A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


Afterlife News Report January 4th 2008

Apologies if I have not answered your emails yet – I’m still dealing with some very urgent work. I will reply shortly.

COMMENTARY: WELCOME 2008! The battle for the mind! As I stated last week knowledge of the paranormal and acceptance of the afterlife evidence is growing exponentially – in a great way! When I first came into the afterlife debate some twenty years ago, the closed (Victor left, with David Thompson) minded anti-afterlife skeptics were highly vocal, highly aggressive and were dominating the scene. But NOT to-day! Paranormal television, radio and press time have increased dramatically and these aggressive skeptics are getting fewer and fewer all the time. A couple of the closed minded skeptics are even jumping on the band-waggon claiming to accept the paranormal – ‘just some of it!’ and ‘if you can’t beat them, join them.’ The intellectual skeptics are also keeping a low profile because they know, if they take on the afterlife evidence, they will have to deal with me directly and the debate will be public and international. I am waiting and have been waiting for EIGHT YEARS for any informed intellectual academic to take on the afterlife evidence. It would be a matter of putting up or shutting up. Then there are the open minded skeptics who are investigating the afterlife and paranormal evidence and are coming over to our side in droves. Of course, then there are the cowardly skeptical dummies – who show they are about to explode from being too frustrated in not being able to rebut the hardcore, objective, repeatable afterlife evidence. So 2008 looks extremely good!

I was just absolutely stunned at the response of those who want to vote for their favorite medium or psychic. You have another week as the votes are very close. victor@victorzammit.com

When famous jazz musician John Novello’s beloved wife, Gloria Rusch, died from cancer in January 2002 he was shocked to hear her communicating with him telepathically saying: “John. I’m here. It’s unbelievable. Everything we ever studied and believed in – that we are immortal spirits and that we survive bodily death and go on- it’s all true.” John’s wonderful book The Song That Never Ended gives details of how Gloria communicated with him over the next few months and then how their contact was validated through readings with five top mediums. For details of the book and CD’s of John’s wonderful tribute concert to Gloria starring Stevie Wonder see

MESSAGE OF HOPE: a former Catholic nun sent me an email this week which also included a cute message: "Faith makes all things possible, Hope makes all things work, Love makes all things beautiful."

AFTERLIFE EXPERIENCE After being struck and killed by a vehicle on his way home one night, Michael, a dynamic young husband and new father of a two-month-old daughter found himself "alive" and able to communicate with his psychic father-in-law, Robert Murray. Hours after his death he was able to vividly describe emotions, experiences, places, "people" and animals in the afterlife. He desperately reached out to his wife, family and friends as his father-in-law wrote what Michael told him. The messages continued over a period of days, months and then years. They formed a diary that became the story of Michael's afterlife journey. His wife, Lynn, decided to share these comforting personal messages which contained information and insights too important to be kept secret. Michael's messages are revealed in The Stars Still Shine.

“Bruce Moen is a lot like you. He's never had a near-death experience, nor does he claim any special psychic gift or ability. Yet, he's learned to do some special things. He has freed "lost souls" from their isolated, sometimes terrifying post-death existence; helped them regain free will choice over their own destiny; brought comfort to those left behind when a loved one dies; moved earthbound ghosts to their place in the Afterlife; verifiably explored nonphysical human consciousness and other realities…You no longer have to take anyone else's word for the Truth about our afterlife. You can learn to use what this book teaches to find the Truth for yourself through your own, direct experience.” Read more…


How can I communicate with someone who is now in the Afterlife?
How did you learn to explore the Afterlife?
Does everyone see the same or different stuff in the Afterlife?
When people are dying, they often seem to be conversing with someone only they can see or hear. What is happening?

“ My answers to questions are based on my direct experience. I realize my own beliefs and expectations color my perception, such is the nature of subjective experience. My answers are my truth, seen through my eyes. Remember, it’s not my desire that you change your beliefs to mine. It’s my intent to share what I’ve found alone and through partnered explorations as a way of encouraging you to explore and find your truth.” Read more...

EVP CAUTION: over the years I received emails regarding experimentation with Electronic Voice Phenomena. Questions were raised whether or not it is safe to experiment on your own with EVP. If you are a beginner – ALWAYS get advice from experts. If you are English speaking get in touch with Tom or Lisa Butler of the American Association of EVP: AAEVP (pictured left) or with Rob Smith our Australian EVP advisor (pictured right). Remember, that when you are trying to get someone to leave their etheric voice on your tape recorder, you are inviting afterlife entities to participate in your experiment. You MUST have the basic knowledge on what to do, what precaution to take before you contact afterlife intelligences.

"Sarah Estep made her transition today Jan 3, 2008 at 1:11 p.m. The funeral service will be held at Kalis Funeral Home, 2973 Solomons Island Road in Edgewater, Maryland; on Tuesday Jan 8, 2008 at 10 a.m. telephone 410.956.4488. Her daughter said that she had a smile on her face. This great pioneer will be deeply missed but we know that she will be happy with her renewed body and mind. We wish her a exciting new life. Her daughter has asked that donations be made to AAEVP in lieu of flowers.http://aaevp.com/donate.htm
If you personally knew Sarah or if she influenced you and you would like to say a few words about her and how she influenced you, please email aaevp@aol.com. We are going to put together comments in a memorial to her. Lisa and Tom Butler Directors American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena"

NEWS FROM AAEVP: I have just received the quarterly newsletter from the AAEVP and as always there are some excellent items in it. It’s wonderful to read that Sonia Rinaldi in Brazil is getting excellent results uniting parents with their deceased children. The newsletter has details of a stunning recent experiment in which Sonia received 86 audio replies to specific questions and the voice on her tapes was matched 100% with the voice of the young communicator while alive. This is the fourth such voice match that she has obtained. To obtain the report join AAEVP. http://www.aaevp.com/membership.htm

QUESTION: Several readers have written: “Why is it that a close relative of mine has never returned from the afterlife to make contact? And why is it that some loved ones come through for some people but not for others?

Victor: Silver Birch answers this one very well: “There is free will. There is no compulsion to come back. It is not a very attractive world to return to when you have tasted some of the ineffable joys, beauty and radiance that are available in our world. It requires a sacrifice to return, to approach earth’s atmosphere, which is gloomy, dark, dank and most unwelcoming… We would be very happy if spirit communication were achieved in which you on earth met the peoplein our world returning half-way. Alas it does not happen very often. It has to be a descent into your atmosphere, your conditions, your vibrations.” (Light from Silver Birch p.57)

CHRISTIAN THEOLOGIANS: your wisdom is immediately required. I received a highly scholastic, brilliant argument rebutting all arguments used by Christian Fundamentalists. I’m sure that Winston Wu would love to hear from some expert or experts who could show him where, when, how and why he is not correct in what he is saying. Read more …

THE FAMOUS THOMAS DOWDING CASE: Thomas Dowding was a 37-year-old private in the British army when he waskilled on the battlefield in 1916. About seven months after his death, he began communicating his experiences through the mediumship of Wellesley Tudor Pole. He explained that he was very confused initially and didn't comprehend that he was dead. When he finally realized he had been killed, his deceased brother came to him, but explained to him that he had a hard time reaching him because of the "thick atmosphere" created by Thomas' selfish nature. See

CATHOLIC CHURCH TO TRAIN EXORCISTS “The Catholic Church has vowed to "fight the Devil head-on" by training hundreds of priests as exorcists. Father Gabriele Amorth, 82, the Exorcist in Chief, announced the initiative amid church concerns about growing worldwide interest in Satanism and the occult. Under plans being considered, each bishop would have a group of priests in his diocese who were specially trained in exorcism and on hand to take actionagainst "extreme Godlessness". "Thanks be to God that we have a Pope who has decided to fight the Devil head-on," Father Amorth said – Read more...

Victor’s comment on the Catholic Church's exorcism: someone has to tell the Pope that you just CANNOT "train" priests to become exorcists. My twenty years experience communicating with entities from the otherside tells me that there could be MORE damage done in exorcising if exorcising is done by half-trained, half-baked uninformed priests. I am an EMPIRICIST – I use scientific method - and have nothing to do with superstitions, religious beliefs or blind faith when it comes to removing an negative attachment to a person. Catholics have to learn that LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE in the afterlife. They have to learn about the Law of Cause and Effect in these matters. They have to understand that an exorcist has to have with him strong positive entities to help the exorcist get rid of negative spirits that Catholics call 'devils', 'satans' etc. Catholics would need the help of a gifted clairvoyant to select suitable priests for exorcism. The other thing is that if a priest is going to use water (Catholics call it ‘holy water’) forget it. Water, holy or not, on its own has no power at all. A clairvoyant reported a priest who thought he could sprinkle ‘holy-water’ on to a suspect person who had a low entity with him. She clairvoyantly saw the two negative entities in the spirit world laughing their heads off seeing an uninformed priest trying to scare them by sprinkling water over the victim!! The twentyfirst century is an age of empiricism. It has become urgent for the old Church to update, make exorcisim procedure more objective, more empirical and to eliminate propaganda and supesrsition in order to get acceptable results!

MICK AND SYLVIE AVERY would like to draw your attention to their work as spirit mediums and communicators. They write “ We have two radio shows in the U.S and broadcast world wide by internet radio as well terrestrial radio with our programs featuring real trance communication answering phone-in and email questions from our world wide audience…Our work is based in trying to show humanity how it is possible to live together. Our spirit team are scientifically based and we answer any questions to do with facts and mechanics; systems of physical and etheric dimensions and also cover all of the most difficult questions ever posed by man. We do not follow any religion. We are here to make people aware of how they can save the planet as that is our joint duty and singular and ultimate quest of care, as well as all of the species that we share our precious Earth with. To visit our web site please go visit www.spirit-teaching.com and also at www.spiritsworkradio.com

WHY WE SHOULD OPPOSE THE DEATH PENALTY Following the Bali bombings in 2002, 2004 and 2005 in which large numbers of Australians were killed, there has been intense debate in Ausrtalia about whether those who carried out the bombings should be executed. After a series of mixed messages from the new Australian Prime Minister Mr Rudd over the issue, the church in Australia has written to the Government urging it to oppose capital punishment in all circumstances, including for terrorists. Read more... But they are omitting another most important reason. Mediums constantly warn us that violent criminals released suddenly into the astral world can influence many many young impressionable people to commit similar crimes.


In his monumental book “Is there an Afterlife” respected psychic investigator David Fontana describes how he saw and felt fully formed hands during the Scole experiments. (see pp. 324-347)
To read more about the amazing Scole experiments
Read Chapter 8
of my book.

“We repeatedly requested to be allowed to use these (Infrared cameras) at Scole, but our request was politely refused by the spirit team. Professor Ellison pointed out that infrared viewers do not introduce any additional energy into the room; they simply respond to the energies that are present. Thus it is difficult to see how they could interfere with spirit energies or pose any kind of threat to the mediums. The response we were given by the spirit team is that nevertheless it would have an inhibiting effect. Furthermore, they assured us that they intended to bring their own light and eventually produce phenomena is daylight, and that in addition peering through infrared viewers would distract us from the business of the seance and disrupt the harmony and the focused communal energy so necessary among the sitters if results were to be obtained.” David Fontana Is there an Afterlife p.330.

EVOCATIVE SPEAKERS CORNER ORATORY: For those who were curious to know what Victor (pictured on stand) orated about at Speakers' Corner in London and Sydney we have some of the fiery, highly evocative, thought provoking oratory that motivated people to think for themselves. New afterlife oratory .... Read more (1) ... Read more... (2)

I promised to answer any emails from people with questions about David Thompson’s materializations providing the questions are genuine and those emaling give their own true names. The overwhelming emails I get are from people highly supportive and still stunned by their experiences. One important question in this week's report is why does David Thompson charge money for people to attend his materialization sessions? Read more…