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July 29th 2016

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We have come across very highly credible information from Silver Birch, Mons. Hugh Benson, from out-of-body explorers and other sources, saying that millions are crossing over to the afterlife dimension completely denying they are 'dead'. They find themselves in an unpleasant world created by their own consciousness, which is as real to them as ours is to us. They have no idea that there are many higher and more beautiful levels of existence which they could easily enter; they create a great deal of unnecessary stress for themselves and for the spirit 'rescuers'.

These highly credible teachers tell us that those of us who have knowledge about the afterlife can help by spreading the information on a global level.

One way we can do this is to streamline ways that people seeking evidence of the afterlife can find reliable information. Also we need to make it easier for people to have convincing experiences of personal afterlife communication. These can come through evidential mental or physical mediums, through ITC or through guided afterlife connections, through training in out of body experiences and other methods. We also need to have publicists, journalists, film makers and media commentators to spread the word in many languages. This is an urgent priority for all those who can help in this mission.

I.N.I.T. In the 1990s The International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication experienced wonderful developments in spirit communication. But because of lack of harmony between the researchers, many of the best communications stopped.

Mark Macy has summarised some of the lessons that all afterlife researchers need to learn about maintaining the 'contact field':

"When the thoughts and attitudes of all those entities on both sides of the veil are in harmony, our spirit friends told us the contact field was clear. They could then see into our world and work with our equipment.

When doubts, fears, envy, resentment, and other troubled feelings created dissonance, the contact field became cloudy, and our spirit friends told us they could not see easily into our world or work with our equipment."

Read more about the lessons from INIT.


The Afterlife Research and Education Institute is now up and running. It was founded to provide support and resources to the people involved in afterlife research, education, development, and exploration. The advancements in knowledge coming from AREI’s efforts will be disseminated to members through workshops, conferences, newsletters, blogs, talk radio, forums, and journals. We invite everyone working in afterlife research, education, development, and exploration to join AREI so we can support your work and help you share it. Join us now.

HEART SURGEON DESCRIBES AN EVIDENTIAL NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE Last week we flagged an important new book which details more than 100 veridical NDEs, similar to this one.

Here, a famous heart surgeon, Dr. Lloyd Rudy, claims that his patient was clinically dead on the operating table for 20 minutes before his heart began to beat again. The patient stunned everyone by recovering and being able to describe things that had happened while he was "dead". At the end of the video Dr. Rudy says that he was told by 12 other cardiac surgeons that they had experienced similar cases.



The States of Consciousness Research Team at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine needs your help. They are conducting an anonymous online survey of Near Death Experiences (NDE's), Out of Body Experiences (OBE's) or other non-ordinary experiences that fundamentally altered beliefs or understanding about death and dying. Participation in this study involves filling out an online survey that will take 30+ minutes (the time length can vary based on how much you choose to reply to open-ended questions). Read more...


ASK DR WEISS: THE OTHER SIDE As a traditional psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past-life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks. His skepticism disappeared when she began to channel messages from “the space between lives,” which contained remarkable revelations about Dr. Weiss’s family and his dead son. Using past-life therapy, he was able to cure the patient and embark on a new, more meaningful phase of his own career.

Nina Kulagina was a gifted Russian woman who seems to have had incredible psychokinetic powers (pictured left, Nina K. with a scientist). She attracted many researchers, scientists and people in the USSR who conducted various different experiments on her powers. Born in 1926, she joined the army at the tender age of 14 and worked in the tank regiment during World War II. She was a housewife by the time her abilities were being studied during the 1960s. She appeared in multiple black and white films which showed her ability to move different objects on tables without touching them.



THOUGHT IN THE AFTERLIFE "Although we can send our thoughts, it must not be assumed that our minds are as an open book for all to read. By no means. We can, if we so will, deliberately keep our thoughts to ourselves; but if we should think idly, as it were; if we should just let our thoughts ramble along under a loose control, then they can be seen and read by others. One of the first things to be done upon arrival here is to realize that thought is concrete, that it can create and build, and then our next effort is to place our own thoughts under proper and adequate control." (Hugh Benson through Anthony Borgia, Life in the World Unseen.)

In this interview, host, Jeffrey Mishlove, describes an extraordinary dream that was instrumental in shaping his career in parapsychology. Stanley Krippner describes a variety of ways in which dreams can have a life-changing impact. Famous musical composers have heard their compositions in dreams. Dreams can impact athletic performance. Dreams can be instrumental in problem solving and in healing. Krippner discusses lucid dreaming as well as mutual dreaming. Past-life researchers also describe dreams that serve to “announce” the arrival of a soul to be incarnated in a new birth.

TURNING INSIDE OUT - a new book by JOSH LANGLEY In his previous book, Dying to Know, Josh Langley designed his own unique "afterlife investigation plan" and set off on a journey to find personal evidence of the afterlife. This book continues that journey and begins by recounting stories people have shared with him about their afterlife contact. Josh writes with down to earth honesty, humour and joy as he then documents his personal experiments in learning to trust his inner guidance. He has created a book to inspire others who would like to turn their lives into a similar adventure or discovery. Read more...

A FAVOURITE MOVIE ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE Based on the book Astral City by Dr. Andre Luiz channeled through Brazilian medium Chico Xavier, the movie Astral City (or Nosso Lar) has been a favourite of ours for the last few years. While we do not agree with everything portrayed, it helps people to realise that the afterlife world we enter is as real and solid as this one. Below is a 4 minute preview but the full version with English subtitles is also temporarily available online.


The writer of the book on which the movie is based, Dr. Andre Luiz, was a real person (see picture below) who channelled 12 books through the Brazilian medium Chico Xavier. In 2013 a group of scientists analysed what Dr. Luiz has said about the pineal gland in those 12 books. They found that there was no normal way that an uneducated person like the medium Chico Xavier, with no training in health or research, living in a remote part of Brazil, could come up with correct detailed information about the role and function of the pineal gland 60 years before scientific confirmation was available. See article in English on page 43 of this e-magazine on neuroendicronology. [Thanks to Alberto Oyarvide for this item].

Karl Jackson- Barnes tells us that 'Parsonage Side', a spiritual retreat center in Otterhampton, near Glastonbury, UK, is almost ready to open a new seance room. They have worked hard converting an old double garage into a contemporary sanctuary. This new venue is for physical mediums and for those new to phenomena, who wish to experience the dark seance room and to practice cabinet work. They also welcome demonstrating spirit artists, trance healers and mediums of all kinds. Read more..

AUGUST GOFORTH TALKS WITH ROBERTA GRIMES August Goforth, author of The Risen, has been an intuitive since childhood. He and Timothy Gray, his partner in spirit, have written a beautiful book about the afterlife, spiritual growth, and what really is going on. A most interesting discussion. Listen.

Video explores a number of community initiatives that started from a small idea.


INTERNATIONAL PSYCHICS ASSOCIATION (IPA) Awards Dinner Sydney September 3rd 2016
Members of the International Psychics Association and guests are invited to celebrate the psychic community at the fourth annual IPA Awards Dinner.
Price includes: 5 Course Meal and Drinks (Soft Drink, Wine and Beer)
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How can these two great traditions benefit each other — and how can their precious insights about bliss and awakening benefit your life ?
A Free Virtual Event with Teacher-Scholars
Andrew Harvey and Robert Thurman
Wednesday, August 3, 2016 Learn more...

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1. Victor, thanks for the on-going inspiration and insights in your Friday reports. The item on Tony Bennett and his "Strangers in Paradise" duet with Andrea Bocelli... wow. Mark Macy

2. "I much enjoyed the link to Ronald Pearson with whom I have corresponded from time to time over the years. A remarkable fellow. Your work has helped me understood Socrates when he said in Plato’s Phaedo, “Death at the moment chosen by God is a blessing to a true philosopher. My best to you. – J. R. G".

3. Thank you so much for another wonderful report. When it arrives in my email box every week, I instantly cheer up x Delphine.

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