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November 20th 2015

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COMMENTARY: THE TERRORIST MASSACRE IN FRANCE Terrorists claim to be 'RELIGIOUS', but clearly they are not 'SPIRITUAL'. Killing over 120 innocent people is not being 'spiritual'. There are too many people who think that calling themselves 'religious' is the same as being spiritual. People must not confuse the two. Religion is about rituals and beliefs and only in the right circumstances can it lead to becoming spiritual - where selfless service is performed. Spirituality is about unselfish service, compassion and love.

The religion of Islam is very important in this world and has to be seen only in context of other religions. And Moslems claim that the terrorists who cry out 'God is Great' before committing atrocities are hijacking their religion. We are informed by all highly credible afterlife sources that on crossing over what determines where we go after death is not how religious but how spiritual we have been. The more spiritual a person is, the more guarantee of going to the realm of the Light.


Out-of-body explorer Jurgen Ziewe wanted to see what happened to sucicide bombers in the afterlife. What he found shocked him to the core. A spirit helper working there told him:
"But at least you must return and warn and report about this misery you have seen here in order to save people from their folly. Every person in the world must know that God is mercy and love and nothing must be stronger than Love. Unless people know the truth then many more will have his fate." Read out-of-body explorer Jurgen Ziewe's description of The ‘Paradise’ of a Suicide Bomber'.

Roberta Grimes interviews Betty Anne Millar, whose husband Murray died three years ago. Betty Anne talks about the multiple communications she has had with her husband with some of the top mediums in the world. She describes how he is working with Dr. Craig Hogan's team to establish a North American ITC station. He and other researchers involved say that in spite of opposition, their success may be just a year away. Clearly many in the spirit world are working very hard to correct false information about life after death. A joyous and inspiring interview. Listen.


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? Directly from the afterlife, in a session where direct voice medium John Sloan brought through messages for British afterlife researcher Arthur Findlay:
"Our world is not material but it is real for all that. It is tangible, composed of substance in a much higher state of vibrations than the matter which makes up your world. We live in a real, tangible world, though the atoms composing it are different from the atoms which make your world. All in the same plane can see and touch the same things. If we look at a field it is a field to all who look at it. Everything is real to us. We can sit down together and enjoy each other's company just as you can on earth. We have books, and we can read them. We have the same feelings as you have. We can have a long walk in the country, and meet a friend whom we have not seen for a long time ... all is tangible, but in a higher degree of beauty than anything on earth."

Wonderful French documentary about NDEs.



DR. JULIE BEISHEL'S E-BOOK 'From the Mouths of Mediums'
In Vol. 1 of 'From the Mouths of Mediums', 13 Windbridge Institute mediums discuss how they experience communication from the deceased; what suggestions they have for people interested in experiencing communication on their own; and why it might be that someone has not heard from their loved one. Price: $3.99 Read more...



MORE AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE THROUGH PSYCHOMANTEUMS A 'psychomanteum' is a specially built room which uses mirrors to help a person enter an altered state of consciousness and make contact with someone in the afterlife. Dr Raymond Moody learned how this worked by studying mirror gazing. He learned that in Ancient Greece people who wanted to contact someone who had died spent a few days in darkness and then would look at a shiny surface.

CELEBRATING THE WORK OF PROFESSOR ARTHUR HASTINGS who died on April 13, 2014, at age 79. He was a leader in the field of transpersonal psychology and was also well known for his research in parapsychology, the study of psychic phenomena. One of his books, With the Tongues of Men and Angels, is considered the standard reference on channeling. His last research had been on the psychomanteum technique; he and his research team took 27 people through a three hour session to contact a friend or loved one who had died. The people began by talking about the person who had died and then sat in a darkened room gazing at a mirror. During the mirror meditation, 13 (out of 27) people felt they had a contact from the persons who had died, including messages, visions, touches, and a feeling of presence. Read more...

"During the months after Tom died, it became evident to me that our culture and society do not know how to grieve or deal with those who are grieving. I was also amazed at how most people reacted to the paranormal side of death and the afterlife. Discussion on this topic was hushed and people who had experienced such phenomena were made to feel as if they were emotionally off-balance. How sad! "

Walda's book Conversations with Tom: An Adventure in After-death Communication answers all your questions and shows you how to make contact with those who have passed on.

ALONE OVER THE COMING HOLIDAYS? For a wide variety of reasons, many of us find ourselves alone for the holidays. Those who are grieving for a loved one find it especially hard and may need to prepare. But even those of us who are usually okay being on our own can find the emphasis on happy families and being "merry" can be challenging. The first step is to "de-mythologise' the holidays. Read more...


Place: Cheming County Sheriff’s department, Elmira, New York.
Case: 'House of Peril' : Rose Swartwood, an elderly person was murdered in her home. Case had gone cold.
Psychic: Phil Jordan
Evidence produced: He told them there were two suspects – he could see them: one Afro-American, one Caucasian. One had tattoo on his arm, the tattoo had a female name on it. He eventually was able to accurately identify the two suspects from a number of photographs.
Police Comments:
1) Lt Mike Mucci
stated that the psychic was “one hundred per cent correct with the information given”

2) Detective David Olszowy, Sergeant Charles Patterson also sated that the psychic was brilliant: “I don’t care how it (psychic phenomena) works. I don’t know how it works and I don’t care how it works – the main thing is that the bad guy gets caught.”
Source: Court TV Psychic Detectives

S. Birch directly from the afterlife dimension: "Homeopathy is based in the end on a kind of spirit force; not always, but when you potentise, [adjust the strength] triturate [grind to powder] you come to the infinitesimal. You reach the limit and go back to the source of all life, spirit. This is the fundamental. In other aspects it is based upon the scientific fact that attraction and reaction are equal and opposite. Similars and dissimilars are like action and reaction, opposite and equal, both ends of the same pole.

Gregory Alexander Ph.D. gives a fascinating talk on Dr. Arthur Guirdham, an English psychiatrist who began investigating the history of the Cathars on the basis of recurring dreams of a patient. He went from being a total skeptic nicknamed 'doubting Thomas' to putting his considerable professional reputation on the line to lecture his colleagues in the British medical profession about 'Reincarnation and the Practice of Medicine' (Guirdham 1969).

THE TRINITY Christian Fundamentalists claim that the 'Trinity' was originated by Christianity. Someone said to me that cannot be true. How do afterlife investigators see the 'Trinity'?
Victor: The 'Trinity' - i.e. the belief that there is a Father, a Son and the Holy Ghost - all equal in power - existed for hundreds of years before the coming of the Christian era. In Egypt their trinity was Osiris, Isis and Horus. In India, hundreds of years before Christianity, in Hindusim there is Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. In the Mithraism, in the Persian religion, Mithra was the second person of the Trinity. There is no doubt at all about this information - that Christianity was the last religion to come up with the Trinity. We are informed directly from the afterlife by very highly credible afterlife teachers that the higher beings informed them that there is no need for the concept of the Trinity in the afterlife - there is only one God.

75 Pages of Phenomenal, Vivid Astral World Experiences!
Based on the information given by the Leslie Flint paranormal voice recordings, Paramhansa Yogananda, and the author's own out-of-body experiences, and many other highly reliable and respected afterlife information sources.
ONLY $2.99 For 105 Pages of Amazing Afterlife Information! Read more...

A short (13 minute) meditation that will guide you to a deeper appreciation for self and the world around you. Very useful for anyone desires inner peace as well as general relaxation.

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