen as sinful or immoral.

TIME: we in the West have a peculiar attitude to TIME. Perhaps because of gross materialism and commercialism and secularism pushed to its extreme we are given the impression by the mind-manipulators that we’re going to live for a thousand years. It’s later than you think! The reality of life is that time is short and sooner or later we all have to cross over. Millionaires and billionaires, the big and powerful and those on the breadline will suddenly find that life is over. And stunningly, some of those on the breadline while living will find themselves in immensely better conditions in the Afterlife than the billionaires here on earth. And the afterlife is not just for a few decades. The afterlife is for a long, long time. According to those informed from the otherside we have eternity to continue to refine. Read What Happens When you Die.

No decision you make can have as much influence on ecology and the health of the planet as the decision to become a vegetarian. See short video

May 18th 07

Commentary: MIND/BRAIN DEBATE: A recent television documentary showed that the human heart carries 'memories'. We watched a number of patients with heart transplants stating that their behavior and attitudes changed after their operation. This was confirmed by a number of doctors, including Professor Gary Schwartz from Arizona University. When I was doing psychology at university students in the Western world were taught that memories were stored in one single area – in the cortex of the brain. We now know that is incorrect. These scientific discoveries show clearly that the BRAIN and the MIND are different. Afterlife empiricists go further and state that just as memories are stored in physical cells, they are also stored as vibrations in our counterpart etheric body. The brain is physical and when you die, your physical brain dies with you. BUT the MIND survives physical death and will retain all memories and experiences we had during our lifetime on this planet earth. Understand the separation of the mind from the brain by studying the afterlife empirical evidence: click on BOOK top right.

DAVID THOMPSON MATERIALIZATION MEDIUM - PROBABLY THE BEST WE HAVE IN THE WORLD TO-DAY. Some of you will soon be sitting with David to witness the phenomenon of materialization mediumship. It is critical to fill in a standard form identifying who you are and giving a procedural undertaking that you will abide by the rules - primarily for David's safety. I can tell you from nearly 20 years of investigating the paranormal, that David Thompson is risking his life every time he sits for materializations. This is because of ectoplasm which is exuded through his nostrils, ear or stomach. We, the sitters of the Circle of the Silver Cord, have witnessed in red light this whitish ectoplasm, composed of leucocytes—white or colorless blood cells—and epithelial cells taken from the various protective tissues of David's body. We have seen David unconscious, exhuding this beautiful looking whitish ectoplasm. But we know that with any sudden light this ectoplasm will be pulled back into his body at fantastic speed and could seriously injure and in the worst case scenario, could even kill David - the way ectoplasm killed Helen Duncan and injured many other materialization mediums (see chapter 11).

(from the afterlife): Zammit, you watch out for what's happening……because I'm going to knock your socks off, I can tell you that. You can quote me on that one, Zammit, if you want.
Victor : I sure will, I sure will. You're making everyone so excited about all this.
Houdini: Well, that's the whole point, isn't it? What's the point of me coming through and just sitting, talking about stupid lily-livered stuff that doesn't make any difference to anybody .
Victor: That's right, yeah that's right. Go to audios - top left for full transcript session Read transcript. Listen to Mp3

HOUDINI'S SOUTHERN ACCENT. When Harry Houdini first materialized through the mediumship of David Thompson he claimed he was receiving help from another member of David's spirit team, Louis Armstrong, which accounted for his Southern accent on that occasion. Here is an email I received from the U.K about this important subject:
"A clear example of a communicator at a séance being helped with their voice production by the spirit organizers on the "other side", can be heard on one of the Leslie Flint/Wood/Green tapes, where Jenny Wilson, a young woman in Victorian times, describes her death in childbirth whilst working in a field. As she commences her story her voice is a typical light, woman's voice, but twice in her narrative the voice gradually drops to the timbre of a man, and then after a short pause recovers its feminine tone. At the end of the recording, Mickey the door-keeper says they had to give her a lot of help to finish her story. As Louis Armstrong apparently had to help Houdini produce his voice, it's not surprising that some of his own Southern accent crept in.
I just thought this is pertinent to the questions being raised, though I know you be well aware of these facts ! Keep up the good work, all the best, George Smith."

Directed by Sam Giles. This video is now available on YouTube, split into four parts.
Links are here:
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: A book by Dr J Lee Choron, "FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW – TALES OF HAUTED RUSSIA.' Received this week: "My name is Dr. J. Lee Choron. I have just released my most recent book on the paranormal. This work is a collection of true and documentable accounts of paranormal incidents in Russia (where I have resided for the past 20 years). Thank You, Dr. J. Lee Choron." Read more about these paranormal experiences in Russia (later).

CRUELTY CAPITAL USA : DO YOU HAVE THE MORAL COURAGE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO? Actress Pamela Anderson helps with this most important crusade. STOP this vicious, cruelty in the United States: "Kentucky Fried Chicken suppliers cram birds into huge waste-filled factories, breed and drug them to grow so large that they can't even walk, and often break their wings and legs. At slaughter, the birds' throats are slit and they are dropped into tanks of scalding-hot water—often while they are still conscious. It would be illegal for KFC to abuse dogs, cats, pigs, or cows in these ways. KFC's own animal welfare advisors have asked the company to take steps to eliminate these abuses, but KFC refuses to do so. Many advisors have now resigned in frustration. Please join Pamela Anderson, Sir Paul McCartney, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, The Rev. Al Sharpton, and countless other kind people worldwide by not eating at KFC.
See video:

HUGE SEXUAL PROPLEMS FOR GUYS EATING KFC? It is reported that that KFC feeds its millions of chickens chemicals including estrogen to make the chickens grow bigger and fatter in the minimum time – for greater profits. I've tried to find out what food KFC feeds its chickens but did not get any replies. Try to get in touch with them yourself and if they deny it I'll put that denial on this website. But if it is true, as experts claim, that commercially grown chickens are being given estrogen, then you guys who eat estrogen-loaded chickens and commercially raised meat will inevitably have sexual problems – serious impotence - even if you are in your twenties. Do yourself a huge favor: get off estrogen loaded food – and you will at also reduce the slaughter, the pain, the suffering of animals and birds AND you guys, will have a healthy sex lives – as a choice. Animals and birds have a consciousness that includes feelings, intelligence and extreme sensitivity to pain. Become a vegetarian .

QUESTION: I think your website is great. But tell me, why do you call the evidence 'empirical'? Eunice Bergin, New York.

Victor: Why not? It is critical for me to use empirical methodology to obtain objective evidence. I am also qualified in Scientific Method as an adjunct to a degree in psychology. As a matter of fact, all those doing a major in psychology also have to do three years of Scientific Method and three years of Statistics. The advantage of using scientific method is that experiments can be repeated over time and space and, keeping variables constant, yield the same results. For example, the weekly Sunday night materialization experiments we do produce effects and results consistent with hundreds of other materialization experiments done since the 1850's and being done in different parts of the world today. That is empirical and that is scientific. Empirically derived results have more probative value and are more convincing than personal beliefs – which are subjective, unsupported by science and subject to complete invalidation.

Where the Hell is Hell?
From PARANORMAL REVIEW "ROME . Where the hell is Hell? It's a question many Roman Catholics must be asking themselves after the latest pontification on the subject from the Pontiff himself, Pope Benedict XVI. Addressing a parish gathering in a Rome suburb, he said Hell "really exists and is eternal, even if nobody talks about it much any more". In doing so, he appears to be contradicting his predecessor, John Paul II, who said in 1999: "Rather than a place, hell indicates the state of those who freely and definitively separate themselves from God".ROME. Where the hell is Hell? It's a question many Roman Catholics must be asking themselves after the latest pontification on the subject from the Pontiff himself, Pope Benedict XVI. "
[full story]

Read Victor's OPEN LETTER on why this Pope is wrong about hell. Read more …


COMMENTARY: WHY EMPIRICAL? THE MODERN WORLD relies on empiricism- the use of scientific method to measure phenomena – as the way to be more certain about the world we live in. Accordingly, we, psychic investigators and empiricists, are confident that the phenomena classed as “psychic” and “extrasensory” such as mediumship and clairvoyance do stand up to empirical scrutiny and that the afterlife can be shown to exist with as much certainty as subatomic particles. Empirical methodology has removed blind faith, subjectivity, tradition and beliefs in the endeavour to obtain enforceable valid remedies for our problems on earth. When something is repeated over time and space, keeping variables constant, and yields the same result - that is mighty powerful!

HAVE SCIENTISTS REALLY PROVED THAT MAN CAN SEE INTO THE FUTURE? A most interesting article by brilliant British journalist, Dr Danny Penman looks at new experiments that are showing that many ordinary people really do have a sixth sense that can help them 'see' the future.
“Such amazing studies”, he writes, -“ if verified - might help explain the predictive powers of mediums and a range of other psychic phenomena such Extra Sensory Perception, dEj vu and clairvoyance.”

According to Dr Penman, “The man behind the experiments is certainly convinced. 'We're satisfied that people can sense the future before it happens,' says Professor Bierman, a psychologist at the University of Amsterdam. 'We'd now like to move on and see what kind of person is particularly good at it.' And Bierman is not alone: his findings mirror the data gathered by other scientists and paranormal researchers both here and abroad.
Professor Brian Josephson, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist from Cambridge University, says: 'So far, the evidence seems compelling. What seems to be happening is that information is coming from the future.’ “ Read full article.

PSYCHIC DETECTIVES: Hermosa Beach Police Department’s senior detective Raul Saldana stated on television after doing cases with psychics, such as with Laurie McQuarie (from Oregon), “I would NOT exclude working with a psychic if any members of my family had very serious problems …” This was after the interesting case of Lind Sobek, model who mysteriously disappeared in California years ago. Senior Detective Mark Wright worked with the psychic especially after the psychic Laurie McQuarie was able to locate Linda Sobek’s black purse. When everything else fails, astute police engage gifted psychics to help them solve crimes. Police are the professional crime solvers – but Senior Detective Mark Wright stated very clearly he always welcomes information from psychics – which sometimes would be vital to solving a dead file. Keep on watching PSYCHIC DETECTIVES on Cable Channel – brilliantly researched documentary about how gifted psychics help police solve crime.

JOHN EDWARD AND ALLISON DUBOIS ON OPRAH This week in Australia we finally got to see the episode of Oprah where she interviewed John Edward and Allison Dubois (episode February 15th, 2007). Oprah was clearly convinced by the evidence and just in case she had also invited Dr Dean Radin to handle any skeptics in the audience. To get the flavour read Erin Pavlina’s review of the show.

The GROUND OF FAITH. The May Issue of this wonderful newsletter on Exploring Science, Mysticism and Experience Together put out by The Rev. Michael Cocks and The Rev. Victor MacGill from New Zealand is now online. Each month this newsletter contains book reviews and intelligent discussion of spirituality from an enlightened Christian perspective. Highly recommended reading. Read more…

One fascinating link from this month’s The Ground of Faith is to a serious analysis of the Bible by a Christian minister who “for many years has been in constant contact with discarnate human beings in what is called "The Other World."…The Bible was written by Spiritualists--even though they did not call themselves by that name. It is a psychical or Spiritualistic book from cover to cover. Its narratives are mainly Spiritualistic. They deal with visions, voices, dreams, trance, materialization, dematerialization, levitation, automatic-writing, mediums, spiritual healings and so forth. This will become transparently clear to any one who will seriously study the Bible.” To see familiar things in a new context read more….

SCIENTIFIC PROOF OF PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP Lord Charles Hope was a British investigator of the paranormal, especially physical mediums. His long series of sittings with Rudi Schneider convinced him that the phenomena were genuine. He writes:
“There is, of course, nothing new about many of these strange happenings. They have been alleged to have occurred for a great many years and you will no doubt recollect very similar incidents mentioned in the sacred books of various religions. At any rate, since the beginning of the spiritualist movement, phenomena of this sort have been consistently reported from all over the world. Nor has serious investigation of these things been wanting. Quite a number of eminent men of science have given their attention to these so-called supernormal phenomena.” Read more….

NEW ZEALAND PSYCHIC ARTIST REUNITED WITH DEAD FRIENDS This week I received a report from a very talented psychic artist in Auckland who is prepared to witness the fact that at recent David Thompson seances she was physically reunited with not one but two "dead" friends. Read statement.

UNHOLY ALLIANCE: it is just amazing how two opposing camps- the ignorant religious and the debunking skeptics can get together against psychics and mediumship. I can never forget how a Catholic priest joined forces with a known closed minded debunker in a radio debate against a medium. A couple of months before the skeptical debunker was rubbishing anything to do with religion! This is also a historical event – it’s been like this for some one hundred and forty years. Feel pity when you see these ignorant religious people joining forces with their own enemies to rally against genuine mediumship.

WHY, YOU MAY ASK, ARE CHRISTIANS SIDING WITH THEIR ENEMIES AGAINST MEDIUMSHIP? For those who do research about church attendances, you will read that there is an acute crisis in Christianity in the ‘civilised’ countries: people are no longer attending church services. Why not you may ask. People, especially younger people are being taught empirical methodology at school and now these young people are no longer prepared to believe anything not consistent with common sense, with logic and reasonableness. No longer will youth believe in absurdities. No longer will youth just blindly repeat or recite things not understood. One young Christian girl hardly thirteen told me during Easter about Jesus rising to heaven in the flesh – “That really did not happen … it is really symbolic…” As to hell for eternity, not one single person I met believes in hell for eternity … the belief seems to be so absurd. Think of it … billions of billions of billions of years of eternal damnation for what the Church tells you that’s where you will go if you commit a ‘mortal sin’ – like remarrying after a divorce!!!!! The other inconsistency issue is that there is justification for divorce in the Bible- one hundred per cent.

Those of us who were saddened by the recent death of Dr Ian Stevenson (pictured) will be pleased to know that his work on the scientific evidence for reincarnation is being continued by Jim B. Tucker, M.D., a board-certified child psychiatrist who directs research into children’s reports of past-life memories at the University of Virginia Division of Personality Studies. He worked with Dr. Ian Stevenson, the founder of this research, for several years before taking it over upon Dr. Stevenson’s retirement in 2002. His book Life Before Life explores the evidence. A reviewer, D Buxman writes:
“ It's not your typical new age psuedo-science hodge-podge of anecdotal accounts, but rather is a legitimate scientific examination of the possibility of reincarnation, explored through children's accounts of past lives, usually starting around the age of 2 or 3 and fading around 7 or 8. Dr. Tucker has documented over 2,500 cases in countries all around the globe. He examines different types of accounts and attempts to address the various explanations for each. While a book like this could come off about as exciting as reading the Yellow Pages, Dr. Tucker takes care to discuss interesting individual accounts in addition to explaining the results of his studies. If you have an open mind concerning reincarnation, this book will raise your awareness and provide you with the information necessary to develop your own informed opinion.”
Read more about Jim Tucker…

At the same time as there has been a downturn in Church attendances in the last fifteen years there has been a huge increase in people seeking psychic help. It is now a multi-billion dollar industry. As always, I tell people to be VERY CAREFUL where to go. Make sure you go to a reputable medium who has a reputation for being accurate. WATCH OUT- there are quacks NOT psychics, pretending to be psychic.

I have always pointed out that while we all have psychic abilities to some extent there is a big difference between been psychic and being spiritual. “Like attracts like” in the spirit world and the more that a medium learns to live in a spiritually admirable way the more they will be used as a channel for the highest teaching from elevated spiritual beings. One such medium was Grace Cook who brought through the teachings of a wonderful spiritual entity who called himself White Eagle. These much loved teachings have been published in a number of books which are available from White Eagle Centres which conduct meditation retreats and healing in a number of countries.

QUESTION - I get many questions every day: this is the cutest one I picked up for this week: From your knowledge and experience, are lawyers and judges corrupt? Jeremy T Kuter, Los Angeles.
Victor: That’s a loaded question if I ever came across one. When you are dealing with the human condition, you are dealing with corruption. You can be a lawyer, a judge, a general, a priest, a rabbi, a Mullah, a politician, police officer or police senior administrator, physician – you can be in any kind of work – and you will find corruption. Wherever there are humans you are likely to get corruption- it’s part of the human condition. We’ve seen corruption at the highest places – in the Presidency, Royalty, Vatican – and corruption is certainly exists at the lower end of the social scale. But that does not mean that every human being is corrupt. Corruption is independent of profession and occupation. Yes, sadly on my time in the courts, I did come across lawyers, judges, magistrates and policemen who were caught being corrupt – these cases are common knowledge. And I am aware that abuse of power and trust are highly karmic and feel sad that these individuals are in for a rough future.

CHINESE TRANSLATION NEEDED According to the ShangHai Daily, concerned about a survey that showed more than half of middle school students believe in life after death, “Bad teaching from families may lead innocents to believe in life after death, several experts who participated in the survey told the newspaper.”
Clearly there is a need to translate my book into Chinese!! Any volunteers? Read more…

10th MONTH!! A SEPARATE - $500.000 OFFER TO PUT UP OR SHUT UP! Half a million dollars is being offered by my sponsors to anyone to duplicate our materialization results - not only to the debunkers and other materialists, but the offer is open to the most advanced scientists and anybody else in the world to-day . But if they they fail, a legal requirement is that they will have to hand over half a million dollars to our medium David Thompson. After TEN long months, I am still waiting!!!

May 4th 07

COMMENTARY: POLICE IN BRITAIN ARE SECRETLY USING GIFTED PSYCHICS TO SOLVE CRIME: Danny Penman, senior British journalist reports on his website, “Psychics and mediums are not something the police wish to talk about. It’s their guilty little secret. The police take pride in solving crimes using rational detective work and forensic science. When quizzed, they prefer to talk about DNA fingerprinting and high-tech surveillance rather than the help they receive from beyond the grave. But the Daily Mail has learned that the police are increasingly turning to psychics and mediums for help in their battle against crime. Sources in the National Criminal Intelligence Service say that officers turn to mediums to help them solve the more difficult cases. There is even a database containing the names of ‘official’ psychics that officers can tap into 24 hours a day. These psychics have helped the authorities solve murders and trace missing persons. They have also helped the innocent walk free from jail. Read more…

NEW EMPIRICAL RESEARCH ON MEDIUMSHIP FROM PROFESSOR GARY SCHWARTZ In January of 2007, a paper describing a triple-blind study conducted by the VERITAS Research Program into Mediumship that achieved positive results was published in the peer-reviewed journal. See "Anomalous information reception by research mediums demonstrated using a novel triple-blind protocol." in EXPLORE: The Journal of Science & Healing. 2007;3(1):23-27.
View paper on-line
Download the PDF version
Another paper titled "Methodological advances in laboratory-based mediumship research" and co-authored by Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, was presented by Julie Beischel, PhD, at the Rhine Research Center Conference "Consciousness Today" (March 23-25, 2007).
Download the PDF version
A presentation titled “Claimant mediums, threshold consciousness, and purported communication with discarnates: A phenomenological study” was presented by Julie Beischel, PhD, at the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness 2007 Spring Meeting, April 4-8, 2007. This study was co-authored by Adam Rock, PhD, of Deakin University and Gary E. Schwartz, PhD.

INTERVIEW WITH GARY SCHWARTZ AND JULIE BIESCHEL. Julie Beischel and Gary Schwartz were interviewed late last year on Signs of Life, a radio program by the Forever Family Foundation. September 21, 2006: Julie Beischel, PhD Listen Here
November 23, 2006: Gary E. Schwartz, PhD
Listen Here

– a most interesting perspective from Sir William Barrett. Of all the evidence gathered supporting communication with afterlife intelligences, the book and newspapers tests rank near the very top. “It is, of course, easy for the vociferous Sadducees of to-day to shrug their shoulders and assert that, as no evidence can establish such an impossible belief, they decline to waste their time in listening to nonsense,” wrote Sir William Barrett, a distinguished professor of physics at the Royal College in Dublin. “They waive the whole matter aside with a superior gesture, confidently asserting that what cannot be explained by fraud, delusion, or subconscious memory is simply due to the ‘will to believe.' But surely such agnostics might remember the ancient proverb; ‘He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.'” Read more …

Australia's foremost expert on EVP is Rob Smith. Rob's in-depth understanding and research of the EVP phenomenea has led to appearances on Radio and Television as well as establishing himself as a firm favorite and regular contributor to 'Haunted Australia'. He is also a Australian member of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomenon , currently managed by Tom and Lisa Butler. He is 59 years old, lives in Melbourne, a former Uniting Church Minister and a Funeral Celebrant who currently works for Foxtel Subscription TV. How did he get involved in the world of psychics, mediums and voices from other dimensions? Rob believes his years as a Uniting Church minister and the traumas related to his real life and death experiences have made him more receptive to contacts in the ethereal realms. A daily life entrenched in the day-to-day traumas of death and loss - and the many personal grief issues surrounding the loss of loved ones seems to have opened a door to afterlife communication. Listen to an archived interview with Robert on Ghost Radio Australia
Contact Robert at:

Anecdotal evidence is an untestableaccount of some event. Often the person who made the statement is unnamed or cannot be contacted and there is no independent evidence to support it. It is very much like hearsay -what somebody else has supposedly said or seen or done. Hearsay and anecdotal statements are totally unacceptable and inadmissible in courts. Anecdotal evidence cannot be scrutinized for accuracy, it cannot be objectified for validation. But the evidence for the afterlife does not fall into this category. The evidence presented in my book is empirical where there is experimentation with strict adherence to scientific methodology, where the results are scientifically elicited and where the results can be tested for reliability and validation. And often successful results are repeatable. For example, in chapter four of the BOOK – Voices On Tape (Electronic Voice Phenomena), click top right, there was strict adherence to scientific method where scientists and engineers controlled all extraneous variables that could interfere with the results e.g .where the test was conducted, engineers were able to prevent stray radio signals to penetrate the experimenting laboratory. Other evidence consists of formal reports by named highly qualified investigators with scientific training (See Montague Keen’s Report on David Thompson ) All evidence presented in the BOOK has the substance of it being independently verified. As an empiricist I was careful to include ONLY empirical and other objective evidence which could be subject to the strictest scientific testing.

WARNING: GIFTED PSYCHICS AND QUACK PSYCHICS: just for the record, I repeat that I do not consider that all those who claim to be psychics and mediums are genuine. Far from it. There are so many who call themselves ‘psychics’ who are nothing but con/men/women out there to steal your hard-earned cash. You get quacks everywhere even in medicine and scientific research. So, my advice is be careful of fake psychics who rely on techniques like cold reading. Insist on detail that the mediums could not possibly know…Read Bob Olson’s story below.

OPEN MINDED SKEPTIC DISCOVERS THE AFTERLIFE Bob Olson was a skeptical private investigator who was thoroughly trained in the need for evidence. When he began to seek evidence for the afterlife he was initially skeptical. However he received personal recommendations to a particular medium (an essential ) he was open-minded enough to investigate. This was the level of detail he got in his reading: “The spirit messenger delivered names, dates and memories about my life she could not possible have known: that I played a saxophone solo in my middle school band concert; that my birthday was in May and that my father died during that month, that my mother’s name was Carol, my sister’s name was Bonnie and my wife’s name was Melissa; that I was considering getting a dog, specifically a yellow lab; and that I had a brother named Brian who wasn’t really my brother (Brian was my cousin who moved in with my family when he was ten and I was thirteen because his parents died in a plane crash).” Bob has gone on to create a list of US mediums he has personally tested and The Grief and Belief Page. Have a look at its really excellent list of resources.

WORLD’S GREATEST COWARD ATTACKS MEDIUMSHIP! – He’s a stage entertainer from the UK. Perhaps like a clown, he can make you laugh and can entertain you. But he knows NOTHING about admissible evidence or scientific study of mediums. As a magician he knows a great deal about how to DECEIVE, to TRICK, to professionally CHEAT and LIE- these are the tools-in-trade of stage entertainers and magicians. But he shows he does not have the stomach and the testes to take up my challenge. This fifth rate Houdini attacked mental mediumship claiming it is ALL ‘cold-reading.’ That’s not fair. That’s dishonest, deceitful and disgusting. In doing that he tried to insult some of my best friends- including our medium David Thompson – who is also a mental medium. He sends me an email in which he boasts he is “filthy rich” !!! but he cowardly concocts something where I cannot reply to his blabberings. He can never do his silly cold reading trick under empirically CONTROLLED CONDITIONS similar to the ones employed by Professor Archie Roy and Tricia Robertson and Professor Gary Schwartz. Like those aggressive skeptical debunkers full of hot air, full of aggression, hostility and violent behavior – they can cheat, negatively manipulate, they con and trick, they lie, they indulge in all kinds of dirty provocations – but do NOT have the masculinity and the stomach, the courage, the effrontery to take on my MILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE regarding my afterlife evidence or to take on my HALF A MILLION DOLLAR CHALLENEGE regarding the sensational materializations of David Thompson’s every Sunday night. Read his email and my reply….

WHAT IS IT LIKE TO DIE? PMH Atwater knows. She died three times. Read her account here
Jeff and Jody Long are also doing some fascinating research on other first hand accounts of Near Death Experiencers

AFTERLIFE 101 and 102
One of the best sites on the Internet about the Afterlife . It contains a comprehensive 240-page book describing the afterlife has been prepared by spirit guides, speaking through a medium, for the website. It provides a high quality and challenging look at the circle of spiritual evolution--death, life in the spirit world, reincarnation, life on earth, and death again. It defines failures of our earth's civilization today, and describes future earth changes which may occur. Read more…

JESSICA TURNER: an entity calling herself Jessica Turner came through at our Circle some weeks ago. She said she died in 1842 and she worked on the stage. Does anyone know anything about her? If you do, kindly let me

ACTIVITIES AT NIBBANA HQ SYDNEY Julie Ann Storr - "Chief Inspiration Officer" at Nibbana asked me to pass on to readers a link to their homepage which contains an interviews with Neale Donald Walsch and John Demartini on Using The Secret, plus news of more events coming up, the launch of a new online shopping cart and our colourful new range of soul-inspiring nibbana T's with slogans. Read more...

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