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COMMENTARY : Are YOU A PRODUCT OF YOUR ENVIRONMENT? Have your beliefs and thinking been done for you from birth?

I was discussing this very important issue this week: did your beliefs come form the environment you were born? Experts tell us that mainly, our beliefs come first directly from your family, then your immediate friends and from our education system, from our media, from our own culture, tradition and history. So that, by and large, the country you are born in usually determines your beliefs: if you were born in India, you'd likely to be HIndu, in Israel, Jewish, In Iraq or Iran - a Moslem, Western Europe, UK, US - you're likely to be Christian. In modern Russia and China - you're very likely to be an atheist. What is also very interesting is that there were people who would have died for their beliefs. Yet, if they were born in a different country that would not have happened!

The search for truth about the afterlife has to rise above nationality, history, culture and tradition. When we repeatedly obtain highly critical information what is happening in the afterlife now from highly credible teachers, then after close examination of the information - that would direct us to the truth.


A huge thank you to Emmanuel for posting this review on Amazon.com A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife (Paperback)
" This is more than a book. For me the contents of it also serve as guidelines. It tells me how to investigate it myself. It lead me to reading other convincing books. It led me to see the right people such as genuine mediums, psychics, spiritual circles, investigators etc. I even went to attend many seances that this book recommended. It takes more than just reading books to convince you of the afterlife. You have to be more proactive, you have to spend a lot of time researching, you have to see it for yourself and you have to experience it for yourself. And I think this is also what this book is trying to tell us. I went from doubting to believing to knowing! Thank you Victor and Wendy Zammit for the most wonderful book.

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WE DON'T DIE- SANDRA CHAMPLAIN'S BOOK ABOUT OVERCOMING GRIEF Many of our readers threw their support behind Sandra's book when it was released. It's lovely to see her taking the message of survival out to so many people.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65p_jykQKus



" Dear Dr Zammit, I'm Henry M. Harris, a retired NASA scientist who's been interested in your work for many years. You probably know that in the frontiers of physics to-day there is a realization that the universe we see with our eyes is only part of a much broader and more complicated scheme.... I suspect that the root cause of why paranormal experiences that you describe do not fit into the standard model of physics is that we have a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of life....It's my opinion there will soon be a revolution in physics, enabled by new understanding of a multidimensional universe, one that melds with the concept of life. I think even now we can add some detail to this idea.
Read more.

An introduction to the implications of discoveries in quantum physics



A Firsthand Description of the Afterlife
" Through a series of heartwarming telepathic conversations between Matthew Ward (who died at age 17) and his mother, Suzanne, we learn about the astonishing activity and diversity of life in the realm we call Heaven. Matthew clears up common misconceptions about the world where he lives (he says its proper name is Nirvana) and he explains why, in this unprecedented time in the history of Earth, it is essential that we know the truth of our beginnings and our relationship with all of creation. Without that truth, we cannot understand either the purpose of our lives or how to prepare confidently and joyously for what is to come." Read more...


ABOUT EFFECTIVE PRAYER from "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" by Suzanne Ward http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbIKXfWKli8

IMPORTANT: ARE YOU A 'WALK-IN?' QUESTION: I was watching the television series Unsolved Mysteries - and one of the things was about 'walk-ins'. I've never heard of walk-ins before. Are they real? S.Pele, Sacramento (U.S.)

Victor: I dealt with the controversial claim about walk-ins many years ago - but it is good that you want to know about them. First, we have to accept that as well as having a physical body, we also have a 'spiritual' body. There are some who accept that the spirit inside a person's body can leave that physical body allowing ANOTHER spirit to take over the physical body so that the person continues to live - but with a different spirit body. There are others who say it is impossible. However there are people who honestly believe that they replaced a previous occupant of their body by 'soul agreement'. They claim to be "walk-ins" and say that their character, habits, likes and dislikes all became different after the change over. Left is Juelle who states in her book why she thinks she is a 'walk in'. Read more...

BOSTON, MA. Sunday, November 3rd, 2013
" We all wonder where our precious animals go when they die. If only we believed that it was still possible to connect with them, it would bring sweet solace to our grieving hearts.

Join us at The Conference on Animals in the Afterlife and you'll hear stories of spirit animals who have been seen, heard, and felt, not only by the people who knew them but by total strangers. You'll learn of ghostly apparitions by paranormal pets, and of animals who have seemingly reincarnated to rejoin their human families, months or years after they had transitioned into spirit.

You'll hear real accounts of animals in spirit who are not only still capable of communicating cherished memories from their lives on earth, but who can also share knowledge of events that transpired after they shed their physical bodies, confirming that they remain aware, interested, and even involved in the lives of the people they loved, and will always love. Read more...

CROP CIRCLES- CROSSOVER FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION Experts testify why crop circles cannot be man made. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtUZBwTvOV8


One of the most important books you will ever read if you do not want to reincarnate. Out of body explorer William Buhlman explains how attachment to human form causes us to stay on the lower levels of the afterlife, where collective thought creates "hollow heavens". People think they are living in "heaven" but they are a long way from the expansive spiritual possibilities of the higher realms. In the second part of the book, Buhlman discusses ways in which we can enhance our "journey of consciousness", and gives practical suggestions for those approaching transition.

JACK KORNFIELD: ON FORGIVENESS Timeless Buddhist teaching about the illusory nature of life.

This is a very popular and often asked question. The most important thing to know is that if one has been informing himself-herself about the afterlife, this informed person is very likely to have a very easy, peaceful and wonderful 'conscious' crossing over. We all must read about the afterlife and conditions about the afterlife. I recommend the hugely credible transmitted information about the afterlife - especially the sources we include in our weekly reports. But here is how a former highly placed Catholic monsignor describes his crossing over seconds after he died: " I suddenly felt a great urge to rise up. I had no physical feeling whatever, very much in the same way the physical feeling is absent during a dream, but I was mentally alert. Immediately I had this distinct prompting to rise, I found that I was actually doing so ... Turning, I then beheld what had taken place ... I saw my physical body lying lifeless upon its bed, but here was I , the REAL I, alive and well ..... (I was then met by one of my very best friends who had already crossed over ....)"

INTERNATIONAL MEDIUM JAMES VAN PRAAGH Entertains Lily Dale Crowd- A full house and then some expressed delight and astonishment during medium James Van Praagh's three hours on the Assembly Hall stage in Lily Dale on Saturday. Van Praagh began 35 minutes late because of long lines for parking and seating. He danced out on stage and told the crowd he was there "to change (their) perspective and perception." Read full article...

MORGAN By omission, the British media have mis-informed mediums- and the public - about the implications for mediums of the recent Sally Morgan case. The materialist media are on record for consistently being against the paranormal. But only lawyers know what legal precedents were created in the Sally Morgan case and how they could be enforceable under specific circumstances. The media implied that Sally Morgan's victory made no difference to the rights of mediums. Some uninformed mediums completely swallowed the media's propaganda and are doing harm repeating the media's materialist nonsense. So read MY LEGAL ARTICLE about the implications for psychic-mediums of this important Sally Morgan victory - something you will NOT get from journalists in the popular media. (was published only in PSYCHIC WORLD, British Spiritualist newspaper, where Victor is a regular columnist).Read more ...



WHY SKEPTICS ARE TOTALLY WRONG: I have said this a few times over the last 23 years, but recent debate warrants me to repeat certain most critical things why we - who accept the afterlife evidence - are RIGHT and the closed skeptics are wrong:

1. Those most brilliant scientists and investigators who walked on planet earth AFTER they scientifically investigated the afterlife evidence ACCEPTED the evidence. They just did not 'believe' in anything, there was no 'blind faith' or 'superstition' or subjective religious beliefs - they ACCEPTED the afterlife EVIDENCE.

2. The evidence can be demonstrated at will by some of the most brilliant psychic-mediums who are able to produce physical evidence of their highly gifted skills - see Psychic Detectives and Sensing Murder (NZ) - brilliant mediums are able to identify gender, name, age of the victim - and in some instances give the police the name of the killer.

3. No genius closed skeptic materialist, reductionist scientist or anybody else has ever shown where, when, how and why the presented afterlife evidence cannot be valid.

4. No genius skeptical scientist or materialist investigator has ever produced evidence or written a book at any time in history explaining why he thinks the afterlife does not exist or why the afterlife cannot exist. Yet there are thousands of books written by genius scientists and professional investigators and others who after they investigated the evidence wrote books stating that with absolute certainty the afterlife exists.

These are some of the reasons why scientist-skeptics run away from professional debates with lawyers about the afterlife.


See also Neale Grossman's excellent article
Who's Afraid of Life After Death
(Thanks Ian Kerry for the link).



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The Australian Psychics Association is celebrating its 30th Anniversary at a huge party that is not to be missed. Psychics are coming from every state in Australia including up to 350 members and their guests. You don't have to be a member to attend.
When: Saturday 24th August 2013
Time: 6:00 pm Start
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Ticket: $ 70 per person for all APA paid-up members –
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Hi Victor, Love your work … Gal, Israel.

) I particularly loved hearing what the hospice nurse said. Love these reports. They are brilliant. Thanks so much Wendy and Victor. xx Jo Buchanan

I like how you discuss the mind and brain as being separate. Christie.


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For me, it is the greatest song ever written - for the movie 'GHOST': The images you see in this video clip are absolutely stunning - because they tell us exactly what happens when someone is killed and tries to communicate from the afterlife. The love connection between Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze comes across very powerfully. The music, the movie script, the power generated remain as the greatest most powerful movie ever written about the afterlife in the history of movie making. Take some time out to really enjoy this most, stunning, most powerful video: !


Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.