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March 12th 2010

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‘THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE’. You are basically a good, open-open minded, intelligent person. A voice deep down within you calls urging you to find the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the afterlife. You have the ability to discriminate between that information which is objective and repeatable and that information which is subjective – the beliefs which are personal and which cannot be independently confirmed. You want definitive proof about the afterlife. You do not want others to do the thinking for you. You rebel against religious absurdities, obscenities and cruelty which insult your intelligence wherever they come from.

You want reliable evidence about what is going to happen to you when you cross over. You study the gifted mediums who were successfully scientifically tested. You accept that the repeatable information transmitted from highly credible sources of the afterlife to-day is exceptionally reliable and acceptable.

You read about what afterlife evidence there has been these last 100 years – much of it can be found in A LAWYER PRESENTS THE EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE – and you know that in ten years no genius scientist, no genius materialist and no closed minded skeptic has been able to rebut the objective afterlife evidence. Your inner voice accepts that the objective and repeatable afterlife evidence is one hundred per cent credible, inspirational and inevitably valid . You feel and you know you found what you are looking for to guarantee you a smooth, beautiful, harmonious transition to the inevitable extreme beauty of the other side. That gives you a feeling of much elation, confidence and certainty you are on the winning side!



Near death experiences are supporting evidence that we have a duplicate of our body within us. NDE expert, someone like Dr Kenneth Ring did scientific studies who confirmed the genuineness of near death experiences. Remember, NDE itself may not be the definitive proof for the afterlife, but when you add the evidence of NDE with another TWENTY TWO other areas of evidence for the afterlife, makes NDE absolute a certainty AND that Donald Sutherland had a genuine NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE! See next 2 items about NDE's:

(1) MOVIE LEGEND, CHARISMATIC & STUNNING ELIZABETH TAYLOR: British actress Elizabeth Taylor spoke about her experience of having “died” on the operating table while undergoing surgery, and of passing through a tunnel towards a brilliant white light. Interviewed by Larry King on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” the legendary Hollywood star related how she had “died” for five minutes on the operating table.
“I was pronounced dead once and actually saw the light. I find it very hard to talk about, actually, because it sounds so corny. It happened in the late ’50s, and I saw Mike (Todd, Taylor’s third husband, who was killed in a plane crash in 1958). When I came to, there were about 11 people in the room. I’d been gone for about five minutes – they had given me up for dead and put my death notice on the wall. I shared this with the people that were in the room next to me. Then after that I told another group of friends, and I thought, “Wow, this sounds really screwy. I think I’d better keep quiet about this.”

Donald Sutherland, had a near-death experience when ill with meningitis in 1979. “Suddenly the pain, fever and acute distress seemed to evaporate. I was floating above my body, surrounded by soft blue light. I began to glide down a long tunnel, away from the bed … but suddenly I found myself back in my body. The doctors told me later that I had actually died for a time.”

There is a class of people, especially those who did not accept the afterlife - people like the extreme stubborn Prof Richard Dawkins - who on crossing over deny they have physically died. Our mind does NOT change one iota when we cross over. A stubborn person will be stubborn when he crosses over. Highly credible afterlife teachers tell us millions cross over to the afterlife denying that they have physically died. What happens is that confusion enters their mind - sometimes for hundreds of years by earth's time. Intelligence is irrelevant to denying that one is physically dead. One could be a professor or a manual laborer. So, if you ever find yourself in a situation where people are not answering you - not even your loved ones - admit that a transition has taken place and telepathically call for help. Read more from Michael Tymn's research...


A reading from an excellent mental medium gives personal evidence that life continues after death.


Gordon Smith (above) is a mental medium which is the most usual kind of mediumship these days. Much rarer is physical mediumship which
includes psychokinetic phenomena such as the production of bangs and raps, the movement of objects with no seen cause, the influencing of a random number generator. It also includes transfiguration, where the medium's face takes on the features of a spirit communicator, spirit voices which do not come through the voicebox of the medium, apports or objects which are materialized in the presence of the medium. In the most developed cases of physical mediumship- materialization- spirit communicators take on a material form and interact with the people in the room who are known as "sitters". The Scole Experiments (see chapter 8) involved physical mediumship and in Chapter 3 I outlined my own experiences with physical medium David Thompson. Listen to this audio tape of William, David Thompson's guide, (left) who claps his hands and stamps his feet to show that he is fully materialized. (Read transcript)


Tom Morris and Kevin Lawrenson, are offering genuine seekers the opportunity to correspond, visit individually or to organize a group to stay in a dedicated healing sanctuary and experience physical mediumship for themselves. Visitors usually stay for one week in the healing French countryside and experience two sittings as well as spiritual healing (which is also available free of charge from a distance) Read more....

Here is a report of a physical mediumship session held there this week....
"Last night we had the most incredible sitting..the phenomena was exceptional,...Mr Sloan materialized his hand from under the cabinet curtain. Irene showed us her hand on a luminous plaque...all of us were touched and squeezed all over by John, you could feel every finger.....later on Yellow Cloud transfigured over Tom and stood up stepped forward and held up both hands and stamped his feet, he was huge with a very powerful presence. Tom was still tied to the chair and all this was in red light...The direct voice was great...Irene was shouting through the trumpet as it was flying round at great speed....at the end Tom was transported through the curtain and landed with a bang right in front of us..we also had a beautiful large old marble drop into the middle of the room......the two tables four drumsticks a drum the tambourine and the trumpet were all flying together, the drumsticks that light up were sword fencing very high up... it really was a full on sitting and lasted for two and a half hours."
Read eye witness testimonal by
Olaf Van Der Hoeven MSc

CLOSED-MIND SKEPTICS IN A VIOLENT RAMPAGE: This item shows how disgustingly desperate the closed minded skeptics are getting - using violence to stop a mediumshp demonstration - but it also shows that we are being victorious over the uninformed closed minded skeptics. A colleague of mine, John Ramses, has a gifted medium Robbie Thomas as one of his clients. When the medium Robbie tried to give a public demonstration in his native Canada, the local organized hate-group of uninformed skeptics - of seven people - acted violently towards those who were waiting to go inside the theatre for the demonstration. The Police had to be called. This is part of John's email,
Read more ...

Dawkins was one of eight participants on a panel for the ABC television program Question Time Monday March 8th 10pm. Question put to the panel members, including Dawkins: Do you wish for an afterlife? His answer? “We have brains and brains do the thinking ... brains are going to decay ... that'll be that ...(and) wouldn't it be incredibly tedious to be in an afterlife after a thousand years ... ha .. ha.."
What this afterlife-uninformed Dawkins shows us is that he is not aware that in the afterlife we will have a MIND which is hugely different from a physical ‘brain’ – and that in the MIND all memories of past lives are stored. The same MIND is used in all paranormal activities - telepathy, mediumship, remote viewing etc ... and to travel any part of the world in a couple of seconds just by concentrating where we want to go. So, no Richard Dawkins you stuffed it up again - we will NOT have a ‘brain’ in the afterlife. Do your homework and stop misleading people about things you do not know about, you do not understand or perhaps you do not want to understand. I promise you one thing: I will look you up when you cross over!!!

: The mind/brain debate has been going for more than twenty centuries. Historically, it is one of the most important debates ever. Plato and Socrates in the classical age of Greece and Descartes before the Age of Enlightenment in Europe, promoted and accepted the duality of mind and brain. As an afterlife/paranormal investigator, I state in absolute terms that there is overwhelming objective evidence that the physical brain is not the mind. The physical brain dies when the physical body dies, but the mind survives physical death.To-day, without any objective evidence, materialists claim that mind and brain are the same thing. They are very wrong. Why? Read more ...

We are informed that one in seven people suffer from mild to severe depression - that is a shocking state of mental health in Australia. Sad, very sad, especially when you see someone you know acting in a terrible way when in a depressive state. Millions of people would have watched a stunning looking young lady Charmaine Dragun (left, shortly before her suicide) on mainstream Channel 10 TV. Charmaine went to 'The Gap' in Sydney - a popular place for suicides, near the seaside, and jumped a couple of hundred feet below onto the rocks. She had been suffering from depression since her teens. But it was when she changed medication that the thoughts of suicide apparently started to occur. We read about the relative high number of those who suffer depression commit suicide - and doctors tell us 'it's genetic'! . It is a medical/psychiatric problem - and in the spiritual context, I honestly say, I just cannot explain the problem of depression. If anyone, especially with authority, can shed some light, please feel free to share it with our subscribers. Read more

20 YEARS EXPERIENCE empirically investigating the afterlife and the paranormal meeting thousands of religious, New Agers, materialists, empirical investigators, scientists and others taught me at least one most valuable lesson: I found that there is a very small class of people who will reject afterlife evidence even when they cannot identify any fault with any of the afterlife evidence presented.They show they don't have the skills, the competence and the ability to perceive the paranormal with true empirical equanimity - in a scientific way. It has been my research, my work, my dedication to elicit from the hard core materialists information why they do not accept the clear evidence for the afterlife - especially when THEY CANNOT show in any way whatsoever that there is no or cannot be an afterlife. A friend of ours living in Australia had a reading and was given deadly accurate information by a medium from the United States - especially about her former partner - who is a closed minded skeptic journalist. Even when she told him the accurate information which he knew she could not have found it from anywhere, his response was words to the effect, "Oh well, I don't know where you obtained the information and I don't care ... I still don't believe in psychics or mediums." This is a classic example, were someone does not have the ability to perceive information in a balanced way. This also shows that the emotionally backed beliefs negate intelligence of any kind.

QUESTION: THE CASE FOR 'IMMORTALITY': I was reading an article where some academic does not believe that we humans are destined for immortality. Care to comment, Victor?

Yes, I know about that argument, but the major flaw is that the writer is not a lawyer and shows he does not know what technically consitutes the admissibility of evidence. For a start, no writer, no reductionist scientist, no materialist or skeptic has ever published a book in the world that there is no afterlife whereas there are thousands of books, many by scientists, accepting the evidence for the afterlife - nothing to do with beliefs, with blind faith or with subjectivity. Occasionally, I receive emails from materialist academics who say they can't understand the 'admissibility of the afterlife evidence'. My standard response is that the average person does understand it - but in their case, they have to consult a lawyer, who will explain to them why the evidence for the afterlife submitted is ADMISSIBLE evidence amounting to proof. Once the afterlife evidence is understood, they would also come across other primary evidence transmitted directly from the afterlife that we are truly immortal.

FEEDBACK: QUESTION: What you said last week you are against the Bible Victor, would that be true?

Victor: I am NOT against any religion, or Bible or any beliefs as long as the beliefs, whatever they may be, do not harm others. Whilst I respect your beliefs, my intelligence rebels against information which is insulting to it. When I read that 'God' inflicts horrific cruelty, pain and suffering and death on to innocent people - as one finds in Deuteronomy - my mind rebels because I do not accept a 'God' who created life - and people - then sadisctically inflicts horrible pain, mass slaughter, genocide, cruelty and suffering on to these people at 'his' command. You believe in it - that is entirely up to you. But as a lawyer I have to see everything in terms of what is admissible evidence - and when we read that no original text of the Bible exists to-day and that the Bible has been change too many times over the centuries, I immediately doubt about the genuineness of the contents of the many things we read in the Bible - especially when the script is very 'human' - nothing 'Godly' about it. Read it yourself!

NOTE CAREFULLY: The other thing which I find most ironic is that most Christians these days do NOT accept that a serpent persuaded eve to eat the apple which allegedly brought down mankind. Yet half of these people accepted that Jesus died for mankind! What's wong with that? PLENTY: Jesus dying for mankind would be totally irrelevant and immaterial if you did not believe in the Adam and Eve story.

"My good friend Victor great job on the commentary this week no truer words were ever spoken. Keep up the great work. Blessings and much love. Fred in Salem VA. Searching for better ways of living."

No one has a monopoly on God.
" I can't tell you what an incredible change has come over me since finding your site with the great medium David Thompsom. I have been bought up as a Pentecostal, believing I was going to be one of the 144,000 that was to resurrect on the new earth! That what I learned was to be taken as literal, (impossible) I was told that all things were possible with God, that I was to have faith. I felt suffocated in my flesh. Since hearing the messages from beyond I've started a new life. I've put the Bible down. I still read it, I just realize there's so much more. I don’t talk in parables or metaphors either about God. I talk to him I'm even learning how to talk to my guides. Thank you Victor I want to be a real blessing in life. I'm learning tools about spirituality not about dogma. I'm so grateful to you. Only love matters is true. I now know I can love everyone, and keep getting better and better at it. Even if I fall down I can just get back up again. No one has a monopoly on God. I bet you can feel my sincerely and happiness coming thru !!! Thank you from my heart and soul. "(Name withheld).

SHORTEST THANK YOU: "Dear Victor, Thank you. Your input is amazing. Regards, Donna E." Thank you Donna, Victor. XX

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