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Skeptics’ most popular objections quashed

There was a significant demand by readers to know more how skeptics have been rebutted. Over the last 20 years of investigating the afterlife I had some aggressive closed- minded skeptics from Australia and other places in UK, US and Europe making objections to the validity of the evidence for the existence of the afterlife. The answers to the objections will tell you why the skeptics are rapidly losing credibility. Hereinafter are some of the most popular objections I came across these last two decades.

1. “The afterlife evidence does not exist. It is similar to saying you cannot prove there is no green cheese on the moon.” (Allegation of ‘proving the negative’)

Victor: For years a lot of UNINFORMED skeptics swallowed that pernicious propaganda hook, line and sinker. That is also an inadmissible objection because it not consistent with the rules of professional debate. Secondly, there is no one on earth making a claim that there is green cheese on the moon, but there are scientists and lawyers who are stating there is an afterlife. When I, as the plaintiff lawyer presented some twenty three different areas of the afterlife evidence proving the afterlife exists (on line), the onus shifts on to the defendant skeptical lawyer to show where, when, how and why the evidence is not to be admitted. That has NEVER been done. It has never been done because no lawyer, no scientist, no philosopher is able to rebut objectivity and repeatability. You will read a lot of rubbish, a lot of nonsense, a lot of sarcasm that there is no afterlife evidence, BUT no genius closed minded skeptic or scientist, no genius materialist or anybody else has ever rebutted the evidence for the afterlife as presented in my book for the last 12 years. Get it?

2. “The afterlife experiments are fraudulent”.

Victor: That is another example of the closed minded skeptics’ pernicious propaganda – and that objection is NOT admissible for the same reason – it is not consistent with the requirements of the rules of professional debate. The objector has to identify WHICH experiments are fraudulent – to show when, where, how and why the experiments WHEN CONDUCTED BY SCIENTISTS were fraudulent. To-date no one on earth has shown that any afterlife experiment which were conducted by scientists, such as Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Barret, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir William Crookes of the past age and those of to-day’s experiments were fraudulent. I would agree there were charlatans who tried to cheat the public of their hard earned income. But that is totally different to the legitimate scientific afterlife experiments conducted by some of the most brilliant scientists who ever lived on this earth.

More recently, in my own scientific afterlife experiments which I repeated weekly for 15 months - when some closed minded skeptic said there has to be fraud to be getting the brilliant results I was getting with David Thompson, I said - and I put it on my website for 12 months-, “OK. I will hand over $500,000 to you – and to other skeptics - if you could show where the fraud is. But if and when you fail, YOU will hand over the $500,000 to us. I never heard from that skeptic or from other skeptics ever again! All the closed minded skeptics did was to cowardly vent their frustration in a couple of skeptical websites- but did not have the moral courage to get in touch with me.
Further, it is the skeptical materialists who have been caught cheating and negatively manipulating experiments to willfully try to bring negative empirical paranormal results.

3. “Psychic Phenomena cannot be duplicated on demand”.

Victor: That’s absolute nonsense. I repeated the empirical experiments on weekly basis for 15 months: – I followed a formula, I repeated the experiment over time and space, keeping variables constant, and I obtained the same successful results. The Windbridge Institute also had similar repeatable afterlife scientific experiments and other scientists individually obtained successful results doing experiments on demand.

4. “What’s the point of trying to rebut the afterlife evidence when I know there is no afterlife?”

Victor: That is another inadmissible objection because of the assumption that ‘there is no afterlife’ has never been proved but that the existence of the afterlife has been proven. As I stated many times, no genius materialist or skeptic or anybody else has ever shown in this world where, when, how and why the afterlife evidence is not valid. Further, a BELIEF that the afterlife does NOT exist is not supported by science. The belief that there is no afterlife is a personal belief which is in itself subjective. And anything subjective in this world, including the belief that there is no afterlife can be absolutely wrong. But where the evidence for the afterlife has been empirically proven, no one can beat empirical objectivity and repeatability.

5. “Your evidence is no better than our (skeptics’) claim that there is no afterlife”

Victor: WRONG! The evidence for the afterlife is now empirically proven. You as a skeptic have only a personal, subjective ‘BELIEF’ that there is no afterlife. In empirical (scientific) methodology, whenever there is an inconsistency between the empirical and a personal belief, the empirical prevails and will ALWAYS prevail over personal beliefs. This means that your personal belief that there is no afterlife is made nugatory – is negated – by an identical claim which is empirically based, that there IS an afterlife. Get it? So many closed minded skeptics, materialists AND theologians do not want to understand this truism which is accepted universally: science negates personal beliefs. To give the classic example: a personal, religious Christian theological personal belief was for some sixteen hundred years that the earth was the center of the universe – a ‘personal belief.’ Galileo said science says the earth is NOT in the center of the universe- the Church also erroneously adhering to the ‘geocentric’ view of the solar system - that it is the sun which revolves around the earth. But science won over the religious beliefs and now ALL Christians around the world from the Vatican to every little tiny place in the world accepts – the heliocentric view of the solar system - that science negates theological and other personal ‘beliefs’. So my empirical, scientific evidence is superior to and negates your personal, subjective skeptical belief that there is no afterlife.

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