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October 4th 2013

COMMENTARY: STUBBORN SCIENTISTS: AWAKE TO REALITY! I came across another brilliant psychic-medium this week, Gale St.John. From TWO THOUSAND MILES (3,200 kilometers) away, she forwarded critical information to a detective in Tempe, Arizona to find a young missing female when the police had no leads at all. Why can't conservative scientists put aside their negative prejudices and investigate claims of highly skeptical, tough, no nonsense police officers who say that psychics come up with information that they had no normal way of knowing.
Some say that conservative scientists do not read anything inconsistent with their own narrow prejudices. In other words, scientists FEAR that their conservative scientific paradigm could be overturned. Sooner or later they will have to accept the laws of the non-physical energy which accounts for all paranormal phenomena. Conservative scientists - wake up to the real world of non-physical energy!! Read about the absolutely brilliant psychic-medium Gale St.John working with Detectives in Arizona - see below:

BRILLIANT ‘PSYCHIC DETECTIVES’ EPISODE: GIFTED PSYCHIC GALE ST. JOHN transmits deadly accurate information to the police from 2,000 miles away! It stunned Detective Allen Reed from Tempe, Arizona Police Department who described himself as a skeptic BEFORE he worked with gifted psychic Gale St.John. From TWO THOUSAND MILES away the psychic transmitted critical information which shocked the detective. Here are some of the Detective Reed’s comments on the gifted psychic after he worked with her. “I realized this (what was in the autopsy report) is exactly what psychic Gale St.John told me (from 2,000 miles away!) … gunshot wound in the back of the head … hands were bound … found near the water …a place with cracked earth …near palm trees … and the structure is surrounded by a fence and a window the building with corrugated iron … Not some of what she said, but ALL of what she said was true and accurate … I do like to think we would have ultimately identified and arrested John Adams BUT it was the psychic Gale St.John who led us to him and pointed us in the right direction …without a doubt.” Read full case number 62 and full article in 'PSYCHIC DETECTIVES'


3rd. Fallacy. The ‘Smorgasbord Argument’ fallacy: I have come across a number of leading skeptical scientists and other skeptics who do not know that they cannot leave out critical evidence that is not consistent with their own argument. Not being experts in the admissibility of evidence these skeptics utter these self-serving fundamental fallacies. Again, I quote the leading scientists Profs. Dawkins and Hawking who write books about their own materialistic beliefs while blatantly IGNORING evidence that is not consistent with their argument. They should be explaining on what basis they do not accept the scientific evidence for the afterlife presented - the same evidence which has been accepted by many brilliant scientists. Under cross examination their argument would be shown to be invalid (see cross examinations of Prof Hawking and Prof Dawkins). Just for the record, regarding what is ‘scientific’ – using courtroom science, “anything that can be repeated over time and space, keeping variables constant, and which yields the same results”. There is plenty of evidence for the validity of the paranormal and the afterlife. Number 4 next week.

PSYCHIC ESPIONAGE: Any intelligence agency which does not have expert, gifted psychics working for it is doomed to be second rate. The issue was raised this week by someone who said that Israeli's spy agency shuns anything paranormal - (as do Middle Eastern Arabic speaking countries). Conventional espionage relies on the systematic gathering of information. But a gifted psychic spy would be able to add the power of extremely highly developed intuition. He-she would be able to identify anyone who is following him/her, would know if a telephone line or email is tapped, would know if a 'stranger' talking to him was the 'opposition' - and would know if a key enemy terrorist is alive or not. The exceptionally gifted psychic spy would know the location of the opposition secret headquarters, would be able to identify if any of the fellow spies were traitors or double agents. And using remote viewing he/she would be able to move back and forward in time and space to obtain critical information. Too good to be true? In years gone by I came across those who did some of the above!!! We witnessed some of this in the television documentaries Psychic Detectives and Sensing Murder. Skeptics who ignore the demonstrable stunning psychic performances will remain second rate.


Like Near-Death experiences,
unitive experiences are changing global consciousness.


Poets, mystics and spiritual teachers have been talking for centuries about states of oneness- also called higher states of consciousness, trans-personal experiences, non-dualistic experiences, mystical experiences, transcendent experiences and peak experiences. Sometimes these experiences occur when a person is near-death; but many people have them listening to music, experiencing a scene of extreme beauty, in meditation, at the bedside of a dying person, mirror gazing etc. Whatever the cause they leave people profoundly changed and in no doubt about the existence of other dimensions. Read more...



STILL A BIG ISSUE WITH SOME CATHOLICS: that after we die we stay underground for up to many millions of years until Archangel Gabriel blows his trumpet to wake up all the dead... and "Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead."
We are "resurrected" immediately after we die - we will have a full solid body, with full memories intact and with the level of character we had when on earth - and for those good average, decent, open minded people are usually met by loved ones and will go to the level of the Light - no doubt about that. The 2,000 year old Catholic theology is outdated, outmoded, irrelevant and misleading everyone. Time for the Catholics to change some of the blatantly wrong teachings - as when Galileo corrected the Church about our solar system. There is huge amount of scientific evidence that the body is resurrected IMMEDIATELY when we die See chapter 29.

QUESTION: Victor, I am a 22 year old female and am not as pretty as some other girls I see around me. What's going to happen when I cross over - am I going to have the same face as I have now? That would be awful! I am worried about that. L.M.

What we consider 'pretty' on earth is what humans here on earthhave conditioned themselves to call 'pretty'. But in the afterlife, what is more important than appearance is how bright is your aura - that is the most important and the real status in the afterlife. Looks are absolutely meaningless and in the realm of the Light, no one will care how people look. So if you manage to get a brighter aura by selfless service, you will be highly alluring in the afterlife- more than the best looking females in the world if they don't have the same aura brightness.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE: Question: when we go to the realm of the light would it be possible to visit the higher realms?
Yes of course, that is possible.
Here is how former Catholic Mons. Hugh Benson describes what happens, "When we make visits to the higher realms some adjustment is necessarily made, but the latter is to prevent us from being consumed or so bedazzled that our wits would desert us under the magnitude of spiritual splendor. Our personal feelings at what we see may be overwhelming, but that is caused by our sense of spiritual inferiority, by the perfection that we see. Our hearts and minds may be full, but we suffer no bodily discomfort." (from Mons Hugh Benson 'HEAVEN AND EARTH')


INFANT PRODIGIES- Why is it that some children are very highly gifted - we call them prodigies.: Can you explain infant prodigies?
Yes, that can be explained. As a matter of fact, the information comes directly from the afterlife: :"There are three kinds. Some are incarnated souls with a memory of past experiences to help. Others are mediums subject to spirit influence, albeit unconsciously, and therefore receptacles of much learning, wisdom, knowledge and truth from our world. The others are geniuses who are advanced guards of evolution." (S. Birch).

NEW AFTERLIFE RADIO: Leo Bonomo (someone we have known for years) is very happy to announce his own weekly afterlife radio program starting at 2pm on Tuesday 8th October 2013. There will be interviews and live readings. It cost nothing to log in register as a listener... http://www.blogtalkradio.com/leobonomo.
Listener dial-in number: (858) 365-5569.
The phone numbers to call-in as a host or listener for BlogTalkRadio shows are New York and California numbers. Local /Long distance charges from your phone company will apply.
You can avoid these charges in most cases by using Skype to listen: Clicking on the skype icon on each Episode page of the Live Show to use your Skype application to dial in. To download Skype free, go here: www.skype.com


BRILLIANT MEDIUMSHIP! WHEN TWO MEDIUMS TUNE IN TO THE SAME SPIRIT THE EVIDENTIAL VALUE INCREASES DRAMATICALLY. Medium Christine Morgan SNU conducted a brilliant demonstration in Sydney last Friday night. She was just amazing! She combined with psychic artist Marie Klement who drew the spirits that Christine was communicating with. The detailed evidence that Christine produced was stunning as were the portraits drawn by Marie. All sitters involved confirmed the drawings were relevant - sometimes a stunningly accurate picture of the communicator- and at other times a combination of the spirit communicating and that of another spirit present. In one case the eyes, forehead and the hair were those of the communicating spirit and anything lower than the eyes belonged to the spirit's father. Christine has said that she will be organising another demonstration with Marie Klement in Sydney next year. So watch out for the notice for the next one and book early.

CHRISTINE IS HOLDING ANOTHER IN HER SERIES OF WORKSHOPS FOR DEVELOPING MEDIUMS OF ALL LEVELS ON SATURDAY 19th OCTOBER 2013 This will be your last chance to work with this outstanding teacher of mediumship before she goes to work overseas for several months.
WHEN: Saturday 19th October 13.
TIME: 10am - 4.30pm
WHERE: Sydney's Northern Beaches
Email: indiki1962@gmail
Contact Christine: 0411036963


Victor and Wendy, Wow really enjoyed the video on deathbed visions....answers so much of what I experienced with my mums death 7 weeks ago.........B.R. Thankyou

2) Victor: Thank you for sharing the knowledge and proof of the afterlife worldwide. I love to read and watch your Friday Afterlife Report. The utmost respect and gratitude for the dedicated work you are doing. Monica

3) Wonderful, Victor! I have been speaking to my wonderful wife in Spirit, for around 2 years now! With a digital voice recorder, really saved my life! Keep up the good work, we appreciate it very much. Ken.


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