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25th September 2009

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Last week's report

This week's Friday report is coming to you from England. Victor and Wendy are enjoying a break at Jenny's Sanctuary near Banbury. Rest assured we will write a full report on our experiences when we return.

COMMENTARY- POSITIVE RESULTS IN FRANCE- John Sloan, who was Arthur Findlay’s ‘direct voice’ medium, is the guide and control for the Yellow Cloud Circle of Eternal Illumination based at Hameau Montcabirol, a lovely estate in Southern France near Toulouse. Wendy and I were fortunate enough to have been invited to spend the last week with hosts Tom Morris and Kevin Lawrenson, both long time mental mediums and gifted physical mediums. A most interesting aspect of their physical mediumship is that they have changed from working with ectoplasm to working with what their team in spirit call simply “the new energy”. A big advantage of this is that there is no danger to the medium if light is suddenly introduced to the circle. At the moment the Circle is still developing but they are getting clear voices, lots of moving trumpets and tables, partial materializations, some independent direct voice, levitation of the medium, matter through matter and wonderful spiritual philosophy. While we were there they received an apport (an object moved into a seance room from an unknown source) of an old British ten shilling note. They have been promised full materialization in red light and we have no doubt that this gifted circle will be achieving its goal of convincing many people of the existence of the afterlife in the next few years.

MICHAEL JACKSON’S SPEAKS FROM THE AFTERLIFE! : Brief preface: this is NOT for the faint-hearted or for the cynics or the closed or negatively minded. At the end of the second session on Tuesday September 22nd 09 at Montcabirol, France, an entity claiming to be Michael Jackson came through with a message for the world at large. Here is ‘Michael Jackson’ wanting the world to know something about how deeply he feels regarding his crossing over. Those from the afterlife dimension who assisted ‘Michael Jackson’ for the session are highly reliable entities such as John Sloan who has been answering difficult questions for a relatively long time (more about this later on). We were given assurances by John Sloan that Michael Jackson is who he claims to be.

"Hello. My name is Michael Joseph Jackson. I’ve come here today….
This is difficult…very difficult for me… I have come back to say there will be no recurrences with people who have been accused of my death. I did not commit suicide. Although I take full responsibility for my death.
There should be no charges brought from anybody.
I am totally responsible for my passing.
That is all I wanted to say.
And I will carry on my work from this side of life.
And I hope that the world will listen this time.
Thank you."

QUESTIONS TO JOHN SLOAN in the afterlife: Get to know John Sloan. Send a question to John Sloan about anything to do with the afterlife. I asked John Sloan a number of questions myself and was very satisfied with his answers. Always remember, that it is critical to know more about the afterlife as the afterlife - we are repeatedly informed - has huge consequences. The Yellow Cloud Circle has kindly agreed to put to John Sloan any question about the afterlife or spiritual philosophy that our readers would like to submit directly to the team in spirit. Send all questions to me first: 2008@victorzammit.com

'ENERGY’ HEALING. Kevin Lawrenson, who has close links with John Sloan, has made the decision to focus his mediumship on healing and has many testimonials from people who have benefited from his healing. If you want to know about spiritual healing or perhaps you know someone who needs healing, email tomkev3@aol.com.

THE NEW AFTERLIFE ENERGY: In the SCOLE EXPERIMENTS a ‘new’ experimental energy was used. When afterlife intelligences want to communicate with the investigators, they need energy to be able to relate their message. Ectoplasm is a form of an afterlife energy that was used years ago and it is being used to-day to allow spirits to contact us. But the afterlife intelligences are developing a ‘new energy’ to contact us because ectoplasm, potentially, has great dangers. For example, ectoplasm could be deadly for the medium if when under a trance sudden light is put on. The result is that the ectoplasm will shoot back into the medium’s body with great speed – and could do serious damage- even could kill the medium. Experts in the area believe that materialization medium Helen Duncan was killed because of sudden light being put on by intruders during one of her séances. The new energy is very safe At the moment it seems that the scientists in spirit are working collectively to stabilize this energy and perfect its use as a communication medium between the two worlds. At least six circles we know of are getting great results using this energy with the ultimate aim of being able to video materialized people and afterlife intelligences in natural light. When this happens, it will inevitably cause the greatest spiritual revolution in the history of the world – more later.

THE CIRCLE FOR HUMANITY: for the first time Wendy and I participated in ‘table tilting’ mediumship. Dr Ken S. and Roberto Henao of the New York based Circle for Humanity organized this session who happened to be also guests at Montcabirol, in Toulouse, France. The present members of this circle have only been working together for a few months but have been getting plenty of evidence- so far 49 apports of coins, stamps, and pictures which all have to do with the issues being discussed. We were very pleasantly surprised by the results in the sessions we attended. The table levitated several times and demonstrated a real personality. Several people in the room felt materialized hands touching their backs. Immediately before the session a group of us were standing outside in a circle- in front of all of us a coin was apported and dropped from about waist high onto the floor in the center of the circle. More about this Circle later on.

At the same time as we are looking with anticipation at the development of mediumship let as celebrate one of the greatest physical and mental mediums ever. Here is some rare footage of the late medium Gordon Higginson demonstrating his exceptional gift of mediumship at the SNU Centenary celebration meeting at Wembley on 31st March 1990. See Part 2 for the remainder of this excerpt. Gordon Higginson was President of the SNU from 1970 until his passing to spirit and was an excellent medium, speaker and teacher. For more information about Gordon, please visit: http://www.gordonhigginson.co.uk/
For more information about the SNU and spiritualism in the UK please visit: http://www.snu.org.uk/


Part 2

A town in New York with lots of mediums... town historian Joyce Lajudice talks about how the mediums have to be tested before setting up practice.

'SALUMET': TRANSMISSIONS FROM THE AFTERLIFE DIMENSION: George Moss and the Kingsclere Team sent me this item. This is about someone - a 'beyond Earth life intelligence' who is transmitting information to a group of people in the UK. If you are interested to read about transmissions from the afterlife dimension (as I am), read on and access their website: http://www.salumet.net/

“Salumet is a Master in spirit from the 'far soul integrations'. He comes to a spirit communication group, on Monday evenings, that meets in Kingsclere, Hampshire, UK. He speaks with a wonderful clarity through the full trance medium Eileen Roper, teaching the ways of spirit and answering questions on a wide range of subjects. There is a striking parallel with the Master known as White Eagle who came through Grace Cooke in the mid-20th century. The Salumet mission to Earth began in June 1994 and continues. The objectives have been twofold: to steer the world away from a course that had been taking us steadily towards nuclear oblivion and then to raise spiritual awareness as we proceed into this New Millennium. His teaching is of that same Divine Source as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, the one who 'revealed' to St John in Revelation, he who came to Thoth in more ancient times and other Masters ... but the difference is that Salumet's words are for a world-conciousness as it stands today. His mission is for 21st century humanity."

Psychic medium B. Anne Gehman gave her first spirit readings to her teddy bears at age five. Raised in the Mennonite tradition, she left home at age 14 to finish her schooling. A life-changing near-death experience led Anne to develop her natural gifts, including an uncanny ability to predict future events. She has gained international attention for her help in solving crimes, locating oil and missing persons, healing illnesses, and connecting family members with their loved ones in spirit. She has worked with top government agencies and officials, police departments, judges, and corporate CEOs.

While remarkable for her spiritual gifts and experiences, Anne’s life is all the more fascinating due to an unusual twist: she is married to Wayne Knoll, Ph.D., a former Jesuit priest. A brilliant student devoted to his faith, Wayne also left home at 14 to join a Roman Catholic seminary. Even while pursuing his life’s dream as a professor of literature at Georgetown University, Wayne felt an emptiness that only a woman could fill. After more than a decade of religious training, he made the wrenching decision to leave the priesthood, not knowing if he would find the love he sought. The Priest and the Medium shares the remarkable story of two soul mates on parallel paths with divergent beliefs, yet united in their love for God and each other.

AFTER-DEATH-COMMUNICATION radio host: George Noory Guest: Bill Guggenheim who wrote the book with Judy - Hello From Heaven. Starting in the first hour, Bill Guggenheim, an authority on after-death communication, will discuss his thirty year journey into researching and documenting over 3,000 first hand accounts of communication with the dead, including stories from children, visions of the soul leaving the body, and instructions on inducing after-death communications. Listen.

QUESTION: I am getting contradictory information about something which is very important to me. I read information transmitted from the afterlife which says there is no hell. Then I read other transmissions which say there is. Can you assist on this one?

Victor: Yes, I do agree with you that there is contradictory information about hell. There are those who are regarded highly credible transmitters - such as Silver Birch, Mons. Hugh Benson, Arthur Findlay and others who say yes, there is hell. But the hell they talk about is NOT the Christian 'hellfire'. They talk about a very dark realm where the vibrations of that realm is necessarily very low. The meanest, lowest spirits reside there - but not for 'eternity' as some religions claim. Here, this is how Mons. Hugh Benson describes it:

"It is not a pleasant subject, but I have been advised that the facts should be given, not with the intention of frightening people- that is not the spirit world's method or aims - but to show that such places exist soley by virtue of an inexorable law, the law of cause and effect, the spiritual reaping that succeeds the earthly sowing; to show that to escape moral justice upon the earth-plane is to find strict and unrelenting justice i the spirit world ..." (from LIFE IN THE UNSEEN WORLD, chapter vi The Lowest Realms). Read more ...



FEEDBACK Scepcop, Greetings
Thank heavens for SCEPCOP
by Lonecat on Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:31 pm

I have been delving into the content of SCEPCOP and finding it quite astounding. The articles and especially the videos are truly a valuable find for me. I am so pleased that Mr. Victor Zammit, of whom I am a great admirer and supporter also appears on SCEPCOP and that he now has your support. It is a great relief to me to see that there now exist at least three intelligent websites on Internet to act as a counterbalance to those of all the scoffers and arrogant, so-called "skeptics" who blather on without even deigning to study the empirical evidence, say, for the afterlife ... Read more ...

PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY: PLEASE DO NOT ORDER BOOKS UNTIL EARLY OCTOBER. As I stated above, Wendy and I are traveling overseas and will not be able to send books.





BEQUESTS: Now more than ever before professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers are struggling for funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. After you have provided for your family in your will consider making a bequest which will bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

* The Windbridge Institute for applied research
* Zerdin Phenomenal
* The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena

* The Forever Family Foundation
* Mark Macy's World ITC- American based research on ITC
* Rhine Research Centre- Institute for Parapsychology
* Sonia Rinaldi's IPATI- Brazilian based research on ITC


A very young SARAH BRIGHTMAN and friends sing LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING in a 1992 concert in Japan.

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