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REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

The important message that comes from studying afterlife communications is that at the end of your life all that will matter is how much love you have shown - nothing to do with beliefs. But if your beliefs make you love others more - then that is great! This has been the teaching of all the great religions and from higher beings like Silver Birch and White Eagle and others who have channeled through Spiritualist mediums over the last hundred and fifty years.

MESSAGE GIVEN NEW PROMINENCE: The message is being given new prominence by near-death experiencers like PMH Atwater and Dr Eben Alexander and from others who have had what are being called Spiritually Transformative Experiences (or STC's).

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? And more recently it is coming clear from out of body explorers like Robert Monroe, Jurgen Ziewe, William Buhlman and Dr. Thomas Campbell who are all saying that what happens when you die depends also on - your habitual thoughts, your subconscious desires, your unfulfilled longings. These are the things which they say create your vibrational frequency and which draw you to people with a similar vibrational pattern in the afterlife. You will be attracted to one of many different afterlife realms that matches your consciousness
. Chapter 29 on What Happens When You die

Watch at least the first 10 minutes of this discussion with Dr. Thomas Campbell , his wife, and the makers of the documentary "The Path:Beyond the Physical."

Victor Zammit's updated new book 'A Lawyer Presents the Evidence For the Afterlife' is a triumphant plowing through of a huge amount of proof for what happens after you die. Victor's dissertation on death not only talks about how you get there, but also what happens once you get there. I'm reminded of Allan Kardec's 'The Book on Mediums', which dealt with this subject back in the 1850's. Zammit has, of course, the advantage of time in that so much research has been done on the afterlife since Kardec's book, and the most important breakthroughs are covered in this new book. Like Kardec, who wrote a regular periodical, the 'Revue Spirite' until the day of his own death, Zammit publishes a free weekly online newsletter with his wife Wendy called the 'Friday Afterlife Report'. Contained in these reports are ongoing updated research, much of which he generously includes in this book. Victor is a world-class authority on the afterlife, and you will get the best information possible from this groundbreaking to me.
Simon Turnbull, President of the Australian Psychics Association.

Where to obtain a copy of the book: And a big thank you to those authors and afterlife investigators who also inspired us to produce the book. AND a huge THANK YOU to all those who wrote a most favorable review for us. Available now from:-
Amazon UK
The Book Depository

millions of people around the world watched tough police officers in PSYCHIC DETECTIVES confirming psychic-mediums do have psychic-gifts.


These are common fallacies made by anti-paranormal scientists that would be strongly objected to in a cross-examination situation. I will be rebutting one fallacy every week for the next ten weeks: - below, the first fallacy:

1."Unless you're a mainstream scientist you cannot be right."
This is a common self-serving fallacy of those closed minded scientists who have not investigated the brilliant paranormal and afterlife evidence. Guaranteed, in a cross examination situation, if the 'closed' scientist is asked if he read, understood and rebutted the brilliant books on the afterlife evidence, the skeptic scientist will answer “No, I have not.” ... We remember many mainstream scientists who some years ago– (at a time when other scientists proved the connection between tobacco and lung cancer) - went on television and had their pictures in glossy magazines (see left picture) stating words to the effect that “it was not unhealthy to smoke tobacco” where the evidence showed smoking killed millions of people over many years. (Second fallacy next week).

*******MOST INTERESTING: Some of the scientists and others on our side now have accepted the 'legal' presentation of the evidence for the afterlife, knowing that no one can rebut the legal argument - and themselves are using the legal afterlife-evidence presentation on their blogs, debates and interviews. Well done!!

recently released trailer containing the first 4 minutes of the documentary. Read more about 'The Path Series'.

Near Death experiencer Dr Eben Alexander has set up a foundation which aims to teach the nature of reality that he discovered during his near-death experience. He has created seven principles which calls 'the seven postulates' which he claims are drawn from recent scientific discoveries. His foundation is aiming at providing afterlife resources as well as making grant awards to prominent scientists and researchers (MDs and PhDs) affiliated with some of the most prestigious medical centers and academic institutions throughout the world to carry out research on NDEs, Spiritually Transformative Experiences and non-local consciousness. Read more...
AS expected the enormous success of Dr Alexander's work has drawn a vicious skeptical attack which he is in the process of rebutting.


At 6.29 mins into the talk he says that he is being invited to speak at prestigious universities and "No-one is laughing any more.." Dr. Brown is Director of the Farsight Institute. In this talk he explains why Carl Sagan's statement that "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" is fraudulent (at19.00 mins).


PSYCHIC-MEDIUM SALLY MORGAN WHO WON A LIBEL SETTLEMENT OF A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS is in now in Australia. In my weekly report on the 28th October 2011 I warned Sally Morgan NOT to be caught into the trap accepting the skeptics' bogus challenge to test her psychic gifts. Being a psychic herself would have confirmed this view. Having won a tremendous victory over the Daily Mail she completely ignores them. Well done Sally and best wishes for your Australian tour.

Sally Morgan emailed, "
Wow.. what a month!! I am absolutely delighted to be out in Australia as I write this. It is such a wonderful country and I can't believe the reception I've received out here already; I am truly humbled. As you may or may not have seen in the press, the results of my court case against the Daily Mail has now been resolved. I wanted to say a huge thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart to each and every one of you for your continued love and support. It really has been an almighty roller coaster ride for the past couple of years and I really treasure your love and understanding during the difficult times as well as the good. I could not have done any of it without you - so thank you!" Where to see Sally Morgan: Perth, Melbourne, Sydney suburbs: Bankstown, Blacktown, Penrith, New Lambton, South Coast - but for the full list of places read more....




JAMES BOND-IAN FLEMING, A DESK-SPY OF ADMIRALTY INTELLIGENCE INVOLVED IN -'DIRTY TRICKS' IN HELEN DUNCAN CASE During the critical time of World War Two, British Admiralty intelligence wanted to know how gifted medium Helen Duncan knew that two British ships had been sunk when it was very important for the Admiralty to the sinking secret. You do not have to be a genius to accept that British Admiralty intelligence would do everything possible to stop Helen Duncan from revealing State secrets through her materializations. The objection is to the way the Admiralty went about harassing the highly gifted materialization medium Helen Duncan. The government could have given her a pension and a place for her and her family to stay until the war was over. Instead the record shows that the Admiralty got naval spies and police intelligence officers to LIE, CHEAT, commit PERJURY to send this innocent medium to prison - history shows that! The British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill had the courage and the decency to remove the laws which jailed Helen Duncan. Read chapter on Helen Duncan

Very interesting, the James Bond movies were based on the work of a desk-bound spy Ian Fleming (pictured left) who, apparently, was involved in the harassment of Helen Duncan. He would have been the one who supported the campaign to imprison her. Wonder where and what he is doing in the afterlife!





- from Michael Tymn author of a highly recommended book " The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens When You Die."

" No doubt, a big reason why mediumship is rejected by mainstream science is because of the many distortions, anomalies, inconsistencies, and incongruities in the messages received from the spirit world. The debunkers, in all their shallowness, point out every little glitch, as if they expect it to be like a two-way telephone conversation. Even many parapsychologists believe that it is all coming from the subconscious of the medium. The problems, as the spirits saw it, was once explained to an Anglican priest. If you want to read what they had to tell him,
Read more..

LOVE NEVER DIES- THE STORY OF JOHN AND ANNIE WRIGHT In 2011 we brought you the story of John Wright who has been communicating with his wife Annie via EVP since she crossed over in 2001. Those who are new to our reports may enjoy hearing their story.
Part 1- Background
Part 2- John's techniques for EVP communication
Part 3- What John has learned from Annie about the Spirit World.
John informs us that this week marks 60 years since he married the love of his life. Congratulations John and Annie and much love from us all.

TEA AND CAKE AND PERMISSION TO TALK ABOUT DEATH Many people, especially those who live in a materialist environment, have no opportunity to talk about death and dying. In the United States, groups formed to discuss the practical and emotional aspects of death called Death cafes have spread quickly. The first one met last northern summer outside Columbus, Ohio, where guests were served tombstone-shaped cookies. Since then, more than 100 meetings have been held in cities and towns across the country. Lizzy Miles, who organized that first meeting in Columbus, says discussion topics have included euthanasia, grief, the best selling book 'Proof of Heaven' and do-not-resuscitate orders. Read more... Death cafe idea sent by John.

'THE SATIN MAN': A MOST INTERESTING NEW BOOK: This is one of the mysteries in Australian folklore that needs to be resolved. Read this most fascinating description of the case: "The disappearance of the Beaumont children (pictured left) in Adelaide in 1966 has become part of Australian folklore. Nobody under the age of 40 was alive when it happened, but few Australians today have not heard of the case. The mystery of what happened to the children has remained unsolved because of the failure to identify a suspect – a man seen frolicking with the children on a grassy reserve the day they disappeared – and a lack of witnesses and the absence of crime scene evidence.The Satin Man lays out everything that has been discovered about the case, with a view to establishing a coronial enquiry into allegations that a local man who lived 500 metres from where the children were last seen was involved in their disappearance".

This is one of many cases which shows the need for an organization of professional mediums and law enforcement personnel working together like FIND ME, the Arizona based organization dedicated to finding missing people. The book The Satin Man is available from ABC bookshops (Australia).


"In the struggles for finding your place in life, do I just work or do I make the world a better place?" The story of Surfers Healing.


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Victor Zammit speaking at Speakers Corner

* Afterlife Book

" This book is the most detailed and complete collection of afterlife evidence, that I have encountered. When reading the first few chapters one thinks: What more evidence is required? The afterlife is proven. Case closed. But Victor and Wendy manage to present even more and more... The closing statement is brilliant. It unmasks the pseudo-sceptics as dogmatic materialist fundamentalists of the worst kind. Every honest person reading this book will come to the conclusion that the afterlife is a scientific fact." Waldis Jirgens

" An accomplished attorney well versed in scientific techniques objectively and painstakingly sifting through and cross examining the evidence for the presence of life after death must be one of the most powerful methodologies ever used to determine the truth regarding (for some) this enduring enigma. I am sure his positive conclusions concerning the existence of life after death will convince the most obdurate materialist and add to the growing mountain of positive evidence."
By Dr Jackie Jones-Hunt author of 'Animal Souls Chay Nephesh'.

***** " A meticulously researched well presented book on all aspects of the afterlife. An excellent read for those interested in the afterlife and particularly for those who are sceptic about these matters. I would also recommend this book to those who have lost a loved one. Thank you Victor and Wendy for all the information you have presented so clearly." A must read. Jean and David.

This magnificent rendition by Michael Ball and Il Divo with Andrew Loyd Webber on piano. Get ready for tingles all over your body as you realise the significance of the words for those on the spiritual path.



Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.