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27th February 2009

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COMMENTARY: DOES THE WORLD NEED A NEW CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN REFORMATION?! We are informed that harsh, unfair religious doctrines adversely affect too many people when they cross over. The problem has to be dealt with urgently! The disturbing response I get from former Catholics around the world these last twenty years is that they are not satisfied with the Catholic Church's reluctance to answer sensitive questions or the Church's explanation about certain dogmas and directives. For example:
- ‘hell for eternity’ and
- hellfire for eternity for remarriage (even if the partners divorced quietly by consent because they accepted they were not compatible for a lifetime partnership)
- people stay in 'limbo' immediately after death and are resurrected only "when Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead"
- women sent to hellfire for eternity if they go on 'the pill'.

There is sufficient scientific, empirical evidence that the official Catholic doctrines mentioned above are fundamentally wrong. Further, there are too many serious Biblical inconsistencies which have to be resolved. The Vatican and Catholic leaders know that many Catholics in Western countries are not accepting the controversial doctrines and are not even attending church services any more. The Church knows it has a huge crisis with people protesting with their feet – fundamentally because these people find Catholic doctrines un-meaningful, spiritually disturbing, lacking credibility. And most the threat of eternal punishment absurd and ridiculous. One way out of the crisis would be to have a special research action group to propose a new Catholic Christian revolution consistent with empirically elicited results about the afterlife. There will be a price to pay for those Catholic leaders who ignore the very urgent problems of our times – unnecessarily making millions of people feel pain, fear, suffering and guilt.


1,000 CATHOLICS THREATEN TO WALK OUT OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH! South Brisbane, in the Stated of Queensland – the North of Australia a Catholic priest Fr Peter Kennedy – appears to vote for a new Catholic Reformation: he unilaterally decided to teach and practice "the true Christian religion" – by allowing women to preach and by blessing gays. The Church threw him out. 1,000 parishioners stated they would not go back to Church unless the Catholic priest is reinstated. The Church is now reviewing the matter. Read more...

In this fascinating video interview psychologist and author Dr Michael Newton describes how for years he rejected the very idea of past life regression, came upon it by accident and was convinced by the evidence. He says that he was convinced by the consistency of the reports he got about what happens when we die.

Part 1. (10 minutes) He talks about how "beginner"souls want to attend their funerals to see how many people turn up.

Part 2. (10 minutes) How all souls reach out to their loved ones but how grief stops them getting through.
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

MARK MACY'S NEW BOOK: "THE PROJECT"- BEST SELLER POTENTIAL: “What does it really mean to be “human?” Based on Mark Macy’s 30 years of research and collaboration with brilliant minds of the world comes this book, The Project.
In 1992, author Mark Macy visited researchers in Europe who claimed to be in direct contact with spirits and angels through telephones, radios, televisions, computers and other devices – a field of research called Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC). Moved by their honesty, dedication and miraculous results, Macy began collaborating with those researchers, and soon he himself began to get phone calls from the other side. Read more...
In his new book The Project; Mark explores the past, present, and future of humanity and pulls together wisdom from bright minds on both sides of the veil to tell a riveting and mind-boggling story of our ancient heritage, our paradise destiny, and the troubles we have to overcome to get there…as individuals, as societies, and as a single planetary species. Read more...

THE ‘GALILEO PRINCIPLE’ : the world must study Galileo and the problems he had to convince the ultra conservative scientific establishment – at the time controlled by the Vatican – that in any inconsistency between science and theology, science will always prevail. Galileo’s heliocentric view of the solar system completely invalidated the Church’s Biblical geocentric view of the solar system – he demonstrated that it is the earth which revolves around the sun not the other way round. But note carefully, even when Galileo was using science, the scientists of his time REFUSED to investigate. They refused to look into the telescope where the truth was there for anyone with an open mind. Rings a bell somewhere? To-day, reductionist conservative materialist scientists refuse to investigate the afterlife evidence. History repeats itself – except that science will inexorably prevail over theology and over the stubbornness of the ultra conservative materialists scientists who put their head in the sand in afterlife matters.

Alex Tsakiris of Skeptico conducts a most interesting interview with neuropsychiatrist, world renowned expert on end of life phenomena, including near-death experiences and deathbed visions in which he talks about the opposition to his research he faced from his colleagues Listen...

No. 9 “There is no afterlife because the mind and the brain are the same thing … when the brain dies the mind dies too …”

Victor: First, there is no objective evidence that the mind and the brain are the same thing whereas there is voluminous evidence for the separation of the mind from the brain. Whenever we receive transmissions from the afterlife, that is not and cannot be the brain because the evidence shows that when the physical body dies, the brain dies with it - only the MIND remains which is vibrating much faster than the physical body and which survives physical death. As to the evidence that the MIND survives: Read objections overruled Nos. 1-9 and read previous article on MIND/BRAIN

THE AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE OF XENOGLOSSY: afterlife evidence more people are getting interested in. In response to requests: “One of the most amazing psychic phenomena, which religionists, skeptics and atheists have continuously and deliberately ignored is xenoglossy - the ability to speak or write a foreign language a person never learned. After all other explanations have been investigated - such as fraud, genetic memory, telepathy and cryptomnesia (the remembering of a foreign language learned earlier), xenoglossy is taken as evidence of either memories of a language learned in a past life or of communication with a discarnate entity— a spirit person.” Read more …

"There have been numerous messages and signs from the spirit world indicating that many spirits are slow in recognizing that they are "dead," some floundering in this state for a long time, however time is measured in that realm. This phenomenon was popularized in the hit movie, The Sixth Sense, a few years back, when the Bruce Willis' character apparently didn't know he was. It is difficult to comprehend how a person, or soul, cannot know he or she is dead, but we need only ponder on how we escape into movies and even print fiction to begin to understand it." Read more on Michael Tymn's blog...

Dr RAYMOND MOODY'S Near Death Experience Research

After this experience their values have changed- their primary goal is to seek loving relationships with other human beings." Watch this video of key cases from Raymond Moody's research.
Watch this 57 minute video

You can support the ground breaking research and action of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and receive the following benefits for $10 /month: Full access to Shift in Action website with four new audio or video offerings each week; LIVE weekly teleseminars with consciousness pioneers; (check out this incredible program..).Award-winning quarterly magazine Shift: At the Frontiers of Consciousness; Quarterly CDs; Yearly featured book. Read more...

Craig Hamilton is a pioneer in the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality which gives a fresh new look on the question of the personal spiritual journey, religion and morality. Read his inspiring article "The Next Big Bang". Craig has been recently invited by IONS to be one of their Shift in Action guest “luminaries” for an upcoming teleseminar next Wednesday March 4th 2009 at 5.00pm. Read more...

ON EVIDENCE: I had a question just recently – something which comes up from time to time: “Victor, you have presented the evidence for the afterlife and a jury is very likely to accept it – but have you ever made contact yourself with the afterlife?

Victor: Yes, of course, I communicated with intelligences from the afterlife. Whenever I participated in materializations of David Thompson over a period of fifteen months on weekly basis, I communicated with different intelligences - every week with William, David Thompson's afterlife guide (pictured, left). I asked them questions, they answer my questions in a human voice. I am absolutely convinced that these afterlife entities were genuine. In fact from the time I started investigating the afterlife seriously, I made contact with afterlife intelligences – that was twenty years ago. So that without any doubt whatsoever, I repeatedly experienced communicating with those who used to live on planet earth.

Dr K reports on a materialization session he attended recently in the UK with physical medium Bill Meadows.

" At the end of the seance, the spirit communicator named Johnathan announced that he was going to materialize his hand and allow some of the sitters to come up and shake hands with him. I felt truly blessed that I was one of sitters to be invited up to shake his hand. The hand was alive and as real as any that I have ever seen or felt. With the red light on, I was able to look very closely at the hand. I can say with absolute certainty that it was not the hand of Bill Meadows, the medium....

After releasing our grasps, the materialized hand retreated slowly back into the cabinet. As it retreated, it appeared to shrink or dematerialize. Again I was approximately 18 inches away from the curtain when this happened so my vantage point was excellent. I must also note that it was a hand, a wrist, and a forearm - almost up to the elbow."

Read full report.

QUESTION: THE OSCARS: I watched the Hollywood Oscars this week and saw that a number of well known movie stars had crossed over this year- including Paul Newman and Charlton Heston. When these big names cross over, do they retain their popularity and importance in the afterlife?

Victor: In the lower realms, close to earth, where things generally are very similar to our world some attachment to fame may linger . But in the realm of the light and realization, where souls understand that they are in the afterlife, earthy fame means nothing. "Good looks" are not important. Height is irrelevant. Weight is not an issue. Status is not measured the same way as it is on earth where what counts are good looks, a cute figure, power and wealth. All these are meaningless in the afterlife. What gives an afterlife entity 'star-status' is the relative brightness of his/her aura- irrespective of race, color, religion, creed and gender. This means it is their relative spiritual advancement that would be important. So those movie stars - Paul Newman, Charlton Heston and others who had great fame on earth – would have no fame unless they are super spiritually advanced.

QUESTION: THE OUIJA BOARD: My boyfriend and and I have been using a ouija board to try and find out what's going to happen in the future. We seem to have contacted a regular communicator who says he will help us. But something keeps nagging us that although the information we get is not bad – we suspect it is not good either. We asked the spirit which level he comes from – and he said from the third level. Any suggestions?

Victor: It appears your inner guidance is telling you to stop communicating so my advice would be to listen to it. A few years ago I came upon a serious case of a young man who had been using a Ouija board, asking for winning numbers for gambling purposes. For some time he had indeed been winning and became very excited about the information given him by his new 'friends'. But when he tried to give up using the board he began to be obsessed by voices and found himself woken up at one or two in the morning in great terror, literally being squeezed and suffocated by a vengeful presence, who claimed that it was owed a debt. Those on the Astral level (dark but not the darkest level) would NOT know which realm they are operating from. Some of them are full of tricks – and will tell you anything to shock you about friends and other people. When you receive high level communication you will immediately know it. The ouija board can be very dangerous to use because you will not have any proof who is communicating with you. Read more...

QUESTION: THE HOLY TRINITY: Is the Christian ‘Trinity’ exclusive to Christianity? When did the Trinity come into Christian beliefs?

Victor: we are informed by Arthur Findlay – that history records the trinity belonged to different religions. “The Trinity is not exclusive to Christian belief. In Egypt the Father, Son and Holy Ghost were Osiris, Isis and Horus who were worshipped for many centuries before the Christian era. Mithra was the second person in the Persian trinity, and Brahma, Vishnu and Siva make up the trinity of the Hindu religion in India.” It appears that the Christian trinity formal belief came at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD held under the auspices of Emperor Constantine. It was at this Council of Nicea that Jesus was voted by the Trinitarians that Jesus was ‘God.’

FLAMBOYANT SKEPTIC who has the greatest paranormal hoax in history BACKS OUT OF CHALLENGE - again! He has fooled and conned gullible journalists, has misled the public, has been outrageous and atrocious in dealing with potential applicants. This skeptic Randi reneged when a professional homeopath George Vithoulkas took Randi on. The matter had been going on for years and when Randi sensed he was going to be beaten he RENEGED, went back on his word and promise. Read full report. When gifted mediums and others contacted me about his challenge, I advised them DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! This guy does NOT have a genuine, legitimate challenge. It is a con and has been used for publicity and propaganda – and has fooled gullible journalists, editors, television celebrities and a host of other un-insightful people. It’s a scam – don’t waste your precious time, energy and money. There is NO million dollar challenge. Randi has the greatest hoax in paranormal history. Read my five reasons why the challenge is not legitimate.

The Buddhist Monk: Buddhism And Suffering
Venerable Dr Mettanando Bhikkhu speaks on:
How can Buddhist values help us to deal with traumatic events?
Do you believe Buddhism is the best spiritual path to follow?
How do Buddhists view death?
How do you meditate on death?
How does understanding death help Buddhists during life?
What small things can we do to help in our hectic lives?


One of our readers who has been getting continuous successful EVP contact with his wife Kindly sent us an update on his contacts with some technical pointers that could help others. He reports:

"For the general interest I can only report that the environment is very beautiful, as described in "Life in the world unseen" from Anthony Borgia that my wife validated, that she has a solid body with the same appearance as on earth, that to best prepare ourselves to the afterlife while on earth is "loving", that a "simple life" is valuable." Read his full report.

2) Dr Stuart Rolls, a medium based in Sydney's Blue Mountains, writes for us this week on his experiences sending light to the victims of the tragic Victorian bushfires. He asks us all to send light to them and describes his experiences over the years of doing "rescue work" on the astral level with souls who are caught in a time warp. Read Victoria's Tragic Bushfires and Souls Crossing Over.

BUSHFIRE APPEAL IN AUSTRALIA: The most devastating fires in Australian history. Over 1500 homes destroyed with huge loss of life. You want to help the victims of these destructive fires? Donate to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009 Australian Red Cross phone 1800-811-700 OR http://www.redcross.org.au

SOULMATES CONTINUE THE LOVE IN THE AFTERLIFE: Are you, or is someone you know searching for a soulmate?
The real obstacles to attracting love are not outside us, but within us.
You can find true love. Join Claire and Katherine for a free, live, one-hour teleclass/webinar next Thursday, March 5th (Pacific Time)- Friday 12 noon Sydney time- where they will teach you the secret behind their time-tested, proven approach. As simple as it sounds, the insight that will transform your love life forever. Learn “The Secret to Attracting Love.” You can participate by phone or listen online, live or via playback. Sign up or learn more...

'SERVICE TO MY REGULAR READERS AND TO THE COMMUNITY': whilst this has nothing to do with afterlife matters, over the many years of doing afterlife research, I received many questions from my regular readers who needed legal advice but did not have the money to go to a lawyer. Accordingly, I have put on the website a special section for the many legal questions/answers (eg. negligence, defamation, police matters, murder, assault, divorce, Wills, probate, property, claims against insurance co's., leases, marriage rights, medical assault, police radars - and for other, click on archives on the blog) for for my regular readers - and for general readership and information.
Read more ... http://victorzammit.wordpress.com/

Now more than ever before professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers are struggling for funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. After you have provided for your family in your will consider making a bequest which will bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

* Zerdin Phenomenal
* The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena

* The Forever Family Foundation
* Mark Macy's World ITC- American based research on ITC
* Rhine Research Centre- Institute for Parapsychology
* Sonia Rinaldi's IPATI- Brazilian based research on ITC
* The Windbridge Institute for applied research
In the future we will include other registered organizations which are doing afterlife research. Please email for details.

Enjoy the Beauty of Mother Earth and the track "Ancient Mother" by Robert Gass. The free wallpapers used in this clip, can be copied from www.naturedesktop.org

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