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1st May 2009

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We’ve virtually coming to the end of the first decade in the twenty first century. People everywhere tell me they just cannot believe how fast time is passing. They remember the ‘old days’ when things were much slower, where the weekend afternoons seem to drag for so long, where there was more relaxation, more time to talk to other people - and more time to walk with other people in an easy, leisurely way. It was a time where we had more friends, more places to go – and even the weather was more stable and predictable! Why have things changed so dramatically? Why are people everywhere saying time has accelerated life – almost like when you slightly fast forward your video. Think back twenty years ago – and most people would say it’s just gone like lightning! And sooner or later, time will catch up with all of us and the time will come when we have to cross over. The speeding up of time these days should be a reminder that we are on this planet earth for a relatively short time – in the overall scheme of things, just a fraction of an eye blink! And since now we have solid irrefutable empirical evidence for the existence of the afterlife, we all have to find the time to read what is inevitably going to be life after this life on earth. Time is always of the essence in life – and do yourself a huge favor, get to know where you are inevitably heading for. See WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE?

Dear Dr Zammit, “I'm Henry M. Harris, a retired NASA scientist who's been interested in your work for many years. You probably know that in the frontiers of physics today there is a realization that the universe we see with our eyes is only part of a much broader and more complicated scheme.... I suspect that the root cause of why paranormal experiences that you describe do not fit into the standard model of physics is that we have a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of life....It's my opinion there will soon be a revolution in physics, enabled by new understanding of a multidimensional universe, one that melds with the concept of life. I think even now we can add some detail to this idea. Read more.

In The End of Materialism-How Evidence of the Paranormal Is Bringing Science and Spirit Together "Tart presents research that supports the existence of paranormal phenomena and shows readers how science and spirituality can be understood as two interconnected halves of a whole instead of as forces in opposition. The book presents Tart's most intriguing findings in his fifty-year career investigating paranormal phenomena in scientific experiments at prestigious institutions including Stanford University and the University of California, Davis. This book offers evidence for the existence of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, and psychic healing, and explains other phenomena such as out-of-body experiences and near-death experiences. This book is ideal for scientifically minded individuals curious about life's spiritual side as well as spiritually inclined people seeking to back up their beliefs with legitimate scientific evidence."
Order your copy from Amazon.com
Thanks to Jessica Parker for the alert.

LYNNE McTAGGART TALKS ABOUT THE NEW PHYSICS The author of the fabulous book "The Field" talks with Alan Steinfeld about the nature of reality.

As we reported, Sonia Rinaldi is now at University doing a Masters' Thesis on ITC. She has gained the support of two professors in Physics and an engineer to do carefully controlled experiments under rigorous scientific conditions. And as expected she is getting wonderful results. She reports that recently she was recording an ITC conversation with a little girl and got 54 replies from her. Marvelous results from Sonia and her spirit team pushing the work into an academic setting.

Artem Miheev, Ph.D., head of Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication has sent us news about his current ITC experiments. He writes:
" Please, feel free to spread this information. If you consider it appropriate, we'd like to inform people, that we are looking for financial and scientific supporters of these projects. Now we are working in our small laboratory with a small professional workgroup of scientists without any support from public institutions.
Here is English version of our presentation: http://www.rait.airclima.ru/ITC_Project.doc

Keith C. writes: " I was with friends yesterday who are going to see Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton a wonderful ex GP doctor who has written a book called Punk Science. Read more...I don't know if it appeals or not, but it's just up my street. A doctor with a spiritual awakening has to be good news." Watch part 1 of the interview on Conscious TV below.

Punk Science 2 (9:33)
Punk Science 3 (8:46)
Punk Science 4 (9:29)
Punk Science 5 (9:06)
Punk Science 6 (2.36)

NASA scientist Henry M. Harris and the other scientists investigating the paranormal are all saying that science is on the verge of a shift in its attitude to "the paranormal". In my ‘Dialectical Spiritualism’ I stated that we can objectively see throughout history, there have been a number of major ‘synthesis’ (clash of ‘thesis’ with ‘anti-thesis’ which produces a ‘synthesis’ where each time the synthesis got closer to the ultimate synthesis where all people in the world would accept the afterlife. We had a major synthesis just a few weeks ago when atheists now accept the afterlife. Balanced against this we have some advanced Christians who now have accepted that communication with afterlife intelligences is not only possible, they communicate themselves. There are evolutionary forces in the universe where we can see through ‘Dialectical Spiritualism’ that one day all people in the world will accept the afterlife. It may take, some time, but it is inevitably it will come about.

THE NEED OF FUNDING FOR AFTERLIFE RESEARCH: With all the irrefutable objective evidence we have around the world about the existence of the afterlife, there is a huge need for advanced countries to spend just a fraction of their budget on paranormal research. Science will take a quantum leap to a new level where ‘afterlife physics’ will be clearly understood – and make the existing scientific laws completely irrelevant and absolutely redundant. Can you imagine – teleportation - a situation where we could have advanced scientific instruments to move physical objects (atoms) from one place to another – even human beings? That time will come- we already have the claims by some people that they paranormally experienced teleportation. But we also must allocate funding for this critical paranormal research which also has huge national security connotations.

Thanks to Lia Ramses of Haunted Australia for drawing our attention to the death last Saturday of Hans Holzer, pioneer parpsychologist. He had written 146 books on "the supernatural and occult" for the popular market as well as several plays, musicals, films, and documentaries.
His achievement in raising popular awareness of the afterlife at a time when there was intense ridicule for studies of the afterlife from many quarters was immense.

In this interview he talks about what he expected to find in the afterlife he had investigated for a whole lifetime:

"I asked him what we can expect to find waiting for us on the other side. His reply came without hesitation, and very matter-of-fact. “We all pass out of the physical body and we are now on the other side of life. It’s a world just like this one – it has only two differences: there’s no sense of time, and if you’re ill when you die you’re now no longer ill. But other than that, you’ll find houses, trees, gardens, and your relatives, friends, and so on. It looks like a very real world. Maybe a little nicer, but still a normal, real world. And you are just the way you were before. Maybe a little bit younger-looking if you wish, but you’re still in a very real world. You’ll notice that the other side of life is a bureaucracy just like this one. You can’t just call Uncle Frank [who’s still living]. You have to get permission from a group of people who call themselves guides – spirit guides. They will say, ‘Why do you want to make contact? What’s your purpose?’ And if they approve of it, they’ll say, ‘Okay, find yourself a medium somewhere, speak with them, and they will make contact for you.’ Or if you’re that strong, you can try to make contact yourself." Read more of this fascinating interview...

This television program made in 1976 features Hans Holzer. It contains some excellent material on after death contacts and caught entitites. The presentation- very 1976 - is a reminder of how much we owe to the pioneers like Holzer who got the subject which was then considered "occult" meaning "hidden" into the mainstream media. These programs paved the way for mediums like John Edward and Lisa Williams today.

Part 2
Part 3

No.16. “Why should I take advice from a lawyer about the afterlife and not from a traditional scientist or a philosopher or a psychiatrist?”

Victor: The distinct advantage of a (litigation) lawyer is that he/she would be a specialist in the admissibility of evidence. Experience has shown that what technically constitutes admissible evidence is extremely important when dealing with the afterlife evidence. Traditional scientists may know a great deal about science but it is not within the traditional scientists' knowledge and jurisdiction to be a specialist in evidence as well. Scientists work within the known physical laws and would not be able to deal with evidence that violates their accepted traditional knowledge in cause-effect relationship in science. I accept there are some scientists who accept non-physical physics - but at the moment they would be in the minority. Philosophers are not empirically trained in cause-effect relationship and would be limited to theoretical speculations. Psychiatrists - and others professions too would not have the technical competence to assess legitimate afterlife admissible evidence. The highest form of logic and professional debates are to be found in courts where every area of evidence is very closely professionally examined for validity and relevance.
(See 15 other objections over-ruled

MEL GIBSON'S 'MAD THEOLOGY'? 'Hypocritically pushed ungratefulness to its extreme ...'
‘Billionaire’ Hollywood movie star and self-confessed womanizing adulterer Mel Gibson, hypocritically claims to be sad that his wife is going to burn in hell for all eternity ‘because she is not a Catholic’! This is in spite of the fact that he acknowledges his wife is "a saint " a really good woman who is highly spiritual. Dumping his wife for a much younger woman is a huge personal insult - perhaps ungratefulness pushed to its extreme. His wife who is on record for being devoted to Mel and the family, had seven children from him, and for some 29 years she had to work enormously hard day and night to raise them, and also to support his demands and be nice to all his friends.

Afterlife empiricists and probably most people around the world do NOT accept Mel's claim that there is such thing as 'eternal hellfire' – and especially the most ridiculous belief on earth to-day that people will go to hell because they not are Catholics.
This is a most fascinating example of how people in 2009 still believe - without a shred of evidence - what was written some 2,000 years ago by people we do not know, whose character cannot be tested and whose original texts have been lost for centuries. It was reported that last week Mel Gibson met some of the Roman Catholic Church’s cardinals in the U.S. to discuss the possibility to doing Church services in Aramaic – the language Jesus spoke – as if that is going to make a hoot of a difference to a person’s spirituality! It's time for a new Catholic reformation to throw out all the absolute nonsense that was created thousands of years ago and to make all religious beliefs consistent with empirically elicited afterlife information.

BILLIONAIRE CROSSES OVER: QUESTION: Victor, how will that controversial billionaire fare on crossing over?

Victor: Robert Pratt, pictured above left, multi-billionaire died a few days ago from prostate cancer.
He would be described as the epitome of the 'American dream'. He started out with nothing and media reports tell us he was worth more than two billion dollars. He was an actor in his younger years then took over his father's business - packaging, building it to a very high level employing some 9,000 people.The balanced perspective is that we are told he was a philanthropist, giving away some $10 million a year to charities. Of Polish Jewish descent, he was active in his community and a good sportsman. Then we are informed that he cahooted with another major company to keep prices of his product artificially high - making people pay more for his product - violating Federal law. He was caught and fined some $35 million dollars! Just two days before he died he was about to be charged with criminal offences regarding his business. How is he going to fare on crossing over? All humans, irrespective of rank, status, wealth and popularity will be treated exactly the same way - the Law of Cause and Effect will apply to everyone. Cosmic justice is perfect and no one will get away with it. So, if he did cheat and lie and violate the rights of people - in big or in small ways, there will be a price for him to pay - no doubt about that.

American Lawyer Edwin C. Randall had the immense opportunity of talking with "dead people" for twenty years through the materialization mediumship of Emily French. The book descriptions of many of these conversations. Here is an extract from p.92.
" There are in the next life kindergartens, schools, colleges, and universities of learning just as we have here, and what is more, the inhabitants do not cease to study and increase their store of knowledge when they reach a certain age, but there are great lecture halls where the advanced ones teach the supreme laws of Nature, where all are welcome and all go, and so the secrets of the Universe are understood. There is but one aristocracy in the life to come, and that is founded on the refinement and development of character. Measured by this standard, how very poor are our very rich! I have often written that the aristocrats of the afterlife have gained their position by helping others less fortunate. They rise by raising others. " Download free The Dead Have Never Died.

“I had but one object, to discover fraud and trickery,” wrote Richard Hodgson wrote. “Frankly, I went to Mrs. Piper with Professor James of Harvard University about twelve years ago with the object of unmasking her…I entered the house profoundly materialistic, not believing in the continuance of life after death; today I say I believe. The truth has been given to me in such a way as to remove from me the possibility of a doubt.” If you are interested in reading more, click on http://metgat.gaia.com/blog

Question: why is it that some scientists don’t accept the afterlife when you claim that the afterlife is now can be proved scientifically?

Victor: First, for the record there are scientists – physicists, biologists and others – who after investigating the afterlife accepted that the afterlife exists. But these scientists DID investigate! Other scientists who refuse to accept the evidence for the afterlife have NOT investigated the evidence, they stubbornly refuse to study the evidence of the afterlife which up until now, no scientist, no materialist, no skeptic has been able to rebut. Consistent with the rules of professional debate, any phenomena that has not been rebutted will remain unrebuttedly valid.

On the documentary cable TV, we watched a biography about Brigit Bardot. We could not believe how irrelevant the Catholic Censors in the U.S. were at the time of the movie AND GOD CREATED WOMAN. The Catholic League of Decency in the U.S. classified it a ‘C’ – which meant if you watched that movie, you would have committed a ‘mortal sin’ and if you died soon after you’d go to hell for eternity - because Brigit Bardot’s tits were taboo! We do our research and ask the hierarchy critical questions because their conduct shows they are way out of line, way out of current thinking, too irrelevant and in great need of a new reformation. Whereas now Brigit Bardot is a crusader to protect animals from cruelty in France- a most beautiful spiritual service!


“Earth is an essential preparation for the existence that inevitably follows when death comes. Every happening is part of the price to be paid for evolution. Earthly life cannot be a monotone. It must have its light and shade, its sunshine and storm. The extremes and the opposites enable you to appreciate what life truly has to offer. There is a saying in your world that action and reaction are equal and opposite. That is the law of polarity – as low as any soul can sink so correspondingly can it rise. Those who hate can use the same power to change it into love. Hate and love are two sides of the same coin; the choice is yours. The natural law is perfect in its operation. Just as there is compensation, there is retribution. No one can cheat the laws of the Great Power…”


1) " I was just reading about a medium named Alec Harris. Whilst in trance, through his mediumship, 20 materialized spirit people would walk out of the cabinet, walk 10 feet away from the cabinet, and converse and interact with the sitters. This was done in bright red light with the curtain wide open for all of the sitters to see the medium still in trance, bound to his chair! How incredible is that? Look it up for yourself. Amazing! Regards, Ken"

“I was in hospital and the doctor told me that while I was still under anesthesia I was speaking in a foreign language he could not detect – sounded like Chinese to him … Can that be explained?”

Victor: That can very easily be explained: it’s called xenoglossy – referring to speaking of a foreign language not learnt before in this lifetime. There has been research done by Dr Ian Stevenson in this most fascinating area of xenoglossy. This could come about by remembering a language you used in a past life. I refer you to a chapter I have on xenoglossy. An almost identical incident happened to one of my colleagues, Dr Peter Ramster about one of his patients some 12 months ago.


" The real obstacles to attracting love are not outside us, but within us. Even though we wish for love, most of us are anchored in limiting beliefs about the possibility of truly having a great relationship. As a result, we show up in our lives in ways that push love away without even realizing it. When you're able to identify and release these inner obstacles to love, you'll become magnetic to the love of your life. It's that simple." Read more....

Now more than ever before professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers are struggling for funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. After you have provided for your family in your will consider making a bequest which will bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

* The Windbridge Institute for applied research
* Zerdin Phenomenal
* The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena

* The Forever Family Foundation
* Mark Macy's World ITC- American based research on ITC
* Rhine Research Centre- Institute for Parapsychology
* Sonia Rinaldi's IPATI- Brazilian based research on ITC


More of the international magic of Playing for Change and a reminder that you can support their wonderful project of creating peace through music by buying their DVD and CD "Songs Around the World" now onsale. Read more..

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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee what is published is to be the absolute truth. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.