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March 4th 2016

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WHY IT'S IMPORTANT TO EDUCATE PEOPLE ABOUT AFTERLIFE COMMUNICATION Reading a recent review of our book on Amazon.com by Tim (see item below) I was reminded that many people who have spontaneous experiences with afterlife communication or expanded states of consciousness do not talk about them for fear of being thought crazy.

Many people seem not to be aware that these experiences are so common as to be almost normal. Various studies have shown that around 30% of people say they have had contact with someone who had died. With widows and widowers the figure is closer to 50%. And approximately 40% of people have had experiences of "light" or "oneness with all life".

NEED TO EDUCATE UNINFORMED PSYCHIATRISTS AND PHYSICIANS Mainstream psychiatrists for a long time regarded these kinds of experiences as automatically indicating psychiatric illness. Clearly there is a need to educate everyone that normal, healthy and well functioning people can have these experiences. Truth must always rise above ignorance and prejudice.
Fortunately this is one of the aims of IANDS, the International Association for Near-Death Studies.


If you haven't checked it out recently, have a look at the webpage of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute. It's a drawing together of like-minded people to create a credible, united group to share afterlife knowledge, support afterlife research and teach reliable methods of afterlife communication. There will be lots happening and lots of opportunities for you to get on board.

Karla had veridical experiences of many things happening at the same time. She particularly appreciated the prayers that were being said "with the heart".

It's clear now that the bias in Wikipedia is coming from the top, from co-founder Jimmy Wales. It's not just a matter of a small group of enthusiastic fact-deniers highjacking the system as Dr. Dean Radin (and many of us) initially thought. In his blog (entangled minds 4/4/14) Dr. Radin claims that attempts to edit articles on subjects not accepted by mainstream science to provide more balance "are summarily ignored, and even neutral, well-intentioned editors have been banned" while articles with citations only from unreliable, uninformed, or cynical sources are included. Every biography of a medium or psychic has been trashed to suggest that they were fraudulent and that there were no investigations carried out apart from by one or two skeptics who are quoted. Read more...


Can human beings influence machines with their thoughts? And does the collective mind of humanity have foreknowledge of major events? For the first time we have evidence that suggests just that.

directly from a highly credible afterlife source - beautiful spiritual eloquence:
"Do not mourn because the caterpillar has become a beauteous butterfly. Do not weep because the cage has been opened and the bird has been set free. Rejoice and know that the enfranchised soul has found liberty and that, if you would but unfold the powers that the Great Spirit has given you, you could share some of the new beauty and joy which is theirs. You could understand the plan of death and realise that death is but a stepping stone, a door through which you enter into the larger freedom of the realms of the spirit." Silver Birch.



This is another type of physical mediumship. The spirit helpers visibly alter the medium's body. Sometimes they take ectoplasm from the body of the medium and lay it a few centimeters in front on the medium's face like a mask. Spirits who wish to be seen press their faces into the ectoplasm. Usually this takes place with a low red light shining under the medium's chin, or in candle light however some transfiguration mediums can demonstrate in daylight. Sometimes they make the medium taller or in the case of physical medium Gordon Garforth they make one hand bigger than the other. Read more about transfiguration mediumship.

THE SALVATION CONSPIRACY- HOW HELL BECAME 'ETERNAL In an appendix in a wonderful FREE online book Rev. Ken Vincent argues:
a). For the first 500 years of Christianity, Christians and Christian theologians were broadly Universalist (believing that all people are destined to eventually go to heaven).
b). Mistranslation of the word "eon" in Scriptures from Greek to Latin contributed the reinterpretation of the nature of Hell.
c). Merging of Church and State fostered the corruption of Universalist thought.
d). Modern archeological findings and Biblical scholarship confirm Universalist thought among early Christians.
e). Contemporary Christian scholars find Universalist theology most authentic to Jesus. Read more...

Highly reliable afterlife intelligences have transmitted information that ‘millions’ on crossing over refuse to believe they are dead. While this is NOT likely to happen to any of the subscribers to the Friday Afterlife Report, just for the record, here's how to know.

If at any time you find yourself in a situation where loved ones or close friends and colleagues totally ignore you as if they did NOT HEAR YOU AT ALL, it could mean YOU HAVE CROSSED OVER. You may be confused but if you mentally ask for help you will receive help. The movie The Sixth Sense illustrates the principle.

I very highly recommended a book called THE FRENCH REVELATION by lawyer Edward C Randall. On pp.196-202 EC Randall describes how he was working with a medium and the rescue-team in the afterlife dimension brought someone who stubbornly refused to accept he was dead. “What has that to do with me? I am not dead nor am I interested in the subject.” Read more …

QUESTION: is there any word of where we were before our earthly experiences?

Victor: Before our earthly experience begins we would have been in the afterlife dimension. But the spirit needs a material body to spiritually evolve. So we incarnate for the experiences and the lessons to continue to spiritually grow. Once we attain a level where it would be useless for us to return, we do NOT need to come back to physical life again. For example, once a person reaches an evolved stage where he/she can truly unconditionally love and unconditionally forgive (all other things being equal), I’d say there is no point in that person having to return to earth.

QUESTION : Why do we not remember the spirit world?

Victor: Most people do not remember the events in the spirit world because the events are registered in the MIND not in the brain. We travel out of our body when we sleep – but again, those experiences are registered in the MIND. When we die - when the ‘silver cord’ is severed from the body, we WILL REMEMBER every visit we made to the afterlife dimension. That’s the reliable information transmitted to us by the most highly credible afterlife teachers.

REV. LARRY TAYLOR FORMER HEAD OF THE LESLIE FLINT TRUST A fascinating interview with someone who sat with Lesley Flint for twenty years.
Larry answers the following questions:
0.25 How did you meet Leslie
16.00 Working with spirit on a daily basis
19.53 Modern Spiritualism - how have things changed
22.37 How did the Leslie Flint Trust come about?
23.47 Do you ever hear from Leslie?
24.30 The future of the Trust.

WONDERFUL 5 STAR REVIEW of our book on Amazon.com By Tim O. January 23, 2016 titled:
Case Closed...The Afterlife Proved Beyond ANY Reasonable Doubt.
"This is the most persuasive case I have ever seen presented by any lawyer on any subject during my 35 years in the profession. I have personally experienced many of the things described, some of which got me involuntarily committed in 2013, when I received telepathic communications from my deceased parents. If the medical professionals and my family members had the information in this book, rather than ignorance to guide them, my experience would probably have been a lot more pleasant, in that I would not have been forced to recant and deny some of the most emotionally uplifting experiences I have had, just to escape the loony bin. I can now confirm that finding out that you're not crazy after all is a very affirming experience... but it pales in comparison to the absolute confirmation that we are eternal and immortal beings having a human experience. That bit of information doesn't just take the cake ... it is the cake."


All are tutors at the Arthur Findlay College England.
Dates: 6th to 11th November 2016.
This announcement is for anyone who has ever wanted to fly to England to spend at a week at the famous Arthur Findlay College. Now you can book ahead for a week's course on mediumship (from beginner to advanced level) with FIVE teachers who are current tutors at the Arthur Findlay College: Christine Morgan, Rev. Simon James, Rev. Brian Robertson, John Jonson, and Andrew Manship. The course fee includes small group tuition, all meals and accommodation at the fabulous 4.5 star Mountain Heritage Hotel, Katoomba Blue Mountains. Last year the limited places filled without advertising so if you are interested get your application in. Download flyer. For further details and bookings contact Christine Morgan: Email: indiki1962[at]gmail.com or Mobile: 0411036963

Sunday, March 20 at 1 PM - 3:30 PM
Kenmore Library, Kenmore Village Shopping Centre, 9 Brookfield Road, Kenmore, Brisbane.
Guest Speaker: Dr. Shé D’Montford
Entry: $10 Enquiries: Sheryl Gottschall 0431 856 556

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1.Oh my I cannot explain nor thank you enough. I look forward to your emails every week. They have helped me so much in healing my grief from losing my father, and my mom years ago. You have no idea how much you have helped and opened my heart to so much. I want to thank you and bless you always! Thank you for keeping hope alive in my life!

2. You have a great nudging tool within your website, keep it up, is in my view making very positive collective differences. Freddie

. I just wanted to thank you for your inspirational work. I read your Report every week without fail.
After a lifetime of reading and thinking I have come to the conclusion that our whole perspective of what we are is incorrect. We are not "bodies that use energy" we are, in fact "energies that use bodies". Thank you again for your superb work. Dr. Tony E.

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