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October 6th 2017

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COMMENTARY: CAN SPIRIT INFLUENCE PARTLY EXPLAIN HORRIFIC CRIMES LIKE THE LAS VEGAS SHOOTING? Whenever there is yet another horrific mass murder, with no seeming explanation as to its cause, the issue is raised of negative afterlife 'attachments'. The idea that negative afterlife entities can attach themselves to living people has been accepted in every human culture, and by spirit teachers in Spiritism. A number of psychiatrists and doctors have written books on the subject: these include those by Dr. Carl Wickland, Dr. Edith Fiore, Louise Ireland-Frey, Dr. William Baldwin, Dr. Samuel Sagan.

One has to accept that, up until now, the historical and traditional method of crime detection is based on 'linear' materialistic reasoning. There is the usual sequential analysis of events using traditional Aristotelian logic - about events happening one after another. The courts, the police, law enforcement agencies by and large use this kind of 'vertical' and 'linear' rationale.

However those who work with spirit communication know that "like attracts like". While we do have free will, our thoughts attract like-minded spirits to us who can make "suggestions". While there are many wonderful spirits who try to influence us, it's not all love and light in the astral world close to the earth plane. As Alan Kardec warns us in this important article: "Thus, there are very superior spirits as there are very inferior ones; very good and bad; very wise and very ignorant; there are those of levity, malevolence, liars, astute, hypocrites, polished, sharp, jokers, etc."
Read my article on possible spirit influence on terrorists.

THIS LIFE - NEXT LIFE Keith Parsons' brilliant documentary on the evidence for life after death, now viewed more than 300,000 times.

Read Michael Tymn's interview with Keith.

"Probably the greatest afterlife event ever!" We received so much positive response from those very nice people who attended the AREI Symposium.

"I immediately became interested in the AREI Symposium when my closest friend, Angelina, very excitedly told me it was the most wonderful experience she ever had. The venue, the wonderful speakers she said, the organization of the inspiring event were all absolutely magnificent." Susan.

"My friend and I will be attending next year's AREI Arizona Symposium and we too would like to be part of the AREI community from now on. I am telling all my other friends to book early for next year. Please let me know when I can book the tickets. Thank you." Rosa.
(Notice: Stay tuned for some exciting news about next year's Symposium).

MEDIUM SUSANNE WILSON TALKS ABOUT SUPPORTING PSYCHIC CHILDREN Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium, shares practical tips you can use to help your psychic and sensitive child. Susanne writes about her psychic childhood in her book, Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication

I have come across a number of people who want to know who decided where they would be born, the social and educational status and who their parents would be. All very interesting questions. The consensus of afterlife research is that we have only ourselves to blame. Before we come to earth, we work with a team of friends and higher spirits to create a life-blueprint. The specific spiritual lessons we need to learn determine where and when we will be born - and everything else. I have come across those who said that they would not have chosen the parents they had. But ultimately, we are put in an environment to learn specific spiritual lessons. And we all have a guardian spirit to help us attain our objectives laid out in the blueprint of our life on earth.

Michael Newton was a pioneer in "between life regression". For 35 years he interviewed people in their soul state about what they encountered there. The result was the unfolding of incredible cases of meetings with spiritual guides, with the Councils of Elders to plan the purpose for the current incarnation, and reunions with Soul Group members, with whom we incarnate regularly. In May 2017, The Newton Institute Life Between Lives Therapist Network gathered in Maryland, USA. They came from all over the world. The speaker is Peter Smith, who has been president of The Newton Institute since 2009.

"We send prayers of compassion, spiritual comfort and healing for all those affected and suffering due to the many recent natural catastrophic disasters. May all receive the assistance needed as soon as possible... God bless you all!" Fraternal Love & Peace, Yvonne C. Limoges & Spiritist Society of Florida

FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RELIGIONS AND SPIRITUALISM In Christianity (and some other religions) there is a belief that some people will be sent to hell for all eternity. But in Spiritualism there is no such belief. Spiritualism relies on information which was transmitted directly from the afterlife by highly credible sources which tells us that we all have a spark of the Divine in us. One of the principles of Spiritualism is the Law of Progress: all spirits from all times will eventually spiritually refine and will end up in the Realm of the Light - even if it takes eons and eons of time.

JOSEPH GALLENBERGER ON A SOUL'S JOURNEY AFTER SUICIDE Joseph Gallenberger, PhD, is a clinical psychologist. His most recent book is Heaven is for Healing: A Soul's Journey After Suicide. He is a senior trainer with the Monroe Institute near Charlottesville, Virginia. Here he describes insights he gained, concerning the afterlife, during the past quarter-century since his brother's suicide.

DIRECTLY FROM THE AFTERLIFE "In a world which chases after illusion and shadow, you can show where truth is to be found. And you can prove what you say, which nobody else can do. This is a great task; it is a divine work; it is the labor of the spirit; it is a tremendous service ... Sometimes those who could be your greatest allies, in their foolishness, stubborn pride become your enemies. You must be sorry for them. If they who have seen the light prefer the darkness, it is their responsibility .... You represent a power greater than anything in your world. And because of that, greater is your responsibility." (Philosophy of Silver Birch).

Ricky Medeiros from Spiritual Light Books gives us the Brazilian Spiritist view.

"Before 1611 AD, numerous conferences were held to decide which books (of the Bible) were inspired and which were not, and finality was reached only in the seventeenth century. Before this date every book now forming part of the Bible was at one time or another looked on by the Christian Church as spurious and not divinely inspired. Were the Divines at Westminster inspired to decide which books were inspired, and if so, why were the priests composing the numerous previous Councils not also inspired? How is it that Christians had to wait till the 17th century before it could be decided what was true and what was not true?" (Arthur Findlay, The Rock of Truth)


The number of faith healers and fortune-tellers (and mental mediums) has risen fivefold since the global economic crisis began a decade ago, according to Codacons, Italy's national consumer organisation. Around 13 million Italians - about a quarter of the adult population - regularly visit astrologers, fortune-tellers and tarot card readers, three million more than in 2001.The sector is now worth an estimated eight billion euros a year, with the vast majority of the country's 155,000 practitioners demanding cash in hand and not declaring their earnings to the tax authorities. Read more....

As always we advise our readers to use discretion when choosing a psychic or a psychic medium. Here are some websites with useful advice:
How to find the best psychic medium
Differences between genuine and fake psychics
How to know your reading is legit.

"People won’t want to listen," they said. "They will be too wrapped up in their own concerns," they said. "They only want to be entertained," they said. "Proof of survival is more important than delivering truth and wisdom," they said. "It’ll take years of dedication and hard work to find, connect with and train a suitable medium capable of transmitting your philosophy," they said. "The earth is a dark and dismal place," they said.

“Don’t do it” they said.

So I did it anyway, found a reliable instrument to work through and with the help of those that stand by my side, gave those with ears to listen and minds that can reason, the truth that the world needed to hear. I have never regretted it."
Read more about the teachings of White Feather.


Carl Jung struggled to understand "meaningful coincidences" which he called synchronicity. Could they be orchestrated by our higher selves? Here are some heart-warming examples.

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