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PROFESSOR ALBERT EINSTEIN - reference to the AFTERLIFE -"GREAT spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds." The great Einstein wrote favorably about psychic process on TELEPATHY research in a preface he wrote of Upton Sinclair's book MENTAL RADIO. Einstein to be included in the Hall of Fame. Further about GOD Einstein stated: "ANYONE who becomes seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that there is a spirit manifest in the laws of the universe - a spirit vastly superior that of man."

PROF MAX PLANK ON GOD: "All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind the force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent MIND. This mind is the matrix of all matter." Max Plank known as the 'father of Quantum Physics'.

"Quantum physics would suggest that there is a creative intelligence underlying the whole, which might have as one of the essentials that which was meant by the word 'God'.

SIR ISAAC NEWTON, In optics, mechanics, and mathematics Newton was a figure of un-disputed genius and innovation. "The most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being."

BRILLIANT PHYSICIST CONFIRMS THE EXISTENCE OF THE AFTERLIFE: author, scientist and empiricist DR Jan W. Vandersande Ph.D. has based the afterlife evidence on his own 8 year investigation. His new book, which I very highly recommend, Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence, is now available on

PARANORMAL/AFTERLIFE: NOBEL LAUREATE PROFESSOR BRIAN JOSEPHSON is Professor of Physics at Cambridge, Cambridge University and as ascientist he is strongly in favor of the (empirical) paranormal…' Read Prof Josephson's most insightful article…

PHYSICS and LAW - See video: Why Professor Richard Dawkins is Wrong about the After

PROFESSOR IAN STEVENSON - afterlife evidence: one of the greatest psi empiricists in history who revolutionized perception on reincarnation - and life after death.

AFTERLIFE COMMUNICATION- DR KONSTANTINE RAUDIVE: (Latvia, Europe) - afterlife phenomenon. His classic Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) research under the English title 'Breakthrough' was based on 72,000 afterlife 'spirit voices' he tape recorded from those living in the life after death. He was highly influential on a global level lecturing about EVP. Since his 'death' he has been actively communicating from the afterlife to researchers here on earth.

PROF. ERLENDUR HARALDSSON. AFTERLIFE COMMUNICATION: This brilliant Professor and psychic researcher has done psychic research into life after death - apparitions, children who speak of a previous life, Icelandic mediums, deathbed visions and communicating with intelligences from the afterlife.

DR GLEN HAMILTON, one of the world's most respected scientists and most important brilliant afterlife empiricists from Canada who repeatedly showed that the afterlife (life after death) is fact by his most impressive paranormal experiments.

EMMANUEL SWEDENBORG from Sweden, the greatest scientist of his time, accepted the afterlife and repeatedly experienced psychic phenomena and Out of Body Experiences and wrote a great deal about life after death

another great early British scientist investigated and accepted the afterlife - life after death , "I am absolutely convinced of the fact that those who once lived on earth can and do communicate with us."

J.J. THOMPSON, the discoverer of the ELECTRON is also on record for accepting the existence of psychic phenomena - with great implications for the afterlife/life after death.

PROFESSOR CAMILLE FLAMMARION, French astronomer and popular author- afterlife implications. He is noted chiefly as the author of popular books on astronomy, including Popular Astronomy and The Atmosphere. He was later to write extensively on psychical research, and produced classic works such as "Death and Its Mystery," vols. 1, 2 and 3. One-time President of the SPR in 1923. - implications for life after death.

GERMAN PHYSICIST VALIDATES THE AFTERLIFE/PARANORMAL: German Professor Dr Ernst Senkowski after doing intensive paranormal and afterlife research for over twenty years repeatedly obtained positive paranormal and 'afterlife' results.his book INSTRUMENTAL TRANSCOMU-NICATION: the full German version
An English translation is being done:

DR AMIT GOSWAMI quantum physicist- after investigating the evidence for the afterlife - accepts the evidence! He is professor of physics at the Institute of Theoretical Sciences at the University of Oregon and author of numerous scientific papers and several books. His best: PHYSICS OF THE SOUL - the quantum book of living, dying, reincarnation and immortality (Available from

Frederick W.H. Myers was an absolute genius. A highly gifted Cambridge Classics scholar. His exceptionally brilliant afterlife contribution is his Cross Correspondences click chapter 14 BOOK top right.

GEORGE MEEK, AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATOR: A brilliant American engineer/inventor, designer and manufacturer of devices for air conditioning. He established the Metascience Foundation in Franklin, North Carolina, which sponsored the famous Spiricom research. This demonstrated extended two-way instrumental communication between people alive here on earth and people living in the afterlife dimension. - click on HALL OF FAME top left.

D. ALFRED WALLACE - ACCEPTED THE AFERLIFE, one of the greatest scientists of the past and credited with CHARLES DARWIN with being the co-founder of the theory of evolution. He was also one of the early pioneers in psychic research. He accepted that we survive physical death - there is life after death -see Wallace's psychic work in his book MIRACLES ANDMODERN SPIRITUALISM, London, 1878

Sir William CrookesSIR WILLIAM CROOKES …scientifically investigated the afterlife - he championed the afterlife /life after death.

Raymond Cass Foundation. Afterlife connection: Raymond was the UK pioneer in the work related to the phenomenon known as EVP/afterlife ( Electronic Voice Phenomena). read more...

LINKING AFTERDEATH WITH SUB ATOMIC PHYSICS Sir Oliver Lodge was one off the greatest scientists of the twentieth century. He influenced millions about the existence of the afterlife.Read his full lecture.

WHY THE BRAIN IS DIFFERENT FROM THE MIND: The mind-brain-consciousness debate has been going for more than twenty centuries. Historically, it is one of the most important debates ever. As a psychic investigator, I state in absolute terms that there is overwhelming objective evidence that the physical brain is not the mind. The physical brain dies when the physical body dies, but the mind survives physical death. But to-day, without any objective evidence, some materialist scientists erroneously claim that mind and brain are the same thing. Read full article



There is, without any doubt whatsoever, objective, repeatable, evidence for the existence of the afterlife.

Retired lawyer Victor Zammit Ph.D states that the evidence collected would be accepted by the highest court in any civilized country.

For the record, this is NOT religious crusading. Nor is there any attempt in any way to change your beliefs. It is a record of the work of some of the most brilliant scientists who ever lived.

If you are looking for objective, non-religious, factual, evidence that everyone survives death, that there is no eternal hell, and that you will be reunited with your loved ones, you have come to the right place.

We examine more than 20 different areas of evidence for the afterlife including:

Near-death experiences
Out-of-body experiences
End-of-life experiences (Deathbed visions)
After-death contacts
Mediums who have passed scientific tests
See Afterlife Evidence

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* Ghosts- Randi, Shermer and closed minded skeptics when they die

* Victor Zammit speaking at Speakers' Corner; Victor regularly had the biggest crowds in history - in London Hyde Park Speakers' Corner and the Sydney Domain Speakers Corner


On February 7-9 2014 a group of scientists participated in an important international summit on post-materialist science, spirituality and society at Canyon Ranch Tucson Arizona.

It was co-organised by
Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, Mario Beauregard, PhD, from the University of Arizona, and Lisa Miller, PhD, Columbia University. Read more ... and
Read the manifesto


Here are more brilliant scientists and investigators who used their brilliant scientific knowledge to confirm there is an afterlife - and/or the paranormal.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir William Barrett, Dr Peter Bender, Dr Robert Crookal, Professor John Bockris, John Logie Baird, Lord Dowding, Professor Arthur Ellison, Dr Peter Fenwick, Professor Festa, Dr Edith Fiore, Arthur Findlay, Professor David Fontana, Dr Amit Goswami (pictured left) , Professor Gustav Geley, Professor Ivor Grattan-Guinesss, Professor Stanislav Grof, Dr Arthur Guirdham, Dr Glen Hamilton, Professor Charles Hapgood, Professor Sylvia Hart-Wright, Professor Ernst Senkowski, (left) Professor James Hyslop, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Professor William James, Professor Brian Josephson, Dr Elizabeth Kublier-Ross, Sir Oliver Lodge, Drs Jeff and Judy Long, Mark Macy, Ron Pearson (engineer/physics) Joseph
McMoneagle, George Meek, engineer, Dr Raymond Moody (left) , Dr Melvin Morse, Dr Morris Nertherton, Dr Karlis Osis, Dr Hall Puthoff, Dr Dean Radin, Peter Ramster (Psychologist), Edward C Randall (Lawyer),
Dr.Konstantine Raudive (left), Drs J.B. and Louisa Rhine, Professor Charles Richet, Dr Kenneth Ring, Dr Aubrey Rose, Professor Archie Roy, Dr Michael Sabom, Dr Hans Schaer, Professor Marylyn Schlitz, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Judge Dean Shuart, Dr Ian Stevenson, Dr Claude Swanson, Emmanuel Swednborg, Professor Russell Targ, Professor Charles Tart, Professor Jessica Utts, Dr Van Pim Lommel, DR Jan W. Vandersande, Professor J.W. Crawford, Professor Wadhams, Prof. Alfred Wallace, Dr Helen Wambach, Dr Carl Wickland, Dr Carla Wills-Brandon, Professor Fred Alan Wolf, Drs Julie & Boccozzi Beichell (left),
Dr Victor Zammit..



UNINFORMED about afterlife matters, materialist Professor Stephen Hawking said "there is no afterlife" -recently in an interview with the English Guardian newspaper that 'our brains are like computers.' This professor is deluding himself and trying to fool others - giving the impression he knows as much as attorneys do when it comes to what technically consititutes admissible EVIDENCE. Then he said WITHOUT investigating the afterlife evidence, “There is no heaven or afterlife for broken-down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.

Victor, below, says
THE ONUS IS ON YOU TO TELL THE WORLD Professor Hawking."This afterlife uninformed professor made an inadmissible 'a priori conclusion' - a decision without first investigating the scientific evidence for the afterlife. But other 'genius' scientists: physicists, chemists and biologists - such as Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Crookes and Sir William Barrett - and many others (see next item below) - scientifically examined the afterlife and accepted the afterlife evidence. Read full article ...

LAWYER'S CROSS EXAMINATION OF PROF. STEPHEN HAWKING: here is how a cross-examination of Prof.S Hawking would look. It is very interesting, entertaining, witty and highly educational: Read more ...


Psychic Detectives.

MEDIUMS WILL SUE SKEPTICS - the Sally Morgan v Daily Mail:
There are a couple of uninformed
ignorant skeptics who because they cannot rebut the evidence of the psychics and mediums in Sensing Murder and Psychic Detectives, these closed minded skeptics are saying - 'it must be fraud'!
Anyone calling a police officer a fraud, or calling a psychic or medium a fraud, is very likely to be sued for unspecified damages. The recent case of medium Sally Morgan (left) v Daily Mail. She won $250,000 including costs against the Daily Mail for defamation.

Read more about this case on the paranormal.


Victor Zammit lawyer shows why 'objections' to afterlife evidence are not valid objections. Below are some of the most common objections raised over the last twenty years by the skeptics about the evidence for the afterlife. 1st Objection. “The evidence for the afterlife cannot be valid because there is no afterlife.” (There will be 20 objections over the next weeks) . Read more objections. Read more ...

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THE U.S. GOVERNMENT ACKNOWLEDGES PSYCHIC POWER IS REAL Perhaps those ignorant, highly negatively entrenched closed minded skeptics who keep repeating 'there is no such thing as psychic phenomena' can explain why a psychic was awarded the Legion of Merit for psychic services. This award is the second highest award that the U.S. Army can make during peace time. It was given to remote viewer Joe McMoneagle, with the approval of US Congress and the Senate, for his brilliant psychic services. The citation reads:

"While with his command, he used his talents and expertise in the execution of more than 200 missions, addressing over 150 essential elements of information. These EEI contained critical intelligence reported at the highest echelons of our military and government, including such national level agencies as the Joint Chief's of Staff, DIA, NSA, CIA, DEA, and the Secret Service, producing crucial and vital intelligence unavailable from any other source."

CHALLENGE TO THE SKEPTICS: DUPLICATE WHAT 'MICHELLE WHITEDOVE' DOES AND YOU GET A COOL $500,000! Got the motivation? Got the stomach for it? Got the 'critical thinking' ?
Is there a genius closed minded skeptic from Florida or New York, a genius materialist, a genius reductionist scientist willing to take up my challenge to duplicate for $500,000 what Michelle Whitedove has done to win Lifetime TV's award for BEST PSYCHIC IN AMERICA? See for yourself - in the video below- the incredibly accurate psychic skills demonstrated in front of millions. Closed minded skeptics run miles- all the way to Florida - whenever she is around. NO FLAMBOYANT SKEPTIC from Florida, NO hard core closed minded skeptics from the East Coast have beaten her. I promised the closed minded skeptics $500,000 to duplicate what Michelle Whitedove does under similar conditions. The only condition is that the applicant will pay us $500,000 if he fails to perform the tests. Do NOT be a coward skeptic. Take on the challenge or just shut up! Watch this truly amazing video of this great psychic! Watch video

Raymond, the son of the brilliant physicist Sir Oliver Lodge, was able to give very specific details of his arrival in the afterlife through trance medium Mrs Gladys Osborne Leonard. Raymond discussed his new body saying: " My body is very similar to the one I had before. I pinch myself sometimes to see if it's real and it is, but it doesn't seem to hurt as much as when I pinched the flesh before. He went on to say that he still had internal organs, eyelashes, eyebrows, tongue and teeth- and he was delighted that he had got a new tooth in place of one that hadn't been quite right. " Read more...

Next time a friend or anybody else asks you whether there is any real evidence for the afterlife refer them to some of these websites: My book- A Lawyer presents the Evidence for the Afterlife
My multimedia webpage
Montague Keen's 20 best cases.
The Survival Top 40
Archived research articles from
Joseph Done's reading list (in word)
Survival e-books
Esoteric books

'THERE IS NO DEATH AND THERE ARENO DEAD' This book - about life after death -by TOM AND LISA BUTLER about Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), is now available. This book is a gem! It is fabulous. It is simply amazing - and it is inspirational!

AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE : THE MOST TESTED MEDIUM OF ALL TIME! If you would like to download a free electronic version of a 150 page book about the greatest medium of all time (Zipped file Word 2000 158k) click here.

STUNNING OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE: TWO SCIENTISTS CONFIRM PAM REYNOLDS NDE is legitimate: this is a magnificent video where you will watch Pam Reynolds and two medical experts, one of them operated on the brain of Pam confirming what Pam Reynolds stated is to be absolutely accepted: watch: Watch video

SOMETHING THAT WILL SHOCK YOU: A PRIEST LEFT THE CHURCH BECAUSE HE FOUND DISHONESTY IN THE TRANSLATION FROM THE ORIGINAL GREEK TO THE LATIN BIBLE: Read JOHANNES GREBER's 'Communicating with the Spirits World of God' - just one item: Greber stated that the Church's translator cheated when he deliberately mistranslated 'eaon' to mean 'eternity' - when in fact 'eaon' means a 'PERIOD of time' - that's how the Christian got their 'Hell for Eternity.'

POPULAR QUESTION ON HOW TO BECOME MORE SPIRITUALLY ADVANCED: "HOW CAN I GET TO A HIGHER REALM - to the FOURTH, FIFTH and SIXTH LEVEL IN THE AFTERLIFE WHEN I DIE? "Please Victor, understand that this is a serious question: you are a lawyer, have you found loopholes how to get to a higher realm than the Third Level of the Light?" John M.
Victor: Yes, I found valuable loopholes to get to higher realms: just practice the twenty (20) items you find in this article: Read more


COPYRIGHT: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith. ALL WORK IS COPYRIGHT BY THE CONDITIONS SET AT THE GENEVA CONFERENCE ON COPYRIGHT.



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23rd YEAR!

One million dollars is offered to any closed minded skeptic who can rebut the existing evidence for life after death. Read more...

I am prepared to pay for a website to any informed skpetic, scientist and informed materialist to tell the world where, when, how and why the afterlife evidence in my book cannot be valid - as it has been valid and will be valid for all time.

Closed-minded skeptics and other materialists: some of those who are psychologists, ex-magicians, biologists, physicists and others, have miserably failed to rebut expressly stated evidence for the existence of the afterlife - life after death.

By contrast, more scientists, more physicists, more psychologists and more people in the professions and others are conceding the empirical evidence for the afterlife is just irrefutable.

I advise all gifted mediums and gifted pscyhics: do NOT apply for the closed-minded skeptical RJEF's alleged $1million. Gifted international medium Allison Dubois, told the JREF when they tried to attack her to first take on Victor Zammit's challenge. Let them first prove that the existing evidence for the paranormal has no validity. In the last FIFTY YEARS J.R. has FAILED to show that the evidence for the paranormal is not valid. I advise ALL gifted mediums and psychics to IGNORE the greatest HOAX in paranormal history. Or if you really want to apply, get JREF to accept TWO ESSENTIAL CONDITIONS before you apply:
First, J.R. to rebut Victor Zammit's own $1million dollar challenge to JR and
Secondly, To remove the negative intervening variable - the Experimenter Effect JREF has to allow truly INDEPENDENT qualified adjudicators to conduct any psychic testing - agreed to by both parties.

See also Victor's other website

Hypothetical 'Cross - examinations' by
Attorney Victor Zammit

1. CROSS-EXAMINATION OF Prof. Richard Dawkins (more entertainment, wit and insights).
(see also Spanish version)

2. 'CROSS-EXAMINATION' OF closed-minded materialist J.Randi

Part 1 Scientists Frauds?
Part 2
$1M offer HOAX
Part 3 Alpha Proj. HOAX
Part 4 Critical Think. HOAX
Part 5 - Police v J Zinge Randi
Part 6 - The 'Carlos HOAX'

Part 7- More on $1m HOAX
Part 8 - Failed to duplicate
Part 9 - Refuses to take on psychics
Part10 Magicians accept psi
Summing up to the Jury

3. Lawyer's 'Cross-examination' of Prof. Stephen Hawking re. afterlife comment

More on the AFTERLIFE
A lawyer rebuts the giants of materialist science and negative empiricists - psychologists and other skeptics, theology and psychic investigations:

1. Prof. Hawking Exposed!
2. Prof. Richard Dawkins
3. Prof.: attack on EVP
4. Psychologist on NDEs
5.Dialectical Spiritualism
6. Debunkers who attacked Sir William Crookes
7.The 'Experimenter Effect'
8. Lawyer Replies to the Rev. Billy Graham
9.TERRORISM, National Security & Psychic Investigations
10. Prof. Carl Sagan
11. Advice to Psychics-mediums and paranormal investigators and writers.
12. Skeptics' Closed-Mindedness Explained- 9 sharp reasons
13.Ten Fallacies Given For Rejecting The Existence of the Afterlife

1) Victor Zammit Annihilates Prof R Dawkins on his atheism and the paranormal.
2. Why Courtroom Science?
Sensing Murder Tracey Case

4. Why some skeptics do not accept the afterelife evidence
5.The Materialist's Creed
7. Police Corfirm Forensic PSYCHICS and MEDIUMS gifts
8. Objections Overuled

9. Replying to Neal Donald Walsch that 'Hitler' is in 'heaven' Read full article
10. How to get to the HIGHER REALMS on crossing over - on becoming more SPIRITUALLY ADVANCED:
11. Powerful Spiritual Oratory directly from the afterlife (S Birch)

Successful paranormal results:

Successful Results when the Phenomena is Repeated over Time and Space, keeping (Variables Constant) In the legal context the 'phenomenon' is the 'legal' process itself. Keeping variables constant is keeping the skills and technicques of the cross-examiner the same, are repeated over time and space - to obtain successful results

Attorney Victor Zammit explains why closed minded skeptics are burying their head in the sand - are irrational, illogical and unreasonably stubborn.
After 28 years of dealing with all kinds of paranormal skeptics, I can relate to you there are at least nine important reasons why closed-minded skeptics tend to remain stubborn about their entrenched skeptical beliefs. Read more ...

WHY IS AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE IS STILL VALID? Because no genius skeptic, no genius scientist or materialist has ever shown WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY the afterlife evidence is not valid. Further, no genius skeptical scientist or writer in world history has ever written a book explaining why there is no afterlife. But there are thousands of books, many by scientists explaining why the afterlife exists. See Bibliography of the book above in this column.
FOR THE RECORD: We, psychic investigators and empiricists, will pursue any avenue, we will follow every legitimate lead, we will question, research, reason, investigate all forms of energy, probe into phenomena hitherto unexamined or unexplained, explore and examine anything, anywhere, anytime to discover the truth – because truth - not faith will save us. (VictorZ).__________________

A new DVD directed by Tim Coleman is being released on November 23rd 2010. 'The Afterlife Investigations' contains wonderful footage of some of the experiments we have been highlighting for years, especially the Scole experiment (lots of fabulous detail and simulations) and Marcello Bacci's voices. It also contains lengthy interviews with top SCIENTIFIC investigators Montague Keen (see next item), Professor David Fontana, Professir Arthur Ellison and the Scole experimenters Robin and Sandra Foy and Scole mediums Diana and Alan Bennett. For all of these, it is worth buying. Order this magnificent DVD - email for postage details:

'HARRY HOUDINI CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD': this very highly controversial magician of early last century did not believe in the afterlife and caused havoc to physical mediumship of his time. But he made a promise that if there is an afterlife he will come back to tell us there is an afterlife. Here in this youtube I made a last weekend is Houdini himself telling us more about what he is going to do about the afterlife. Note very carefully, Houdini actually materialized when he talked to the members of the Circle of the Silver Cord. He materiarlized some four times. Here listen carefully:

"The ‘Super Psychics’ of China, have been recognised and nurtured by their Government for the last 25 years. Paul Dong and Thomas E Raffill, authors of China’s Super Psychics, state that millions of dollars have been spent researching EHF, or 'Extra Human Function' in these children. Schools and research centres are widespread throughout the country. By 1997, 100,000 of these Children had been recognised. ." ...As I said before, whoever masters the paranormal, will master the world, no doubt about that. Read more ...

'PSYCHIC WORLD' the most reliable, credible and readable monthly newspaper on psychics, mediums, Spiritutalistm and the paranormal in the United Kingdom- and the world to-day. I have a half a page column in this magnificent British psychic newspaper. To subscribe to PSYCHIC WORLD : PSYCHIC WORLD Circulation Department, P.O. Box14, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 OUF, England (telephone England 020-8903-1993).

THE BEST YOUTUBE AFTERLIFE DOCUMENTARY EVER! I met Keith Parsons several years ago when he was doing afterlife research. I regard his documentary about the evidence for the afterlife as one of the very best I have come across. It provides overwhelming evidence that consciousness exists outside the brain, drawing from It features interviews with some of the giants of afterlife research. Thanks to Keith Clark for putting it online. Further, do we have anyone with connections who could arrange for this documentary to be viewed by television DISCOVERY or any another teleivision channel?

JOHN SLOAN, ARTHUR FINDLAY'S MOST BRILLIANT MEDIUM never accepted money for his mediumship - except on very rare occasions very small amount was accepted for expenses. I promised Arthur Findlay, (the greatest historian on mediumship and the paranormal) myself when Arthur Findlay (left) materialized through the David Thompson materializations, that I will be putting this item. Arthur Findaly specifically requested me to include this item - putting emphasis that John Sloan was not commercial at all and made really wonderful spiritual contribution by way of his wonderful mediumshp.Arthur Findlay himself told me to look up page 57 of his book ON THE EDGE OF THE ETHERIC - which was the subject of discussion that session. (1971 Corgi version). Findlay did not disclose to me what was on page 57. But when checking it out it stated that Joh Sloan "... So long as he can get work he will never take money in exchange for his (psychic/spiritual gift)." Of course, these days the pressure of life circumstances have changed dramatically. Arthur Findlay is perhaps the greatest psychic historian in the world: THE LEGACY OF ARTHUR J. FINDLAY


'SCEPCOP' is the 1st Coalition of Paranormal Researchers, Investigators, Writers and Intellectuals united to counter and expose the Pseudo-Skepticism movement for their fallacies, misinformation, dismissal, denial, censorship, suppression, bigotry and ridicule toward any evidence, experience or science that challenges orthodoxy or does not fit into a materialistic reductionist paradigm. We do not support every quack claim on the planet, but advocate true skepticism, objectivity, open-mindedness and fairness toward paranormal or unconventional evidence, experience or science. We are the world's first counter-pseudo-skeptic movement providing resources, articles, books, videos and an online community exposing the fallacies and psychology of pseudo-skepticism. Read more
See Winston Wu's book
Dubunking Skeptics

THE AFTERLIFE EXPERIMENTS - Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death by Professor Gary Schwartz has now become a classic. "Science meets spiritualism in this extra-ordinary precise and detailed of experiments … it is one of the most important books written on this subject." James Van Praagh. "Dr Schwartz perfectly blends the academic principles of science with … spirituality, searching …what happens when we die." John Edward.

MARK MACY - afterlife investigator, Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC)/ Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) world expert.You can now listen to a number of recorded communications with an afterlife intelligence - Dr Konstantine Raudive who crossed over in the 70's-go to Also I strongly urge you to click on the heading in the left hand menu DECENCY. There is a message which all people in the world should read - too important to miss! Check out his book on ITC - Miracles in the Storm.

THE MOST STUNNING MOVIE EVER MADE ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE: ACTUALLY SHOWING WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE. BRILLIANT AFTERLIFE MOVIE 'NOSSO LAR' is based on a book sent from the afterlife by the highly credible Dr Andre Luiz through the direct writing mediumship of Chico Xavier. It traces the afterlife experiences of a materialistic doctor from his death to being caught in the lower regions, being taken to a hospital and then exploring his new home.
Four minute preview



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