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COMMENTARY: THE U.S. GOVERNMENT ACKNOWLEDGES PSYCHIC POWER IS REAL Perhaps those ignorant, highly negatively entrenched closed minded skeptics who keep repeating ' there is no such thing as psychic phenomena' can explain why a psychic was awarded the Legion of Merit for psychic services. This award is the second highest award that the U.S. Army can make during peace time. It was given to remote viewer Joe McMoneagle, with the approval of US Congress, for his brilliant psychic work. The citation reads:

"While with his command, he used his talents and expertise in the execution of more than 200 missions, addressing over 150 essential elements of information. These EEI contained critical intelligence reported at the highest echelons of our military and government, including such national level agencies as the Joint Chief's of Staff, DIA, NSA, CIA, DEA, and the Secret Service, producing crucial and vital intelligence unavailable from any other source."

FURTHER, perhaps they can explain why more than 100 skeptical police officers from around the United States have gone on record throughout the world through the television series PSYCHIC DETECTIVES stating that after they worked with psychics to solve cases they now accept that psychics and mediums DO HAVE PARANORMAL GIFTS. Read more



Here are a few lines from the one of the chapters of the our book to be released shortly: " Demonstrating the existence of psychic abilities scientifically helps us understand that we are more than our physical bodies and are not bound by time and space. Extra-sensory perception is inseparable from the afterlife and is the main method of communication between the dimensions. "

Brazilian Spiritists like to make a clear distinction
between automatic writing, which they say comes from the subconscious mind, and psychography which is writing by a Spirit. Brazilian medium Chico Xavier (pictured) claimed that when he was writing he could see, hear and feel the spirit who was working his arm. As well as writing 451 books using psychography Chico also produced ten thousand psychographed letters for grieving families containing messages from their "dead" sons and daughters. According to a survey names of relatives appeared in 93 per cent of the letters and 35 per cent of them carried a signature very similar to that of the person who had died (da Rosa Borges 2010).

On April 2010, the 100th anniversary of Chico Xavier's birth, the movie “Chico Xavier o Filme” was launched.
A second movie Mães de Chico Xavier (Mothers of Chico Xavier) was released in Brazil in 2011. It deals with three mothers: Ruth whose teenage son faced problems with drugs; Elisa, who tried to compensate for the absence of her husband by giving full attention to her child Theo; and Lara, who faces an unplanned pregnancy without the support of her partner Santiago. And finally there is a reporter Karl who tries to 'investigate' Chico. All based on true stories. The full movie in Portuguese is on Youtube. If anyone knows of a version with English subtitles please let us know.

BRAZILIAN MEDIUMS SCIENTIFICALLY STUDIED: Researchers from Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil embarked on a study, analyzing the cerebral blood flow (CBF) of Brazilian mediums while they were practising psychography. What the team was able to determine was that the brain activity of the mediums underwent a significant decrease in activity when they would enter this mediumistic dissociative state.

To collect the data, researchers selected 10 mediums and injected them with a radioactive tracer that would allow the scientists to observe their brain activity during both normal writing and also during the practice of psychography. Of the 10 mediums observed in the study, five were considered as experienced while the other five were less expert. Read more...

HOW A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE CHANGED A SOLDIER IN VIETNAM Following his near death experience this soldier found that he could not use his rifle. When asked why, he said "God wouldn't let me. The light would not let me do it."



NEW BOOK: 'EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS' by Howard A Jones Ph.D. - Some of the chapters: 1. The Humanist Evolution of Renaissance: The Age of Enlightenment and the rise of Science; The rise of Romanticism; Existentialism. 3. The Changing Scientific World View : Scientific knowledge and mystical insight; The new world-view of the 20th Century Science; Chaos and Order in the Universe. 4.
Evolution of Religion into Spirituality- Intelligent Design and the origin of life. The incoherence of scriptural religion Spirituality, religion and superstition. 5. The Idea of the Universal Field of Consciousness. Human Interaction with the Universal Mind. See also: www.spiritofoneness.co.uk

QUESTION: LOCATION OF THE AFTERLIFE DIMENSION: The religions I came across - such as the Christian religion - all say that heaven is up above in the sky somewhere. Exactly where is the afterlife situated?

Victor: Information transmitted directly from the afterlife throughout many countries states very clearly that where we are NOW is the location of the afterlife. When we physically die, all we do is change the vibrations of the physical body to the spiritual body. In fact physical dying is a scientific process - going from the lower physical vibrations to much faster afterlife dimension vibratIons. Famous clairvoyant Charles Leadbeater insisted that death does not involve "any movement in space." Medium Mrs Leonard observed that the next world "seems so near to us". Medium Arthur Ford said, "Spirits are not in another place but in another state of consciousness - because operating in another type of body ..." Mons. Hugh Benson from the afterlife through his medium Anthony Borgia said, the newly dead find that "the greater world has been round them all the time." Medium G.G. Andre (from 'Morning Talks With Spirit Friends') said that," ... the next world envelopes and interpenetrates the physical world". So there you have it: clearly, the other side is where we are now - and we do NOT ascend to the heavens past the clouds!!

LL KNOWING' ON CROSSING OVER: There are people who think that when we cross over to the afterlife dimension we become 'all knowing and all spiritual.' No, not quite! After we die, we are exactly the same in character and knowledge as we were when alive. Those who have knowledge of the afterlife will go to a hugely more beautiful world than earth. We will still be recognisable as we were when alive but beauty is not based on physical features but on the brightness of the aura. We will have exactly the same memories as before, but additionally will remember the visits we made to the afterlife every night when we were asleep. At first we remain at the same level of spiritual development we were at before death - but we will all have the opportunity to continue to learn more, to become more spiritual in the afterlife dimension and to go to higher, more beautiful levels.


Is it possible to sink to a lower level after we cross over to the afterlife?
Highly credible afterlife teacher, S. Birch: "Oh yes! There are many who do not progress for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years who are still filled with the desires of earth even when they have passed to the world of spirit. Their lives are filled with greed and desire, and they seek not to understand the laws of the spirit. The things of the spirit make no impression upon them, for they are still of the earth and they sink from lower planes to still lower planes."

: from time immemorial we were informed of this continuous struggle between the Forces of the Light and the Forces of Darkness on physical earth AND in the afterlife. Highly credible afterlife teachers tell us we have to watch out for the dark forces - and the way to make sure only those from Forces of the LIght are with you is to live the right way AND ask inner guidance, the Forces of the Light and your guides for help. If you happen to meet in a group for spirituality, ALWAYS ask for protection from the Forces of the Light. You ask for help and you will get it.


As the holiday season gets under way it is important to remember the people for whom this is the saddest time of the year- those suffering loss of a loved one, their home, their family, their country.

An important link for those grieving a loss:

A most important source directly from the afterlife: the highly credible Catholic Monsignor Hugh Benson
transmitted information directly from the afterlife through Medium Anthony Borgia. He makes some dramatic and powerful revelations about mistaken beliefs of the Catholic Church. A most critical mistaken belief is the Adam and Eve myth. "NOT TRUE", Mons Benson said ..." they simply did NOT exist." A huge problem for the Church is that if Adam and Eve did not exist, there is NO ORIGINAL SIN and NO REASON FOR JESUS TO 'SAVE MANKIND (from Original Sin )- the reason we are told that Jesus had to come to Earth. From FACTS see introduction (download as pdf).

If you are interested in books of a spiritual nature including books on Christianity, Life after death, Non-violence, Paranormal, Philosophy, Poetry, Spiritualism, Spirituality and Vegetarianism then have a look at the books on offer at White Crow Books. They specialise in non-fiction or classic fiction of a spiritual nature encompassing world spirituality. You can buy e-books (digital editions), audio books or hardback and paperback versions printed on demand. Wherever you are in the world, you can purchase Whitecrow books from good online bookstores like Amazon and also the occasional bricks and mortar outlet. Our readers may be particularly interested in their books on Life After Death.
Have a look at the sample chapters especially of:
The Voices
The Flying Cow
Afterlife Teaching From St Stephen the Martyr
Deathbed Visions
The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens When We Die


A huge welcome to physical medium Kai Muegge and his wife Julia who are in Sydney for a couple of weeks to give demonstrations. Inge, who organized their visit informed me months ago that all the meetings on this trip have been booked out. Wendy and I visited Kai and the Felix Circle in Germany earlier this year and sat in one of their very successful sessions. Inge also tells us that Kai and Julia could be back in Sydney again soon. So, keep an eye out for announcements.

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1. Victor: I subscribe your weekly afterlife report. I like it very much and never missed one.. Do. (from Vietnam)

2. Hello Victor, very interesting comments about women outnumbering men when it comes to spirituality. I am very much a male , I love sports , outdoor activities and bantering with my macho teenaged sons., I also love spirituality and read widely on this subject. I am a 100% believer in God and the afterlife and this keeps me in a perpetual state of happiness. Your weekly report is gold and i am sure many more macho, testosterone fueled males will be lead to spirituality through your wonderful information. Arvid Kiama NSW Australia (THANKS, Victor).

3. The book looks good! Look forward to buying a copy. I'm certain it's more accurate than the Bible as well LOL Frank.

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INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC- 'AQUARIUS' FROM THE SENSATIONAL MUSICAL 'HAIR' - THE 60'S MUSICAL WHICH BROUGHT THE 'REVOLUTION' TO AMERICA: The revolutionary musical 'HAIR' permanently changed music and many other things in America. It was a time for equality - of gender, race and class- and doing away with the 'old stuff'. The musical 'HAIR' questioned beliefs, tradition and the culture in America. It was a time when the music of the 'oldies' - such as that of Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Doris Day - and others like them - was given the kiss of death. It was a time for new ideas, new concepts, new understanding and a time for a 'New Age': Read the lyrics of HAIR and see for yourself:


'AQUARIUS' from the sensational musical 'HAIR'

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When the moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
The age of Aquarius, Aquarius, Aquarius
Aquarius, Aquarius, Aquarius


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