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December 11th 2009

Apologies: if I have not replied to your email. Still inundated with huge numbers of emails and preparing to travel to San Francisco in the next few days. Kindly help by keeping emails short.

Further apologies to those who very kindly volunteered to read some chapters of the book. We have had to defer this project until a later date due to unprecedented high volume of work.

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(or 'Spiritual Existentialism'):
to detach - from things and negative emotions -is one of the spiritual lessons people on earth have to learn. As long as you are on planet Earth there will be times when the control of your emotions will be tested. Some people will be good to you and help you in whatever you are doing. Other less spiritually advanced, vindictive people will try to be nasty to you, to be cruel to you and unfair to you. On a global level we see much horror in the world to-day. The mass media makes us a personal witness to suffering on a far wider scale than any previous generation has been aware of. There are those who see the results of starvation of millions of children. We see wars where so many people are tortured and maimed and killed. We also receive reports of innocent beings being blown sky high to bits an pieces by suicide bombers or by plane bombings.

We also see people in pain and suffering because of natural disasters. Through the mainstream media we are daily subjected to news reports of crime, suicide as well as reports of excesses in gambling, and alcohol intake which produce produce all kinds of victims. And then there is the ultimate personal stress- sickness of ourselves, and our loved ones and family members. All these put a lot of stress and pressure on our emotions -and we have to learn to cautiously detach from all this.

A most important lesson we all have to learn is that whilst we need to feel love and empathy or sympathy for the victims - and for ourselves, we can at the same time on some level continue to learn to detach - and to continue to make spiritual progress - the primary purpose of life on planet Earth. Philosophers would call this detachment - 'spiritual existentialism.'

There will also be those who fail to apply the normal 'detachment' in life - and in fact allow very strong 'attachment' to something - like the home (or office, or club or church) they live. On crossing over, there will be those, because of the very strong attachment to their home, fail to move on to the realm of the light and get 'caught' until they learn to detach from the 'emotonal link' they have with their home to move to the realm of the light.


Mind Over Matter from Dean C. Smith on Vimeo.

AN AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCE SPEAKS ABOUT 'CONSCIOUSNESS'. This is independent attestation from the afterlife dimension to the claim made by advanced scientists here on earth:Profs. Aspect, D'Albora and Roger, with Dr David Bohm, Prof Goswami and others - that the universe and all matter has some kind of consciousness.

"One immutable law which you will find surprising is this: alll matter has life and consciousness. Your scientists have seen this by studying atomic structures and molecular elements. But your society as a whole is utterly ignorant of this basic law. Naturally, every growing thing has life, as you know, but with a vitality far beyond what you might expect. Other forms of matter have life and consciousness also. Rocks, for example, are not the lifeless and changeless hunks that they appear to be ... the same is true for all physical objects in your world." [Judy Laddon's Beyond the Veil , page 22.

From the evidentiary perspective, it is legitimate to state that 'consciousness' is energy. No physicist, no biologist, no informed scientist will deny that. The spiritual consequences of accepting that all matter is energy - (and that 'consciousness' is energy) is quite huge.

SCIENCE v RELIGION: QUESTION: My parish priest told me that theology - (what the Church teaches) is far more important than science because in the past science was seen to be wrong. Any clarification Victor?

Victor: The fundamental difference between science and theology is that science is 'objective' and 'religion' is subjective. All religions began with personal psychic /afterlife experiences. Churches rely for their 'subjective' authority of the written accounts of these experiences that were recorded thousands of years ago by unknown people. Yet the Churches are telling us how to live to-day on the basis of religious writings which are copies of copies of copies in which changes were made without any 'authority'. All of their writings are subjective and ALL of their writings are subject to being completely and absolutely wrong and invalid because NO ONE can test their validity. But scientific knowledge is testable for validity and continues to develop - and its knowledge is cumulative. An example of science 'accumulation' is in aviation. In 1909 we had a very primitive bi-plane of the Wright Bros. To-day science can send rockets to the moon and the stars. But most religions are 'static' - they do not develop - and we are stuck with the religious writings of thousands of years ago. For example, the Catholic creed "I BELIEVE" was drafted in the year 325 AD- it has not changed since. Science can test 'validity' but no one can test religion for validity. Not only that, no one on earth can prove that one religion is more 'inspired' than another religion or that some religious writing is more inspired than the rival religous writing.

Stan Grof has spent 50 years scientifically studying ways that people can have spiritual experiences- the basis of all religions. He advocates that people have their own direct and personal experiences of spirit- through what he calls "the technology of the sacred". In this interview he argues that religion should offer people technology that could induce spiritual experiences in them and a create a support system to help them integrate those experiences.

Stan Grof - "Organized Religion" from Omega Institute on Vimeo.

QUESTION: I am a person who have an exaggerated fear of death. I am terrified of dying. You have any ideas Victor? Lyn.S.

Victor:. First, there is absolutely nothing to fear about death. Dying is NOT painful. Information transmitted from the highest sources repeatedly tell us that on crossing over you will be met by someone you can absolutely trust to help you move on to the realm of the light: it is like closing one door and opening another door! We call it 'death' and those in the afterlife dimension call it 'birth'. It would be interesting to find out when you first started to fear death. It could have been a 'one trial learning curve'- just one experience where you learnt fear by associating death with something very unpleasant. Or you may have modelled your fears on the reactions of people around you- grief at funerals etc. And then there is the religious cause- the threat eternal damnation for the most silly things (in the old days eating a ham sandwich on a Friday for the Catholics meant hell for eternity). But one sure remedy is to read more about why you are on this planet Earth, analyse your own behavior to see if you are doing things that are increasing your fear, and most of all read some of the reports about near-death experiences and about what happens to you when you cross over. Going to a counselor may be a good idea - but critical, it would be knowing which counselor to choose. You will have to do your own research to find a good, understanding and informed counselor, possibly one practicising transpersonal psychology.

- Dialogues of Love, Grief & Survival Beyond Death' - 21st. Century Reports from the Afterlife Through Contemplative, Intuitive & Physical Mediumship - foreword by Dr Melvin L Morse :

The Risen is a great read and truly inspirational. For those of you who have lost loved ones, this book will give you the strength to carry on. It is also a must for anyone who wants knowledge of other levels of existence beyond our mortal life. If you are a researcher, psychic, or a person who wants to know more about the other realms, then you must read this amazing work"
Philip J. Imbrogno, science educator, paranormal researcher.

“Please read this book. I firmly predict that after you read The Risen, you will agree with me that it is the most sane, normal, insightful, wise, and frankly funny book on healing, grief, using spiritual insights in therapy, and learning to love that you have ever read.” Melvin L. Morse, MD
Read more....

GORDON HIGGINSON - a 'master' medium!
This is some rare footage of the late medium Gordon Higginson demonstrating clairvoyance at a Spiritualist church. The clip is from a documentary titled Close In Spirit produced in 1992. Gordon was one of the finest mediums of the last century and a true spiritualist. More on Gordon.


SCIENCE AND THE AFTERLIFE- 'clarifications' :
the scientific- empirical investigations of materialization-physical medium David Thompson repeatedly and objectively showed that David is the leading medium of his type in the world to-day. There are of course, some other wonderful mediums, but there is a consistency with David's mediumship- especially in the critically important area of bringing about 'reunions' of people with their deceased loved ones that is most impressive. For the last three years I have been answering queries from around the world about David's mediumship. So if you would like any clarification about David's brilliant mediumship, about the Scientific Methodology used to investigate it or anything else about materializations of David please contact me at victorzammit@optushome.com.au

Directly from an afterlife intelligence: “Upon death, each of you has a very noticeable broadening of your faculties. It can be compared to suddenly being clairvoyant and telepathic, being able to read other people’s thoughts easily. This is actually the case once you are freed of the earthly body. You can, indeed, read the thoughts of those around you. This is done without relying on language at all. Thoughts are transmitted in a wordless yet universally recognizable language in the mind. Simply put, you become aware of the thoughts, emotions and overall tone of the personalities around you.” J. Laddon BEYOND THE VEIL. This information is fairly consistent with what has been transmitted from the afterlife by other spiritual teachers.

ANNETTE MARTIN ON THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL PROGRAM "EXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION": We regularly see on cable television the brilliant shows Psychic Invistigators and Psychic Detectives. We witness brilliant psychics who assist the police to solve crime and watch senior police officers stating that if it were not for the assistance of the psyhics, the crime would probably not have been solved. Here the clip shows Annette Martin and Detective Richard Keaton revisiting a serial murder crime scene.. For more on 'PSYCHIC DETECTIVES'

Rev. Canon Mary Glasspool is showing the way:
The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jenson has urged the world Anglican communion to eject the Episcopal Church after it elected a lesbian bishop in a Los Angeles diocese, saying "It's contrary to the scriptures." My liberal spiritual view is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a lesbian being an Archbishop. Character, not consensual sexual preferences is what matters. Of course, Christian Right-Wing conservatives from England and Australia are making negative comments. But these days even the experts are ignoring a great deal what is in "the scriptures" - such as the command to stone to death women who commits adultery. The Anglican Church has been divided on openly homosexual clergy but has survived the opposition that initially greeted the ordination of women as priests and later as the ordination of women as bishops and the ordination of gay priests. Canon Glasspool's application to be a bishop reportedly contained only two words- "It's time". Read more...

QUESTION: 'CAN GAYS GO TO HEAVEN'? I am a 16 year old Catholic and also gay. What you said last week changed me because I felt very worried and guilty that I was going to hell when I died. But thanks to you I feel so much better about what you said that gays will go to heaven because character you said not sexual preference will be important. Could you tell me again that gays can go to heaven and that Cardinal was wrong. I just want to hear it from you again. Peter.

Victor: The critical thing about this Peter is to do with 'authority'. I obtained my authority DIRECTLY from the afterlife - which is regarded as 'empirically' derived - and objective. The Cardinal got his authority by way of 'hearsay' (what somebody else said - belief without proof)- which is inadmissible - because it was obtained allegedly from writings of St Paul - not by direct communication. Secondly, the alleged authority is 'subjective' - which is absolutely meaningless because anything subjective has NO AUTHORITY at all and is subject to complete invalidation. Biblical experts, such as Arthur Findlay state that a lot of the writings allegedly attributed to St Paul were NOT written by St Paul at all. Because there are so many interpolations in the Bible, its authority is very questionable - especially when there are claims that there were may unauthorised changes in the Bible made by ecclesiastics who had NO AUTHORITY at all to change anything. A good source of unauthorised Bible changes can be found in Peter de Rosa (a former Monsignor priest) - book called THE VICARS OF CHRIST available from Amazon.com.So, yes, heaven (what we call the' third' Realm of the Light - is a place for all those with reasonably good character irrespective of color, creed, belief or sexual habits. Guaranteed!!

'CYBER TERRORISTS': When some mischief-makers can't cope with hard core objective and repeatable evidence for the afterlife they tend to send emails attacking afterlife investigators - and always hiding under a different name. But those spreading the light usually completely ignore the 'cyber terrorists' - those symbolically throwing hand grenades to try to cause mischief. Have pity for the spiritually retarded who harp on sheer negativity and those who underneath a facade of alleged spirituality, are like mischief-makers in the lower Astral. We also know that nobody cheats the Law of Cause and Effect. We will keep on spreading the light on a global level - to present what is required to secure your place in the Realm of the Light.


"Dear Victor and Wendy,
I just wanted to let you both know that I and many of my friends enjoy receiving your very interesting and greatly received Friday report in our inbox every Friday. I have always been a very spiritual person, and find your reports very educational and lovely to read. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you both put in for all us like minded readers to read your informative reports. Kind Regards to you both,

FEEDBACK: THE HISTORICAL JESUS - from last week How Jesus Was Made Into God: : I received a few queries about how Jesus was made into a God. I was asked for some reliable references why orthodox Christianity has serious problems:
THE DIEGESIS, by the Rev Robert Taylor,
BIBLE OF BIBLES by Kersey Graves,
THE VICARS OF CHRIST, by ex Mons. Peer de Rosa (see Amazon.com)
THE ROCK OF TRUTH, first four chapter, Arthur Findlay. " )

CLIMATE CHANGE: There was a huge response to last week's item. Now with the Copenhagen Conference being reported so widely you have the opportunity to read all the evidence and make up your own mind before you decide whether to accept the evidence or not and decide on what action you are prepared to take. But procedurally, it is important to read all the evidence for and against - about one of the most important topics we have in the world to-day.

Special sponsorhsip - by someone who wants the world to know all about the afterlife. Thanks G.
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BEQUESTS: Now more than ever before professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers are struggling for funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. After you have provided for your family in your will consider making a bequest which will bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

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