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22nd November, 2013

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but the real 'AWAKENING’ is taking place: History experts tell us that Western culture has a 2,000 year history of being anti-psychic anti-mediumship when seen in the horrible history of the Christian Inquisition - where many millions of people were killed – for their psychic and other beliefs.

But in countries where there was no Inquisition, when there was no persecution against meditation, psychic phenomena and the paranormal, (in places like Hindu India, and in Buddhist countries) the people there
do not fear death. In fact, the culture there encourages the exploration of the paranormal and for the people to contemplate death to help them live a better life.

DENIAL! But in the West, people have gone into DENIAL about the afterlife – DENIAL about the paranormal, denial that death is inevitable - and have become more materialistic. We support having a good standard of living, but not blind, secular materialism. Unlike the culture in Hindu and Buddhist and some other non Western countries - culturally, any talk about the afterlife, meditation and the paranormal have been taboo subjects... but a real AWAKENING is taking place now!


William Buhlman states he has been having out of body experiences for more than 40 years. He has been teaching courses on how to have an out of body experience in Europe and at the Monroe Institute for a number of years. His first book Adventures Beyond the Body (1996) explains how to have an OBE. His second book The Secret of the Soul—Using Out-of-Body Experiences to Understand Our True Nature (2001) deals with some of the different kinds of OBEs both positive and unwelcome. He talks about OBEs in children, OBEs caused by combat and trauma, meeting loved ones in the afterlife and transformational experiences. His book has excellent chapters on the history of OBEs and on how to have an OBE. He also discusses what can be expected from an OBE and what the benefits are. His most recent book Adventures in the Afterlife explains what happens when you die.



TO-DAY November 22nd 2013, IS THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF PRESIDENT J.F.KENNEDY ASSASSINATION in Dallas, TEXAS: POPULAR QUESTION: The controversy as to who killed President Kennedy still goes on and on. Will we ever know who killed President Kennedy in 1963 when we get to the afterlife?

Victor: Whilst there have been experts who tell us the evidence of JFK assassination is inconclusive, the matter is very likely to remain speculation here on earth. This is because critical documents have been destroyed, important witnesses are now dead and there are reputations to protect. Given these circumstances, what I can guarantee you is that one day you – and all of us – will know the whole and absolute truth when we cross over to the afterlife . We will know the truth about ALL assassinations and the deaths of Robert Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Princess Diana, John Lennon and others. This is because in the afterlife dimension all books there about history - and important people on earth - are written with deadly accuracy - how the events REALLY occurred, who was responsible for what and other critical information - to give us all what we need to know about all assassinations and other events in history. So yes, one day we will know the truth about who killed President Kennedy.

Mellen Thomas Benedict about his near death experience. Mellen Thomas-Benedict was in the last stages of dying from terminal cancer in 1982. He died and for an hour and a half his body was monitored showing no vital signs. Miraculously he returned to his body after having a full NDE. Three months later there was no sign of the cancer in his body (Benedict 1996). Read more...



QUESTION - AFTER DEATH COMMUNICATION-: How long does it take before a spirit comes back to this world after death takes place?

This is a popular question: after death communication would be difficult to predict because one would have to know the circumstances of the person who crossed over. There have been many apparitions at the moment of crossing over- apparently as the person sends out his/her thoughts to loved ones. Many people sense their loved one around them at the time of the funeral and in the first few months after death. Silver Birch from the afterlife puts it like this:
"It depends on the conditions. There are some who come into our world who, although they have been here for centuries, have not yet awakened to the realization of what has taken place. And there are some who come here with knowledge, who know the ropes, and to them, if they can find the right medium, they can manifest within a few moments of passing. There is no simple answer." (S. Birch).

GRIEF: I was reading that too much grief is not good for the one who departed. I’m still grieving for my lost loved husband – now it’s been six months that he crossed over. I can’t see I’m doing anything wrong by missing him and by my grief for him. What do you think?

Victor: It’s only natural to grieve for a crossed-over loved one and everyone has their own timetable. But we have to listen to those highly credible afterlife teachers who tell us that whilst grieving is natural, it is not helpful to them or to yourself to keep on grieving intensely for a loved one. Perhaps you can focus on changing the emphasis to sending love to your husband, remembering the good times you had and planning the things you will do when you are together again.
Here are some excellent resources for those who grieve:

1 ) Our site about After Death Contact
2 ) Rochelle Wright's site about Guided Afterlife Connections
3 ) Dr. Craig Hogan's site Guided and Self-Guided Afterlife Connections

Bonnie McEneaney- Signs and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11



AMERICAN BILLIONAIRE TED TURNER SAYS HE WANTS TO GO TO 'HEAVEN'! (Don't we all!): Jesus allegedly stated that ‘it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man goes to heaven’. But here we have one of the world’s richest men who wants to go to heaven. Why not? Especially if he – as he says- is giving most of his money away to charity to help the poor. Note: “What will matter most about billionaire Ted Turner's life story when they roll the final credits? That he started CNN, the first 24-hour news network? Built a fortune once worth $10 billion? Was Time magazine's "Man of the Year"? Received a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame? Made The New York Times best-seller list? That he owns 2 million acres of land? Did you know he had President Carter for a fishing buddy and won the heart of (and married) a movie star – Jane Fonda? Turner turns 75 on November. He compared rival Rupert Murdoch to Hitler and at one time he called Christianity "a religion for losers." Do you think he will go to heaven? Read more...

'PARANORMAL TV CLASSIC': Highly skeptical Detective Ron Roarke from Ennis, Texas, Police Department, U.S. reluctantly engages psychic John Katchings to find a missing boy Michael Dickens. Summary:- Police did not find the missing body, but when the police did exactly what the psychic told them to do, the police find the missing person AND also find the killer of the killed missing person when police followed directions of the psychic. Detective Ron Roarke stated to millions of television viewers that when a case goes cold, it would be important to contact a gifted psychic to help solve the crime. See for yourself;


Author and psychic medium Sylvia Celeste Browne died on Wednesday at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose at the age of 77.

" Browne often assisted in missing persons cases, regularly appeared on television and was a frequent guest on The Montel Williams Show. She and her son, Chris Dufrense, offered personal psychic readings from their office in Campbell, California. Browne was born in 1936 in Kansas City, Mo., where "her spiritual psychic ability began to manifest at the age of three," according to an obituary posted on Browne's website and Facebook page. "For many years she shared her gift with friends and family, gaining a reputation for accuracy with her trademark down-to-earth approach and sense of humour.'' Browne moved to California in 1964. A decade later, she founded The Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research. Browne was a strong believer in reincarnation and wrote several books that appeared on The New York Times Bestsellers List, including Life on the Other Side, which was written with Lindsay Harrison." Read more...

: Return To Life: Extraordinary Cases Of Children Who Remember Past Lives. One particular case which stood apart for Dr Tucker was that of the five-year-old son of two Oklahoma Christians who began to exhibit strange behavior – calling 'Action' for imaginary movies and waking at night screaming - claiming that he was in Hollywood when his heart exploded. Little Ryan one night told his mother, Cyndi, that when you die it is important you go towards the light and that everyone comes back. He also said that he picked her to be his mom. The mystery of Ryan, whose mother was a county deputy clerk and father a small-town cop, deepened when he picked out a picture from a book his mother had brought home from the library for him. It was from the 1932 movie, Night After Night and showed a group of men, including actor George Raft. Ryan excitedly pointed at the man next to George, who specialized in playing gangsters and starred in Billy Wilder's legendary hit Some Like It Hot. Ryan said: 'Hey Mama, that's George. We did a picture together. And Mama, that guy's me. I found me.' From that point on memories seemed flood back to Ryan, writes Dr Tucker. He recalled how he was once punched by Marilyn Monroe's bodyguards for trying to talk to her. Read more...

NEW WEBSITE BY PAUL READ, "CAMPAIGN FOR PHILOSOPHICAL FREEDOM" - The Secular Scientific Case for the Afterlife: "The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom is a non-profit organisation founded by Michael Roll to present the censored secular scientific case for survival after death - the case for a separate mind and brain, the scientific proof that we all survive the death of our physical bodies, irrespective of our religious beliefs." For those who are unfamiliar with Paul Read's work - he and Michael Roll present many articles, including articles by scientists about the scientific evidence for the afterlife. Access the new website: http://www.cfpf.org.uk

Michael Tymn's blog this week is about a fascinating 1923 book by Cora L.V. Richmond entitled My Experiences While Out of My Body. Apparently she had both Near Death and out of body experiences. This extract explains how the astral world responds to our thoughts, fears and expectations.

She witnessed scenes in which spirits were attempting to minister to those humans under their guidance but failed because of earthly barriers, primarily selfishness and not being open to spirit influence due to false education, both theological and material.
She saw those recently deceased and not yet fully awakened to their new state existing in the thought-forms and scenes of their recent earthly lives as they lacked the spiritual awareness to fully recognize and appreciate their new states. “As the Spirit unfolds, the thought-forms change and then disappear as perception takes the place of limitation by the senses,” it was explained to her. Many of those reproducing familiar scenes of their earth conditions seemed satisfied, some even happy, “not even knowing that this similitude was the result of their own thought-forms instead of being inherent or organic in the ‘spirit land’.” But, there were many others whose thought-forms were of the “shadowed kind” and apparently not especially pleasant. "
Read more....


Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion.

LAST 2 CHANCES TO SEE MEDIUM EXTRA-ORDINAIRE KAI MUEGGE IN AUSTRALIA– Kai Muegge has been conducting demonstrations and workshops on physical mediumship in Australia– You are invited.
'FROM HEART TO QUANTUM LEVEL' - has been the motto of five weeks of rich Seances and Workshops until 29th of November 2013. One last SEANCE will be held at Wallacia (near Sydney) Development Centre of Inge Crosson on 23rd November.(sorry, this has been booked out!) but there are two more sittings you can attend by special demand:
Wednesday 27Nov and Friday 29Nov.
Contact: awakeningsoulsinfo@gmail.com

Date:Friday 29th November 2013
Time: Arrive 7pm sharp for a 7:15pm start (please arrive on time as the front doors will be closed). The evening will finish at 9:30pm.
Location:Drummoyne Community Centre-10 Cometrowe Street, Drummoyne
Cost: $10 Door entry fee payable on the evening. 10% of proceeds go towards a variety of charities Read more: http://www.louisehermann.com

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SENSATIONAL 'REVOLUTIONARY' MUSIC THAT SHOCKED THE WORLD! From the mid-fifties and sixties and seventies - it was a time of revolution in America that brought many changes - irreversibly -
especially in rejecting the old values and beliefs - and the 'old' music. This music revolution was reflected in the brilliant musical HAIR - where youth was questioning everything : sexual taboos, women's liberation and racial and social discrimination. Guys, flower-people wearing long hair, youth's voicing Make Love Not War. So here I am presenting the fabulous theme song - AQUARIAS-LET THE SUNSHINE IN - from the musical HAIR - absolutely brilliant for those who are familiar with the history of the era. Many believe this was the real time which started to reject the old values - and which started the NEW AGE thinking globally. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.