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June 6th 2008

A HUGE THANK YOU FROM VICTOR AND WENDY: We received many warm congratulations from so many wonderful people from so many places on our seven years of doing the weekly Friday Report without fail. Thank you for your wonderful emails, for your enthusiastic support and for your encouragement to continue to do this work for the "next twenty five years"!!!!

COMMENTARY- WHY SO LITTLE FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR AFTERLIFE RESEARCH? At a time when there is unprecedented recognition for all things to do with the afterlife and psychics in the popular media, there is a noticeable lack of money available for serious research. Certainly there are some wonderful researchers, mediums and circles out there doing ground-breaking work, but most of them are forced to work in other jobs to pay the bills. There is no more important issue today than the need for research into the afterlife. The afterlife is your most important matter on planet earth you will have to face one day - and guaranteed, the afterlife has huge consequences. Cancer research is important, but we are ALL going to die and many people have no idea what's going to happen afterwards. Yet there is no government or university funding for full-time research into the afterlife. There are the highly gifted mediums who go on television and write books about their afterlife experiences - such as Allison Dubois, John Edward, James Van Praagh. The popularity of Dr Gary Schwartz' book The Afterlife Experiments shows that there is clearly a demand for modern research and it is absolutely disgraceful that in this day and age skilled researchers have to do their work "on the weekends"; that really gifted mediums simply cannot afford to take time off from their "day jobs" to participate in research. That is why competent and independent researchers like Dr Julie Beischel and her Windbridge Institute need our support. Dr Beischel worked for a number of years doing mediumship research with Dr Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona before striking out on her own at the beginning of this year.

"Membership support is critical for progress at Windbridge. Members make it possible for us to conduct important independent research as well as to publish our free peer-reviewed journal."
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PRINCESS DIANA SPEAKS FROM THE AFTERLIFE? YOU BE THE JUDGE! There is a huge hunger in the world for new information about Princess Diana – people want to know what happened to her. Was she murdered? Was she killed because she was fooling around with a wealthy Moslem? What does Diana want to tell us from the afterlife? Chris B. sent me the URL of ‘Dianaspeaks’ the ‘Afterlife Site of Her Voice Interviews Via Medium Andrew Russell-Davis’. The audios and videos are very interesting and highly provocative. My position, as most of you know, is to present the taped evidence and will leave it entirely up to you to decide whether it is really Diana who is speaking. Read more...

This is an example of where we need funds for professional research. One way to test this, of course, is to have computer voice correlations. There is software – Forensic Audio - which I was informed costs some $18,000. Ideally then the experimenter would compare samples of Diana’s voice when she was on earth with the alleged Diana’s voices coming from the afterlife. Of course, when dealing with afterlife energy – (voices from the afterlife are considered to be energies) – we do not know if there will be critical interference to change the vibrations of the voices coming from the afterlife. Then of course there is vocabulary, sentence structure pace and intonation. It should be possible to run an analysis of words and their frequency of use while alive and then through the channel. Thirdly there is the question of content- does she reveal details that only she would know. Then there is the question of emotional appropriateness...her knowing exactly the right thing to say to a particular person that will have emotional impact. We need researchers who have access to the latest forensic equipment used by police and intelligence officers.

WHAT IS IT LIKE TO DIE? Many people over the years have asked for accounts of what it is like immediately after one crosses over. Transmitted information from several highly credible sources gives more or less the same information. We'll deal with a different one each week for the next few weeks.
Account 2. Alf Pritchett's story.
A soldier in the first world war talks through direct voice medium Leslie Flint in 1960 about how he died in battle without realizing that anything had happened. He became mystified that suddenly the other soldiers on the battlefield could no longer see him. And then all of a sudden he saw a comrade who he knew had been killed some months before who told him "you'll be right, mate. Come on". Listen to Alf's fascinating account. (41 minutes).

CHRIS ROBINSON WORKING TO PREVENT DISASTERS The Arlington Institute, a non-profit think tank specializing in predictive modeling of future events, hopes to utilize paranormal powers to provide an early warning of impending disasters or other critical events, such as acts of terrorism. British psychic Chris Robinson (left), who claims to see the future in dreams, is working with the Institute on the project. The Arlington Institute (TAI), which was founded nearly 20 years ago by futurist John L. Petersen, has identified why previous attempts to harness psychic powers through premonition bureaux were unsuccessful. They were not equipped with a system of processing reports of dreams and predictions automatically, which meant “the ability to effectively analyse the input was severely limited”. Present technology, it adds, overcomes these shortcomings. It can also give feedback to those submitting narratives, maintaining their interest in the process. So, for the first time, it has evolved a scheme – called the WHETHEReport – which it describes as an unprecedented early-warning system. Read more...

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fans (Sherlock Holmes writings) – and others will find a new book by experienced author and physical medium Patrick McNamara very interesting. Patrick was able to buy Conan Doyle's wallet at auction. He writes:‘The contents of the wallet were exactly as left when he died in 1930 and had been kept in a lawyer's safe until sold in 2004." If you want to learn more about the afterlife then there are chapters on physical Mediumship, spirit guides and ghosts, reincarnation, the dark spirit regions, spiritual laws explained, how to develop as a medium, and much more. The book includes a wonderful evidential email communication with a father who lost his son though suicide and the evidence given by the author without any physical or verbal communication. Within the book there is a short biography of Arthur Conan Doyle's fascinating life, his relationship and battles with Houdini which show Houdini has serious character flaws and was not debunking mediums as he said but destroying the good and bad ones alike. Read the story of Houdini's greatest feat which was no trick, his communication through the medium Arthur Ford and was a 10 part secret code from the after life that he agreed with his wife before he died. This was subsequently verified by his wife in the early 1920's. One chapter has a personal trance communication from Conan Doyle through the author who is a medium.’ Read more …

SKEPTIKO is a scientifically oriented Podcast (regular audio programs) by Alex Tsakiris (pictured) exploring new research in controversial areas of science such as telepathy, psi, parapsychology, near-death-experience, reincarnation, and after-life encounters. Each episode features open, honest debate on new scientific discoveries. The show includes interviews with top research scientists and their critics.

WORLD CONSPIRACY OVER THE YEARS? Most countries in the world have produced some kind of afterlife evidence. Certainly the major countries – all European countries, UK, all of the Americas, north and south – all the way from Canada, US, Brazil right down to Argentina – and in Africa and in Asian countries – all have tradition going back thousands of years. More recently, the afterlife beliefs have now become afterlife repeatable and objective evidence – and in the near future, more irrefutable scientific evidence will inevitably be produced. Now, the implied claim by the skeptics is that all these people, from all the countries from around the world got together into some kind of a conspiracy to fool the closed minded-skeptics around the world. Does that sound credible to the average reader? Of course not! The afterlife is inevitable and unavoidable. Get to know as much as you can about the afterlife – click on BOOK.

ON EVIDENCE: occasionally I receive emails from skeptics and those who do not have professional qualifications and do not have professional experience about the admissibility of evidence. They raise the issue "Oh, the afterlife evidence is anecdotal." WRONG! I recommended that they go and consult with a specialist in law to explain to them the difference between something which is 'anecdotal' (Definition: consisting of or based on secondhand accounts rather than firsthand knowledge or experience or scientific investigation) and objective repeatable empirical evidence. It is colossal ignorance pushed to its extreme when someone comes up with this 'anecdotal' nonsense. I am stunned by these materialists who are not even informed on the basics of what technically constitutes admissible objective/repeatable evidence. Because they are deeply entrenched in negative prejudice regarding the afterlife their mind resists allowing afterlife evidence to penetrate. I stated this before: NLP- Neurolinguistic Programming explains this by way of 'deletions'- the skeptic's mind just deletes anything that contradicts the skeptical information it has. And psychology calls it 'rationalization to avoid cognitive dissonance' - the closed skeptic rationalizes his personal beliefs to avoid the mind giving him anxiety when it received scientific evidence for the afterlife.

HUMILIATED: CLOSED MINDED SKEPTIC CHICKENS OUT RE DOG EXPERIMENT - Randi, who is very rapidly losing credibility, has gained a lot of publicity over the years with his fraudulent Million Dollar Challenge to those demonstrating telepathy, ESPor other psi phenomena. In recent years, this closed minded materialist has been an outspoken critic of research suggesting dogs have a telepathic ability that allows them to know when their owners are coming home. Skeptiko host and research sponsor Alex Tsakiris began negotiating with Randi
in September of 2007, when Randi appeared on the Skeptiko Podcast and called for an independent investigation into claims of canine telepathy. In April of 2008, Skeptiko released a video showing the successful results of their first trial. As happened in England sometime ago when he wanted to do a John Edward on television and really made a fool of himself, it now seems that this closed minded skeptic has decided not to participate in ongoing research investigating Dr. Rupert Sheldrake's claims - he chickened out! Read more...

Is it possible that dogs have a telepathic link with their owners? Rupert Sheldrake published a book on the subject. "Dogs that Know when their owners are coming home" Watch this video and judge for yourself.

WHY ARE THERE SO FEW MEDIUMS IN THE WORLD? Arthur Findlay answered that question eloquently in his book THE ROCK OF TRUTH chapter one. He said that the Christian Inquisition – included mass slaughter of mediums around the world. He said God said ‘Thou shalt not kill” and between the year 1260 and the mid 1800’s more than TWENTY MILLION people were slaughtered by the Christian – Catholic and Protestant Inquisition. For example, in England within two hundred years, 30,000 were murdered. In Geneva the Protestants burned 500 at the stake within three months. In Germany over 100,000 were burnt at the stake. In the year 1576 Bessie Dunlop of Lyne in Ayreshire, was burnt because in her presence voices were heard – a classic direct voice medium. Mediumship is hereditary. Now the Inquisition took place all over Europe, North and South America, Africa, even in the East as far as India. That perhaps gives you some idea why we only have relatively few mediums in the world to-day. As Silver Birch stated, ‘they will delay, but never stop the advancement of spirit.’


"In his 1916 book, Raymond or Life and Death, Sir Oliver Lodge, the esteemed British physicist and radio pioneer, in a séance with medium Gladys Osborne Leonard (pictured), discussed the subject (of cremation and burial) with Raymond, his deceased son. Raymond told him that the body doesn't start mortifying until the spirit has left it. He went on to tell his father that he had witnessed a scene several days earlier in which a man was going to be cremated two days after the doctor pronounced him dead. "When his relatives on this side heard about it, they brought a certain doctor on our side, and when they saw that the spirit hadn't got really out of the body, they magnetized it, and helped it out," Raymond explained through Feda, Leonard's control. "But there was still a cord, and it had to be severed rather quickly, and it gave a little shock to the spirit, like as if you had something amputated. But it had to be done." Raymond suggested that there should be a seven-day waiting period before cremation. "People are so careless," he said. "The idea seems to be ‘hurry up and get them out of the way now that they are dead." Read more on this memorable post on Mike Tymn's blog...

The Rev. Michael Cocks and The Rev. Victor MacGill in New Zealand put out a monthly e-journal The Ground of Faith- Exploring Science, Mysticism and Experience Together. The June edition is now online.

SYDNEY MEDIUM TAPES SEGMENT FOR PSYCHIC TELEVISION SHOW Sydney medium Ezio De Angelis has been extremely busy filming his part in a soon to be aired TV production featuring a number of Australia's top psychics and mediums. He also sends details of the following three Sydney activities:
Delivering messages from the Spirit World
Bates Drive Kareela This Friday 6th June 2008
7:30pm - 9pm $20 pay at the door. No need to book.
Enquiries Michelle 0419 236 220
Blacktown Workers Club Sunday 22nd June 2008
Doors open 10am Entry $8 members - $10 non members.
Check local papers offering a 10% discount on all Psychic Readings conducted in the readers area! Free Lectures and Live presentations on stage by Ezio De Angelis, Jason McDonald and Mitchell Coombes. There will be a wide variety of stalls, psychic readers and healers.
Saturday 14th June 2pm -4pm The Gathering Suite 7 (Upstairs)
156 - 168 Queen Street Campbelltown.
$5 donation which will be given to Charity.

THE ‘1,000 POUNDS U.K. CHALLENGE FARCE’! “Prove that Alan Crossley really materialized” this anti-materialization 'spiritualist' says- when for the last TWO YEARS I have been stating that nobody CAN guarantee the identity of those who materialize. We put the evidence of the materialized entities' voices on tape on the internet – and we leave it at the discretion of the members of the public to accept or reject what they hear. But this 'sticky' guy has ulterior motives ... Read my full response…

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