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May 19th 2017

COMMENTARY: WHERE DID RELIGIONS GET THEIR INFORMATION ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE? In his book, The Psychic Stream, historian Arthur Findlay argues convincingly that all religions got their ideas about the afterlife in exactly the same way that we do today: through near-death experiences, out-of body experiences, after death contacts, transpersonal experiences and through mediumship. The Bible is full of accounts of mental and physical mediums; they are called "prophets".

Today we have the advantage of being able to collect many more accounts of afterlife contact and to confirm them through the processes used to sift evidence. We can examine the credibility and reliability of the witnesses and triangulate across multiple streams of evidence: NDEs, OBEs, Apparitions, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, Deathbed Visions, After-Death contacts, Mental, Trance and Direct Voice mediumship, Past Life Regressions, Materialization and other Physical mediumship, Electronic Voice Phenomena, Instrumental Trans-Communication, Automatic writing mediumship and Xenoglossy.

Unfortunately we are unable to do that with the sources which religions claim to get their information from: fragments of very old documents, the originals of which are lost in the mists of time. We are also unable to place many of the writings in their full context since the original teachings have been lost or distorted through (sometimes deliberate) mistranslations.


In the 1950s, well before the Internet, Robert Crookall searched the world for accounts of out-of-body experiences including what we now call near-death experiences. At the same time he collected hundreds of accounts from mediums of what people said happened to them immediately after death. His sources, included books from many different cultures, in many languages. Astonishingly, what all the descriptions match, regardless of culture, language, or time period. The only explanations are: (1) there has been a worldwide conspiracy by thousands of mediums the world over, going back many centuries, if not millennia, to always make sure they describe the same experiences, or (2), the experiences reported in the many books quoted really took place. Read more about his books. and see these video overviews of Interpretations of Cosmic and Mystical Experiences and his Astral Projections and OBEs.

DEATHBED VISIONS WITH PROFESSOR STAFFORD BETTY Stafford Betty, PhD, is Professor of Religious Studies at California State University. He is author of Heaven and Hell Unveiled, The Afterlife Unveiled, and When Did You Ever Become Less by Dying?

HOW STRONG IS THE EVIDENCE FOR DEATH BED VISIONS? There was a recent debate where one skeptic said that it is impossible ever to see people who have crossed over. This is a matter of evidence, not uninformed opinion. Deathbed visions have been studied since the 1920's - see the most formidable, empirically based Deathbed Visions study by Professor William Barrett. In At the Hour of Death a 1977 book by Dr Osis and Dr Erlendur Haraldsson there are reports of people seeing their "dead" loved ones by more than 1,000 doctors and nurses. Dr Melvin Morse's 1993 book Closer to the Light includes end of life experiences of children. Read more...

DR MARK PITSTICK TALKS ABOUT PROGRESS WITH THE SOUL PHONE Sandra Champlain interviews chiropractor Mark Pitstick a second time for the latest news about Dr. Gary Schwartz' Soul Phone project.

If there are no telephones, no emails, no electronic communication, how can we send messages to our friends in the afterlife? The highly credible former Monsignor in the spirit world Hugh Benson explains:
"When we focus our thoughts upon some person in the spirit world, those thoughts will reach their destination without fail, and they will be taken up by the receiver of the message. That is what happens in the afterlife dimension."

150 years of study of Life After Death. Where is it? Why is the general population not aware of the enormous amount of evidence of life after death that has been compiled?

The iDigitalMedium team have created a wonderful website and are putting in thousands of hours to catalogue and save these valuable resources. Now they need a little bit of financial help to lodge the paperwork needed for their organisation. If those of our readers who can afford to put in even $1 the team will be well on their way. See Gofund me Page.

Helping Parents Heal
is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting bereaved parents, giving them support and resources to aid in the healing process. They facilitate open discussion of spiritual experiences and evidence for the afterlife, in a non-dogmatic way. Affiliate groups welcome everyone, regardless of religious (or non-religious) background, and allow for open dialogue.

Read their May newsletter.

During a radio interview the crew and guests are stunned by the evidence.

Best selling author and investigative journalist, Leslie Kean, has turned her attention to the afterlife in her new book "Surviving Death". Chapter 19 contains an account by Dr. Jane Katra (who will be presenting at the AREI September Symposium) of a spectacular after death contact. Thanks to Jane and to Leslie and her publisher for giving us permission to share it. Read more...

Over the years Victor, you raised very serious concerns about cruelty to animals. What are the spiritual implications?

Victor: Someone had asked me about the spiritual value of being vegetarian. We have been informed, directly from the afterlife by Silver Birch, that the purest spiritual food is the food where no cruelty takes place. He specifically mentions the spiritual value of being vegetarian.
Read "Vegetarianism and Spirituality".

"Over here there are no religious titles. There are no kings, no queens, and no nobility. Here we are only noble of the spirit, noble of the soul. Here we are all one in spiritual truth and realization. Here there are no barriers between people. In less advanced spheres, many who had ruled or held high position on earth delight in retaining their earthly titles, and many others find reflected glory and importance in paying homage to them. In such spheres there usually are barriers between people. On earth, it is those in power and authority who confer titles on rank and file. In the higher spirit realms, the reverse is true. It is the rank and file that confer titles, bestowing them on those they look up to, those they love and esteem for their wisdom and spirituality and nobility of purpose or achievements." from Living in the Spirit World, in Spiritual Light: Universal Teachings form the Highest Spirit Realms.

Does one have to be spiritually advanced to be a psychic or a medium? G. Bayliss
Victor: Just because a person is psychic or a medium it does not mean that he or she is spiritually advanced. Some of them would be, but not all. I have been fortunate to know some incredibly dedicated and spiritual psychic mediums. They show kindness, compassion, gentleness, lack of ego and a sincere desire to help and heal others. I have also come across some who did not seem spiritually advanced at all. But if they focus on their spiritual development their gifts would certainly become stronger.


Prof. Bettina Schmidt, Director of the Religious Experience Research Centre, University of Wales Trinity Saint David needs some people who are spiritual but not religious to answer a few questions about spirituality. Should only take about 5 mins. Read more...

AFTERLIFE AWARENESS CONFERENCE IN PORTLAND ORGEON June 2nd-4th 2017 Over 15 hours of video featuring the best and the brightest in end-of-life care, afterlife research, bereavement, and mystical perspectives on what happens after we die. Purchase for $97 and watch at your leisure - no time restraints. Read more...


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FEEDBACK: (Three only).

1) In my opinion, Gary Zukov is wrong about the destruction of personality. I respect his (Advaita or noetic monist) views but there certainly are theoretical alternatives to it that empirically are at least as plausible, such as that we are irreducible individual souls who each undergo our own personal evolution. Such alternatives are certainly more moving to me, even though they seem to be less popular in Oprah's circles ;-) See: Titus Rivas

2. My father, the day he passed, was able to share many beautiful things with us. One of them, his dog, Puddin, who was 14 and had passed one year before my dad, was there the day my dad passed. He lay at the foot of his bed. I know he was there to great him, comfort him and take the journey of bringing him to the other side. Carla

3) Thank you, Wendy and Victor, for ALL the hundreds of thousands of hours you have given to education. So much knowledge might be lost for decades, were it not for your diligence. I am so glad Victor "Fierce" Zammit came into the world with fire in his belly, and brilliant logic, and passion. Susanne

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