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17th October 2008

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COMMENTARY: DRAMATIC VIDEO OF A MATERIALIZED SPIRIT- the most stunning evidence for the afterlife in the history of afterlife research:
There was relatively huge response from around the world to the video on the website of the Circle of the Silver Cord which showed a materialized spirit - of William, the Circle's spirit meeting convener. The Circle (COSC) had the video clip for nearly ten months before it was released for world consumption. Initially I – and others – were against the release of this video clip because it is not of a particularly good quality. But demand from around the world swayed the COSC leader to release it claiming it is better to have a poor quality video of a materialized spirit than have nothing! And judging by the response from some four continents – from the US, UK, Europe to Russia and even China, it was a very wise decision to release the video. To my knowledge, this is the very first time in history that a video of a materialized spirit has been released to the public. There were highly credible witnesses to the filming– more about this later on. Of course, the quality has to improve. But just like the very first primitive aeroplane of the Wright Bros' very first bi-plane a hundred years ago led to space aviation, this establishes a base line for other materialization Circles to improve upon. And as technology continues to refine, better videos will be forthcoming.
TheCircle of the Silver Cord.

In 1977 Skip Atwater was the Operations and Training Officer for the US Army STAR GATE remote-viewing program. Sent to interview Robert Monroe at the Monroe Institute he got more than he expected when he asked "Mr Monroe, what is this hemisynch process you have developed." Watch as he describes his dramatic first out of body experience (9 minutes)

GHOST CAUGHT ON VIDEO? Dr Adrian Klein investigates a most fascinating paranormal case.
Soon after the sudden death of its previous owner, a small business in downtown Haifa, Israel, began to experience strange movements at night. The new owner installed an infra-red camera focused on the area of disturbance. When he monitored the film he was stunned to see a bright white shape (see left) moving around the central desk, changing its shape and form about two metres from the infrared camera. The light is clearly visible on the video but the sensitive alarm system was not triggered. Dr Adrian Klein was called in by the Israeli Association for study of paranormal phenomena and was able to prepare a report for examination by top international ITC expert Daniele Gulla. Make up your own mind as you see the pictures and video and read the case report.

INSTRUMENTAL TRANS-COMMUNICATION (ITC). has the potential to be the most critical way of persuading all reasonable materialists about the afterlife. Why? Because once it is perfected, we could have instant visual communication with those from the afterlife. Watch this video as leading ITC researcher Sonia Rinaldi demonstrates on Brazilian television some of the images of deceased loves ones that have been captured on video. (Be patient with this the audio is in Portuguese but the pictures look fabulous - can anyone translate for us?) Read more about ITC. and see IPATI Sonia Rinaldi's Brazilian ITC site


Dr Robert Neil Boyd writes for us about his own experiences exploring other levels of consciousness. Be prepared to be stunned as you read about how he was trained more than 25 years ago by a Cherokee (Native American) Holy Woman to communicate with other levels of consciousness. The openness and sensitivity he developed through this training was the basis of his later discoveries about exactly how crop circles are made. Read " Discovering Non-Physical and Non-Biological Forms of Consciousness."

AMERICA’S PSYCHIC CHALLENGE: After national auditions in the USA sixteen psychics were chosen to compete for $100,000 using their psychic skills in a number of different ways. The first series is finally being shown in Australia on W channel (Saturday nights) and it is a huge success! Highly entertaining with no scripts for the psychics it is one of the best psychic shows ever! By only suggestion is that to be consistent with the requirements of Scientific Method, the producers should have a bona fide (in good faith) ‘control group'- five people who are NOT psychic. The Australian producers said that a control group to compare with the gifted psychics would be a waste of time. Apparently they tried a couple and they were so bad, producers decided no-body would want to watch them. For those of you who haven't seen the series here is a 5 minute episode where medium Joseph Tittel is taken to house and told only that it is a crime scene and the information he comes up with is assessed. Australians can see more next Saturday night on Foxtel W. Highly recommended.

Detective Lou Masterbone from Morris County Sheriff’s office stated: “If it wasn’t for Nancy Weber (psychic), in this case we would not have gotten the (kidnapped) children back … her insight, her help … we could not have done it without her.” This was a case where Debbie Keyes’ (from Harding N.J.) husband took the family’s three children away and left his wife Debbie on her own. The police came to a dead end. Debbie heard over the radio about a gifted psychic Nancy Weber and called her. Nancy first told her that the specific information where her husband had taken the children – to Euless, Texas. When police checked it out they found that the children had been there but had been removed from days earlier. But the psychic came up with a new address in Ramona, CA. From there the police actually spoke to a neighbor who told them that once again the children had just left – but gave them an address in Hawaii where the children had been taken. Debbie Keys- had not seen her children for thirteen months but Nancy Weber, the gifted psychic told her that one of her daughters had been attacked by a dog and was left with a scar on her face, but that she would be reunited with them soon. That’s exactly what happened – Debbie Keyes was reunited with her children – her daughter had a scar on her mouth caused by a dog! This was from an episode of PSYCHIC DETECTIVES by Court TV by Robyn Hutt. Note well: every PSYCHIC DETECTIVE television show, we get tough police officers stating words to the effect that without the help of the gifted psychic, the crime would not have been solved. Thank you Nancy Weber for your brilliant work in solving this case. Check out the police testimonials on Nancy's website. And read more about (another 12 cases) PSYCHIC DETECTIVES.

“GREED IS GOOD!” or "IN GREED WE TRUST" Rubbish! Remember in the movie WALL STREET where actor Michael Douglas playing character Gordon Gekko made that statement? Greed brings financial crisis. Greed means having to be selfish and becoming self-centered. Greed means you become insensitive to the urgent problems of the time – of poverty and famine, the environment, of wars. You become a short term thinker. Greed we are informed pushes selfishness to its extreme. The negative effect of that – for those who understand how spirituality works – means that on crossing over the one who was consistently greedy will be facing HUGE problems. What’s wrong with being ‘reasonable’ in the way you relate to other people? The afterlife has huge consequences – see chapter 29 in BOOK on homepage - top right.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE? (Number 11). ‘HOLLOW HEAVENS’: As well as transmitted information from the afterlife we are fortunate to have a number of people who have learned to take out -of-body journeys to visit the afterlife (see below). One of the most fascinating things they report is the existence of "hollow heavens". Because thought creates in the afterlife, those who think the same way about religion apparently find themselves in a jointly created world where they can interact with each other. For example, you may get Moslems who believe when they die they go to heaven as THEY expect heaven to be. So that all Moslems would be having their own ‘heaven’. So will other religious groups would accept that they are in the heaven they believed they would be in when they were on earth. See Bruce Moen's Afterlife Knowledge. However, when realization arrives with each individual as one eventually evolves spiritually – time varies how this will happen, which could be hundreds of years – the individual’s vibrations increases and will qualify to a higher realm of the Light where the ‘real’ heaven exists. Watch Victor on What Happens When you Die

How do you explain a child born into an atheist family who at age four converts the family to an intense love of God? Who at age 8 does paintings considered world class like the one of Jesus at left? How do you explain the enormous talent of now 14 year old Akiane Kramarik selected as 1 of 20 most accomplished visual artists in the world by Tribute Entertainment (London) and ABI (United States).
Check out her inspirational paintings.

CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT LOVE! WHERE IS MY SOULMATE? Watch this great video on how a 40 year old volunteer was able to find her soul-mate, the love of her life, by making a few subtle changes in her thinking. Free one hour teleclass on "The Secret of Attracting Love" on Thursday October 23rd. Read more....

World renowned author, Psychic researcher and Regression Hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon (USA) (see 1 minute video introduction) reveals her latest research into paranormal phenomena and is conducting hypnosis training in Perth, Sydney and Auckland November 12- December 2nd. ~For more information, website: ConsciousLiving.net.au

ANIMAL CRUELTY: Highly credible information transmitted from the afterlife dimension states that cruelty to animals is to be avoided at all costs. Those scientists who are think that it is justifiable to inflict pain on animals could face very serious repercussions – especially where there is understanding and awareness that pain and suffering are being unconscionably inflicted. When I was doing a Psychology major I saw dozens of young students inflicting unnecessary pain onto laboratory rats just to duplicate Skinner’s Schedule of Reinforcements – the results of which are already well known. I refused to inflict painful electrical shocks on to the lab rat because it was totally unnecessary. The butchering and inflicting of pain on to whales, deer, kangaroos and other animals is totally unnecessary.
See Animals are not ours to experiment on....
and check out going vegetarian on a budget.


QUESTIONa very popular question: How convinced are you about the independent existence of the afterlife convener William?

Victor: Absolutely! I conversed with William on a weekly basis for over fifteen months. and as a professional empiricist lawyer, I and other professionals with me, do unqualifiedly accept that William is real. He occasionally materializes, walks around the room, trips over the microphone, steps on people's toes, shakes hands with people. He’s got his own wisdom at the level he’s reached and his own emotions. He is extremely warm and human and he doesn't pretend to be perfect. Like every human he makes mistakes – as we all do. Here is a recording of William clapping his hands and stamping his feet to show that he is fully materialized.

The Circle of the Silver Cord website has undergone a make-over and contains several interesting testimonials from the recent sessions in Perth Western Australia. Deidree writes:
" I was seated between Margaret and Eddie and the first family member that came through was Margaret’s Dad. You could clearly hear him walking and breathing – his presence was real beyond a doubt and you could feel the change of the vibration within the room when these family members came through. Margaret’s husband sat opposite the room – and he went and spoke to Neil. He then came back and continued talking to Margaret. You were very much aware of his presence, listening to him walk and talking to his daughter and son in law, the words he used were words that he used when alive, as Margaret confirmed later – as he called her his Bonnie Lass. The next family member that came through was Eddie & Christine’s Granddad. When he came through, the vibration of the room changed once again – his footsteps were completely different as you heard him shuffling his feet towards Eddie and communicating with Eddie in front of myself – you could hear him breathing and could feel his presence like you would if you were meeting and talking to a person in everyday life." Read more....

– Originally from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (1983) is a timely reminder of what is and is not important in the BIG picture. Sent by Geraldine this wonderful video version elicits vital questions about us on planet earth, about the universe itself, about the perfect order in the universe, about the huge size of the universe, about the INTELLIGENT CAUSE/EFFECT of the universe and about time and space. It tends to put things in perspective: Watch now.... (2mins 40)

BEQUESTS: It is vitally important that professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers be given funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. One generous lady I know personally made a relatively big contribution - more than a million dollars! Your decision to bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone is likely to have considerable advantages for you in the afterlife. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

* The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena
* The Windbridge Institute for applied research
* The Forever Family Foundation
Mark Macy's World ITC- American based research on ITC
* Sonia Rinaldi's IPATI- Brazilian based research on ITC
* Rhine Research Centre- Insitute for Parapsychology
In the future we will include other registered organizations which are doing afterlife research. Please email for details.


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