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16th October 2009

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APOLOGIES if I have not replied to your email. When we arrived from our overseas trip we found huge backlog of emails and requests. We are still jet-lagging- sleeping day and night and experiencing heaviness in the head – hopefully things will be back to normal soon.


Our recent travels to France and England confirm and reinforce our acceptance of the afterlife. The evidence is there for any genuine person who wants to seek the truth about the afterlife. We sat with four different 'physical circles' and each time the afterlife – the beings there - made it clear they wanted to tell us something about their existence. One most striking aspect of these meetings was that the mediums were not working with ectoplasm, but with a ‘new energy.’ At one stage in France, during an afternoon session, one of the windows was slightly open bringing in the afternoon light. Yet, John Sloan (Arthur Findlays's medium when they were on physical earth) and Jonathan Sinclair – and others came through from the afterlife. That would certainly not have occurred if the medium, Tom Morris, was working with ectoplasm. We have been told that great things will be done with this new ‘physical’ energy as they are being done with ectoplasm. Several circles have been told that some time in the future there will be materializations in natural light. How soon this is going to be we do not know yet - we've been told that scientists in the afterlife are working on it. When that happens there will be the greatest spiritual revolution in history since these days we have advanced electronic equipment that was sadly missing in the days of the great materialization mediums of the past.

VOICES FROM THE AFTERLIFE: We've heard some fabulous spirit voices during our overseas trip. We're hoping that these clear, resonant voices directly from the afterlife will be put on the internet shortly.


Tom and Lisa Butler, directors of the American Association for Electronic Voice Phenomena recently traveled from the USA to Sydney Australia to sit with materialization medium David Thompson. They were not disappointed as one of the leading pioneers of EVP came through to offer them advice.

Below is their report:

“In September we traveled to Sydney Australia to attend a Circle of the Silver Cord, David Thompson, guest séance. This was a personal trip as we gave wanted to see David for several years. What happened was amazing as Konstantin Raudive spoke to us for 7 minutes.

We think that the last time he came though to a researcher for a sustained length of time was in 1994. Precautions were taken against fraud in this séance, the room was searched all sitters including the medium were searched and a metal detector was used. The medium was tied into a chair and gagged. The conversation was all very evidential to us. This was not a generalized message such as "your doing a good job" or "we thank you for your work to help others through the AA-EVP," instead he talked about how we might improve communication between the spirit world and earth through an instrument.

We are gathering the needed equipment and hope to have done sufficient testing of his directions in the next 6 months. We just can't tell you how thrilling this was for us! The voice is not exactly like other recordings we have heard of him when he was alive or when he came through over the phone but we believe that this is because he was speaking through ectoplasm and that it was very difficult, as he himself says, for him to do this. We feel incredibly honored to have had this occur and we hope that all researchers know that Dr. Konstantin Raudive (pictured, left) along with fellow pioneer Klaus Schreiber are still working with people doing research with EVP/ITC. “

A partial recording along with a transcript is now up at the AA-EVP website.

Congratulations to David Thompson's Circle of the Silver Cord for putting online video attestations of people who have just witnessed materializations. In this video Reverend Tom Newman, from the Shrine of the Master Church in Sarasota, FL and Tom and Lisa Butler, Directors of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena talk about their impressions. Watch now.

In this recording you can hear Silver Birch speaking through trance medium Maurice Barbanell. After analyzing Silver Birch’s transmissions to us from the afterlife for more than 20 years, many informed people concur that he is one of the most inspirational teachers who has transmitted so much wealth information about the afterlife. He said he’s also been on earth as a Buddhist. Descending to earth as an Native American Indian he has given great hope to millions of people. I remind the newcomer to Silver Birch, that the American Indians had a comparative advantage when dealing with the afterlife. At their peak of life, they had very close relationship with mother earth, and learning about spirit communication. That is why even to-day, so many Native American Indians continue to help us by becoming teachers, doorkeepers and guides. I often quoted Silver Birch in my Friday Afterlife Report – but here he is himself in person, his own voice vibrations – directly from the afterlife. To many, this is pure gold …

Dr Ken S and Roberto, John and Patty, the members of the New York based Circle for Humanity contacted us to say, that they have now hit third gear. Using the new energy, they are getting clear voices through a trumpet and from mid-air without using ectoplasm and without the medium being unconscious. And they are still getting several apports in each sitting. Pictured is a pocket watch apported to the Circle just before two members left New York for France. It was set 6 hours ahead of New York time- French time.

Dr Ken writes:

" Another great sitting last night... For the first time, both trumpets came up off of the floor and flew about the room performing acrobatic maneuvers with perfect precision. After this wonderful display, one of the trumpets landed beautifully on the table while the other continued to hover in front of us above our heads. Xavier [ a spirit child working with the circle] spoke through the trumpet the following words:

"We are learning how to use the new energy".

It was loud and clear for all of us to hear. When the tamborine [ a child's toy edged with luminous tape] went up, this time all 4 of us could see Xavier's etheric hand holding it. At one point, when I had my hands on the table, I shifted a little to the right and accidentally felt Xavier's little hand right next to mine....

As we approached the end of the sitting, I told our native American guides that I was going to put on some native American drumming music for about 20 minutes (something that we have not done before). Immediately Greentree [the Circle's American Indian guide] began using the table for a drum and continued to drum for about 10-15 minutes. When this was happening, we could all clearly hear one of the other Native American guides chanting to the music along with the drumming. The trumpets were sitting on the floor at the opposite end of the room while this took place. It was quite an amazing experience, to say the least. We now have independent voice from both the trumpet and from mid air. "


Two of the circles we sat with in Europe used table tilting- a method of spirit communication used by spiritualists for more than one hundred and fifty years. A group of sitters, working in darkness, put their hands lightly on a small table marked with luminous tape. Given time the table starts to rock and levitate and answers questions by tilting to the right or left. Skilled users are able to get the table to respond using an alphabetic code. Below is a video made by the Felix Circle in Germany that gives the basic idea. In the circles we sat in the tables levitated high into the air and developed a personality of their own. They were clearly not being controlled by the sitters.

Victor: A ‘walk-in’ happens when the spirit of a person leaves the person on planet earth and some other spirit takes over the person’s body – walks in - to continue where the other spirit left off. This is highly controversial as information from the afterlife conflicts. The main writing about walk-ins comes from Ruth Montgomery in "Strangers Among Us" and "Threshold To Tomorrow". They are currently Fawcett Crest titles being published by Ballantine Books. I asked that question to an energy calling itself Sir Arthur Conan Doyle over a year ago about ‘walk-ins’. His answer is blatantly “No, there is no such thing as a walk-in.” But he may be reflecting the knowledge from the realm he happens to be in. Other information transmitted from the afterlife tells us yes, there is such thing as a ‘walk-in’. We still need to have reliable information to resolve this matter.


Ruth Montgomery claimed that she channeled a great deal of information from the other side, specifically from her deceased friend, the famous spiritualist and medium, Arthur Ford. From beyond the grave, Montgomery received startling answers to questions about life after death, such as: What happens after death? Where do we go? What is it like over there? Ruth Montgomery documented these revelations in a series of book: A World Beyond, The World to Come, The World Before, A Search for the Truth, Born to Heal, Here and Hereafter, Threshold to Tomorrow, Companions Along the Way, Herald of the New Age, and Strangers Among Us. In the following excerpt from her book, A World Beyond she talks about what happens to:
* an unspiritual person
* a drug addict
* a murderer
* a baby
* a fundamentalist preacher
* a church lady
Read more....

Physicist and consciousness researcher Dr Tom Campbell (author of My Big Theory of Everything) and another researcher agreed to both go out-of-body and meet each other a few hundred feet above the roof of Bob Monroe's lab. After they made contact in the out–of-body-state, Bob Monroe spoke to them individually or simultaneously through headphones while recording verbal description of their experiences and conversations. Sometimes he would give them suggestions for gathering information evidential information. Tom and Dennis could not hear each other’s dialogue or responses.

When the exercise was finished, Bob Monroe asked both if they thought they had communicated with each other in this state. They thought they had, but weren’t sure. Until Bob ran the tapes. Two different tapes, each recorded from a sound-proof unit provided a consistent record of shared observations and communications. The objective results made it clear that their experience in the out-of-body state was shared and thus external and independent of either of them. Tom recalls muttering “This stuff is real!” over and over again for several days. Read more....

For those who accept reincarnation, a popular question has been – and still is: when do we stop reincarnating? It is always difficult to say when reincarnation stops but an extremely good guide is when a person reaches a stage of true ‘unconditional love’ and ‘unconditional forgiveness’. There will be no need to keep on reincarnating as the toughest lessons would have been learnt – and there is no point in coming across challenges that have already been successfully met.

THE YEAR 2012 - the predicted disaster?: With the upcoming release of the deliberately-sensational-fear -inducing movie 2012 in November and the many books and websites devoted to human beings scaring themselves silly, many people are concerned. Will the world be partly destroyed in the year 2012? Will millions of people die because of a predicted 'shift'? If you have done some serious research about this subject - which at the moment is highly controversial, could you share your findings with us?

Not according to Rev Michael Beckwith of the Agape Spiritual Centre, Los Angeles who points out the many previous doomsday scenarios we have lived with (remember Nostradamaus and the Millenium bug) and argues that the media is focusing on a dying paradigm.

The terrorist bomb plot threatened to rival 9/11 stated Ailsa Dixon, outlining the horrifying details in Skysport September 11, 09. Why, people emailed me, asking is this madness goes on? When is it going to stop? Why send hundreds even thousands of innocent people to the afterlife in the most horrific way? John McDowall, head of the Metropolitan Police’s counter terrorism command said, “While we successfully disrupted this plot, the public should be in no doubt that the terrorist threat is still with us and that there are individuals in the UK who are determined to attack us.” Now that the dust has settled on this issue and the three terrorists have been sent to jail for life, I can say that we totally agree with John McDowall’s chilling warning that hundreds and even thousands of innocent people could be blown up to the afterlife by foreign terrorists. Obviously, those terrorists who planned the mass murder cannot say "we were programmed to do this.” They had the knowledge, they had the intention and they were caught red handed by the brilliant British counter-terrorist police. The educated Moslems should keep on telling the radical Moslems that killing innocent people is against the Koran, against God and that on blowing themselves up will find themselves in the most horrific darkest lowest afterlife region – the home of the most horrific spirits as like attracts like. It is critical for all suicide bombers to understand that being religious does not mean being spiritual. One can be religious and on dying will go straight to ‘hell’ but being spiritual means respect for innocent lives. Extremely well done John McDowall and his team for keeping Heathrow safe.

COMFORTING WORDS FROM WHITE EAGLE: WHY FEAR? (White Eagle is a spiritual master who was channeled by the medium Grace Cook in England - read more...).

The afterlife powerful energy 'WHITE EAGLE' passed the test of time for his most highly spiritual messages to the world. Read this most beautiful and inspirational invocation:

"Fear is a weakness of the lower mind. The lower mind
suggests limitation and failure; it suggests failure of the spiritual powers to save the world. Do not be guilty of this negative thinking. Know that God is all-love, all-wisdom. His power is infinite. God cannot fail. Man may bring unnecessary suffering upon himself, but God ever works, like the great physician, to heal mankind's wounds. Do not be tempted to look on the negative side. What you do not understand, leave aside; but never fail to trust God's love. And now, the peace of eternal stillness, the tranquility of spirit abide with you in all your ways." (From The Gentle Brother p.18).

CHINESE TRANSLATION WANTED: it has become necessary to put more translations online. For those who want to volunteer to translate the book in Chinese and other languages apart from what is already on line please contact me at your earliest:

WANTED: GOOD READERS WITH A GOOD VOICE: I had several requests in the past to have "A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife" available in audio format. So, if you do have a good professional reading voice and want to volunteer to read a chapter of the book for the public, please contact me at your earliest. You will need to be able to use a (free) audio recording program like Audacity or an mp3 recorder and send the file in mp3 format.

Members of this list can now obtain copies of my book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE for free – except - all you have to do is to pay for postage and packing: anywhere in the world A$13. Within Australia A$3. Email 2008@victorzammit.com.
Churches and spiritual groups are welcome to apply for multiple copies to sell as a fund raiser.


1) " Last week you had an item which showed how we regress from old age looks to young age looks – you showed a picture of an old woman and a second picture of the same woman who would regress to a younger looking female. I thought looks don't matter in the afterlife?" Ron.

Victor: Yes, I also have to state that ‘good looks’ in the afterlife do not have any meaning as status is obtained through the relative brightness of the aura – that is the real status: the brighter the aura the higher status one has in the afterlife.

2)" I have been recieving your emails for a few months now and wanted to let you both know that I deeply appreciate them. I have had a never ending crave to learn about the afterlife my whole adult life and your Friday Afterlife Report is just what I have been searching for.
Stay safe and God Bless
julie "

3) Why don't you have a chat page or a blog where people can exchange ideas?
Victor: We do- Join Facebook and the group is called
Spiritual? Sceptic? Evidence for Existence of the Afterlife.

"Something amazing is happening for us as women. As one of the first generations liberated from the tasks of mere survival, we now have the freedom, the credentials, the resources and the interest to turn our attention toward the full transformation of ourselves and our world. Never before have we as a global group of women been holding so much potential, or so much power, to shape our collective future....Yet, what is the pathway to awakening the fullness of our authentic power as women? Where should we give our energy and attention in order to make our greatest contribution? And how might we work together and support each other in this process? We invite you to join our global community of women as we come together to engage the most important questions of our time."
This Fall, join 14 of the world's leading female spiritual luminaries, thinkers and agents of change for an unprecedented conversation. Read more...

BEQUESTS: Now more than ever before professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers are struggling for funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. After you have provided for your family in your will consider making a bequest which will bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

* The Windbridge Institute for applied research
* Zerdin Phenomenal
* The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena

* The Forever Family Foundation
* Mark Macy's World ITC- American based research on
* Rhine Research Centre- Institute for Parapsychology
* Sonia Rinaldi's IPATI- Brazilian based research on ITC


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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee what is published is to be the absolute truth. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.