A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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December 28th 2007

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THE YEAR 2007 IN REVIEW: Another year has just gone by. Looking back, I can honestly say that we - those promoting the afterlife and mediumship - have made significant progress. Everyone in the West can see that there are now more television shows about mediums, psychics, the afterlife and the paranormal than ever before: there are regular shows - sometimes three to five times a week- like MEDIUM, John Edward, Psychic Detectives, Ghosts Hauntings, Psychic Investigators. There are of course millions of journals sold where regular psychic articles are published. The Circle of the Silver Cord is also producing more objective evidence for the afterlife thanks to William (pictured, left) - brilliant materializations which to me and to so many other people around the world are world shattering afterlife evidence. Why? Because they are repeatable and they are objective. Huge rewards were offered to empiricists and others from around the world in 2007 to show that these materializations are not valid - but nobody, no scientist, no empiricist - no skeptical debunker took us on because informed scientists and empiricists fully understand that it is impossible to beat repeatability and objectivity. Great things have been achieved and by this time next year, greater things will be achieved. I thank you all for your very kind and active support!


What I find most evidential in physical mediumship is when the entities who materialize through David Thompson are recognized by sitters who knew them personally.

Listen to this audio file
of an entity claiming to be Gordon Higginson chatting with Rita, someone he knew well. And a similar audio file when "Gordon" chatted with Ken Pretty in Auckland New Zealand in October 2006. Gordon Higginson was himself a gifted physical medium while alive.

Other sound files from the same seance:
William "Death is only an illusion"
Dr Henry Slade who comes through for an American visitor.
Listen to sound file.

The Circle of the Silver Cord website now has ready for download a 4mg e-journal covering the full recent UK tour by physical medium David Thompson.
It also has details of David's upcoming visit to Adelaide. http://www.silvercordcircle.com/

Tom and Lisa Butler write that the AA-EVP founder, Sarah Estep, was taken to a hospice on Christmas day. "The doctors have given her just a few days to live. Her family hopes to bring her home to care for her until her transition. Our prayers are with Sarah for an easy crossing. We know that there will be many who will be waiting to greet her. Our prayers are also with her family to help them through this difficult time."
People new to EVP can learn about Sarah's pioneering work from her book Voices of Eternity which is available for free download
You can also listen to some of the best EVPs she recorded at

PSYCHIC JOHN EDWARD SEEKS MESSAGE FROM STEVE IRWIN TERRI Irwin, widow of Steve Irwin, Australian adventurer and environmentalist, says she is "open" to receiving a message from the spirit of her late husband, Croc Hunter Steve, when an American psychic medium visits Australia Zoo next month. Mrs Irwin, 43, told The Sunday Mail yesterday she sensed Steve was still with her and had "great faith" that his spirit was still around. International medium John Edward, who rose to international stardom with his television show Crossing Over, was a personal friend of Steve and Terri and will appear in the Sunshine Coast zoo's Crocoseum on January 5 as part of a summer entertainment program. Read more...

" My name is Tommy Christensen. I was born a sensitive and as far back as I remember I could feel the spirits around me. I am a trance medium and for the last 3 years I have been running weekly trance development circles both Mental and Physical. Last year the Spirits inspired me to start a 1 year course and every aspect of trance both mental and physical will be covered both practical and theory. The Spirits have chosen that I should work with trance and teaching in an altered state. During every circle and the course I record every seance on audio and video. Still pictures are taken, blood-pressure, pulse, temperature, Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) are measured, so I scientifically can document life after death. I have installed a loop amplifier in the seance room, It works in the way that we can play very loud music in the room, without hearing it. Music is energy and is especially needed in a physical circle. When you play loud music during a seance, you cannot hear the spirits in the room and very difficult as EVP's. The Spirits constantly reward with evidence. I work only with the truth and I have a great love for the Spirits and I am always excited to see what there next move is." Read more...

A BEGINNING TO IDENTIFYING LEGEND IN CHRISTIANITY THE leader of the world's Anglicans has described the Christmas story of the three wise men as nothing but a "legend" and says not all followers must believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has picked apart elements of the Christmas story, including how a star rose in the sky and stood still to guide the wise men to Jesus' birthplace. Stars simply don't behave like that, he told the BBC. Dr Williams said there was little evidence the three wise men had existed. Certainly there was nothing to prove they were kings. Read more...

CHRISTMAS BASED ON PAGAN FEAST In 325 Emperor Constanine convened the Council of Nicaea which fixed the dates of important Christian festivals. It chose to mark Christmas, then celebrated at varying dates, on Dec. 25 to coincide with the Roman festival celebrating the birth of the sun god, Andrea Carandini, a professor of archaeology at Rome's La Sapienza University, told reporters Friday. The Basilica of St. Anastasia was built as soon as a year after the Nicaean Council. It probably was where Christmas was first marked on Dec. 25, part of broader efforts to link pagan practices to Christian celebrations in the early days of the new religion, Carandini said. "The church was built to Christianize these pagan places of worship," he said. "It was normal to put a church near these places to try to 'save' them." Read more…

VOTE FOR THE MEDIUM-PSYCHIC OF THE YEAR 2007 Participate in a survey to select who you think should be awarded “Medium or Psychic of the year for 2007”. You can nominate anyone you think has made the greatest contribution – relative and compared with other psychics and mediums. It can be anyone in the U.S., England, Australia or any other country who has made a global contribution. To help you with your decision consider what the medium/psychic has done to promote the afterlife – e.g. the spreading of the information on a global level, the quality of proof for the afterlife, traveling to other states and countries, radio and television appearances. Send your vote to victor@victorzammit.com

CLAUDIO PISANI, was distressed to find that there is not even a word to describe parents who, like him and his wife, have lost one or more children so he invented one...AMPUTATI. His website is dedicated to all parents who have lost one or more children and their surviving siblings. Check out his wonderful website (in Italian) http://www.ampupage.it/

Danny Mandell, who died at age 16 after struggling with a degenerative disorder that transformed him from an active, healthy seven year-old into a wheelchair-bound teenager who wore diapers, was unable to talk and could not use his hands. He was completely non-verbal during the last years of his life, but within an hour after his death, he began “speaking” to his mother, guiding her to publish his words in a book that would have a unique perspective, not just on the journey of the soul, but on the specific subject of intimate relationships and the power of meditation and forgiveness to transform them. Read more...

During an hypnotic regression to get to the cause of a phobia, Dr Weiss's patient Catherine found herself between lives, in a spiritual state in which she met many masters, or higher enlightened beings with wisdom of the ages. In this state Catherine delivered a message to Weiss from his father, who Catherine addressed by his Hebrew name, a name she could not have known. Then another extraordinary thing happened. Catherine delivered a message to Weiss from his first-born son who died at just a few days old from a very rare heart condition. Read the review "One of the most important books you will ever read" By Cheryl Kravetz (Palm Beach, FL)

it was a tremendous time of revolutionary social, religious and political changes. The Vietnam war was at its peak. Youths were conscripted to fight a losing war. Lives were being lost on the killing fields of Vietnam. Anti-war demonstrations were being held regularly. People were beginning to feel that church leaders had lost the monopoly on truth. Young people wanted answers to questions theologians had refused to answer for nearly 2,000 years. In many countries young people won the right to vote at 18 years instead of 21 years. Enjoy these historical photos – and a time that is not likely to come around again:

EVOCATIVE SPEAKERS CORNER ORATORY: For those who were curious to know what Victor (pictured on stand) orated about at Speakers' Corner in London's and at Sydney's Speakers' Corner the first time we have some of the fiery, highly evocative, thought provoking oratory that motivated people to think for themselves. Read more...

There are some wonderful recent books for children of all ages which make the point that we are all part of creation and ultimately part of the creator. Check out this beautiful short video about the book
“Becoming me- A story of Creation.”


If you liked Becoming Me- A story of Creation you might also enjoy
What Is God? by Etan Boritzer
All I See Is Part of Me by Chara M. Curtis
Because Nothing Looks Like God by Lawrence and Karen Kushner
Born with a Bang by Jennifer Morgan



A young Charles Tart explains his disappointment with pseudoskeptics http://snipurl.com/1vuz6
To get some idea of the extent of his work check out this list of his publications http://www.paradigm-sys.com/ctt_catalog.cfm


* Million Dollar Challenge
* David Thompson's Materializations
* The Afterlife on Trial
* A Lawyer on the Afterlife

* What Happens When you Die
* Suicide is not the answer
* Religion and the Afterlife

QUESTION: After reading your updated ABOUT VICTOR I am not quite sure between what is a ‘solicitor’ and a ‘barrister’? Are they both attorneys? Are they both lawyers? Thanks, Richard. N.Y.

Victor: In Sydney, (and in the State of New South Wales), Australia, the role of the law practitioner is not the same as it is in the United States. When a anyone is admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, in Australia, a ‘solicitor’ is automatically an ATTORNEY and a ‘lawyer’ - and has an AUTOMATIC right to practice law in ALL jurisdictions – the Local Courts, Supreme Court, High Court and in all State and Federal jurisdictions. A solicitor can specialize in litigation or in other areas of complex law without having to go to court. A solicitor on having some five years experience in Company law for example, can just stay in his office and becomes a consultant in Company law. It depends what the solicitor/lawyer wants to specialize in – e.g. criminal, Civil Law, Family Law. A ‘barrister’ is also a lawyer who specializes in a particular area. Usually he/she goes to court to litigate matters; some barristers specialize in going to the Local Courts (some 90 to 95% of all criminal matters are dealt with by the Local Courts) – others go to courts in other higher jurisdictions. Some solicitors engage barristers to do litigation work especially if the litigation is in a specialized area of law. However, there are barristers who do not go to court to litigate matters and become legal advisors to big companies and do their work from their chambers. Some University law lecturers who specialize in an area of law become barristers to become law consultants but do not go to litigate in court. The legal profession has been fused in the State of New South Wales – which means that solicitors can specialize in some complex areas of law and be able to litigate matters in all jurisdictions from the lowest Local Courts to the highest courts. As stated in ABOUT VICTOR I practiced law in many jurisdictions. As solicitors/barristers get on in years, they often opt for less stressful legal work- becoming ‘consultants’ where they do not have to ‘fight’ the opposition in courts and when in many instances the financial rewards are higher.In the U.K. a Queen's Counsellor (Q.C.) is a senior barrister but in Australia a senior barrister (S.C.) is called Senior Counsel.

QUESTION: MORE ABOUT VICTOR: I’m interested in the kind of work you used to do. What was your most highly controversial case you were involved as a lawyer with Victor? Elizabeth, Santa Monica.(U.S.)

Victor: Whilst I cannot divulge the name of the client because of professional ethics, my most controversial case involved an ‘arms dealer’ who is said to have negotiated deals with Israel and Argentina regarding Exocet missiles and nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia. The press stated that he is said to have had contacts with the CIA. The matter was divulged in mainstream newspaper in The Telegraph in April 1988. I also appeared for him in Hornsby Local Court in Sydney on another matter. He died some years ago before I retired.