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APOLOGIES: I am still working through a huge number of emails received during the time we were in San Francisco.

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January 8 2010

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COMMENTARY: When I was in San Francisco I met a few people between Christmas and New Year who expressed most interesting views about how they were feeling. I believe these feelings to be very commonly experienced at this time of year. It can be described as a peculiar set of emotional feelings of vulnerability - a strange, magical feeling and a knowing that time is short and that we only live a relatively very short time on planet Earth.

For all of us the immediate future is still unknown and we accept that we will have to deal with a lot of challenges and changes. But those of us who have the knowledge of the afterlife and who fully embrace it are at a distinct advantage - with such knowledge the pathway towards older age becomes more bearable, more refined and more acceptable. Those who who are working on "continuous refinement" of mind, body and spirit, know that their time of crossing over will be the most beautiful, most exciting and most relaxed experience they'll ever have. Why? Because with knowledge of the afterlife there is an understanding that on crossing over, they will be met by loved ones who will assist them to go to the Realm of the Light and realization - a place far more beautiful than Earth, more beautiful than we can imagine, to continue our spiritual evolution towards higher realms - the eventual, ultimate goal of every human being on Earth.

Montague Keen was a passionate investigator of the Afterlife who was co-author of the Scole Report. In this interview, the last before he died in 2004, he talks about the Cross Correspondences and the unfair opposition of orthodox science to Psychic Science. He also talks about the inhibiting effects of skepticism on physical mediumship. You can read more about the Cross Correspondences in Chapter 16 of my book.

After Montague Keen died he materialized through medium David Thompson.
This seance was recorded on the 16-05- 04, 4 Months AFTER HIS DEATH on the 15-01-04. He wanted to make a speech for his DAY OF TRIBUTE. He talked with Guy Playfair and Robyn and Sandra Foy about matters they had investigated together. He also confirmed that he had investigated David Thompson's mediumship before he died. Monty's wife accepted that the person talking in the tape was 100% her husband. More about this later on.

MIND/BRAIN DEBATE: WHY REDUCTIONIST SCIENTISTS ARE WRONG ABOUT THE MIND and the BRAIN: Conservative scientists and materialists claim without evidence that the mind and the brain are the same thing. WRONG! The mind/brain debate has been going for more than twenty centuries. Historically, it is one of the most important debates ever. Plato and Socrates in the classical age of Greece and Descartes before the Age of Enlightenment in Europe, promoted and accepted the duality of mind and brain.
As a psychic investigator, I state in absolute terms that there is overwhelming objective evidence that the physical brain is not the mind. The physical brain dies when the physical body dies, but the mind survives physical death.To-day, without any objective evidence, materialists claim that mind and brain are the same thing.

My objective evidence for a separate MIND is to be found in the TWENTY THREE different areas for the evidence of the afterlife in my book on the Internet (see below). The evidence for survival can be used for to show the separate existence of the mind and brain before and after physical death. And equally the existence of MIND separate from the brain is evidence for life after death. Empirical research –admissible evidence - has shown that whereas the physical brain is destroyed at the moment of death the MIND continues to survive. The MIND is pure vibrating energy and energy cannot be destroyed: Read more ...


The Mystery of Consciousness, from both scientific and mystical perspectives. Selections from Peter Russell's DVD, From Science to God. Read more...


What were the first signs of your psychic abilities? How did you discover your psychic talent? Can I use psychic abilities to help me cheat at cards? How can I use my psychic abilities to advance my career or my relationships? If I can see the future, can I change it? Can I use psychic abilities to make someone like me? Is it safe to nurture psychic abilities in children? Will using my psychic abilities conflict with my religion? How can I make it easier for the dead to contact me?


1) Dr John Greenfield, considers the EEG data from patients with near death experience (NDE) and concludes that the brain is NOT capable of generating any experiences while the EEG line is flat.
2) Dr. Penny Sartori, examines memories of resuscitation by patients suffering cardiac arrest. She finds that those who did not have a NDE had no idea of what had been done to resuscitate them which was in stark contrast to the very accurate descriptions of those who had NDEs.
Read transcripts and listen to interviews....

SCIENCE AND THE AFTERLIFE- 'LOVE' IS A 'PHENOMENON' REDUCTIONIST-SCIENCE DENIES IT EXISTS?: FOR THOSE WITH AN OPEN MIND: "LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE". I have come across some hard-core extremist reductionist scientists who mistakenly state that "unless any phenomenon can be reduced and reproduced in the laboratory, it does not exist." So, I asked does LOVE not exist just because it cannot be produced and examined on demand in the laboratory. The response by the extreme reductionist scientists? "How can anyone on earth prove that love exists - if you cannot measure it in the lab then how can you say love exists? - If it exists, it exists only in the mind". (sounds familiar?). But my own observation, which is shared by reasonable, thinking people: love is an existing 'phenomenon' - it is a phenomenon of 'feeling.' It exists, ask those who are deeply in romantic love, or into filial love- and tell them it's not love - it's only in the mind! The key thing is that there are phenomena in the world that 'traditional-reductionist science' cannot cope with, cannot explain. Just because materialist- reductionist-scienctists do not accept 'love' it does not mean that the phenomenon of love does not exist! It only shows that huge problems reductionist-science has in not being able to cope with some phenomena like love, telepathy, mediumship, non-physical energy. But the 'New Science' now accepts phenomena traditional science does not accept. The 'New Science' accepts the phenomenon of the afterlife because strict investigations of the afterlife shows that without any doubt whatsoever, the phenomenon of the afterlife exists. Guaranteed, reductionist-science will become redundant in the future, as the as the 'Imperial' mechanical typewriter is to-day.


INTERESTING AFTERLIFE STATISTISCS and SURVEYS; repeated surveys by sociologist Greeley shows that 65% of those surveyed accepted there is an afterlife and that we are accountable for all our deeds on earth. 30% are unsure and only 5% are considered to be closed minded skeptics denying there is an afterlife.

Jenny Moores, MA, Doctoral Candidate, Researcher
California School of Professional Psychology
Alliant International University
Member of IANDS
Supervised by Sue Ammen, PhD, RPT-S (sammen@alliant.edu)
is seeking people who had a NDE as a child to participate in a survey. Follow this link to the Survey:
Take the Survey

ENHANCING THE EXPERIENCE OF DYING Scott Eberle talks about The Final Crossing: Learning to Die in Order to Live one of the pioneers of modern-day wilderness rites of passage, from the perspective of the hospice physician who helped ferry him across. Interspersed with Steven and Scott's story is a historical view of how the rites of passage movement and the hospice movement have converged.

Stan Grof talks about The Ultimate Journey. Grof, author of When the Impossible Happens, offers perspectives on how individuals can enrich and transform the experience of dying in our culture. Grof discusses his own patients' experiences of death and rebirth in psychedelic therapy, investigates cross-cultural beliefs, paranormal and near-death research, and argues that death is not necessarily the end of consciousness.

The full program goes for about an hour but this version allows you to select segments.


WHAT IS SPIRITUALISM? "Spiritualism is the SCIENCE, PHILOSOPHY and RELIGION of continuous life, based upon the demonstrated fact of communication by means of mediumship, with those who live in the spirit world. Spiritualism is a philosophy because it studies the laws of nature both on the seen and unseen sides of life and bases its conclusions upon present observed facts. It accepts statements when sustained by reason and by results of observed facts of the present day. Spiritualism is a religion because it strives to understand and to comply with the physical, mental and spiritual laws of nature, “which are the laws of God.”
This excellent definition of Spiritualism was written by the Rev. Dr. Victoria Barnes from the Golden Gate Spiritualist Church of San Francisco.


Michael Tymn in his latest blog entry investigates another view of so-called reincarnation memories:

"There is reincarnation, but not in the sense in which it is generally expounded," said the eloquent spirit entity calling himself Silver Birch, who communicated through the trance medium Maurice Barbanell during the middle decades of the last century. Silver Birch went on to explain that the individual personality on earth is a small part of the individuality to which he or she belongs. He likened it to a diamond with its many facets, pointing out that the personality on earth is but one facet of the diamond." Read more...


QUESTION 1 : Your answer to Archbishop Peter Jensen (in last week's report) must have shocked and stunned a number of people. I've never read anything like that in my life before- it shook the daylights out of me. But I guess it needed to be said. Tell me, how sure are you that the Christians still believe that when they die they stay underground until Archangel Gabriel blows his trumpet for Jesus to judge the living and the dead?

Victor: It was wrong for that Christian leader of the Anglicans Arch. Jensen (pictured, left) to assume he has truth on his side when science clearly says, "you've really got to be kidding Jensen"!!! The Catholic Church learnt its lesson when it dealt with Galileo about what is science and what is a personal, superstitious religious belief - and any inconsistency between science and theology, inevitably science will ALWAYS prevail. The attack by the Christian against mediums is based on this issue only: that no one can talk to the spirits. That all spirits are ASLEEP until woken up by Gabriel's trumpet! Christians, according to Arthur Findlay, during the time of the murderous Christian INQUISITION over a period of seven hundred years murdered some 27 MILLION people, mostly women and many of them were psychic or mediums. The leaders of all Christian Churches know to-day that going to sleep on crossing over - for Gabriel to blow his trumpet to wake them up is NOT true. It is superstition pushed to its extreme, it is one of the most bizarre beliefs of the Christian Church when science clearly says WE GO ON LIVING ON CROSSING OVER. See the 23 areas of afterlife evidence - especially chapter 29 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE. Besides, I myself and those in the Circle of the Silver Cord have been talking every week to afterlife entities for a number of years now and have witnessed some 100 reunions of loved ones between those from the afterlife and those still on earth. Arch.B Jenson should NOT interfere in what is objective and repeatable just because it shows he and all Christian theology is irreversibly wrong on this one. He should try to show people how to become more spiritual - if he can. That is his designated work.



Victor: He could very well go to 'sleep underground' on crossing over - for hundreds, even thousands of years according to highly credible information from the otherside tells us. But one day he will wake up NOT to the sound of a trumpet, but to some rescue-team spirits who try to wake him up to tell him not to waste any more time 'waiting for Godot' - for something that in absolute terms is NOT going to happen. Those open-minded Christians are likely to proceed to the realm of the Light without any trouble. But those who have a powerful mind/emotion belief that they have to wait underground for Gabriel to blow his trumpet, are likely to have problems on crossing over.

In this fascinating program Nancy Webber gives detailed information about a murderer.



FOURTH BIG WEEEK: NEW VIDEO- VICTOR ANSWERS A GIANT OF SCIENCE - how law beats 'science': I called the most recent video 'WHY PROF.RICHARD DAWKINS IS WRONG ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE.' In this highly esoteric subject, I give eight reasons why Prof R Dawkins is wrong. In point number eight I mention that whilst Dawkins denies 'chance' plays anything in his theories, reading his works shows that he claims and imputes that everything came by chance: the universe, gravity which holds order in the universe, evolution came by chance, LIFE itself came by chance, the energy behind evolution, consciousness came by chance - even the order of an atom came by chance. But NO say the experts, chance explains nothing. For Dawkins to be taken seriously he has to rebut the issues I raised in the video - and more! Watch it now:

Dear Wendy and Victor, A very happy 2010 to you both and the Afterlife Report team. I do hope we can continue to receive the Friday Afterlife Report. I eagerly look forward to mine. There's always something to inspire, and to learn. My thanks for all the effort that you all put in, to give us something this comprehensive week after week.
With best regards S.

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MOST INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC: NESSUN DORMA, one of the most angelic musical classics ever recorded. In this version recorded by Pavarotti in Los Angeles 1994 the brilliant tenor is at his peak.

Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee what is published is to be the absolute truth. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.