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October 8th

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COMMENTARY: The 'eternal' conflict between the Forces of the Light and the Forces of Darkness. Long term: good news! For the long term thinkers: First, defining the terms: usually 'Light' refers to knowledge. 'Darkness' refers to ignorance. Whilst on the face of it there is a war going on between the forces of knowledge and ignorance, and there would be many victims of this war, it is not unreasonable to predict that - even if it takes eons of time - one day the Forces of the Light will eventually win over the forces of Darkness. Why? Because highly credible information transmitted from the other side tells us that there is an ongoing 'evolution' going on everywhere in the universe and on every level. This would mean that those who do not have or are backward in 'knowledge' - who are in darkness, over time they will continue to evolve and gradually their knowledge will increase. Information transmitted from the other side consistently tells us that in the afterlife we are all destined to continue evolve - from the lower to the higher realms - and beyond. No one is condemned eternally! The more knowledge, the more Light. Another way of seeing it is by way of Dialectal Spiritualism- see diagram, left and see: the continuous evolution and refinement through the conflict resolution. Those interested - read more about Dialectical Spiritualism - and the diagram


We now know that atoms are 99.999999999% empty space. And, thanks to quantum physics, we now know that subatomic particles- electrons, protons and neutrons - are not solid either. They are made up of energy. So the world we think of as being solid is in fact empty space. So why don't our hands pass through each other?

(F., Brazil).

Victor: Strictly speaking, death is a matter of physics (science). Why? Afterlife investigators state that ALL people survive physical death and continue to live on crossing over in a different, afterlife dimension which has higher 'vibrations' than the vibrations we have on physical earth. Science tells us that we cannot have 'consciousness' without 'energy'. Science also tells us that no one can create, no one can destroy 'energy' - it can only be 'transformed'. At physical death, the 'energy of our consciousness' is transformed to a higher level of atomic vibrations - but we still have a duplicate of our physical body vibrating much faster - that has been confirmed many times by different sources throughout the world.


For more on ITC see Mark's presentation

BRILLIANT! Any professional afterlife investigators and others serious about the afterlife will tell you that materialization mediumship is the GREATEST DISCOVERY IN HUMAN HISTORY and is the BEST evidence for the afterlife. A couple of Saturdays ago The Circle of the Silver Cord and guests experienced brilliant materialization session with David Thompson, the extraordinary gifted medium. It is sensational in the extreme when those who crossed over coming from the afterlife use the medium's 'ectoplasm' (whitish smoky substance exuded by the medium) and AGAIN these afterlife intelligences become solid on physical earth to converse with us. No words can describe the fantastic experience! William (pictured above left), David's co-worker in spirit, materialized and made physical contact with a couple of the sitters. Louis Armstrong, the great jazz star of the old times, highly gifted entertainer Quentin Crisp from England (a movie was made about him THE NAKED CIVIL SERVANT) with young Tim, the nine year old, materialized and performed sensationally. Thank you friends from the afterlife dimension - you are helping many people on physical earth to understand that the afterlife exists! We are extremely privileged to have participated in one of the greatest discoveries in human history.

AN OPEN-MINDED SKEPTIC ON DAVID THOMPSON'S MEDIUMSHIP Russell Buchanan begins his report on David Thompson's mediumship "Attention skeptics and individuals seeking the truth. I am one of you albeit an open minded skeptic." Logically and systematically he asks and answers all the questions that every one of us asks ourselves when we encounter this extraordinary evidence for the afterlife. Read more.

"The body is formed of a finer stuff than your earthly variety and is free from any sensations of pain, illness, discomfort, fatigue or hunger. This absolute freedom from any, however slight, feeling of malaise is exhilarating for all the new arrivals. The body is completely at ease, completely flexible, supportive, pleasurable to be attached to ... Locomotion is one of the first areas our friend is instructed in. He will find that he cannot propel himself by moving his legs as in his previous existence. He learns that his thoughts direct him wherever he wants to go. Many experience this as a pulsing motion. The entire experience in the spirit realm is perfectly and immediately responsive to THOUGHTS. Physical life is equally responsive to thoughts, but often there is a delay in the actual physical realization. ... Travel in the realms of spirit can cover great distances in an instant, actually instantaneously, or else one can move at a gradual pace through the surroundings ..." An independent perception of an afterlife experience by Judy Laddon - directly from the afterlife.


Psychotherapist and spirit medium August Goforth recently discussed his contacts with his deceased partner, Tim, who communicated with him from the Other Side on Coast to Coast. Tim described to him what it was like to transition into the spirit world, and what he experiences there. In Part 3 of the audio August talks about what happens to people who did not believe in the afterlife.. On the same program Dr Melvin Morse talks about Near Death Experiences in children and his struggles with the academic skepticism- he claims that more than 50% of doctors and scientists do know about the afterlife..Part 4..
and Part 5.

You can catch August live at True Voices Radio on Thursday, October 7 at 9–11 pm EST. At the site, enter the Chat Room on the left, which activates listening; you can also chat with others while you listen. OR listen post-broadcast to "Michael William's
Podcast" at http://oldhip.podomatic.com/ -

So Mark Chapman, who viciously executed Beatles lead singer John Lennon in 1980 told the Parole Board some 14 days ago - when applying for an early release - that he had wanted 'instant notoriety' by killing someone famous. (Note well: he does say he'd be a most vicious murderer hated by millions of Lennon's fans). For the first time ever he mentioned Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor and television entertainer John Carson - American celebrities as alternative targets. " RUBBISH! a medium told me. Mark Chapman was a 'hired killer". John Lennon had not recorded anything for five long years - and he was not at his peak at all but he was PERCEIVED to be politically highly influential. A documentary about him stated he was under 'surveillance'. Unconfirmed reports state that he organized a 'double' to confuse those who were observing him. Chapman, the assassin, had had the greatest opportunity to kill John Lennon immediately before Lennon went for his studio recording that same evening. So why wait until AFTER the studio recording? Because in professional hits the target has to be absolutely identified where there could be even some doubt about the identification of the targeted. So what Mark Chapman did was to ask J Lennon BEFORE to sign a copy of his album the studio recording took place.
FINGERPRINTS CHECKED: During the recording fingerprints of J Lennon were checked - and they did match. Only after the proper identification of the target was J Lennon shot some five times in carefully strategic places in the back. A real professional hit. In assassinations by amateurs they usually shoot only once at the chest. But five times in strategic places? Yoko Ono should inform the Parole Board that Mark Chapman was a hired killer - and he's still keeping quiet about the contract. Who hired him? The medium said it is not her place to identify those who ordered the assassination. Even Chapman's background would make a prima facie (legal for on the face of it) case he was a hired killer..


We are delighted to report that Tom Morris and Kevin Lawrenson, the mediums from the MontCabirol Centre in France are currently demonstrating physical mediumship at Jenny's Sanctuary in England, a purpose built facility for physical mediumship in Oxford. Early reports and testimonials from their demonstration in Hastings are on their website. We will bring you full reports next week.


We are sometimes asked about suitable venues for demonstrating physical mediumship in Sydney and in other cities around the world. An ideal venue has to be totally lightproof or able to be easily blacked out, big enough for 20-30 people, totally secure,
easily accessible for visitors. It needs to be somewhere where other people will not be disturbed by sometimes loud singing. Cellars are ideal as long as the floors can be cleaned. If you have access to such a venue and are willing to host demonstrations of physical mediumship please email vz@victorzammit.com.

Tom and Lisa Butler's Association Trans-Communication is dedicated to the systematic study of survival to help people understand death, dying and what to expect after transition. On their website they have just posted one of the clearest examples of electronic voice phenomena we have ever heard. Read the story of Martha's message from George and listen for yourself.

OCTOBER EDITION OF THE GROUND OF FAITH NOW ONLINE: probably the most intellectually and theologically advanced Christians in the world tell us all in their journal:
This wonderful newsletter from Rev Michael Cocks in New Zealand always contains many articles of interest. This month's issue leads with the question of What is a Saint? and moves on to
"An Interview with Professor William James on the 100th Anniversary of His Death" An article on What is the best evidence for survival? by ASPSI Boyce Batey and one on the lengths to which some people will go, to debunk NDEs, OBEs. Keith Parsons writes about Karl Wickland and Johnathan Beecher questions What is a Saint. Read the Ground of Faith online...

BEYOND AWAKENING- A FREE TELESEMINAR SERIES The Most Important Conversation of Our Time

How can a living spirituality enable human beings to create more enlightened responses to our common problems? There is no more important conversation—or commitment to action—in the world today. Join 27 of the most dynamic contemporary spiritual teachers engaged in this series of dialogues. Each teacher will bring a distinct, profound, and catalytic perspective to the Big Conversation. Each has drunk deeply from the wisdom of the past, and is also embodying their wisdom in a new way, freshly attuned to the challenges of our moment. Read more...

Without doubt there would be some brilliant psychics in Russia. But we are informed there are also so many ‘quacks’ pretending to be gifted psychics but they are NOT – they just want to cheat Russians’ of their hard earned cash. So what do you with those cheats, liars calling themselves ‘psychics’ when they are NOT psychics? Pass a law to ban their advertisements– this is because they are giving the ‘legitimate’ - the good psychics and mediums a very bad name!The quack bad and cheating pretenders to be psychics have made it difficult for the true and genuine psychics and mediums. Shame!!



Under normal circumstances where there is a heart to heart connection - say, between you and your loved ones, on crossing over they will be meeting you to help you move on to the realm of the light. As long as you are a reasonable, open minded person - you do not have to be perfect here on earth - yes, you will be meeting your loved ones on crossing over. But, if a person happens to have a deep belief that on dying nothing is going to happen or if one lived a cruel, selfish life, there could be serious problems meeting up with loved ones. That is the consistent information we received over the decades about meeting loved ones on crossing over.


Dear Victor, Reading your afterlife reports is the best thing I ever did. I look forward every week to read your words. Before I was 'always on the run' but since I read about the afterlife I found rest and I became calm. I never did before. Thank you so much! I found what I was looking for. K. Brussels, Belgium

2) Hello, I've been reading your articles and watching your videos for years, Mr. Zammit; I have tremendous respect for you and hope life and people are treating you well. Thanks for your contributions to who I am, what I know. I have for sure learned that the older I get, the more I know, the more I realize how much we DON'T know. You're a very good man and I wish you the best. No need to respond; I know you're a busy man. Just know you have a friend here in Abilene, Texas. God bless you and yours

3) Dear Victor, Love your Afterlife Reports, your articles and videos are great and your links enlightening. Don't know how I stumbled onto your website but glad I did. Sincerely, Grace


Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.