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SEPTEMBER 5th, 2014
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My English friends and colleagues - Michael Roll, Paul Read, scientists Ron Pearson and the crossed-over Prof David Fontana and others like them - call themselves 'atheists'. However AFTER investigating the afterlife evidence with scientific scrutiny, they accept the evidence for the afterlife. Some of them have even become authorities on the afterlife. Because their minds are not encumbered by religious conditioning, these "atheists" have the capacity to be objective. They do not accept the religious 'god' - the one mentioned in the Bible - the one who is said to be a "God of War", a jealous God who exterminates innocent men, women and children on ethnic grounds - as told in the Old Testament. These atheists accept Arthur Findlay's concept of a UNIVERSAL MIND which accounts for everything we see in the universe. It is 'MIND' - others call it 'INTELLIGENCE' or 'CONSCIOUSNESS' that is important and responsible for the laws of the universe that keeps the great universe operating making sure all the stars and the planets keep on rotating on their axis. Some atheists have even written books on why they reject religions but accept the afterlife.

LUPITA KIRKLIN'S NDE- FROM Afterlife - A Film by Paul Perry



At the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) Conference last weekend four leading NDE researchers were asked to list what they see as the highest priorities for future NDE research. Professor Jan Holden said it is important to It is important for NDE research to reach mainstream society because the messages from them- that human life has a purpose and the development of compassion is a major aim in life- are so important. Secondly she feels that there is a need for more cross cultural studies, especially in Africa and South America. Thirdly there is still a great need for further education of healthcare professionals. Read more...



Carla Wills- Brandon has been researching end of life experiences and departing visions for almost thirty years.


DIRECTLY FROM THE AFTERLIFE: Question from physical earth, "Will you tell us something about your world?"

Answer from the afterlife, " All in the same plane can see and touch the same things. If we look at a field, it is a field to all who look at it. Everything is the same to those in the same condition of mental development. It is not a dream. Everything is real to us. We can sit down together and enjoy each other's company just as you can on earth. We have books and we can read them. We have the same feelings as you have. We can have a long walk in the country, and meet a friend whom we have not seen for a long time. We all smell the same aroma of the flowers and the fields as you do ... All is tangible, but in the higher degree of beauty than anything on earth ..." (from On the Edge of the Etheric by A Findlay).

- Once you rise above the 'boggle threshold' and remove all stereotype anti-paranormal prejudices which entrenched themselves in our culture, history and tradition, then you will wholeheartedly accept that communicating with afterlife intelligences - with what people call spirits - is possible - and is being done every day. Anti-paranormal boggle threshold: was acquired by Western people and wherever Christianity ruled for the last 2,000 years. For this long time there was a consistent, violent attacks against the paranormal by the Inquisition of the Church. Why? Mainly because higher afterlife intelligences transmitted information telling us that what the Church is teaching about the afterlife is wrong.


THE FUN OF STAYING IN TOUCH: How Our Loved Ones Contact Us and How We Can Contact Them
Roberta Grimes' new book is a sequel to The Fun of Dying: Find out What Really Happens Next. She writes:
" Communicating with the dead is easier now than it ever was, and in fact your beloved may be trying to communicate with you right now! In the 21st century, you have many ways to connecting with the dead, including some that are new and evolving."
Kindle or Paperback.

Rev. Johnson testifies that she was reunited with her husband, a Baptist minster who was brutally murdered, two months after his death through the physical mediumship of David Thompson.


Michael Roll, 'atheist': "Victor, look at the time, I can’t sleep. [Arthur] Findlay is saying to me, 'Tell Victor'.

In March 1983 I was at the Rita Goold materialisation experiment in Barry and Pat Jeffery’s house. Their son Michael, who was killed on his motorcycle at the age of sixteen fully materialised, as solid as you and me, and spoke to his mother and father as easily as we speak to each other." [ Read his report ].

"My immediate reaction was, "I must tell everybody in the world about these exciting discoveries in physics, especially parents who have lost children." A few weeks later, a mother who had just seen her two boys killed in front of her by a car, wrote to me and said, 'After reading your scientific case for survival after death my pillow is now dry at night, I am a different woman.' This is the dynamo that drives me on. ......"

"Not long after Dr. Alan Gauld (a sckeptical investigator) witnessed exactly the same thing as I did. In contrast to mine his reaction was totally different, along the lines of saying that this proves that my lifetimes work is completely wrong and contradicts all the books I have written, all the lectures, everything I have said on radio and television. His attitude has been that this information must be stopped at all costs."
Michael Roll.
The Campaign for Philosphical Freedom.

If you have had an experience of physical mediumship Donna Smith-Moncrieff would like you to help with her new research project by filling in a short survey form.

The Leslie Flint Educational Trust
has a new YouTube channel The site is new and videos will be added as time goes on. In this tape Betty Greene explains what direct voice mediumship is and some of its mechanics. It contains some information which is ESSENTIAL knowledge for anyone interested in physical mediumship.

Question: Victor how do you know that the Leslie Flint tapes are not fraudulent as they say on wikipedia?

Victor: I have lots to say on this so I will spread my answer over the next few weeks. First NEVER believe anything you read on wikipedia about the paranormal or the afterlife (see last week's commentary). Secondly look at the credibility of people who claim to have been reunited with a loved one through Leslie Flint.

Dr Aubrey Rose, OBE, CBE, one of the most brilliant lawyers in England, attended many sittings with Leslie Flint and claims that through Flint he received “the most detailed evidence of survival of the individual beyond this life.” In his autobiography The Rainbow Never Ends (2005) he states that his investigation into the afterlife began when he heard a tape recording of a voice he recognized as that of deceased Judge, Lord Birkett, speaking through Leslie Flint. Rose became a close friend of Leslie Flint and went on to become a spiritual healer himself. He is about to bring out another book where he talks about hearing the voice of his son through Leslie. To be continued...

THE PARANORMAL IN ESPIONAGE IS BIGGER THAN WE THINK! Here is a classic book that seriously deals with the paranormal in espionage: The Psychic War by Dr. Elmar R Gruber. D. Dean Radin says of it: " Having participated in this research, I can recommend Gruber's book as one of the clearest and most accurate reviews of this strange but true tale. In addition, his coverage of the contemporary world-wide status of psi research is exceptionally good." Ralph Goodwin states: " The first part discusses Government/military sponsored Remote Viewing from its inception to its public abandonment. It is the best high level overview of the Military Remote Viewing effort I have read (and I have read most of them). The second part is a review of contemporary PSI research - including interesting chapters on the known state (as of 1999) of Russian and Chinese research."

'SPIRITISTS' IN FLORIDA - EXCELLENT SPIRITIST CENTER- Produces excellent journal by email: Edited by Yvonne Crespo Limoges, Director E-mail: ylimoges@aol.com Spiritist Society of Florida. Those who are familiar with the brilliant work of Allan Kardek - pictured, left. Those who have not must start reading his work - it is pure gold for understanding the afterlife. Connect with Yvonne C. Limoges
5042 22 Avenue North,
St. Petersburg, Florida 33710 Website: www.spiritistsocietyfl.com


BRIAN WEISS TALKS ABOUT PAST LIFE MEMORIES and leads a hypnotic regression to the time before your birth.



Question: If there is an inconsistency between what Jesus said and what the Church directs, which prevails?

Victor: Read carefully, this is very important: (From Arthur Findlay's ROCK OF TRUTH). "In the Bible we read someone asking Jesus, "What good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life? What did Jesus reply? He did not say that his enquirer must believe that he is the second person in the Trinity. He did NOT say he must be baptised. He did not say that he must believe in the Bible to be the inspired word of God. He did not say he must repeat something and believe something. No! Jesus simply stated, 'Thou shalt do no murder. Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Honour thy father and mother, and Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself'. What right has the church to ADD conditions to salvation which Jesus did not think necessary? Why add to, or take away from, this DIRECT ANSWER TO A DIRECT QUESTION?" We would like some theologian to answer this question.

Saturday 6th September
SYDNEY WORKSHOP Join Medium Christine Morgan & Spirit Artist Marie Klements for a day of Art and the Spirit World & Spirit Portraiture on Sydney's Northern Beaches. A day for unfolding any talent and ability of creativity with mediumship. Development and understanding of both Intuitive Art & Spirit Portraits. Learn how to strengthen your links with the spirit when working with Psychic Artists, a skill that not every medium has!
Enjoy, Understand, & be inspired!
Contact Christine indiki1962@gmail.com or 0411036963.

THE NEW BOOK: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPPORT: OUR NEW BOOK IS DOING VERY WELL - thank you all who are getting behind it. THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING TO SPREAD THE LIGHT! And a big thank you to those authors and afterlife investigators who also inspired us produce the book. Again, we remind our readers we do NOT make a profit from selling this book.

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1) Thanks much Wendy. You and Victor are doing incredibly important work. Very best regards, Jim - (met in Arizona Conference)

2) Thank you so much for your newsletters. I really do enjoy them. Regarding Wiki's negative attitude to topics on the paranormal, it's not surprising. Wiki is not an authorative resource anyway, and what is presented there often represents a very limited, conservative perspective. Perhaps if more of us who know that the paranormal is real - and in fact, quite 'normal' - wrote to Wikipedia asking for a more balanced view, they might broaden their perspective. To quote only skeptics and debunkers, despite an already massive and growing body of evidence for the 'paranormal' is not only intellectual negligence, it is also morally reprehensible.Antonina

3) Yep, Wikipedia is worse than useless for paranormal or life after death information. It makes me sad and angry to even try to read it. My plan now is to just ignore it. Art

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Those fortunate enough to have experienced this music in the past - would tell you what the music of the stage show HAIR stood for - it was something quite sensational. The people changed - more liberation, more tolerance, more understanding. Here is just a glimpse of this brilliant music that changed America - and the world - which shook the foundation of old fashioned beliefs. And here enjoy this most magnificent music: "Hair' and 'Let the Sunshine In'.

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