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May 7th 2010

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Again and again I raise the critical issue that we, here on planet Earth, need definitively clear, precise and absolute, unambiguous afterlife, but PHYSICAL evidence which could pass the stringent tests for validity by any scientist.

We are being inundated with crude and aggressive materialism through the powerful media every moment - 24 hours 7 days a week! We need volunteers of the highest quality from the afterlife to urgently assist us in this most important task.

All the time we receive emails asking when we are going to get full materializations in light so that we can video them, test the voices and show the world that the afterlife really exists. When are we going to have reliable 'television' contact (ITC) so that people from this world can see the faces of their loved ones in spirit as they put in a cross dimensional call? This ITC - Instrumental Trans-Communication - method is very conducive to those in the afterlife to use to help us with very much needed communication from them.

More and more scientists and scientifically trained professionals are stepping up and forming organizations for mutual support and dissemination of information- we feature some of them this week. But they need our support in the form of memberships of their research organizations, purchase of their books and journals and writing reviews of their work on Amazon, blogs, facebook and other social networking sites. They rely on us to tell others about their work.

Bringing together ITC researchers, spiritual healers, consciousness researchers and people working in energy medicine to share information and publish peer reviewed studies in subtle energies.

: SCIENTIFICALLY TESTING THE AFTERLIFE- BECOME A MEMEBER: May is Membership Month: Until the end of May, the Windbridge Institute is offering a special annual membership package at special pricing. For just $9.99 you can become a Supporting Member of Windbridge and help support cutting-edge, independent research. Visit Windbridge.org to join now! To thank new members for their support, Windbridge is pleased to offer Supporting Members: A one-year subscription to the quarterly e-newsletter, Winds of Change which includes fascinating articles from some of the field's most influential researchers; updates on original Windbridge research and publications; and institute news, Access to back issues of Winds of Change Member-only e-mail offers and updates
Julie Beischel, PhD
Director of Research
The Windbridge Institute
for Applied Research in Human Potential


In 2000 Dr. Anabela Cardoso founded the ITC Journal which has an Editorial Board of internationally recognized scientists and researchers of the paranormal. Dr. Cardoso is a regular contributor to the Journal and to other international psychical research publications and has given presentations on ITC and her work internationally. In the year 2005 Dr. Cardoso founded the ITC Journal Research Centre, in Spain where she currently lives.

You can purchase an electronic version of this wonderful journal and support the ITC Research Centre for 5 Euros each month. This month's edition features
The Fabulous World Revealed by ITC by Hernani Guimarães Andrade, Are we all connected? by Roger Taylor, Nearing Death and Near Death Experiences and Their Possible Implications for Survival by Peter Fenwick and many other interesting articles. Read more....

Tom and Lisa Butler of Association Transcommunication (formerly AAEVP) write:
" The skeptical community will only change its mind about survival of personality if mainstream science begins to openly study the evidence and conclude that the evidence indicates a real effect, rather than our delusion. Mainstream science will not study our subject if we do not present it in a rational manner. Making research funds available for projects conducted with good science is one way that we can attract mainstream science, but the most important thing we can do is to develop a community in which evidence-based reports are held in high regard, and collaboration amongst researchers is seen as a natural part of learning. It is important that we learn how to talk about our subject so that we can accurately report our experiences and research results. Peer review will only be possible when we learn to respect knowledge. If we do not develop the culture of a scientific community, there is little hope that we will gain the respect of mainstream science" Read more..

Every advanced spirit group contacting afterlife researches emphasizes the importance of us raising our vibrations to allow easier contact. Dr Charles Tart talks about how this is being done at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

One of the most striking experiences of the famous Scole Experiments was the presence of spirit lights- a phenomena often reported in the past. So it is exciting to read in a report dated 29th April 2010 of the Felix Circle in Germany that a spirit light had been observed in an experiment with the Swiss medium Medium Bea Ruebli. Here's an extract:

09.40 pm – 0944 pm: ...the sitters have discovered a pale illuminated area at the ceiling. More and more sitters see it and then a large excitement arouses, because a light can be seen by all traveling the whole experimentation area of approx. 14 feet, vanishing and reappearing frequently. It's color is white and it is moving like an insect. Then it moves closer and closer to some sitters that their faces become visible by the shining of the small light. Over minutes the sitters are cheering and applauding spontaneously very excited. Sitters moreover declare, that the light is accompanied by a palpable cold breeze or area!

It is going to be first time in the world that a professional investigative journalist- will interview David Thompson's close afterlife friend in the spirit world 'William' (pictured)- who has been living in the afterlife for over 100 years. This is history in the making and the leader of the Circle of the Silver Cord Chris, David Thompson himself and myself guarantee that the interview is genuine. Audacity voice testing gives a prima facie that the voices of David Thompson and William are not the same. The interview will be shown on a European television station - I'm not at liberty at the moment to give you more information about this world revolutionary afterlife event. But guaranteed, this is a most momentous event in the history of world television. More later.

George Moss, a retired scientist, regularly sends us transcripts of sittings of a group that has been sitting together for trance teachings ( through Eileen, the full trance medium pictured left) every Monday night for many years. He claims the group also includes many in spirit: spirit guides, controls, healing groups, teachers, some who like to ‘sit in’ on the informative teaching, past life connections, some who bring messages for humanity and some who bring good cheer to uplift. To learn more about the group and about Salumet, a major communicator, see the group's website http://www.salumetandfriends.org


This extracts from a video on reincarnation makes the point that our bodies change completely many times in a single lifetime.

ITC EXPERT MARK MACY REPLIES: . One of our subscribers, Mr Harris, sent me a number of questions about ITC and the afterlife. I referred them to Mark Macy. Here are some of them:

" Question: Do our friends in the Beyond Here really know the true state of affairs on Planet Earth?
Mark: The finer they are in vibration (such as ethereal beings or angels), the more they know about just about everything, including the affairs of our world. They can see inside us—our motivations.
Question: What is their purpose in maintaining (significant) contact with Planet earth?
Mark: Mixed purposes, depending on their vibrational level. Departed loved ones sometimes maintain an interest in the lives of their loved ones on Earth. Some lost souls and troubled spirits like to stir things up here. Many ethereal beings would like to see humans individually and humanity at large behave in more noble ways.
Question: What do they want us to do?
Mark: Again, mixed intentions….
Question: We need to establish the fundamentals, not act on assumptions.
Mark: Not sure how to answer that… maybe a spirit-world model?
There are many, but here’s my favorite…

There are scores of books out there about the afterlife with scores of different views, some incompatible with others… and some of them are quite preachy. Not an easy ocean to swim in! One of my favorite sources—a fun read—is Anthony Borgia’s “Life in the World Unseen.” It gives a wonderful view of the paradise world where most of us seem to awaken after we die."

Mark has a very beautiful blog at http://macyafterlife.wordpress.com/-


PSYCHIC DETECTIVES' - BRILLIANT PSYCHIC INVESTIGATOR: We viewed the television show called 'PSYCHIC INVESTIGORS'. We watched how a gifted psychic (Deborah Heinecker, pictured) was called when the police’s investigation came to a halt. We watched the gifted psychic giving clues to the police, including, Some of the clues given to the police we all heard and watched included:

- “the killer had a male energy (even though it looked like a female)”.
- “After being murdered she (Laura Houghteling) was wrapped in a bedsheet.”
- “Laura was dead.”
- “Laura is buried in a shallow grave.”
- “Top part of the face exposed.”
- “Laura is buried close to the camping site of the suspect (police at first refused to accept that, but later found the body where the psychic told the police where the body was).
Everything the psychic Deborah Heinweker told the police was correct. Detective Richard Tallin of Montgomery County Police stated about the psychic, “The psychic helped us, so I’m open to using a psychic if she can help. I’m glad for help to help me close the case.” This is another police detective confirming that GIFTED PSYCHICS are of enormous help to the police solving crimes. Read more about this gifted psychic.


Folks, the people at "Light of Consciousness Magazine" have put out an exceptional magazine for the Summer. All of their magazines are well worth the price, but this issue's theme of "Karma and Reincarnation" is one of the best treatments of the subject I have read. I say that because, through a series of articles, they give you a broader view of the topic and its various aspects. Yes, I have an article in there, about "Dee Dee, the Educated Rat," and, yes, again, it's all true - what I believe to be the reincarnation of a family pet. Read the article. I think you will be as surprised as I was - when Dee Dee came back, and how we could tell it was her. Order from their website at: http://www.light-of-consciousness.org/current-issue.html

Access PMH ATWATER's website: http://ftp.cinemind.com/listmanager/News8.html

QUESTION: You said recently that when we cross over, nothing really changes - we still have the same character, same beliefs and same values. Does that mean those who are very lazy will remain very lazy?

Victor: First, it would not be correct to think that what happens on earth happens in the afterlife. No! But it is true, that for a limited time, lazy and selfish people will remain lazy and selfish think nothing of anything but themselves, their own interests where they don't have to work, eat, clean or sleep - and enjoying perfect health. But when someone is too lazy and selfish, after an indefinite time that someone will start to get the urge to do something worthwhile - for example, helping others to cross over-safely. Ultimately, those in the afterlife will get the motivation to make a contribution, in order for them to progress. In the afterlife, we are all subject to the Law of Progress, the law of continuous spiritual evolution.


QUESTION: Do you think we are making any progress in the world to-day - or are people getting greedier, more selfish, more materialistic and less spiritualistic?

Whilst some twenty five per cent of the people in the world are living at a stage humans lived some two thousand years ago, generally over the last two thousand years, there has been much improvement economically, politically, respect for human rights, a huge rise in the standard of living in many countries. Whilst people generally are enjoying the good things in life, like leisure, sport, travel, challenging work, modern living has also produced some very serious problems like drugs, excessive intake of alcohol, unacceptably high rate of suicide, and excessive gambling in some countries. These days the West is experiencing a relatively greater number of people leaving the Church. There appears to be more religious fanaticism coming out of the Middle East. Certainly, compulsory education has been a huge revolution for the individual's mind and spirit liberation. But ultimately, we are given free will to determine our level of spiritual progress.

AFTERLIFE ACTIVITY: EXORCISING WHAT?: More nonsense, more unnecessary fear from the Italian Church which is recruiting hundreds of ‘exorcists’ to deal with afterlife activity. Why? Because reports state that these exorcists - using seventeenth century theology and methodology- still claim that 'Satans' and 'devils' are behind it all and are receiving large amounts of money from the uninformed ignorant public for the exorcisms. These ‘exorcist’ priests are using FEAR to scare the daylights out of people. Most of the victims are either uneducated, uninformed or intellectually retarded AND deeply entrenched in religious SUPERSTITION. These victims become easy to manipulate. Afterlife science tells us something completely totally different about ‘possession’ – and exorcism:

1. ‘Devils’ and ‘Satans’ do NOT exist. Pre Christian 'priests' without a shred of evidence, without identification, without authority wrote about devils and Satans thousands of years before the Christian era. The 'Fallen Angels' myth is as old as the 'Adam and Eve' myth. Just as without Adam and Eve there would be no need for a Jesus to save mankind - without the myth of the Fallen Angles there would be no 'Satans' and no 'devils'!

2. Highly reliable sources from the afterlife tell us that yes there are ‘humans’ there who are spiritually retarded who could be very mischievous. Only the religious highly superstitious are primarily affected. No report of ‘devil’ or ‘Satan’ possession has ever been lodged with atheistic countries such as China.

3. Information transmitted from the afterlife - those who were priests, such as Monsignor Hugh Benson – tells us the ‘Angels’ who supposedly rebelled and became ‘Satans’ and devils is a lot of rubbish – so are ‘devils with horns’ – which were taken from the Pagan religious beliefs.

4.The uninformed, highly superstitious Bishop Andrea Gemma in Italy to-day blames the ‘occult’ for having to do thousands of exorcisms every year. The motivation for exorcism is twofold: political, to keep the religious support of people in Catholicism by using fear and to keep the money flowing to the exorcists. This Bishop claimed he has not been too successful - sometimes having to exorcise the same person twice a week for over a year! There are even Catholics in high places now who disagree with this uninformed Bishop about his exorcism. Read more... The Church needs to learn how the afterlife operates and needs tuition by those highly gifted mediums who can actually 'see' what is happening during exorcism.


1) Thank you once again Victor And Wendy, may i say to you i love you with all my heart and wish you eternal happiness,have a great summer, you have touched and opened my heart and mind and i thank you forevermore,,now for a nice cup of tea,,,thanks again. Matt

2) "Thank you Victor, I so enjoy the Friday afterlife reports and gain so much from reading about all the good things that people are doing. You continue to be our champion!Love and Light, Ezio" (Ezio is one of Australia's leading mediums - see last week's Friday Report)

3) Thank you so much Victor for your weekly newsletters, they are such a joy to read and very informative. I was brought up in a avery strict religious family and was disillusioned with it all. As a result, I have a morbid fear of death which never left me. It got to the point where I started to think that there was no point to being born if all there is to this world was rules that can't be possibly followed, and only punishment awaited us in the afterlife. I started to look for answers and found your website, the more I read, the more it made sense to me. I believe that I was led to your website and I'm so thankful for that, and my fear of death has somewhat subsided. I know that the more information that I have, the more my fear will disappear. I look forward to fridays and all the interesting stories that inspire me to look at life in a different light. I also have a question that you may be able to help me with if possible, do you know of any genuine mediums or psychics in Australia, or any website that I can go to for that information? Thanks again Victor God Bless, S."

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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee what is published is to be the absolute truth. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.