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JULY 20th 2012

Last week's report and read all previous reports

REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

We are back home from Europe - still jet lagging! It was a lovely trip, very busy but highly spiritually rewarding.

Something of great value to share with you are our recent experiences while traveling overseas. We continue to learn the value of 'detachment' - the ability to detach from material things we have and we value - such as our home, our material things that give us comfort. This refers to long term thinking: that when we cross over, we do not miss anything we have on earth. That means there will be nothing to hold us back. Information transmitted from the other side tells us that there are too many people who on crossing over - not seeing what they thought they would see - in a flash return to the material things they greatly valued when on earth - especially their home. 'Cathexis' refers to a most powerful 'bonding' with material and non-material things. There are many people who are cathexed - (over attached, over-bonded) - to their home or to their work - and to other things. To have an easy crossing over, it is most critical to learn how to completely detach from all material and non- material things. More later about 'cathexis' - extremely important to understand.

A must-see video of an amazing five year Scientifically validated investigation into the existence of the afterlife. As psychic investigator Montague Keen says "It changes your paradigm."

Last week's item on an apport being received by us at a sitting with medium Kai Muegge and the Felix Circle in Hannau reminded us of the wonderful apports received during the Scole experiment. One of the most evidential was a copy of a newspaper dated 1936. The paper itself was white - almost impossible, considering the age of this newsprint paper which was full impurities within the mechanical pulp it was made from.
Despite being kept in lightproof and airproof conditions the newspaper yellowed within a week. Researchers from the SPR (Society for Psychical Research) submitted a sample of the paper to P.I.R.A. (The Paper Industry Research Association) for examination. They were able to authenticate the paper as genuine for the dates of the papers, and the printing as from the 'letterpress' process, which is now well out of date. Read more...

BRILLIANT PSYCHIC DETECTIVES: POLICE OFFICER & PROSECUTING ATTORNEY CONFIRM PSYCHIC'S GIFTS - XENIA POLICE DEPT., OHIO (U.S.): person missing, just blood on ground. No body, no clues, no suspect, no speculations about the crime. MEDIUM was called by the police for assistance: gifted medium Karyal Kirkpatrick (left with prosecuting attorney Bill Shenk) gives police critical information about the matter: “Triangle situation - 3 people involved. Jealousy. Violence. Victim shot. Victim had been moved to a shallow grave in woods. Leaves. Near wooden fence. Sound of rushing water. I see a blue car to do with the murderer …(to the police) you are driving around the victim’s body.” DETECTIVE DAN SAVAGE: stated to millions of television viewers in his own words, "We found the psychic was to be absolutely right: she was right the victim was shot. She was right about the blue car. She was right about the rushing water. She was right about the lover's triangle. She was right about the wooden fence. She was right about the shallow grave, about the leaves…” The direct and indirect message to the television viewers: “ I’d call her again in future investigations.” BILL SCHENK: Prosecutor Attorney, Greene County, Ohio,: stated words to the effect that without the medium Karyal Kirkpatric the case might not have been solved).

A SKEPTIC DISCOVERS LIFE AFTER DEATH USING EVP " Hi Victor, I have a big favor. I just posted a video of me "We Don't Die" in a contest for the "Next Greatest Speaker" competition. If its appropriate, can you post a link in your Afterlife Report? I don't care if I win, I know that the people putting on the contest will really support me and this message if I get a lot of votes. Here is the link, if it is appropriate, could you share it? Even on your facebook page would help. People listen to you. I'm not selling anything either. I give people many pages of my book "We Don't Die - A Skeptic's Discovery of Life After Death" if they vote. Plus I give them a free copy of my "How to Survive Grief" audio. Here is the link:

“There is a similarity here to what you call death. We call it transition. In time, as we develop sufficiently, we pass on to another plane from which it is not so easy to come back to earth. This we call the second death. Those who have passed through the second death can come back and visit us in our plane, but we cannot go to them until we have passed through it also. Those who have passed through it do not often come and speak to you on earth directly by materializing, as I am doing now; but they can pass their messages on to me, or someone in my plane, and we pass them on to you.” (from Arthur Findlay's THE WAY OF LIFE- download pdf copy here.).

WHY DO SOME PEOPLE HAVE AN 'EASY RIDE'? People have emailed me saying that some people seem to have an easy ride while others go through hell in this lifetime. It does not seem to be fair I'm told. Initially I agree that there seems to be injustice - some are healthy, rich and having a good time living in grand palaces - having what appears to be an easy life. Others are sick and in sheer misery every day living in poverty. Why? Two possible explanations: some people are given a particular life - in wealth or in poverty - for soul growth. Secondly is that we are not born spiritually equal. The 'blueprint' for our life on earth will be planned according to the specific spiritual lessons to learn and to any karmic debts we have to pay off from previous lives. It just may be that one day for our own spiritual progress we have to experience poverty but perhaps in some other lifetime we may have to experience life in wealth - again for spiritual learning of some sort. We must not forget that our purpose of life on earth is geared towards spiritual growth. We are assured that ultimately, there is justice for everyone and only when we cross over do we get an understanding why we had a particular life on earth.



Within hours of being pronounced dead at the hospital, oncologist Dr. C Willis and neurosurgeon Dr. Arthur Cushman, two men who had never met, both swore Burke Aldridge paid them a visit at their homes before either of them even knew he was dead. In both instances, Burke Aldridge's visit was brief and his message of peace and comfort was concise, the doctors said. Shortly before his death, Burke had made a promise to reach out to his wife in a unique way from heaven. And within days of his death, the doctors gave their own accounts to Faye Aldridge via fax. Read More...

talk about Near Death Experiences

This may come as a shock to some people: when it comes to spiritual matters, family blood-ties are not all that important. In the afterlife we are all members of a powerful 'spiritual family group' - who may or may not be brother, sister, father or mother from blood ties on earth. What is important is to recognize that you have a 'connection' with another person - who may or may NOT be a member of the family. Whilst I know some parents who have a very strong connection with their children, I know a number of people who tell me they have no 'spiritual connection' with their parents or any of their brothers or sisters.

WHY THERE IS NO 'ETERNAL DAMNATION' : Question: "I was born a Catholic and still confused about the Church's teaching of hellfire for eternity. What's your view on this one?" Terry.

Victor: This comes up periodically. Most people and certainly most Catholics do not accept hell-fire for eternity. But briefly, there is NO HELL FOR ETERNITY. Information transmitted from the other side confirms that everything in the universe is energy. And everything has the 'spark of the divine' - and continues to evolve. We humans have the spark of the divine and do continue to spiritually evolve. This means that those who end down in the darker regions in the afterlife will, one day, perhaps after eons of time, return to the realm of the light and will eventually continue to make progress. There is also other evidence there is no eternal damnation: the Bible was deliberately mistranslated to translate 'eon' to mean eternity when in fact ea on in the time of Jesus meant- and to-day means 'a period of time' - NOT eternity. Read more ...

QUESTION: As a lawyer, have you found some loopholes on how to get a better deal when crossing over? Bernie.

Of course I have! When the time comes we all would like to get the 'best seat in the house'. And you can get it! After studying the information transmitted from the afterlife for nearly 22 years I can tell you this with confidence:

1. Do things on earth that will raise the vibrations of your etheric-spirit soul body. Because on crossing over, you automatically go to the place that can accommodate your accumulated level of vibrations.The higher the vibrations of your soul, the better the conditions.

2. This means that you will have to be active in unselfish service helping others- the more truly selfless service the higher the vibrations you will get.

3. Negative behavior such as cruelty, selfishness and violence will lower your soul's vibrations - even if you claim you go every day to a place of worship - such as a church, a temple, a synagogue.

4. Unselfish, positive activity - unselfish service - produces higher vibrations. Passive activity, such as attending 'services', singing hymns and even prayer may not increase your soul vibrations.

5 The more love you give out, the better the conditions you will find yourself in.
In other words, from your given circumstances, making the world a better place is the loophole to getting a better deal on crossing over.

SOUL MATE: Question: Victor, I've been dating a guy for a while and would like to be more committed to him, but how do I know he is likely to be my soul mate? Lisa, California.

Victor: Good question Lisa and it's great you are thinking in 'soul mating'. I do understand your caution. Of course, it would be fantastic to have a 'soul mate' as your partner. The first thing is how he treats you: is he really courteous, loyal, loving, unselfish, respectful? Do both of you feel absolutely relaxed with complete trust for each other? Is there a high level of compatibility? Most important, do you and does he - feel a loving 'connection' you cannot really explain? These are just some questions for you to think about. Of course, it is possible that the love, trust and respect need to be refined in this lifetime and developed to spiritually grow together. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why you decided to have a lifetime together. But be patient and understanding - always seek your inner guidance to help you with such a very important matter. But whilst it is great to have a lifetime with your soul-mate, it is not essential to have a lifetime with a soul-mate. Spiritual growth is why we are on earth and that can be achieved with and without a soul-mate.


Sometimes I receive emails discussing writings which are hundreds or even thousands of years old. I am asked to take sides. Here is my view: as a lawyer I cannot trust anything that cannot be independently substantiated. We have to questions writings which are thousands of years old which are claimed to have been authored or inspired by God. I would want to examine the original, authentic texts. But to-day we do NOT have the originals. We only have copies of copies of copies. Not only that, we do not even know the true authors of these alleged spiritual texts. Further there has never been anyone in the world who stated he or she actually has seen the originals. Some of these writings make absurd claims which insult our intelligence. Yet some religions tell you that you will be eternally damned if you do not obey the directions in these writings thousands of years old. I state again: where authenticity is not proved we need to question who were the authors, their character, their motivation and their authority.


Information transmitted from the other side consistently tells us that under normal conditions - for most reasonable open-minded people at the moment immediately after we die we are met by someone we know and trust. He or she or they will help us to move on to the normal realm of the light to continue to live there in much better conditions than we have on planet earth. But there are those who die who have encumbered their mind by obstinately believe there is no afterlife. On crossing over these people may just 'freeze' - and for a while stay in one place not knowing what to do. This is because they would know a change has taken place, but because they believe there is no afterlife, their denial keeps them from moving on into the normal afterlife environment. They may find it strange that nobody notices them, nobody talks to them and nobody cares about them. Confusion sets in especially when these people obstinately refuse to accept they have crossed over. The confusion could last for eons of time. Eventually, these 'ghosts' will accept they are in the afterlife and depending on their level of spiritual evolution, they will slowly return to the level of the light. Of course, there is a class of people whose foul life on earth - of cruelty and selfishness - will be automatically drawn to the darker level of the afterlife dimension.

FEEDBACK - 3 only selected responses:-
1. Hello Victor I am very grateful for the newsletters I receive weekly; the information is heartening, joyful, full of promise for our life beyond this life ... Thank you. Gary C.M

2. Hi victor. Enjoying your weekly newsletter as always. I am reading "more of the world unseen", and an interesting comment by Monsignor Benson caught my eye. He states in chapter III that all ministers of religion "should know the truth" of the true afterlife. Why should they have this knowledge? I came across the truth from writings such as yours, not from the Bible.

Thanks Fred Sent from my iPad

3. Dear Victor and Wendy, Thank you so much for the Friday Afterlife Emails. I lost my husband in March 2012. I also lost my eldest son in 2000. He committed suicide. I now look forward to Friday like a child receiving a present, and spend many hours reading the content of your emails. They are very informative and bring great comfort to me. Thank you once again. Warm regards J.S. South Africa

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