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July 2nd 2010

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A few men - thousands of years ago - got together and decided - WITHOUT AUTHORITY from anywhere and by anyone - what all people should believe - claiming their own ideas/ voices in their heads must have come from 'God'. Some experienced spirit communication and 'paranormal' events. Later some of these writings were labeled 'theology.' Other groups of men sprung up elsewhere in the world also claiming to be inspired- but their beliefs differed from those of their religious rivals. For self- interest and domination, they all GAVE THEMSELVES AUTHORITY and stated WITHOUT evidence that all their beliefs came from God. Some of their 'holy' books were beautiful and inspirational- but some were insulting, aggressive, racist, calling for ethnic cleansing, murder, massacres, genocide and hatred.

Other religious writers - without authority - told the people that if they did not follow the teachings, as interpreted by the men who gave themselves power, they would be tortured and killed and for good measure condemned to eternal damnation. The use of fear - with the uneducated and uninformed - was very successful.

But humanity has evolved and people everywhere are very rapidly waking up! From these ancient writings we should keep that what is beautiful, enlightening and positive - and delete the rest.
Continued in part two....

Congratulations to David Thompson and his team for wonderful public demonstrations of physical mediumship and materialization in the United States. Interesting communication was made with those loved ones who actually materialized from the afterlife dimension. So many Americans, even Spiritualists, have been unaware that genuine physical mediumship exists, was once practiced all over the United States and was the means by which top scientists and lawyers and distinguished leaders came to accept the reality of the afterlife (read the story of Judge John Edmonds.) For more on David's tour and forthcoming activities see the Circle of the Silver Cord website.



Part 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-dpeYmRhSo&
Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPsf0zVgA3I&
Part 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYS2N5pzjX4&
Part 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcotBzjXndI&

(SSE) is a professional organization of scientists and scholars who study unusual and unexplained phenomena. Subjects often cross mainstream boundaries, such as consciousness, ufos, and alternative medicine, yet often have profound implications for human knowledge and technology. Founded in 1982 it has approximately 800 members in 45 countries worldwide. The SSE publishes a peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Scientific Exploration (JSE), and holds annual meetings in the USA and biennial meetings in Europe. Associate and student memberships are available to the public, and everyone is encouraged to attend meetings and participate with the society. You can get involved! Join the society: get the Journal (the real research). Attend meetings. Connect with the best minds in science working on these topics. http://www.scientificexploration.org/


During his Beyond TV Show, the 'amazing' James Van Praagh does an audience reading for two cousins and their whole spirit family comes in. To learn more about James, visit http://www.vanpraagh.com


Once again I am grateful to Michael Tymn for reminding me of the superb book and website of Miles Edward Allen The Survival Files which lists some of the very best cases demonstrating the survival of the human personality. At the top of his list Allen puts an incredible experiment by Dr Wolfgang Eisenbeiss who set up a chess game between two grand masters, one living and the other in the spirit world playing through a medium who knew absolutely nothing about chess. The game went on for many years during which time Maróczy, the grandmaster in spirit, wrote 38 pages of biographical information in response to Eisenbeiss' questions. Eisenbeiss then obtained the services of Laszlo Sebestyén, a historian and chess expert, to find out if the information could be verified. Read more on Michael Tymn's blog.

Psychic investigator the late Maurice Grosse presents photos containing "ghost extras" that he investigated and claimed were genuine.


Florence Marryat (1838-1899) was a famous author of her era, producing over ninety novels. She edited the monthly publication "London Society", and was a newspaper and magazine correspondent as well as a playwright, operatic singer, actress and journalism school instructor. In "There Is No Death" she gives an account of her 15 years of experience with many different materialization mediums. Her daughter, Florence, who died shortly after birth, materialized many times in red light through four different mediums. She was able to see her develop from a ten year old child to a beautiful 19 year old woman. Read extracts from the book....

RELIGIOUS UNITY? Directly from the afterlife:
, “If the Churches do really and sincerely desire to become one, their only hope of ever achieving unity is by discovering the spiritual truth, and in the light of it casting out from their creeds and doctrines every article that is against that truth. There will then be no need to place their doctrinal cards upon the table for all to see. There will be no need to search for a least common factor upon which all can find some measure of agreement. Truth speaks for itself. Its voice is clear and clamant, and cannot be gainsaid".


Conceptualized by the Rev. Michael Cocks MA(NZ) Philosophy Psychology, MA(Oxon)Theology, is a clergyman in the Anglican Church in Aotearoa-New Zealand who has spent his working life in parish work, the last five years as British Chaplain in West Sweden. He can be reached at deardencocks@gmail.com. He put the course together as a presentation for lecturers teachers and anyone who wants to know more about the afterlife.

Read more and see sample lessons.




Clearly, those who are familiar with Biblical writings will find especially in the Old Testament, aggressive writings against women - directing that a woman's place is in the home and totally subservient to her husband. The unmistakable imputation is that women are NOT to participate in public administration. But in Australia this week a woman, Julia Gillard, became the first female Prime Minister. So, in our state, NSW, the premier is a woman, as is the state governor; and on the national level our prime minister and 'Governor General' are female - and above them even the Queen is female. Clearly Australia totally ignores the writings of the Bible about women and does not accept that God perceives women as being inferior to males.!

QUESTION: FEAR OF DEATH (I regularly receive a number of emails about this very important topic). Hello Victor, I believe in the afterlife but I am still terrified of death. What can I do to remove the fear of death?

'Fear' comes about from 'ignorance' about what happens to you when you die. Having been indoctrinated in fear by the Catholic Church I used to fear death very much. But I found that the antidote to fear of death is knowledge about the afterlife from the right sources - which means you have to read the right books starting with my own book on the internet - for free. There are many many other books about the afterlife for free. The main thing is to allocate at least half an hour a day for reading the right books about the afterlife. A second book you may like to read is Arthur Findlay's books ON THE EDGE OF THE ETHERIC - and THE ROCK OF TRUTH. Then go on reading the very important information by a highly regarded spirit from the afterlife all the Silver Birch books - some nine of them. Then talk to people who have had a near death experience. Your local IANDS meeting is a great place to meet them. Guaranteed, if you begin searching your fear of death will be removed.

QUESTION: Hello Victor, There's no justice in this world! So many people try to make it difficult for me. I am harassed, I am attacked, I am maligned by those who I cannot even specifically identify. It seems so unfair! What can I do about it? Chelsea, UK.

When you say it's unfair, you imply what is being done is not in response to your conduct or provocation. It is likely someone - probably a rival - is 'setting you up'. First, if somebody set you up - for whatever reason - on a spiritual level we all know that the Law of Cause and Effect will come into operation and NO ONE ON EARTH has the power to change it by one iota. This means those who are being negative towards you will one day, without exception, be experiencing what you are experiencing - NO ONE will get away with it - no crooked policeman or police agent or operative of any sort, no crooked priest, no crooked bureaucrat who abuses his powers, no 'dirty works' initiator employed by the state or anybody else will escape that - the negative doer will pay the price, guaranteed! We are told not to expect justice on planet earth because here on physical earth everything is subject to the 'human condition'. On the highest authority we have been repeatedly informed that there is perfect justice in the greater scheme of things on crossing over - no court hearings, no lawyers, no adjournments, no delays. Justice is swift, immediate and automatic.

SECOND WEEK: FRIENDLY CHALLENGE-DEBATE: NOTE CAREFULLY: (NO traditional theologian or anybody else responded to this challenge as yet. I will try one more week).
Isn't there anyone qualified out there ready to defend all the writings in the Bible as it is written these days?
: I am looking for a traditional theologian from the Vatican or from anywhere else - and preferably a theologian who hasone or two or three university degrees and has studied the Bible in depth so that the level of debate at all times be at the highest level.

I've had too many complaints over the years regarding whether or not the Bible 'is the word of God' or not. I start off with two questions:

. Should we accept that the Bible is the 'word of God'? If yes, on what basis and on what acceptable authority would you say that?

2. Can we accept the Book of Leviticus as 'inspired' by God when it contains a lot of cruelty, curses, obscenities, indecencies, murders, killings, hatred, irrationality, illogical conclusions and a low, negative morality which is fundamentally inconsistent with the high morality of United Nations International Covenants on Human Rights?
Your reply will be submitted to the 'jury' on this website for consideration.

ON CLOSED-MINDED SKEPTICSM: there is a class of people in the world who do not have the skills, the competence, the ability to perceive the paranormal with true empirical equanimity - NO MATTER HOW POWERFULLY STRONG THE EVIDENCE. I received a couple of emails concerning a closed minded skeptic Prof Richard Wiseman. Last week I mentioned that this guy accepts the evidence of remote viewing at the same time stating we 'need more evidence.' This IS what I am talking about. This closed minded guy - who is representative of all closed minded skeptics - is a psychologist (NOT a pedigree scientist) - who gets attention and funding by opposing the paranormal. The hard line skeptics made him a 'Fellow' for his dissemination of closed minded, anti-paranormal, anti-afterlife evidence. Does anyone really expect this guy to have the equanimity to perceive the paranormal and the afterlife in a balanced way? NEVER! Ignore him - and IGNORE ALL negative skeptics. Guaranteed, they will lead you astray - and guaranteed also, one day they will have to swallow their negativity and their closed-mindedness and accept the validity of the paranormal and the afterlife.

Like many scientists, experimenters, investigators and writers I am an open minded skeptic. I look for evidence and judge on results. But of great danger to society are the closed minded skeptics who can hold up progress for many valuable years. What’s wrong with closed minded skeptics? (More next week):

11) "Space travel is bunk" the senior scientist astronomer Royal of Britain wrote before the first successful manned launches into space.
12) The most senior IBM technical advisor turned down the newly invented photocopier asserting that the market for it was likely no larger than 5,000 at most.
13) Closed minded scientists called Ohm's Law "a tissue of naked fantasy" and was not accepted for 10 years after George Ohm advanced it -( G Ohm was the pioneer in electricity who developed the now Familiar Ohm's law).
(From GRAIG HOGAN''S great book YOUR ETERNAL SELF, P 60.).

"Dear Victor & Wendy, Thanks Victor. Brilliant report this week. And I'm happy to see you go after Wiseman. (we have to put up with this idiot, who makes British TV monthly as a so-called "expert", while holding back progress with his poor education and knowledge). Mirai".

2. "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Zammit,Thanks, as always, for another wonderful newsletter and for all your efforts. Best wishes, Attorney J, Alpine, Texas"

3 . "Dear Victor, Hope you are well! Thanks a lot for the Friday Afterlife report, it is very interesting to read. Keep up the good work! Joanne"

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MUSIC: SOMETHING REALLY WONDERFUL and HIGHLY INSPIRATIONAL:‘WE SHALL OVERCOME’: This is a highly emotional song which brings highly nostalgic memories of the old days when it was sung by the many thousands marching and struggling for more

'freedom' in the U.S. In a way it reminds me of what we have to overcome ourselves to get universal acceptance of the afterlife.

I say, yes, deep down in my heart I do believe that one day negative skepticism will be removed; I believe that we can remove the darkness and despair and we can bring light and find hope. I believe that one day spiritual enlightenment will be attained by all. I believe that working together for world spiritual enlightenment is the final frontier on this planet earth of ours- and I do believe we shall overcome!

Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.