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What you are about to read is NOT fiction, is NOT fantasy, NOT make believe. It may seem beyond the 'boggle threshold' - information beyond traditional logic. But just because you may have not come across the concept before, it does not mean that what is being conceptualized is not or cannot be valid. I have no doubt whatsoever advanced medium-psychics will concur with everything I state hereinafter.

As a researcher myself, I do not for one moment accept anything unless it has a repeatable empirical basis. I state that there is 'afterlife' evidence to support what is being conceptualized here. I am presenting an issue which hitherto has NOT been part of the procedure of crime detection training.

One has to ignore the entrenched negativism of the closed minded skeptics (or as Professor C T Tart calls them 'pseudo-skeptics'). They are defeatists and I submit they are a danger to national security for retarding or preventing professional investigation of psychic phenomena.

The argument is about powerfully negative afterlife 'attachments'- negative entities who attach themselves to living people- who manipulate terrorists to cause enormous harm, to murder, to commit genocide, to encourage suicide bombings to inflict pain, harm and suffering.

I do not state these things lightly. Just for the record, for many years I intermittently worked for a Western law enforcement agency and consider myself highly skeptical and professionally experienced with law enforcement procedures. However, I am fully aware that very serious errors have been made in traditional linear reductionist, conventional crime detection and prevention. But my submission I know one day will become 'routine' investigation.

We have been informed that Hambali, a most vicious terrorist and murderer of hundreds of innocent people, was captured by the CIA. It is alleged that he is responsible for bombing hotels in Bali killing 202, plotting the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta - 12 killed, organising Christmas Eve 2000 attacks - 18 killed, January 2002 Phillippines attacks 22 die, links to a plot ot blow up US military targets and embassies in Singapore, hosting meeting in Malaysia of al-Qaeda agents to plot the strike against the USS Cole in Yemen and he could have played a significant part in the September 11. Some say that he could be a bigger catch than Bin Ladin. He would be a hard nut to crack- it would be difficult to force him to reveal the names of other terrorists etc. Yet he would have most critical and highly sensitive information which must be elicited from him - with or without his co-operation. The consequences of failure could be hugely devastating.

My two decades of research analyzing information from the afterlife dimension suggests a most innovative way to extract information from someone like Hambali, or any terrorist anywhere in the world, with relative ease with or without his co-operation.

One has to accept that up until now the historical and traditional method of crime detection is based on 'linear' reasoning. There is usually a sequential analysis of events using traditional Aristotelian logic about events happening one after another. The courts, the police, law enforcement agencies by and large use this kind of 'vertical' and 'linear' rationale. We have seen this in the media and in literature for centuries.

Consistent with the this procedure Hambali will probably be subjected to sensory deprivation to weaken his resistance. Other high pressure linear techniques, probably even torture, will be used to persuade him. These methods whilst sometimes effective, do not always yield complete results. If Hambali is truly a fanatic, he would rather die then divulge information. The linear endeavour would have failed - possibly with tragic consequences.


With absolute certainty, it is technically possible that serious psychic problems exist and are directly linked with the gross criminal activities of Hambali - or with anyone who willfully and intentionally murders and maims innocent people or willfully acts against the national interests of a particular country. I submit that leaders like Hitler, who dabbled in the occult, would have attracted very powerful nasty afterlife entities around them. Stalin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussain and Idi Amin who collectively butchered and tortured millions could have been aided abetted and spurred on by powerful afterlife entities who when on earth committed similar horrific crimes.

Similarly Hambali could well have attracted a powerful afterlife entity which has been manipulating him without his even knowing it. This is known as 'attachment.' Kardec did write about this very important psychic phenomenon - but only those who have become specialists in the field understand the huge consequences of a terrorist having a violent dominating entity full of hatred.

This does in no way diminishes the terrorist's legal responsibilities. This is because the terrorist Hambali will be fully aware of the consequences of his actions - he will have the necessary intention and awareness (mens rea) to execute his plans.

Innovative psychic empirical analysis into the mind of the brutal terrorist/criminal must be done to make sense of what most of us believe to be insane, irrational, illogical, unfair and unjust savage acts of brutal criminal terrorist activities. On the basis of more likely than not, Hambali's afterlife 'attachment' will have ALL information about Hambali's crimes and contacts.

Experts could make two-way communication with this afterlife entity to extract all relevant information. Whilst there are never guarantees the information will be extracted or given freely, there is a good chance this innovative method will yield miracle results. Especially if Hambali's 'attachment' would have the proclivity (as mostly they do) to boast about his 'genius-level' direction, power and influence on earthly activities. The attached entity will experience 'vicarious satisfaction'-the prime motivation for the attachment.

In my psychic research privately I was involved in cases where direct communication was made with an 'attachment'. It is direct communication with an 'afterlife intelligence' who wants to boast about his power, about his achievements and influence. Of course, it is possible there could be more than one afterlife entity who attaches to one terrorist or some professional criminal.

One point of clarification. When I talk about negative entities I am talking about certain highly negative criminals and terrorists who used to habitate this planet earth. I do NOT refer to what the Church calls devils, satan etc. The Church calls 'attachment' 'possession' in the theological context and states that it is the 'devil' who makes people do wrong things. In context of Spiritualism, there are no devils, no Satans etc. Highly gifted mediums with a successful track record of successful communication with entities from the other side will attest to all of what I mention in this article about 'attachments' and about highly mischievous low vibrational entities.

My research is consistent with the results attained by people such as Dr Wickland, Kardec, Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and others and with the specialized information transmitted from the highly credible afterlife teachers such as Silver Birch. There is no dispute at all amongst advanced psychics in the following:

  • on crossing over, a person's character does NOT change one iota,
  • if a person crossed over with low vibrations, if he's done a lot of harm to other people - such as acts of terrorism, genocide etc, that person almost certain will be sucked down to the lower end of the Astral into the low vibrating dark realm,
  • all memories, skills, any wisdom or ignorance do not change on crossing over,
  • in the afterlife 'like attracts like'. So people with very low vibrations who were in leadership positions and who cross over ignorant of the afterlife are likely to be attracted to people in a position of power. Some would want to continue to exercise power vicariously,
  • in the afterlife dimension, an entity has the powers to significantly influence the minds of those who are on earth - see Dr Wickland's experiments. My own information transmitted from the other side unequivocally states this. Further, Silver Birch and others of his caliber state it too,
  • a mischievous entity from the afterlife can transmit to a human on earth all kinds of negative emotions - feelings of jealousy, depression, fatigue and more,
  • people with unresolved problems do not resolve the problem because they cross over - suicide bombers will find their hatred and venom still intact,
  • powerful extreme emotions: hatred, disloyalty to another person or to one's country, jealousy, selfishness etc... are inevitably taken to the other side on crossing over e.g. a terrorist who vehemently hated the U.S. on crossing over could very well eventually find himself in the lower realms in the afterlife dimension aiding and abetting terrorists who want to harm the U.S. A spy who betrayed his country on crossing over may find himself trying to influence some spy or spies to make them betray their country - that's how the entity gets vicarious satisfaction and control,
  • most of these 'terrorist like' people do not usually believe in the afterlife and hence a great deal of confusion sets in for a long time - they will know they are alive but no one from earth talks back to them - and will re-habitate familiar or similar surroundings,
  • low vibrational afterlife entities take a great deal of joy seeing humans on earth in despair, in trouble, getting killed and being unprepared for death,
  • mischievous afterlife low entities aid and abet anyone on earth who is doing harm to others, who is into sadistic activity, who is into torturing, causing pain,
  • low vibrational entities encourage some people on earth to commit crimes, to hurt others even to commit suicide,
  • drugs, excessive alcohol and marihuana greatly reduce the natural defences of the psyche, increase the susceptibility to suggestions and if a terrorist is into taking drugs that would vastly accelerate the attachment's dominance over the earthly terrorist,
  • whilst the attached afterlife entity can make strong suggestions and try to manipulate the terrorist and the hardened criminal, it is very rare that the afterlife entity can take over the decision making process of those living on earth.

What's to be done?

Law enforcement agencies ought to obtain the services of highly gifted psychics - not the run of the mill commercial ones, but those who can pass empirical tests for repeatable accuracy. There may be at least four or five in each country who ought to be regarded as absolute 'pure gold.' These would be hard to find as the truly gifted ones keep a very low, non-commercial, very private profile.

Assuming a caught terrorist does have an attachment, some form of tranquilizers would have to be administered to lower the terrorist's resistance and interference. The dialogue will not be with the terrorist, but with the afterlife 'attachment' himself. Two gifted psychic mediums would be required - one of them a trance-medium. Usually, the mediums bring others with them to give them psychic energy support. One of the mediums will be in a position to communicate with the terrorist's 'attachment.' This will be done while the other trance-medium goes into trance and allows the terrorist's 'attachment' to use the voice box of the second medium.

The first medium will then expertly ask the attachment questions. Usually the 'attachment' would find it a delight to be able to communicate with those who are still living on earth - boasting about achievements etc. Expert police in the background then can ask questions either directly or through the medium not in trance.

Terrorism is likely to be with us for a long time. While there are human beings willing to blow themselves up in shopping centers to kill innocent people, while terrorists plan mass killings and to blow sky high modern tourist hotels, pilot jumbo jets into sky-scapers, it becomes critically urgent to find ways to effectively combat terrorism - whether it be in the Middle East, in ASIA, in the U.S, UK, Europe or in Ireland. Innovative methods, especially in uncharted areas such as afterlife participation in terrorism have to be pursued. The consequences of restricted or incompetent crime detection are enormous. Access to gifted psychics and remote viewers to pursue terrorists is and will be critical. The potential in this regard is unlimited.

Victor Zammit, with over 25 years of communicating with afterlife intelligences.

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