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July 1st 2016

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The study of beliefs is most fascinating. This is because beliefs are influenced by so many factors: emotion, psychological needs, biology, 'addictive-belief conduct', selective memory, environmental conditioning and the objective-subjective tests.

We receive highly credible information that there are millions of people who cross over to the afterlife who do not believe they have died. They very strongly believe they are still living on earth! This is because, on crossing over, in the initial stages, we will find ourselves with a perfectly solid body identical to the physical body we had. And in the Astral level everything more or less resembles earth conditions. Guides who try to help these crossed over-people find that if they can get them to remember their loved ones who have died, they are then able to see them. Then they accept that they too have died and go with them to the Level of the Light. Read more about why beliefs are so hard to shift.

SCIENCE OF THE AFTERLIFE Dr. Alan Hugenot made a life study of the scientific basis for the afterlife. A NDE survivor and a physicist, he has the knowledge, experience, and research data necessary to provide insight on these questions.

208 CHILDREN (AND COUNTING) SEND MESSAGES FROM THE AFTERLIFE Sheri Perl, an ITC facilitator for the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, is using Instrumental Trans Communication to record children who have passed away speaking to their parents. Sheri is using the North American Station for transmission and recording the voices on her laptop. The voices come through more quickly than normal speech. At the moment they most often consist of one to three words, with some extremely clear. Most recently, Sheri asked the children of parents she is working with in The Prayer Registry to come through with their names. She had 208 responses in a 2 minute recording and is repeating the “roll call” experiment on a weekly basis. Scroll down to listen to some of the messages and names.

"Tell all people that we are living" (repeated 3 times).

AUSTRALIAN ITC RESEARCHER GETS PICTURES FROM THE AFTERLIFE Orion Silverstar says that he both sees and hears spirit. He also gets voices through EVP and images through ITC. Here is a recent image of afterlife pioneer George Meek (pictured on the left) which, he says, he received using the sunlight reflection on water method.

We are constantly told that the natural method of communication in the afterlife is telepathy. Rupert Sheldrake's well constructed experiments have shown us that many animals are telepathic. When they are able to use language, like this parrot, it is easier to obtain evidence of this.

CELEBRITIES WHO ACCEPTED THE PARANORMAL Mae West was a very well known Hollywood star who wrote and appeared in plays and films from the 1920s to the 1970s. She was also one of the first stars to publicly support psychics and mediums.
She wrote about regularly visiting highly gifted direct voice medium Leslie Flint. Psychic medium, Kenny Kingston, claims that he knew her as a child and that she was highly psychic herself. He says that she encouraged him to develop the ability to listen to a person's voice and pick up psychic vibrations. Read more...

PRISON CAMP SURVIVOR HAS PROFOUND 'NDE- LIKE EXPERIENCE' At the age of 3 Teinke Klein went with her mother into a Japanese concentration camp in Indonesia. This led to a lifetime of physical and emotional issues. She had finally overcome them when she was almost killed in an accident. After she had recovered, she reflected on her life and expressed her anger with God. “And suddenly I was ejected from my body and I wasn’t angry anymore,” she said. A blaze of light appeared and she felt an energy pervading everything, including herself. “I was completely that energy,” she said. “It was love, it was wisdom, it was dynamism.” In Dutch with subtitles.

SPIRIT SCIENTISTS AND PSYCHIC PHENOMENA "Most people know too little about the tremendous work of spirit friends before and during successful demonstrations of psychic phenomena. Most books on psychic phenomena make little or no mention of the invaluable behind-the-scenes work of various spirit groups, spirit scientists and spirit chemists in particular.

SPIRIT SCIENTISTS are those who engage in any of the fields of scientific research in the spirit world. They also help to make certain spirit demonstration possible.

SPIRIT CHEMISTS usually are chemical engineers who confine their activities to preparing a medium's physical body to absorb more of the vital chemicals needed in producing fuller and more complete and satisfactory manifestations of phenomena.
(Spiritual Light:Universal Teachings from the Highest Spirits Realms 1132).

A grizzly murder of Michael Dickens is solved by a doubting detective and a gifted psychic, John Catchings. This is a classic case where police officers were initially highly skeptical of the psychic. But when the mother of the victim insisted that the police do what the psychic advised, the police found the body, solved the crime and gained the evidence that jailed the murderer. Wonderful evidence on how gifted psychics can help the police.

Part 2 Psychic Detective Solves Murder

This is a common objection by skeptics. The fact is that information from the afterlife does not come from the one Level. It can come from the lower level - i.e. the 2nd level, it can come from the Third Level of the afterlife or from the 4th, 5th, 6th level. The level of wisdom is directly related to the level where the information comes from. (Picture left from George Meek's book of different levels from the lowest to the highest). This is like asking a question here on earth to someone form Primary Junior School, from High School, College and university. The more advanced the person who transmits the information, the more accurate information you get.

He is the one of the most respected modern leaders of British Spiritualism.
In 1918 Findlay attended a direct voice seance with physical medium John Sloan. Here is his description of what happened:

"....... for three hours, dozens of voices speaking to different people, men's voices, women's voices, children's voices, all of which I was told came from people called dead. A woman's voice spoke to a man sitting on my left. It gave a name and referred to happenings at his home. It specially referred to Tom, who was giving his father trouble, and then came advice as to how he should be dealt with. Intimate family matters were discussed between my neighbor and this female voice, and finally with love it said "Good-bye'

'That was my wife, " he whispered to me. "I never come here but she comes back to me. She always knows everything that goes on at home."

Findlay received highly confidential information from his dead father - no one else knew about. From that time onward, Findlay dedicated his time to working to promote Spiritualism and prove the afterlife.
Read about Arthur Findlay's Experiences in his book On the Edge of the Etheric.

Kate Munger began the choirs around 2000. "When we are invited to a bedside, we visit in groups of two to four singers. We invite families and caregivers to join us in song or to participate by listening... A session typically lasts about 20 minutes; if there appears to be benefit, we might sing longer. Using soft, lullaby voices, we blend in harmony or sometimes in unison, if that provides the most comfort. We offer our singing as gentle blessings, not as entertainment, and we are honored when a client falls asleep as we are singing. Most of our songs are very short, so their repetition is conducive to rest and comfort. There are now 150 choirs around the world."


MY HUSBAND DOES NOT ACCEPT THE AFTERLIFE This question of a husband, or a family member or some other person close to you, thinking that you are crazy to believe in the afterlife comes up again and again. In fact it was one of the main reasons that we wrote our book (pictured left).

What do you tell him/her? First it is critical to state that there has never ever been anyone in this world, no scientist, no philosopher, no theologian or anybody else, who has proven that the afterlife does not exist. On the contrary, there have been, and there are, scientists and empiricists at genius level who have shown that the afterlife does exist. People who vehemently do not accept the afterlife are repeating what some uninformed person has told them and have not done reading and thinking about the afterlife for themselves. Read full article.

Expect to see more videos like the one about the chimps seeing sunshine for the first time in many years (pictured left). There are wonderful organizations rescuing and homing animals no longer needed in laboratories. Rapid progress in a number of areas could hopefully soon make animal drug testing obsolete. Pharmaceuticals researcher Laura Waters writes: "Before a drug can be tested on humans, it has to be tested on animals. The drugs regulators demand it. Nobody – including researchers – likes testing on animals, which is why the race is on to find alternatives." Read more about the emerging alternatives to animal testing.

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FEEDBACK: (Three only).

1) WoW..i have to say that this is Probably the Best information that I have ever read!! The many answer to my questions that I have been searching for..for so long. the Evidence is amazing. I didn't need to be convinced, I needed to be reassured. Thank you for your hard work and loyalty to providing us with the beauty that awaits us . I will be sharing this and will be sharing what i have always known to be true.. Sandi

2) I see a growing number of scientists saying there is life after death and your work is so important. I hope when you guys cross over there will be a lot of people from this generation to carry on this work. Mat

3) Excellent report, especially story of parents lost son, this is what keeps us all doing what we do for spirit:) Louise Hermann.



I received a request from one of our subscribers to include some nostalgic music from the World War 1 era to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of the Somme: 1 July – 18 November 1916 (see item above). Some of you may remember these songs from World War 1 which entered popular culture and were sung at least until the 1950s.


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