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July 23rd 2010

Apologies: if I have not replied to your email. Patience! Inundated with work.

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Last week's report

Some or the subscribers to the Friday Afterlife Report are 'religious', others not religious and still others are atheists and agnostics. But I notice that in their writing to me many show that relative to and compared with others they are above average in spirituality, no matter what their "beliefs". And that's great! Of course, there will always be the potential for all of us to continue to spiritually refine. I stated before that my belief is that anyone who can love and forgive unconditionally will not have to return to Earth for more important critical lessons. Of course it is not an easy journey- many say that they are finding life very difficult, very tough! But by keeping on consistently working towards continuous spiritual refinement we are pursuing spiritual excellence and having a greater effect that we know on the evolution of the whole.

Knowing more about the 'rules of the game of life' will undoubtedly help us to accelerate our spiritual learning. A key rule is selfless service - the more of it we do the higher the spiritual attainment and on crossing-over the better the conditions. Being positive in life, active in selfless service is a sure and certain way to attain spiritual excellence!

Rise above conventional stereotype rationale, beliefs and tradition.
Rupert Sheldrake has been collecting evidence regarding telepathy in animals. Rupert talks about dogs who know when their owners have died, parrots who say what their owners are watching and cats who know when their person is calling on the telephone. He shares videos of his fascinating research and shows that telepathy is a normal means of communications between animals and people. He makes the important point that once an anecdote is published it becomes a case study, and that much of medicine is based on such case studies. Absolutely fascinating- talk takes 60 minutes and worth watching to the end (takes a minute to load and talk itself starts at the 3.00 minute mark) Watch now.....
You can read Rupert's papers on telepathy on his website.

HANBOOK TO THE AFTERLIFE by Prof. Jon Klimo and Dr Pamela Heath was written with the paranormal enthusiast in mind, as well as anyone simply curious about what happens after we die. It draws on the information contained in many hundreds of books on reincarnation research, near-death experiences, hypnotherapy regressions, and channeled accounts of the afterlife.
In part I, Prof. Jon Klimo (left) covers the range of religious and scientific viewpoints on the afterlife. He talks about his father's confusion during his afterdeath visit (his father was a devout atheist), talks about the types of material used as sources for this book (each of which has its own pitfalls) and gives some samples of the types of material drawn from for the book.
Part II focuses on the afterlife as a kind of continuation of life span development.
Part III of the book considers how people can interact with the dead, whether to help a loved one on the other side, deal with a ghost, or simply because you wish to develop your own mediumship abilities. The section on how to move a stuck spirit on to the Light so they can finish their transitions (and not haunt a place) comes out of Dr Pamela Heath's own first hand experience dealing with ghosts. There are basic tips that can work whether or not you consider yourself to be psychic. It also talks about how you can open yourself up to contract through dreams, meditation, and how to channel or do automatic writing. In this audio Paranormal researcher Prof. Jon Klimo discusses the book on Coast to Coast- BROADCAST 28 April 2010

Pamela Heath will be talking about the book in a radio Interview
July 29, 2010 on
Signs of Life at 4pm Pacific (7pm Eastern). You can listen to the broadcast live over the internet or download it from the Forever Family website as a podcast later.

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

“Yes! The astral planes (darker realms below the third level) are very much like your world. People who live there are very much at a similar stage of development to the average person in your world. They are neither angels nor demons. They are just the ordinary sort of people, not too high,not too low. They make mistakes due to faulty judgments, lack of wisdom, mistakes due to rancor not having been extirpated, to hatred and selfishness, the mistakes that come from imperfections.” (S.B).

One of the reasons that I am particularly impressed by the testimony of lawyers and judges who investigate mediums (see my chapter Lawyers who were convinced by the evidence) is that they have been trained in what is good evidence. They understand the distinction between subjective and objective evidence and, perhaps even more than scientists, have been trained to detect the value of witnesses' testimony. And lawyers who go public about their experiences with mediums in a sketpical climate usually have a lot more to lose than to gain.

Henry S. Olcott, co-founder of the Theosophical Society, was both a hard-nosed investigative lawyer and an agricultural scientist who accepted the assignment of two New York newspapers to investigate the spirit materializations being produced by the Eddy brothers of Chittenden,Vermont in 1874. During his sixteen week investigation Olcott witnessed the materialization of over 400 different entities from the next realm of existence. His reports, together with Sir William Crookes' similar experiences, produced a sensation throughout the United States and Europe. Olcott's careful observations and tests, published in the book People from The Other World, have been called one of the most thorough and meticulous ever undertaken of the phenomena. A shorter part two of the book deals with Olcott's tests of the Holmes' of Philadelphia through whom the famous Katie King and John King personalities were manifesting. The book begins with a fascinating description of a family where all the children but one were physical mediums. Read a condensed version of chapter 1.
and download the entire book from survival e-books.

Dr Daniel Benor used to think that people who had after death contacts were suffering delusions until he read an article in the American Journal of Psychiatry in 1988 that claimed that two out of three people experienced them and that they are extremely helpful.

" When I [died], I found that the most foolish mistake in my life was my long, long terror of death. Year after year I was afraid of it when I needn’t have been in the least afraid. I had much illness and suffered a great deal from worries, fears, anxieties and bodily pain in my life. But at the moment of death there was no pain. When I knew I was dying, I was just able to say: “Take care of little Tough.” He was my darling baby grandson. But I wasn’t unhappy or frightened or lonely; for I saw my fathers, my sisters, my brother whom I had thought of as dead – and by dead, I mean asleep till Judgment Day. But they weren’t asleep, they were quite close to me. I could see them through a pale mist. So if anyone talks to you about the loneliness of death, tell them it is all nonsense. I was never less alone than in those few minutes – I suppose they were minutes. I wasn’t in a state to take the time when I was dying. I was quite helpless. I couldn’t move hand or foot, but I wasn’t in the least afraid. So my message to the world is that, for me, one of the happiest moments of my earth-life was the moment of death." Hilda to Geraldine Cummins, They Survive. Evidence of Life Beyond the Grave from Scripts of Geraldine Cummins. Comp. E.B. Gibbes. London, etc.: Ride and Co., n.d. , 139.

In the 1995 NBC television series The Other Side, James Van Praagh was introduced as the first American medium ever to perform readings on the air, and quickly became the series favorite. Howard Rosenberg, the Los Angeles Times television critic, dubbed Van Praagh's performances "spectacular."
In December 1997, Van Praagh became the first medium to appear on Larry King Live to promote his first book, Talking to Heaven. Since that time James has authored a number of books, audiobooks, and CDs and been involved in a number of very successful television shows that have brought knowledge of the afterlife to millions of people. He also hosts regular seminars and workshops to train mediums and assist others in developing spiritual awareness. Many of our readers may be interested in his upcoming events and his online courses on Enhancing Your Intuition and Life After Loss. Below see James doing readings.


Listening to someone reading a book can be a marvelousexperience for all of us, not only those with sight problems. These days there are millions of audiobooks on spiritual subjects that you can download from the internet and play on an ipod or other mp3 player or even on your computer. You can borrow audio books from an online library, buy audio books from audible.com or you can download them free from Librivox which has a project to have volunteer readers make all public domain books available in audio format. Here is a sample from James Allen's The Heavenly Life.

'TERRORISM' AND THE 'LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT': CHILD SUICIDE BOMBERS: over the years people have frequently asked this question: "If a child suicide-bomber honestly believes that what he is doing will send him to heaven, will he go to 'heaven' - and for adults there will be fifty virgins waiting for the suicide bomber?"

Victor: One has to differentiate man-made religious propaganda from fact. I look at the evidence and find no authority in any holy book on Earth which says that if a suicide bomber kills innocent people, he/she will go to heaven - let alone find the fifty virgins waiting for him/her. Many Islamic scholars claim that there is no more justification in Islam for suicide bombing than there is in Christianity for the Inquisition (See item below). If a child has been co-erced or brainwashed into killing it is likely that the initial emphasis on the other side would be on treatment, healing and re-education for that child. (see Jon Klimo and Pamela Heath's chapter on suicide bombers in Suicide: what really happens in the afterlife?). But highly credible information transmitted from the afterlife keeps on reminding us of the Law of Cause and Effect - NO ONE ESCAPES THIS LAW. If any person on earth intentionally kills an innocent human being directly or through a coerced agent, then there will be a price to pay. The Law of Cause and Effect works with mathematical precision and no 'holyman', no priest, no Rabbi, no Pope, no religion has any power to amend in any way shape or form this very important law which has been in operation from time immemorial.

SPIRITUALITY v RELIGION: FR.TOMAS DE TORQUEMADA, HIGHLY RELIGIOUS BUT ALSO A TORTURER, MURDERER - PUSHED CRUELTY AND TORTURE TO THEIR EXTREME: a Domincan Catholic priest and Head of the Spanish Inquisition died some 600 years ago. Why was he one of the most cruel human-monsters who lived on this planet Earth? The record shows that he tortured, maimed and murdered thousands of innocent people in the name of his Christian Catholic religious beliefs. He stole the land of the victims to finance stupid wars. We are still waiting for the Catholic Church to condemn his conduct. His brutal killing of thousands of innocent people was fundamentally inconsistent with the Church's own dogmatic theology taken from the Old Testament: THOU SHALT NOT KILL! ‘So hated did he become that at one point Torquemada traveled with a bodyguard of 50 mounted guards and 250 armed men. After 15 years as Spain's Grand Inquisitor, he died in 1498 in Ávila. For his role in the Spanish Inquisition, Torquemada's name has become a byword for fanaticism in the service of the Catholic religion.’ Fr.Torquaemada is an excellent example where a highly religious person may not be spiritual at all. On crossing over, religion we are credibly informed from the other side would be totally irrelevant. But it is the level of spirituality (how much love we gave others) that will get you to the realm you deserve.

" Anyone familiar with the existing body of literature on past lives will recognize Reincarnation: True Stories of Past Lives (Paperback) as a significant contribution. Roy Stemman , editor of the magazine Life & Soul, previously named Reincarnation, has spent many years gathering together a wealth of examples of apparent past life recall. If anything, the high number of stories crammed into each chapter becomes a little overwhelming, though they do represent the vast body of evidence available on the subject. Chapters cover rebirth within families, soul mates, group reincarnation, special talents, war victims and birthmarks, to name a few, and examples from around the world are used to illustrate each point." One of the cases cited is that of the Pollock twins, apparently reincarnations of their two sisters killed in a road accident. As in many of the cases cited, they identified toys they had owned in their past lives and also the house where they had lived.

: There is no link between level of intelligence, high status, wealth, high education and the level of spirituality. There is a tendency here on earth to think that only educated people or the well-off or those with high celebrity status are very likely to be spiritually advanced - and that on crossing over they are likely to be much better off than others. Wrong, very wrong! There will be those who are likely to get the shock of their life to see so many highly placed in the afterlife who, while alive, did not have wealth or status and were not particularly academically intelligent or "successful". 'Selfless service' is directly related to spirituality but totally unrelated to intelligence. In fact we do see highly educated people in high positions in government and private enterprise being responsible for 'dirty work' and abuse of their power to wilfully adversely affect many others. One does not need to be highly intelligent to be a long term thinker.

IMPORTANT PAST INCIDENT REVISTED - 'dirty work' spy baggage boy in deep trouble in the afterlife - a lesson to all: I remind you of an item of sometime ago where I reported an afterlife communication from a former Ambassador in Canberra J.F., Australia, who had been a 'baggage-boy' for the then Russian intelligence agency, the KGB. He had tried to do some dirty work against human rights campaigners and then crossed over about three years ago. He came through wanting forgiveness!! In his communication he confirmed that he had lied to the KGB to manipulate them and others against human rights campaigners. The purpose of his communication was to ask for 'forgiveness' for the dirty work he did while alive here on earth. When asked to describe the environment where he now lives he said it was a very dirty dark extremely slummish area where the 'beings' are absolutely disgustingly horrible.The thing that he finds most offensive all the time is the unbearable putrid smell everywhere. He gave the impression it will be a long time living in those horrible conditions before he will be able to raise his vibrations to a higher level and move to a wonderful realm of the light where conditions are immensely more beautiful.
WARNING TO THOSE WHO DO DIRTY WORK: it does not matter who you are, guaranteed, you will NOT get away with it!

What if the world embodied our highest potential? What would it look like? As the structures of modern society crumble, is it enough to respond with the same tired solutions? Or are we being called to question a set of unexamined assumptions that form the very basis of our civilization? This 25-minute retrospective asks us to reflect on the state of the world and ourselves, and to listen more closely to what is being asked of us at this time of unprecedented global transformation. For more videos, visit www.globalonenessproject.org

1. Dear Victor and Wendy,
I am inspired to send this to you to share with others on your wonderful web site. I wish to dedicate this video to my colleague Stephen Wayne who is a beautiful trance medium for the Spirit world ... Thank you both for the time you dedicate in the quest for truth and fairness. Margaret Stirling North Wales (U.K.)

2. Hello Victor, Thank you for your weekly news letter. I always enjoy reading it. You do a very nice job!! Dr Jan Vandersande, physicist and author. (see last week's report).

3. Dear Victor and Wendy,
Following my last mail I finished going through the recorded [EVP] communications with my dear wife. 429 sentences of one to five words are undoubtedly real communications from the afterlife. Rather than philosophic considerations they are more exchanges of feelings between the two of us.
But a number of them speak of the beauty of the life there and the loving attitude one should have on earth to be best prepared for the future.
Thanks always for your Friday reports.

4. THE BEST SURVIVAL EVIDENCE: A new case has been posted on http://www.survivaltop40.com/
Title: The Strangers Were Lovers
Case #: 60
Current Rank: 8th
Thanks for your continued interest.
— Miles Edward Allen

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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.