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20th January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year and best wishes for the year of the Dragon to our many Chinese subscribers and readers of our afterlife book (translated into Chinese early 2011)).

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REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.


We are delighted that hundreds of thousands of people from around the world have accessed
A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife
(translated into more than eight languages) - free of charge from our website or in printed version over the last ten years. The fairly recent youtube videos supporting the afterlife book have had over a third of a million visitors. We have received many wonderful testimonials from readers over the years telling us that the information about the existence of the afterlife contained in the book has been truly life changing.

In order to get the message out to an even wider audience we are preparing an updated and expanded version - a lot has happened in afterlife research since the last edition came out in 2006. We hope to have the new book available very soon.

YOUR COMMENTS: As part of the publicity for the book we are collecting up-to-date comments from people on the effect the information in the book (and in the Friday Afterlife reports) has had on them. If you would like to help spread the message of life after death by sharing your view please let us have either a short comment or a longer review with either your first name or full name that can be included in the book or the marketing. Email vz@victorzammit.com


explores the scientific evidence of the interconnected nature of consciousness. It features leading researchers and thinkers in the field of consciousness and psi phenomena including prominent researcher Dean Radin, Roger Nelson from the Global Consciousness Project, Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne from the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory. Physician and author Larry Dossey and biologist Rupert Sheldrake.

Part 2

PSYCHIC ESPIONAGE: WHY (THE THEN) MARXIST-COMMUNIST COUNTRIES ALLOWED RESEARCH INTO THE 'PARANORMAL': in China and Russia research into the paranormal was encouraged. In Ostrander & Schroeder's book Psychic Discoveries - The Iron Curtain Lifted, the authors claim that the Russia government in the seventies poured some HALF A BILLION roubles into psychic espionage and military research. This came about because communist leadership - as in China, accepted the evidence that the paranormal was getting brilliant results and that the West - at the time - knew very little or nothing about psychic professional espionage. The 'Communist definition of 'materialism' includes laws of scientific occurrences, and because psychic events follow laws of behavior, they were considered to be 'material.'


Here is what I wrote in response to - Karl Marx' (the founder of communism) Dialectical Materialism:-
'DIALECTICAL SPIRITUALISM' - the inevitable global acceptance of the afterlife

Read full article

"We know that Karl Marx’ concept of the class struggle contained in his thesis ‘Dialectical Materialism’ shook the Western World out of its complacency in the twentieth century.
"... Read full article

A 'spiritual' translation to the Marxist saying, "While living on planet earth, a positive contribution is to be made from each according to his/her ability and each to receive according to his/her needs ..."

Detective McFadden contacts Kay Rhea when Steven Brown goes missing. " Law enforcement has found that psychics can be very effective and I think it's done on a fairly regular basis- we just don't hear about it."

Part 2

Private investigator Bob Olson has been investigating mediums since 1999 and has created a list of recommended mediums. He recently made this assessment of medium James Van Praagh:
"I recently saw James Van Praagh at a live mediumship demonstration in Newburyport, Massachusetts where he gave random readings to audience members from stage. Even though I have researched psychic mediums since 1999 and tested hundreds of psychic mediums from around the world, I was absolutely blown away by Van Praagh's readings that evening. In fact, I have never seen a better reading than what I witnessed on that stage when Van Praagh connected with a young girl in spirit with such clarity and details--all which were confirmed as correct by her parents in the audience. Even the skeptics in attendance were in complete awe." ~ Bob Olson

James' book Growing Up in Heaven

One of our favorite afterlife sites is Afterlife 101 which put together information about the afterlife from specially channeled material. The author, a highly qualified professional who has spent a lifetime in science and engineering both in the U.S. government and in a large aerospace corporation, has chosen to remain anonymous. In our view the information is consistent with other high quality and reliable sources. Read Chapter 2- The Death Experience of Children.

"In the case of the many who arrive in Realm Three, who were well prepared for their own deaths and who intuitively expected their own rebirths into a realm of spirit, these folks have the most pleasant and easy transition of all. Without exception they are excited and surprised by the beauty of the world they encounter. If they believed in a heaven as taught by religion then they are wonderfully relieved to find themselves in more varied and realistic setting than the harps/angels/clouds scene of the heavenly mythology."

SPECIAL REPORT - A CRY FOR JUSTICE FOR BABY 'AZARIA': SOMEONE KNOWS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED - "COME OUT NOW AND TELL THE TRUTH!" One of the most talked about and controversial family tragedies in Australian history is the Azaria Chamberlain case. A nine week old baby was taken by a 'dingo' - (an Australian wild dog) at Uluru in the Northern Territory in 1980 (see picture left, mother Lindy and baby Azaria). The story has been the subject of a motion picture A Cry in the Dark and a teleseries Through My Eyes. The initial inquest found that a dingo had taken the baby but that someone unknown had found the body and buried her. More than a year after the baby's disappearance the mother, Lindy Chamberlain, was arrested and charged with her murder on the most bizarre "expert evidence" of supposed blood stains. She was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. This caused an uproar. Three years later the "expert evidence" was discredited and Lindy was freed. A NEW inquest into the disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain will begin on February 24 2012. Some mediums say they already know what happened. Watch this update....

AFTERLIFE FILM NOW AVAILABLE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES In September 2101 Twentieth Century Fox released Nosso Lar based on the experiences of André Luiz, a doctor who did not believe in the afterlife describing his experiences on waking up in the spirit world. The film is now available from Amazon with English subtitles. Read more..


Read a free English version of the book by Chico Xavier.


1. Personal experiences: which include - clairaudience, communicating with afterlife intelligences, remote-viewing and materializations.
2. Witnessing 'reunions' in materializations + Scole experiment.
3. Cross-correspondences - Frederick Myers
4. The very best of the mental mediums from around the world,:
5. Psychic author and historian Arthur Findlay -other investigators.
6 Helen Duncan’s brilliant materializations.
7. Past life regressions and Xenoglossy.
8. The best ITC and EVP communications.
9. NDE/OBE’s - globally.
10. American Mrs Leonore Piper - exceptionally gifted medium – most scientifically tested.
11. Scientists who accepted the evidence - globally.
12. Scientists who use science to investigate the paranormal and the afterlife – such as the Windbridge Institute, NOETIC sciences (U.S.)… Prof Archie Roy/Tricia Roberston (Scotland).
13. Exceptionally gifted mediums and paranormalists – including those from North and South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand..

b) There has NEVER ever been in history a book published by some genius scientist or a skeptic showing that the afterlife does not and cannot exist.

What has been the most important evidence that convinced you there is an afterlife-paranormal? Send to vz@victorzammit.com

2012 AUSTRALIAN PSYCHICS DIRECTORY Congratulations to Simon Turnbull and Hiromi Mitsuya of the Australian Psychics Association for the wonderful work they are doing in accrediting psychics and establishing a code of ethics and standards for the industry in Australia. Their latest and biggest directory yet is now available online and in newsagents. AND special congratulations to our good friend Ezio De Angelis who has been named as Australian Psychic of the Year.

QUESTION ON 'SOUL-MATES': Victor, my girlfriend does not think she is with her soul mate. How would I know if my partner is my true soul-mate? Clara C.
Some of the 'usual' features of a 'soul mate':
1. you feel an immediate powerful attraction towards them.
2. you feel a deep connection as if you have known them before.
3. you talk together for hours.
4. the two of you are inseparable.
5. he/she treats you lovingly and cares for you.
6. he/she treats you with respect even when you disagree.
7. there is a willingness to work out problems together.
8. you both show unselfishness towards each other.
9. you feel safe and confident with each other.
10. the two of you feel a wish to make a contribution together to something greater than yourselves.

Whilst there is no guarantee that will be your soul mate, more likely thank not it will be your soul mate. Remember also, that not everyone on earth will be with his/her soul mate. It may be, that for learning only one of the soul mates has to come down to earth.

REINCARNATION VIDEO- Includes fascinating details of the famous Shanti Devi case and its political and social context and the attempts by researchers to find evidence.



HELP! I received this email from Richard Winfrey Sr. Is there anybody out there who could be of assistance to Richard? If you do email me - vz@victorzammit.com - I'll pass on the information"

My daughter is in prison for life for a murder she did not do. Please help me to get help to solve this murder.The story was on CNN this month. I was acquitted in 2010 and my son was acquitted in 2009 for the same murder.All three of us passed a polygraph.PLEASE help us! Richard Winfrey Sr.

ATHEISM IN THE AFTERLIFE? (Popular question): do you know if there are atheists in the afterlife? J.Y. (Russia).

Victor: Highly credible information transmitted from the afterlife tells us there are no atheists in the Level of the LIght - the place where the reasonable, open minded person go to on crossing over. One may find some atheists who led lives of cruelty and selfishness in the Level Two - the dark, most unpleasant even horrific realm. In Level Two you will find people who still think exactly as they did when they were on earth. In character, nothing changes on crossing over. Those atheists who were kind and reasonable will join the others and will accept the concept of 'God' when they go to Level Three. There is no horrific 'jealous God', no 'God of war' - who destroys innocent people. We are told that the concept of the real 'God' will be understood by all when we get to Level Three - and beyond. One former atheist in Level Three described God as the 'ultimate supreme positive energy of peace, light and love.'


WISE WORDS DIRECTLY FROM THE AFTERLIFE DIMENSION: Here is a highly credible afterlife intelligence to give us directly what we should know about why we are on planet earth:

'SPIRITUAL steel is forged in the crucible of fire', "It is very important for you to learn the lessons of earthly life. What is more, the greatest lessons are to be learnt in overcoming difficulties, obstacles and handicaps, because these are the challenges which will call forth some of the potentialities you possess. You will not make spiritual progress when the sun is shining, all is peaceful and calm and there are no problems. You will make spiritual progress when you meet with difficulty and overcome it. Steel is forged in the crucible of fire. Your spirit is forged in triumphing over problems...." (S.B. Lift Up Your Hearts)

( to be based on chapter 16 in the book 'Cross-Correspondences.') We've had wonderful response regarding the cross-correspondences experiment. (see last week's editorial item). The intention is to plan this experiment to be able to withstand any criticism - to make scientific, strictly adhering to Scientific Methodology. We would like to hear from anyone who could suggest ways to rebut criticisms of the experiment. For example, some critic could claim that the information was related to the mediums already. Those who are familiar with the experiment know what I am talking about. Any ideas please send them to: vz@victorzammit.com


1. Hi Victor, Thank you again for your consistent work producing the Afterlife report, it is one of the few pleasures I have to look forward to each week working out here in Afghanistan, now for the fourth year in a row. I'm writing to give you a link to a new NDE report I found on the net, it might not be new to you but just in case, here it is, this is from my own blog but contains the info: Regards, Chris.

COMMENT: This book on NDEs and Healing looks wonderful.
" In "Voyage of Purpose" we share messages Spirit gave David to overcome the pain, visualizations to use during treatments and guidance to balance between traditional and holistic medicine. David's cancer was completely gone within six months."

2. Hi Wendy and Victor, Just watched Patrick Swayze Ghost clip. Very moving after not seeing it for years. In the old days I was simply too immature to appreciate the meaning of the movie. I get so caught up in day to day living and at the end of the week your website gives me that warm reality check. Just keep doing what you"re doing. You are helping so many people with your persistance.Thanks Again, Mark.

3. Victor
Love your work. There is so much conclusive afterlife evidence out there, it astounds me how any reasonably intelligent individual could possibly doubt its existence. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose, but it is also very dangerous in the end. Me, I prefer to die informed and prepared. The world really needs a website like yours. Surprised me how much scientifically based evidence exists out there. You have compiled an overwhelmingly compelling case for an afterlife, even the most ardent skeptic would have to think twice. Well done. Provides people like me with much needed backup. Cheers Malcolm

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This week's music is intended to celebrate the growing number of Russian subscribers to this weekly report and the afterlife book - which was translated into the Russian language some years ago and is sold in bookshops in Russia. Accordingly, for something completely different form the usual music, watch and hear the beautiful Russian folk song: 'KALINKA' - brings out the 'soul of Russia'. This Russian traditional song 'Kalinka' is one of the best known and clearly typifies Russian music mode- it is 'very Russian', highly melodious and builds up to an exciting crescendo..

Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.