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December 27th 2013

Apologies if I have not replied to your email. We are currently spending a few days with family in Portland Oregon.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OURS SUBSCRIBERS!!! "Another year has just passed through, what new ideas came to you, how many big things did you do?" So says part of an old poem reflecting on the previous 12 months. I am often asked what is the greatest thing one can do that would be of great value on crossing over. Excellent question! And my answer is something I hope you will always remember: always make a positive contribution. This is something which will stay with you even in the afterlife dimension. The difference for you, guaranteed, is going to be huge! Making an unselfish contribution is something that will speed up your vibrations - your level of spirituality. That is the secret of success here and in the afterlife dimension: 'make a contribution' - your New Year - permanent resolution!


MICHAELA'S NDE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTcHWz6UMZ8


QUESTION: Are there opportunities in the afterlife dimension for service?

Directly from the afterlife dimension,
"Oh far more than you face on earth. We have problems such as you cannot possibly realise. We have to deal with millions of souls in many parts of the spiritual universe- sick souls, young souls, forgotten souls, lonely souls, malformed souls, ignorant souls. Have we got problems! We have them because you send them to our world... It is very hard for me to convey to you what life in our world is really like. I speak truthfully when I tell you that there is so much to explore on this side. You have no knowledge of the infinite richness of the life in the world of spirit. There is no beauty anywhere, no majestic scenery, nothing you have visualised that can compare in its grandeur and in its infinite variety to that which can be seen in our world ..."


GREED AND POWER: Do they exist in the afterlife dimension?

"Greed and power still exist in what may be called the lower astral spheres. What you must realise is that spiritually an individual is exactly the same one day after death as he was before it. Our world, unlike yours, is one where thought is reality. What you think is real and substantial. The trouble is that lust for power and greed chain them to earth. Though materially dead, they are spiritually dead as well. They are nearer to your world than they are to us. Unfortunately they can harm those like themselves in your world who are concerned only with greed and power." (S. Birch)



The Superdimensions - What is Heaven like? from Multidimensional Man on Vimeo.



Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, director of Metaphysics Research (www.medium7.com) conducts a series of non-believer experiments under controlled conditions.

The the study's findings with 88 sitters (clients) and 10 mediums and a review of the most up to date literature on the afterlife can be reviewed in the book: Medium7: Evidence of the Afterlife and Predictions (Author: Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, 2013).

In this particular video with Canadian medium Chris Stillar the sitter (Chad) experiences a life changing moment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g74znWzyRTU

Remote viewing is the mental ability to perceive three dimensionally and describe places, persons, or events at distant locations in the past, present, and future. The reality of the remote-viewing phenomenon is not in dispute among a large body of respected researchers — both inside and outside of academia — who have published an extensive collection of high-quality investigations over the past few decades. Read more..




Five Remote Viewers. Five crimes to solve. Here, exclusively, is the ABC prime time one-hour special that drew high ratings and rave reviews. It describes five thoroughly researched cases where Remote Viewers were able to provide the critical information needed to solve a murder, find stolen art, or save a child. Each case was dramatically filmed, and includes interviews with the viewers themselves, as well as police, district attorneys, forensic scientists, and family members. Here are real stories of psychic detectives presented in a compelling form, and based on court records, forensic evidence, sworn statements, and personal interviews. Learn what really can be done in crime solving, when Remote Viewing is employed Read more....

Dr. Ian Stevenson (“ Dr. Stevenson is making a colossal mistake, or he will be known as the Galileo of the 20th century.") has amassed 3000 documented cases of children remembering events from past lives. In each case of children’s past life memory, Dr. Stevenson methodically documents the child's statements. Then he identifies the deceased person the child remembers being, and verifies the facts of the deceased person's life that match the child's memory. He even matches birthmarks and birth defects to wounds and scars on the deceased, verified by medical records. His strict methods systematically rule out all possible "normal" explanations for the child’s memories. Learn more about Dr. Stevenson's research and watch his video presentation



Under normal circumstances where there is a heart to heart connection - say, between you and your loved ones, on crossing over they will be meeting you to help you move on to the realm of the light. As long as you are a reasonable, open minded person - you do not have to be perfect here on earth - yes, you will be meeting your loved ones on crossing over. But, if a person happens to have a deep belief that on dying nothing is going to happen or if one lived a cruel, selfish life, there could be serious problems meeting up with loved ones. That is the consistent information we received over the decades about meeting loved ones on crossing over.

When Angela Bishop was killed in a motor cycle accident in England twenty five years ago the small gold cross she was wearing went missing. It lay buried on the side of the road until two mediums told her son Richard and his wife that Angela wanted it found. They were directed to the exact spot and after using a metal detector found the missing cross which was confirmed as being Angela's. Thanks Lou for the report.


Victor: When someone does 'wrong' - and KNOWS what he/she is doing is wrong, then there will be a price to pay. For example, the classic defense of those Nazis who were charged with crimes against humanity at Nuremberg was 'I was only obeying orders'.But international law did not recognize that and many of those charged were executed on the 16th October 1946 for crimes against humanity. Interesting, the Court saw those charged as being part of a 'criminal' political organization which murdered, plundered, exterminated millions of people, invaded other countries with criminal intent. But spiritually, if at any time, a person - whether he/she is following orders or not - is fully aware he/she is doing the wrong thing than that person would have to pay a price for that pursuant to the law of cause and effect.

In the first part of the twentieth century The Society for Psychical Research conducted a number of "book tests". Spirit communicators were asked to give sitters a message that was on a particular page of a particular book in a particular place. There were 532 separate books tests involving 34 sitters. The success rate was 36%. Being scientific they set up a control group where a living person would attempt the same task. They ran 1800 trials and found a success rate of 4.7%


QUESTION: Do you agree Victor that extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence?

Victor: First, don't fall for the skeptics' negative propaganda against the afterlife and the paranormal. As an expert in evidence I can tell you absolutely that if one presents evidence which is objective and repeatable even ordinary evidence is sufficient. Don't forget the testimony of one reliable witness is enough to send a person to jail for life. Even in a case of murder all the police have to prove is intention beyond reasonable doubt that the crime was committed by the accused. Now if two video cameras filmed a murderer killing a bank clerk in a robbery, why would you need twenty video cameras (extraordinary evidence) to prove that the murderer really shot the clerk? One clear video would normally be sufficient to convict. Extending the issue to afterlife communications we need to ask what evidence there is to counter the extraordinary store of evidence that has been collected in every culture in the world over many millennia and has been scientifically collated in repeatable experiments over the last one hundred and fifty years.

After being wrongly convicted of murdering his wife, Michael Morton spent 25 years in jail. Half way through CNN’s special we learn that Michael was angry, lost, and broken, until he called out for help from God. A few days after his heartfelt prayer, he had a mystical experience where he was swept up into the presence of God. And shortly after that, everything started changing. Whereas before he was ignored by the U.S. justice system, now the wheels started turning so the wrongs that had been done to him could be rectified. What was remarkable about him was the profound spiritual change that followed his experience. Read more...


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INSPIRATIONAL FOOD FOR THE SOUL: One of the most beautiful songs ever recorded by CELTIC WOMAN (singing Irish group) - EXQUISITE HARMONIES- ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT - enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZ-8jYpa1-o

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