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October 19th 2012

Apologies if I have not replied to your email.

REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

COMMENTARY: WHY ARE SKEPTICAL MATERIALIST SCIENTISTS AND PSYCHOLOGISTS TERRIFIED OF LAWYERS? It may shock some people to learn that litigation – court procedure -especially cross-examinations is just as important as physical science when it comes to proving the existence of the afterlife. Cross examination is more than just an ‘art’ – it has certain empirical principles the way Scientific Method has. In controversial areas of science the credibility and the prejudices of the scientists working in the field and the credibility of those who oppose their results become an urgent, critical issue. Testing the credibility, the prejudices - and degree of expertise of an expert witness in science is a standard task for attorneys.

A major reason why materialist scientists and psychologists are terrified of top cross-examiners is because they KNOW that they would make any skeptical materialist – like Prof. Stephan Hawking, Prof Richard Dawkins, the Wisemans and Blackmores and Frenchs of this world - look absolutely silly and ridiculous - and totally discredit them– internationally.

Guaranteed, no skeptical materialist scientist will be able to withstand tough cross-examination of his skeptical closed minded stubbornness. At present, these skeptical materialists scientists and psychologists do not have to justify their beliefs to anyone – except sometimes to their peer group – who have the same skeptical beliefs. See for yourself how debunkers are torn to shreds by cross-examination: read more


CHRIS CARTER ON Science and Psychic Phenomena: The Fall of the House of Skeptics


Very important message from Dr. Rolf Froböse, Chemist, journalist and publisher - specializes in physics. He emailed me this week regarding his work on the paranormal. It is most fascinating that more physicists and scientists from around the world are coming out with their acceptance of the paranormal. I very highly recommend his paranormal work. Here's what he said:

"Dear Dr Victor Zammit,
My name is Dr Rolf Froböse, I am a German science writer and author of several books, two of them are focused at quantum physics and the so-called paranormal. With great interest I have seen the video mentioned above. In May 2011 I held a lecture at the Quantum symposium in Heidelberg, fortunately a translated version of my lecture is now available at YouTube, The lecture is partly based on my Book " Die geheime Physik des Zufalls. Kann die Quantenphysik paranormale Phänomene erklären?” (The secret physics of coincidence. Can quantum physics explain the paranormal?). This book, which I published myself as a “book on demand” is a German bestseller. So I decided just a few days ago, to publish an English version as well. This book will be available in approximately 4 months. Kind regards across the miles. Dr Rolf Froböse"



GEORGE CHAPMAN AND DR LANG When the granddaughter of famous surgeon Dr. William Lang (1852-1937and pictured left) learned that trance medium George Chapman (1921-2006 and pictured pictured right) was claiming to be taken over by the spirit of her dead grandfather she was horrified. She felt sure that this 'healer' was a fraud. So she went to meet this George Chapman. He went into a trance and seemed to turn into another person. This person walked around the room with his eyes closed and spoke in the voice of the long dead Dr William Lang. Mrs Fairtlough had this to say:

"To my great horror, or rather, stupefaction, the man who was in this room was indisputably my grandfather. It was not him physically, but it was his voice, his behavior. It was unquestionable.He spoke to me and evoked precise events of my childhood. And I was so impressed that all I could say was, 'Yes, grandpapa. No, grandpapa."

For sixty years George Chapman regularly went into trance and produced remarkable healings under the influence of Dr William Lang. Dr Lang's former colleagues referred patients. Regular meetings were held with Dr Lang's family and friends. Read more....

In his book, Seven Experiments That Could Change The World, Rupert Sheldrake suggested that the public carry out experiments to test whether pets can psychically detect when their owners are returning home. The first of these tests was undertaken by an Austrian television company and involved an owner in the north-west of England, Pam Smart (PS) and her dog (Jaytee).




SKEPTIC MISREPRESENTS EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE FOR PSI Career skeptic materialist Richard Wiseman then did his own experiments with Pam and her dog Jaytee (pictured). The dog was at the window for 78 per cent of the time when his owner was on the way home, versus 4 per cent of the time the owner was away. The sample size was small but the results were still significant (p of 0.03). Wiseman had replicated Sheldrake’s results.

Chris Carter exposes Wiseman's attempt to fraudulently misrepresent Sheldrake's experiment:

However much to Sheldrake's astonishment, in the summer of 1996 Wiseman went to a series of conferences announcing that he had refuted the “psychic pet” phenomenon and later he appeared on a series of television shows claiming to have refuted Jaytee’s abilities. How did he justify his conclusions? Simple: Wiseman used an arbitrary criterion for success in the experiment, a criterion that allowed him to ignore most of the date he gathered. If Jaytee went to the window “for no apparent reason” at any time during the experiment, Wiseman simply ignored all the rest of the data and declared the experiment a failure. (Chris Carter Science and Psychic Phenomena: The Fall of the House of Skeptics p. 116-117) EXPERIMENTS MISREPRESENTED.

Frequently we are contacted by scientists, doctors and other professionals who feel pressure to keep quiet about their discovery of evidence for the afterlife. So it is really wonderful when someone like Dr Raymond Moody finally "comes out". He says that it was only three years ago that he was convinced by the evidence.

LEADING MATERIALIZATION MEDIUM DAVID THOMPSON ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP “I attended one of your materializations a couple of years ago. It was really a most fantastic experience and even though I was skeptical at first, that experience completely changed my mind about the afterlife. But there’s just one thing I’d like to know – will it ever be possible to conduct these sessions in red light – even to see the outline of those who materialize? Thanks. Ed.” (If you have a question for materialization medium David Thompson, email: vz@victorzammit.com)

The Circle of the Silver Cord is always developing towards progressing within the circle and my mediumship in whatever way we are instructed by our spirit team.
One of our hopes is that one day my mediumship can be witnessed in some form of lighted conditions throughout the whole duration of the séance. During past séances we have been given permission from our spirit team to place on a red light and ectoplasm has been seen by all present. The most recent use of a red light during one of our séances was in January 2012. We cannot demand or expect any form of light to be introduced at anytime during a séance, especially without the full agreement and co-operation of our spirit team. Read full answer

For some 22 years I have been discussing the afterlife - and what happens when you die. I discussed the realm of the Light, the horrible dark lower Astral realm, spirit hospitals, the higher realms, thought reading of others, visitations to our home of loved ones, who died some of the inescapable laws of the afterlife. Here is an interview by Bob Olson with the filmmaker Wagner de Assis who wrote and directed the movie Nosso Lar (Our Home) retitled 'Astral City' for the USA.






Purchase the movie from Amazon.com
Read the book online

: Why is it that a close relative who died some years ago has never returned?

S. Birch, a highly credible afterlife intelligence: "There is free will. There is no compulsion to come back. It is not a very attractive world to return to when you have tasted some of the ineffable joys, beauty and radiance that are available in our world. It requires a sacrifice to return, to approach earth's atmosphere, which is gloomy, dark, dank and most unwelcoming ... but telepathic contact could be achieved in which you on earth met the people in our world returning half-way. Alas, it does not happen very often, It has to be a descent into your atmosphere, your conditions, your vibrations. The spiritual has to be made material. We would like to see the material become spiritual ..." ('Light From Silver Birch').

Dear Victor, have you ever seen or heard of the long island medium Theresa Caputo? She has her own show on TLC channel on Sunday nights at 9pm. She is unbelievable. The best medium I ever witness or maybe it is her style. She can turn non -believers into believers. Have you ever had the chance to ever meet her or interview her? Regards, John

One of the recent SENSING MURDER
episode Last Orders shown just recently on cable television, featured two of the world's best forensic psychic-mediums reviewing a murder case. They were Deb Webber (pictured, left and Kelvin Cruickshank - pictured below). On different days and not meeting before or during the session, each gifted psychic got some 65 'hits' - correct information about the murder being reviewed. Not only that, these gifted forensic psychic-experts were able to identify the victim's age, gender, how he looked, the circumstances of the murder, when and how the victim was killed - and they were both even able to independently give the unusual NAME OF THE KILLER! Why are non-aligned scientists not investigating these brilliant forensic psychic-mediums? My understanding of this is that if and when this happens traditional science would have to be changed to include the role of non-physical energy. Then there will be scientific explanation for all psychic phenomena - for all kinds of mediumship, for materializations, for telepathy, precognition etc.. When this happens, science will take a huge leap forward the way electronics did.

People were emailing me this week wanting to know if skeptics tried to take take on the Michelle Whitedove challenge. On television, with millions of people around the world watching, Michelle won America's Psychic Challenge. She was able to find a stuntman buried in 10 acres of desert. Why is it that the closed minded skeptics do not try to take on this most interesting challenge - now it its fourth year? These materialist skeptics write a great deal of dirty, offensive criticism against psychics when they attack the paranormal and the evidence for the afterlife. But when I challenge them to put their money where their mouth they run miles away fearing huge ridicule. This I guarantee will happen to them if they try to take on a gifted psychic or a medium. See item on my homepage www.victorzammit.com - and watch Michelle Whitedove on youtube - see for yourself!

Louie Schwartzberg and Brother David Steindl Rast remind us to open our eyes and our heart.

FREE BOOK FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT AFFORD IT - I received MORE money from Mr Lowson who wants to sponsor free books for those who cannot afford to buy the book: A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE usually $14 per book + & $14 postage ($3 local). So, if you are truly low in your finances and want to acquire a hard copy of the book, just email me and a book will be posted to you immediately. vz@victorzammit.com

FEEDBACK (3 only selected )

1) Dear Victor & Wendy, If anyone ever felt that life seems hopeless and they have reached a point of despair then they should definitely get a hold of “A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife” because it is so filled with absolute proof for even the most hardened skeptic that life goes on, that life is eternal and help is always there for us from the Other Side. This vast collection of evidence from eminent scientists, mediums and lay people is not only informative but will open most peoples’ eyes to the absolute certainty for an afterlife.

For your new book, Victor, my suggestion is that you ask all the readers of your Friday Afterlife Report to pre-pay for two or more copies. One or more copies for you to give away and the other for us to keep. If we all did this then the spread of this information could be multiplied tremendously. And why shouldn’t your readers contribute in this way? After all we get the benefit of a FREE weekly report that would normally be quite expensive so I’m putting my hand up now to say include me and I’m calling on others to do likewise and get behind your efforts in a meaningful way. Best wishes Jim

2) Hello Victor and Wendy, I read your email every week and find most of it fascinating, and very convincing. Of course I was hugely sceptical when I read the first newsletter, but had read/heard of a few similar things, which were completely inexplicable in our usual terms/reasoning, so was open-minded. I forward it to a few people, some of whom have probably signed up to receive their own copies now. Again, many thanks. Dave (Republic of China)

3) Dear Victor and Wendy! Thank you again for your wonderful letters! The Greg Braden's presentation "The Language of the Divine Matrix" amazed me and gave me answers to some questions, which have been torturing me since the death of my parents and husband. May God bless you and your family! Maya.


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The two singers of The Corrs have really made an impact on the world with their beautiful singing. Here is a really lovely song which has beautiful, melody and wonderful lyrics:


(Lyrics & Music By: Jimmy McCarthy)

If life is a river and your heart is a boat
And just like a water baby, born to float,
And if life is a wild wind that blows way on high,
And your heart is Amelia dying to fly,
Heaven knows no frontiers and I've seen heaven in your eyes

And if life is a bar room in which we must wait,
'round the man with his fingers on the ivory gates,
Where we sing until dawn of our fears and our fates,
And we stack all the dead men in self addressed crates,
In your eyes faint as the singing of a lark,
That somehow this black night,
Feels warmer for the spark,
Warmer for the spark,
To hold us 'til the day,
When fear will lose its grip,
And heaven has its way,
Heaven knows no frontiers,
And I've seen heaven in your eyes

If your life is a rough bed of brambles and nails,
And your spirit's a slave to man's whips and man's jails,
Where you thirst and you hunger for justice and right,
And your heart is a pure flame of man's constant night,
In your eyes faint as the singing of a lark,
That somehow this black night,
Feels warmer for the spark,
Warmer for the spark,
To hold us 'til the day when fear will lose its grip,
And heaven has its way,
And heaven has its way,
When all will harmonise,
And know what's in our hearts,
The dream will realise

Heaven knows no frontiers,
And I've seen heaven in your eyes,
Heaven knows no frontiers,
And I've seen heaven in your eyes

Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.