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November 11th 2011

Remembrance Day is observed in many countries on 11th November to recall the official end of World War I and the sacrifices made by so many in all wars.


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The phrase captures the frustration of those who try to communicate their experiences and the evidence for the afterlife with those who just do not have the the capacity, the competence and the skills to perceive the paranormal and the afterlife evidence in a purely objective, balanced way. People who have had near death experiences and after death contacts are aware of the importance of understanding and accepting the most important evidence they will come across in their lifetime. Often they find that their family members and colleagues are just not open to hearing their experiences or reading the evidence.

But gradually, little by little the message is getting out. Brave scientists, medical doctors and other pioneers of afterlife science are challenging materialism. People everywhere are writing on the internet about their direct experiences of the afterlife and paranormal. And more and more people are evolving to a level
of spirituality where they can accept that there is more to life than the material.


" I don't "believe in" near death experiences. It is my opinion that the scientific research validates that near death experiences are real. The science of 2011 indicates that we all have a "god spot" or (as per Mario Beauregard MD) a "god brain" that connects us with the divine, the all knowledge timeless space-less domain."

Part 2


The Semmelweis Effect is the tendency of scientists to reject new evidence that contradicts an established paradigm. It is named after Ignaz Semmelweis who, in 1847, discovered that the death rates of mothers having children could be significantly reduced if doctors disinfected their hands before delivering babies. His peers viciously criticized his findings because they could not understand the reason they worked. Semmelweis ultimately suffered a serious mental breakdown and was committed to an insane asylum where he died in 1865 at the age of only 47. This video tells a tragic story which is still happening in other areas today.

Part 2

Brilliant scientist Dr Jahn dared to investigate whether human consciousness could influence machines. Such an outrageous idea, especially when the data proved him right, led to his demotion and professional ostracism. This BBC documentary shows that the behavior of his colleagues at Princeton University was like the supporters of a fanatical religion opposed to "heretics".

Part 2


In this interview with Dr Dean Radin, Dr Julie Beishel tells how a reading with a medium was incredibly helpful to her following her mother's suicide. Julie and her husband Mark Boccuzzi recently presented some pilot data about the potential therapeutic benefits of a mediumship reading. They propose that a mediumship reading would be a great treatment option for grief. She says: " There’s a lot of evidence that spontaneous or even induced after-death communication has a great effect on personal grief. A recent meta-analysis performed at the University of Memphis on 64 studies demonstrated this. Traditional grief counseling wasn’t benefiting the patients any better than the passage of time and the resources of support a person already had. An effective grief therapy is not currently out there. People who have had a mediumship meeting report some miraculous, instantaneous changes." Read this important interview.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE? How long does it take before an afterlife intelligence (a spirit) comes back to this world after death takes place?
S Birch: It depends on the conditions. There are some who come into our world, who, although they have been here for centuries, have not yet awakened to the realization of what has taken place [ have not accepted they are in fact dead existing in the afterlife]. And there are some who come here with knowledge, who know the ropes, and to them, if they can find the right medium, they can manifest within a few moments of their passing. There is no simple answer. It is dependent upon the condition of the person himself, whether he has knowledge or ignorance. One of our great difficulties is that many people come here with very strong pre-conceived ideas of what this world is like. They refuse to believe that it can be anything else than the world that exists in the pictures of their imagination. Because they believe that intently, that is the world in which they live, for you must remember ours is a world of the mind and the spirit, and what you think is your reality."

NEW E-BOOK ON THE AFTERLIFE- The Scientifically Proven Reality of Life After Death
Russell Symons has written an e-book on the afterlife based primarily on the recordings of Leslie Flint. He writes:
" You are about to embark on a remarkable journey into the afterlife! What do the most reliable mystics, yogis and mediums say regarding the afterlife? You will learn far more about the perfectly natural and absolutely beautiful realms of life after death than most people ever do in a lifetime. This information is as scientifically verified and complete as I can possibly make it."
Read more and purchase the book.

What would you do if you were a Christian minster with a Master's in Theology from Oxford and you had the chance to speak face to face with one of the early Christian saints through a deep trance medium? Fortunately for us Rev Michael Cocks had a deep and long standing interest in psychic research and was open minded enough to listen to the spirit who claimed to be St Stephen the first Christian martyr. He found the medium to be of impeccable character with no knowledge of early Christian history and certainly no knowledge of ancient Greek. So when research revealed that the Greek spoken by the spirit was a version of Attic Greek of 2,000 years ago as spoken in Trace where St Stephen' s parents had lived his interest was intensified. Rev. Cock's new book outlines the detective work he used to show that the spirit communicating was who he claimed to be. Read my review.

BULGARIA'S GREATEST PSYCHIC-MEDIUM-CLAIRVOYANT - because of her repeated brilliant results the Bulgarian government financially sponsored her. One of the best and most famous psychic-mediums in the world was Bulgarian Vanga Dimitrova, a blind prophetess and clairvoyant who lived in Petrich, near the Greek border. Her alleged psychic feats included reports of finding missing people, naming killers etc. Her fame became so widespread that people flocked to her from all over Europe seeking readings. During the 1960's Dimitrova was tested extensively by Dr Lozanov, who proclaimed her genuine, and later by a special government commission of examiners. She passed with flying colors, and in 1966, because of her repeated brilliant results, became a state-employed psychic, was given a government salary, two secretaries, and even a special panel to interview those who applied to see her." (from A Lyons and M Truzzi, BLUE SENSE, PSYCHIC DETECTIVES, p227). Read more about Vanga.

VICTOR INTERVIEWED BY BULGARIAN TELEVISION ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE - Sophia Tzavella, a most charismatic, lovely, lively, highly intelligent and tough interviewer from Bulgaria Television, demonstrated special professional skills and gifts when she interviewed me (via Skype) last Friday night for Bulgarian television. This very special gifted interviewer Sophia Tzavella - some say she is the best interviewer in Europe - was able to ask one of the most important questions of all time. All other interviewers failed to ask me this over the last 20 years. The question: words to the effect: "If Professor Einstein and Professor Stephen Hawking say it is not possible for humans to survive, what makes you think they are wrong?" My answer, very briefly:

(FOR NEXT WEEK): SOME BRITISH ASTRONOMER SAID RECENTLY 'THE UNIVERSE 'CREATED ITSELF' and 'THERE IS NO AFTERLIFE' - but as an expert in EVIDENCE I say the possibility of the universe creating itself is comparable to that of a monkey typing the works of William Shakespeare in a week. (More about this topic next week - part 2 the Law v Science - Attorney Victor Z v astronomy Professor Hawking).

PROF EINSTEIN ON 'GOD': When Prof Albert Einstein
was asked his opinion about God, he said: "Suppose I bring you a portrait that wins everybody's admiration, do we need to see the artist? No! But we know that there is a MIND that created the portrait."

GOOD REASONS WHY PSYCHIC-MEDIUMS USUALLY KEEP QUIET ABOUT WORKING WITH POLICE (continued from last week's 'Why the police keep quiet about psychics) :

1 ) Mediums and psychics usually do not get paid for police work. They often only do it as a service and don't particularly want to be overwhelmed with people wanting help with unsolved cases.
2 ) It is very stressful work as they experience all the fear and pain that the victim felt before they died.
3 ) They may feel ongoing pressure from the spirit of the victim to solve a case.
4 ) Even the best psychics and mediums are only 80 - 90%% correct. The information comes to them in pieces.They have to interpret symbols and snatches of words. If the afterlife entity - the spirit is weak in communicating information, it gets harder. They sometimes feel enormous frustration when they can't give the police all the information they need.
5 ) Many psychics feel enormous responsibility when they aren't able to stop tragedies they can see happening in the future.

6 ) In a few cases (like the Etta Smith case) - the the mediums are overwhelmingly accurate, they have even been accused of committing the crime themselves!
7 ) Some of psychic-mediums have been threatened by criminals. Well known American psychic detective Dixie Yosarian claims to have been shot in the head three times and had her throat cut by a hit man hired to kill her (see video). On another occasion police were so concerned about her that they put her in a witness protection program.


In 1962 Mrs Smith went to Dr Guirdham in a hospital's outpatient department, where Dr Guirdham worked as a psychiatrist. She was seeking treatment for a recurring nightmare which she experienced occasionally since her teens, but was now coming two or three times a week. In her dream she was lying on her back on the floor while a man approached her from behind. She did not know what was going to happen but was absolutely terrified. Although Dr Guirdham remained calm and professional, he had to hide his surprise while listening to his new patient because he had been having the same nightmare for more than 30 years. The doctor did not tell the patient about this. Strangely after this meeting neither the doctor nor the patient had the nightmare again. Read more....

Old Harry crossed over. He waited for his wife Flo to join him. After much time and patience she too crossed over. The usual hugs and kisses took place. Then he looked at her and said, " It is absolutely beautiful here. We are always healthy. We regress to a much younger age. We always have a lot of energy. We do not have to eat or sleep or wash or clean because nothing gets dirty. We have all the time in the world to enjoy ourselves. We can go anywhere we like just by thinking about where we want to go. And the people we go out with are such beautiful gentle people. THIS is real heaven." Then Harry looked at Flo " ...and if it was not for all the health food you made me eat and the exercise you made me do, I WOULD HAVE ARRIVED HERE TEN YEARS EARLIER!"


Terry Patten, integral teacher, visionary, and bestselling co-author with Ken Wilber of Integral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening, is offering a powerful free teleclass. In "The 5 Spiritual Myths that Sabotage Your Conscious Evolution," Terry shows how to become aware of the false beliefs and ideas that are obstructing your spiritual development. Read more....


FEEDBACK (selected responses)

1) Dear Victor and Wendy, I watched the Sheldrake video and I must say you are so much on the right track as far as showing us the foibles of our society. I only wish people like you could influence the rest of us to the point that we go.....oh yah....it all makes sense now. Mark.

2) Hi Victor, I just came back from the two David Thompson seances I sat in on. They were absolutely incredible. What a gift to humankind he is. And Christine Morgan is as well. It was remarkable to feel William's huge hand on my head and shoulder. How could anyone have any doubts about the afterlife after an experience like sitting with David! I'll be writing a review for the American Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation. I'll be giving a copy to the Circle of the Silver Cord Web site for publication. I'll send you a copy. Craig Hogan

3) Victor and Wendy, You have often talked about the Scole Experiment video and DVD. You gave us the link but it was taken down from Youtube. Some of your readers might like to know that the full version is back on Youtube. Not sure how long it will last but anyone who hasn't yet seen this stunning video should definitely check out the link. Mayumi.

Victor: If you enjoyed the video BUY THE ONLY BOOK WHICH TELLS THE WHOLE STORY- there is so much more that did not make it to the screen.
A must for anyone seriously studying the evidence for the afterlife. Robin Foy has a Christmas special on the book...'Witnessing the Impossible'. For the UK and Europe, just £20 throughout November, saving p&p of £7 and £9 on normal prices of £27 and £29. Outside Europe (including Australia and the USA etc.), just £26 throughout November for Airmail delivery, saving £10 on the normal price. Read more and purchase...

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Yusuf Islam, formerly known by his stage name Cat Stevens (born Steven Demetre Georgiou on 21 July 1948 in London, UK), is an English musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, educator and philanthropist. Stevens converted to Islam at the height of his fame in 1977. The following year, he adopted his Islamic name Yusuf Islam and left his music career to devote himself to educational and philanthropic causes in the Muslim community. In 2006, he returned to pop music, with his first album of new pop songs in 28 years, entitled An Other Cup.

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