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Magnificent quotes from the books of the teachings of Silver Birch, a beloved spirit teacher.


Silver Birch is regarded as one of the greatest spiritual teachers who transmitted twelve books about spirit life on earth and the afterlife. His spiritual eloquence is just so magnificent, inspirational and evocatively so beautiful. Hereinafter are some powerful quotes for us to learn more about the inevitability of the afterlife - below:

Powerful quotes from: 'More Philosophy of Silver Birch.'


First, Who is Silver Birch?

Silver Birch was a spirit guide who spoke through trance medium Maurice Barbanell (1902-1981). Barbanell was the founder and editor of the Psychic News of London. Silver Birch’s teachings became popular in the late 1930s and resulted in the publication of nine books documenting his communications.

Silver Birch took on the identity of a Native American and he said he was only acting as translator. “I am but a humble servant,” he said. “an interpreter for those who have sent me to expound forgotten laws that must be revived as part of the new world that is gradually dawning. Think of me always as a mouthpiece. I represent the voice of the spirit that seeks to make its presence felt in your world and which is succeeding in increasing measure.”

His described a group of communicators who harmonized their minds to create the messages that he communicated to Barbanell.
“To you, this is a little room. To us, it is a grand temple. These little walls have vanished. There is radiance, illumination dazzling in its brilliance. Hundreds upon hundreds are assembled here….

“That vast concourse belongs to all peoples and nations, to the present and to the past. There are prophets, seers, sages, wise men of the East and the West, of high and low estate, philosophers of Greece and Rome, Syria, Chaldea, Persia and Babylon, mingled with those of later generations from Italy, France and Germany. They exchange their knowledge and focus it all so that it shall be at your service.

All of them were “servants of the Great Spirit. Some of us have evolved a little higher. Because of that, we return to give service, for service is the law of life.” Silver Birch, SBT, n.p.

The Books of Silver Birch's Teachings

(all these books ar obtainable from CON-PSY PUBLICATIONS, P.O. Box 14, Greenford, Middlesex England UB6 OUF. Telephone (UK) 0208 903 1993 )

Teachings of Silver Birch. Edited by A. W. Austen. First published in 1938, this classic Silver Birch title has so far run to seven impressions. It contains a fascinating foreword by famous journalist Hannen Swaffer, after whom the Silver Birch circle was named.. Silver Birch tells his own story and, as usual, answers countless questions, including life in the spirit realms.

Guidance from Silver Birch.
Edited by Anne Dooley.
A former Fleet Street journalist, Anne Dooley later became a reporter at "Psychic News", first "meeting" Silver Birch in 1963. Amongst subjects in this compilation are the problems of suffering and communication within the spirit world.

Philosophy of Silver Birch.
Edited by Stella Storm
Edited by Stella Stom A former secretary to Maurice Barbanell and then chief reporter at "Psychic News", Stella Storm covers such issues as natural law, lessons of bereavement, the responsibility of mediumship and "Healing, the greatest gift of all." Silver Birch also tells what he would say to a television audience. This popular book is now in its sixth impression.

More Philosophy of Silver Birch
. Compiled by Tony Ortzen.
In easy to read question-and-answer for, of especial interest are two chapters which trace man from birth to what lies Beyond. Social problems, reincarnation and science are amongst other subjects examined. This title ends with inspiring bite-sized "Points to ponder".

Light from Silver Birch.
Compiled by Pam Riva.
Compiled by Pam Riva . Contains the last ever teachings from Silver Birch after the sudden passing of his medium Maurice Barbanell on July 17, 1981. Also featured is Maurice Barbanell's obituary, which, ever the keen journalist, he prepared in advance. His mission with Silver Birch lasted sixty-one years. Pam Riva was the medium's secretary at "Psychic News", the paper he founded in 1932.

Silver Birch Companion.
Edited by Tony Ortzen.
Edited by Tony Ortzen . Drawing upon "More Teachings of SIlver Birch" and "Wisdom of Silver Birch", this volume features an account of the night Maurice Barbanell died and the days that followed. Features the replies the guide gave to a Fleet Street editor.

A Voice in the Wilderness. Edited by Tony Ortzen.
Edited by Tony Ortzen.Most of the material in this book came from handpicked cuttings at the archives of "Psychic News", though it also draws upon the out of print "Home Circle" and "Spirit Guidance". Read the advice the guide gives to a Member of Parliament, a senior Army chaplain and delegates at an International Spiritualist Federation congress.

The Seed of Truth. Compiled by Tony Ortzen.
Compiled by Tony Ortzen. Based upon two earlier out-of-print titles "Silver Birch Speaks" and "More Wisdom of Silver Birch", which were compiled by the medium's wife, Sylvia. It contains an account of when actress Mary Pickford, "the world's sweetheart", met and questioned Silver Birch, Each chapter ends with one of the guide's uplifting prayers.

The Spirit Speaks. Compiled by Tony Ortzen.
Compiled by Tony Ortzen.An abridged amalgamation not only of "Silver Birch Speaks Again" and "Anthology of Silver Birch" but also important teachings that originally appeared in "Psychic News". Amongst highlights is a word-for-word report of a meeting between Silver Birch and film star Merle Oberon, who was devastated when her fiance was killed in a plane crash.

Lift Up Your Hearts. Compiled by Tony Ortzen
This carefully chosen selection of teachings comprises the guide's wise words over a twenty-year period. Animals, a spirit view of death, mediumship and karma are just four of the many subjects explained. Features a verbatim account of when Doris Stokes and Doris Collins, two of Britain's most famous mediums, were addressed by Silver Birch.

The Universe of Silver Birch.
By Frank Newman.
This book is unique as Frank Newman has examined Silver Birch's teachings and measured them side by side with the deductions of modern science. This brings important new insights into Silver Birch's philosophy. The result is an intriguing, thought provoking volume.

Silver Birch Anthology. Edited by William Naylor.
Love's supreme power, what happens after we die and "Who is Silver Birch?" are just three of the topics in this absorbing book. Originally published in 1955, the philosophy within this book is still fresh, vital and valuable.

The Silver Birch Book of Questions and Answers.
Compiled by Stan A. Ballard and Roger Green.
This latest Silver Birch title is in easy-to-read question-and-answer form extracted from Silver Birch Teachings over the years.
It answers literally hundreds of points, such as "Do we reincarnate on earth?", "What are the spiritual aspects of heart transplant surgery?" and "Can euthanasia ever be right?"












Silver Birch is regarded as one of the greatest spiritual teachers who transmitted twelve books about spirit life on earth and the afterlife. His spiritual eloquence is just so magnificent, inspirational and evocatively so beautiful. Hereinafter are some powerful quotes from his books for us to learn more about the inevitability of the afterlife:

Book 1 'GUIDANCE FROM SILVER BIRCH' (published 1996).

1. “If you succeed in enabling one soul in darkness to find the light, one troubled, wearied individual to gain strength, if you comfort one mourner, if you heal one sick person, if you prevent exploitation of and cruelty even to one animal, then indeed your earthly life has been well worth living.” (p63).

2. “The whole purpose of earthly life is to awaken dormant, slumbering souls to the reality of their existence. Your world is full of living sleepwalkers who go through the day’s activities in a dream. They are not awake, and they are dead to all reality. If you can touch one of these souls and kindle the divine ember so that gradually it is fanned into a living flame, there is no service comparable to that.” (ibid p65).

3. “Every soul knows before it incarnates into earth what it is that it will undertake. It is a free choice made by the larger self because it knows that its earthly journey is precisely the one needed to fulfil and obtain the necessary qualifications for the development of the larger self. You know the life that you are going to live. The hardships are chosen because to endure them, and to overcome them, will bring into play those latent qualities of the self which require development to add their quota to the real, the higher, the true self.” (ibid p67).

4. “There is no religion higher than service. To heal he sick, to comfort the mourner, to guide the perplexed, to give strength to the wear and direction to those who have lost their way, those are the most important tasks of all … Never forget that the supreme purpose of life is the unfoldment of the spirit.” (ibid p71).

5. “Spiritual power must work its own will, and not until the soul is receptive can the individual accept the truth. We are not missionaries who desire to proselytize. We are preachers of the true gospel, the good news about the spiritual realities. But only those who are ready to receive the news will understand what we have to say. Those who do not understand are not spiritually ready.” (ibid p73).

6. “Your earthly standards of valuation are not the same as ours. Your world worships many things and attaches importance to them, whereas here we regard them as insignificant. All that makes people crave position, wealth, authority and power, we regard as unimportant. When the body dies they all die with it. But the service that has been rendered cannot die because in doing it you increase you own spiritual growth. The service that is given out of love and affection and devotion all help to increase the character and so make an eternal hall-mark on the soul.” (ibid p72).

7. “If those who have knowledge behave in a way that contradicts the knowledge, they will pay a greater price than those who transgress through ignorance, for knowledge always brings responsibility. The soul that is aware of truth commits a greater offence than when a similar action is performed by a soul that is unaware. That must be so. (ibidp74).

8. “None receives healing until the soul is ready to receive it. That is why even with the best healers there are failures. The failure is not a criticism of the healing. The soul of the patient is not ready to receive it. All is governed by natural law. There are no tricks; no healer has the power to alter, vary, change, or deflect the working of the law.” (ibid p83).

9. “ … love exists. Love is the greatest power in the universe. Love is the fulfilling of the law. The whole universe exists because of love. It is this love which guides its destiny and the destiny of every living creature throughout the whole of being. This love is the motivating power and is responsible for breaking down the barriers between the two worlds of matter and spirit … love conquers death.” (ibid, p86).

10. “It is divine love that makes the universe possible, that guides the universe and those who dwell in it. … Love inspires them to serve those who are less fortunate than themselves . The love that is the apex of all life, the foundation of all life, the source of all life, filters through human beings, seeking to express itself in greater measure, so that in the fullness of time the whole universe will be encircled with the love of the Being who endowed it all.” (ibid 87).

11. “You cannot learn spirituality in a book. You cannot be taught spirituality by a teacher. You have to earn it by your own life, by your deeds. Spirituality is the burgeoning of divinity within the individual.” (ibid 91)

12. “Your spiritual nature is exactly what you have made it to be, and there are many materialists and atheists and rationalists and agnostics who are the spiritual superiors of thousands who think that they are amongst the elect because they have bowed the knee in homage to the Great Spirit and accept certain doctrines. The test is not what you believe, but what you have done, otherwise there would be a complete mockery of divine justice.” (ibid 104).

13. “Spirit laws do not work in the same way in your world as they do in ours because ours is a graded life in which the people who have reached the same stage of evolution occupy the same plane of existence. Thus the do not have the comparisons of earth where you have on one plane contrasting experiences. In our world everyone is on the plane to which they have evolved. We cannot have an undeveloped and a highly developed soul in the same sphere of existence. On one surface in your world you meet, day by day, people of differing mental and spiritual attainment. But that is not so in our world, unless we choose to indulge in missionary work and go, comparatively speaking, to lower spheres. Otherwise we meet with our own spiritual equals. When we have evolved, we go on to the next spiritual level.” (ibid p107).

14. “Yes, people make mistakes in the spirit world. The astral planes are very much like your world. People who live here are very much at similar stage of development to the average person in your world. They are neither angels no demons. They are the ordinary sort of people, not too high, not too low. They make mistakes due to faulty judgments, lack of wisdom, mistakes due to rancor not having been extirpated, to hatred and selfishness, the mistakes that come from imperfection. (ibid p109).

15. “From the moment of conception, and even before that, there is attached to the incarnating soul someone who volunteers to act as his guardian. ‘He has given His angels charge concerning thee, to keep thee in Thy ways’ is a literal truth. The guardian will maintain to the best of his or her ability the functional assumed until the time comes for you to cross the border. The task become easier when you are aware of the guardianship; it become difficult when you are unaware of it. There is only one guide, but many helpers. The guardian angel knows before he assumes his task what lies ahead of him – and he does not have a free choice in the matter either … ours is a very organized world.” (ibid p110).

16. “Earthly life is a struggle in which inner perfection seeks to express itself through imperfection, in which the gold seeks to drive out the dross. Difficulties, problems and obstacles and handicaps are the essential milestones on the road of spiritual unfoldment and attainment.” (ibid 115).

17. “There is no problem so great that you do not possess the power to solve it, no burden so heavy that you do not possess the power to carry it. These are truths which I have tried to instill into you and others. Because I know that once they have obtained a lodgment within you, you are so well armed that nothing will daunt you. The power of the spirit is very mighty, but it can flow only where the means allow it to do so.


Book 2. LIGHT FROM SILVER BIRCH (Published 1995) :

18. “There is a plan for every child of the Great Spirit. There are no accidents, no chances, no coincidences. Everything operates according to natural law which knows nothing of miracles or necessity for intervention. The natural law is perfect because it is conceived by perfect mind. (Light from Silver Birch (1995, p9).

19. “You will not find spiritual truths when the sun is shining, if you are surrounded by riches, and wealth and possessions. You will not find spiritual truths when you have no problems. The catalyst will work only when you are in trouble … It is in the fire that the steel is forged. It is in the crushing process that the gold is refined and purified to emerge in all its glistening colour. And it is similarly for human spirit to be tried and tested again and again, before it can emerge with a greater divinity being expressed than had happened before.” (Light from Silver Birch p11).

20. “People in your world talk about the mystery of suffering, the purpose of illness, the reason for crises, difficulties and obstacles. These are the challenges that the human soul must encounter because they provide first the catharsis and then the catalyst that will enable them to appreciate spiritual truth.” (ibid p17).

21. “As low as any soul can sink so correspondingly can it rise. That is the law of polarity, the law which says action and reaction are equal and opposites. Hate and love, light and dark, storm and peace, these are opposite sides of the same coin.” (ibid p17).

22. “We are engaged in a great war. There have been many skirmishes and battles. The foes we fight are greed, envy, selfishness, by products of the materialism that inflicts your world … We demonstrate the divine power of the spirit that emanates from the source of all being, the infinite creator. We demonstrate that death is a door which opens to reveal the wondrous life of the realms of the spirit.” (ibid p20).

23.“Do not allow dismay or fear to effect a lodgment within your being. Fear is the child of ignorance; knowledge should always drive out fear. You have access to the mightiest power in the universe. It is more majestic than any power known in your physical world. It is the supreme power. You can allow it to stream through and perform its beneficent work.” (ibid p22).

24. “Obviously the purpose of earthly incarnation is for the individual to have those experiences which will enable the soul to grow, unfold and develop, and to achieve that kind of progress that fits it for the next stage of life beyond the death of the body.” (ibid p24)

25. “It is not in the sunshine that the soul finds itself, but in the storm. It is when the thunder rages and the lightning flashes. You must be sharpened, purged, refined. You must experience the heights and depths. You must have the variety of experiences that earth provides for you. In this way the spirit emerges stronger, fortified, ready for what awaits it when death comes. (ibid 25).

26. “Generally it is considered advisable, where there is complete ignorance of spiritual truths, for an interval of three days to elapse before there is either burial or cremation,”(ibid p31).

27. “Do not worry about anything. Worry blocks the channels by which help can come.” (ibid p 38).

28. “We have spheres or conditions of being that are graded according to the evolution of those who dwell in them. You reach that sphere for which you are spiritually ready, not higher, because that is impossible; not lower, because you would not desire it unless you wish to perform some missionary service.” (ibid p49).

29. Problems you will always have. They are there because in solving them you grow. If there were no problems you would cease to be alive in any sense of he word. The soul comes into its own not in the sunshine but in the storm.” (ibid 50).

30. “ … What I can teach you is how to face and conquer your problems. There is no difficulty or obstacle so large that you have no power, combined with ours, to overcome it. Even when I cannot communicate according to the fashion of your world I still am with you because the problems of space and time that encumber you do not apply to us. We can reach you wherever you are. We will continue to help you to the utmost limits of our strength.” (ibid p50).

31. “You cannot cheat; you cannot lie; you cannot pretend. When you come here, the mask of earth is stripped away and you are known for what you are. All can perceive the spiritual stage you have reached.” (ibid p56).

32. “Astral traveling. Actually, every one of you travels astrally when you go to sleep. Then your spirit, for the time being, departs from your body, roams into our world and meets souls you love and who love you. It is a divine provision by which preparation is made for the time when you come here, so that it will not be a shock. When you do come you will remember, and be ready for the many wonderful happenings that spirit life has to offer you. It could be said that you die every night.” (ibid p58).

33. “Time itself has no past or future. Time is in the eternal present. It is only your relationship to time which makes your past and your future.” … “Time, as we know it does not exist for us. We live in what can best be described as eternal present. As far we are concerned the past and future are part of the eternal present .” (ibid p59/60).

34. “Death is final when the silver cord is severed and the spirit body leaves the physical one. That is the only time when death occurs. When that severance has taken place, no medical man or woman can make that physical body live again.” (ibid p84).

35. “Persons are persons so far as your world is concerned, but you cannot separate spirituality in the same way. There are, for example, affinities, two kindred halves of the one soul, and sometimes they incarnate at the same time.” (ibid 86).

36. “Throughout the vast variety of the phenomena of nature, everything, small or large, simple or complex, follows the law of cause and effect. None and nothing can interrupt that sequence. If effect did not follow cause, your world, the universe and the vast cosmos would be chaotic. The Great Spirit, God, the Deity, the Supreme Power, would not be summit of love, wisdom and the perfection of all that exists.” (ibid p96).

37. “It can be said of the vast majority of people in your world that there is far more goodness than badness, more virtue than vice, more honesty than dishonesty, more service than disservice, more altruism than selfishness.” (ibid p97).

38. “Did you not hear me say there were no chances, no accidents, no coincidences, no miracles? All is due to the variation of natural law; this is another way of saying that cause and effect are part of an interchangeable sequence.” (ibid p98).

39. “The power of the spirit has come to stay. None will be able to drive it away. No church, no synagogue, no chapel, no temple, no priest, no ecclesiastic, no religion will be able to prevent the power of the spirit from continuing to unfold and express itself in your world.” (ibid p101).

40. “Spirit power is infinite. The amount that you receive depends on the stage of evolution you have reached. Increase your receptivity, and even more of the sublime power will stream through you to work its wonders, its beauty, its solace, its healing.” (ibid p105)

41. “So when you meet difficulty do not despair. Treat it as the challenge which it is, knowing that within you and without there is the power that will enable you to succeed.” (ibid p108-9).

42. “When you come to our world and look back, you will thank the Great Spirit for all the difficulties, and realise they were most important parts of your earthly life.” (ibid p174).

43. “If you were puppets, marionettes, robots, your life would be meaningless and purposeless. There would be no evolution, no gradual growth towards perfection. It would become a kind of eternal limbo of nothingness. That is not the object. … I who have lived much linger than any of you have learned to regard with awe, wonder, respect and admiration the universal framework that divine perfection has created. Nothing can destroy the operation of laws that infinite intelligence devised.” (ibid p181).

44. “Animals … You have needless cruelty and terror inflicted on innocent creatures in the false belief that through this vicious means health will be attained by humans. This is not true.”(ibid p182).




Book 3: 'QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS' by Silver Birch (published 1998)

45. Spirit form: what shape do we take in the spirit world?

"You won't be a ghost, spectre or phantom. You won't be headless. You won't have your head under your arm. You won't have clanking chains. You will be a real individual with a body, and features which enable you to be recognised by others. You will have all the senses which enable you to recognise others. You will have the entire spiritual apparatus which is necessary for you to function on our world.
You will have form, you will have shape, you will have individuality. What you will not have are any of the physical organs, but you will have correspondingly all the spiritual equipment necessary for you to function in our world." (ibid p 32.)

46. A spirit view of God: We are told that God knows when a sparrow falls. How is it possible for God to know all that ...... "That which is called God is the natural Law of the universe. The Great Spirit is within everyhthing. Everything is the Great Spirit. Because the soul knows itself, the Great spirit knows the soul. Because the sparrow is the Great Spirit, the Great Spirit knows the sparrow. Because the Great Spirit is the trembling leaf, the trembling leaf is the Great Spirit. Throughout the whole of your world and mine, throughout the universe, even in worlds which are not yet known to you, the laws of the Great spirit reign supreme. Nothing happens outside those laws; therefore, all is known becauses all comes within the compass of natural law, which is the Great Spirit." (ibid p 33).

47. Does a soul ever sink so low that it is extinguished altogether?

"NO. It may reach a stage where the spark of the Great Spirit within it is but a small flicker, but the light never goes out, for the link which binds it to the Great Spirit is a link forged in eterntiy. No soul descends so low that it cannot rise. No soul is so high that it cannot descend to help the lowest." (ibid p41)


48. When a person dies, what likeness do they retain? Could a husbanad be unrecognisable to a wife who passed on twenty or thirty yeares after? Could he progress so much that he was out of the orbit of his wife?zzz

"YOU do not change your identity. You do not change your individuality; you do not change your consciousness. You grow in spiritual grace and stature, but you are the same individual that you were before - with your perceptions heightened, your faculties deepened. But, except for the disappearance of blemishes, defects and injuries, you are recognisable as you were on earth. You do not change your form, for all that is spiritual still requires a mode of manifestation, a body, a vehicle, an instrument through which the spirit must register itself. And that has always exised, that finer, more rarefied, more delicate body, while you were on earth." (ibid 109-10).


49. Believing. You said so many people arrive in the spirit world with false teaching. In St. John's Gospel it says believing is the important part.

"NO. Everyone will live after what you call death, not because of believing in a creed, a doctrine or a dogma, but because it is an unalterable natural law. It has nothing to do with religion. It is a law equal to the law of cause and effect." (ibid p111)

: "As to the prmonitions, these occur because individuals momentarily remove themselves from their usual three dimensional and are able to experience, however fleetingly, time as it exists in its own sphere. What you must try to realise is that time is an eternal present. It is your earthly relationship to time that determines what you call past and future. If you escape the three dimensional barriers and get in touch with time as it really is, then you are aware of what is the future, to you at the present time..."


51. ASTRAL TRAVEL: "It happens very simply that the real you leaves your body and is able to travel vast distances, sometimes into our world, and sometimes into the further reaches of your world. Actually every one of you travels astrally when you go to sleep."


52. Earthly life's purpose: " The whole object of earthly life is to have a variety of experiences that will fit the spirit for the next stage beyond earth when you have to pass into our world. that is why you come to earth in the first place. Earth is the training ground, the school where the spirit learns its lessons which will provide its equipment for the life beyond earth .... "


53. FEAR: Perfect love casteth out fear. Knowledge dispels fear, for fear is born of ignorance. Where there is love and trust and knowledge, there fear cannot reign. An evolved spirit cannot be afraid at any time, because he knows that there is no experience that can come to him in any phase of life that he cannot master, for he is the Great Spirit. Fear creates its own prison for the soul.You must learn to rise above fear and not allow its vibrations to hinder you, so have perfect faith and confidence and trust, to know that you can stand on your own feet and say: "I am the Great Spirit and the wind of circumstance cannot shake me. I will rise triumphant over every difficulty because of the infinite power which is within my soul" You have power over every circumstance..." (ibid 150).

54. "Those who are ready to be awakened out of their materialistic sleep will come into your orbit, or you can go to them and try to plant the seed of the spirit. If you fail, shed a silent tear - not for yourself, but for them. They have had the opportunity and alas they have not taken it. But here and there the seed will fall into the ground that is receptive. And it will begin to grow, to flower and to burgeon into beauty and grace because it is the seed of divinity. Then the soul is beginning to come into its own. ......... The whole purpose of earthly life is that man should live on all aspects of being, physically, mentally and spiritually, and until these three are functioning he is not fulfilling himself ..." (ibid p 155).


55. Hypnotic regression - evidence of past life or spirit control? "IT can be sometimes, in what is called regression, that a contact is made with a previous physical existence, but it is not always the case that this occurs. The mind's potential is so vast that none in your world has fathomed all its recesses. It is creative, it has subconscious desires, it can lend itself to temporary spirit possession. All these factors have to be taken into acacount. There can be what you call astral projection and the impingement of a series of events which are recorded in the hypnotic trance. This does not mean that the subject is necessarilly expressing a past reincarnation." (ibid 160-p161)


56. Infant Prodigies: There are three kinds. Some are incarnated souls with a memory of past experiences to help. Others are mediums subject to spirit influence, albeit unconsciously, and therefore receptacles of much learning, wisdom, knowledge and truth from our world. The others are geniuses who are advanced guards of evolution. (ibid p 161).


Book 4 'Teachings of Silver Birch' (published 1993)


57. "We do not seek to terrify you with threats of punishment. We do not seek to make you craven cowards, living your lives because of fear. We strive to make you realize the latent divinity that is yours, that you may express more of the Great spirit, that you may rise to greater heights and fill your mind with greater truth and wisdom." (Teachings of Silver Birch p29)

58. "We urge you to be dissatisfied with what you have already received, becacuse only through discontent and the desire to reach out can greater knowledge come. He who is satisfied stagnates: he who is discontented struggles towards greater freedom. (ibid p29)

59. "We never say to you: "Do not use your reason: have faith only." We say: "Use that which the Great Spirit has given you. Test us. Examine us. If aught that we say is debasing, cruel or immoral, then reject us. If we seek always to teach you to live nobler lives, lives of greater self-sacrifice and of idealism, then surely that demonstrates that the hall-mark of the Great Spirit is stamped upon our teaching." (ibid p29).


60. "As our teaching grows in your world, it will mean the end of all separateness between peoples. It will mean the end of national barriers. It will mean the end of race distinctions, class distinctions, colour distinctions and all the distinctions between churches and chapels, temples, mosques and synagogues, for gradually all will learn that they have a part of the Great Spirit's truth and that the part enshrined in the heart of every other religion in no way contradicts that portion which is precious to them." (ibid p 31).


61."Why do they prefer the darkness when they could have the light? Why do they prefer ignorance when they could have knowledge? Why do they prefer superstition when they could have wisdom? Why do they prefer the dead bones of a creed when they could have the living truth of the spirit? Why do they prefer the dust of theology when they could have the waters of spiritual wisdom? (ibid p 33).


62. "We demand nothing that is contrary to your intelligence. We preach nothing that you can say is untrue, that is undignified, that is ignoble, that debases mankind. We seek to reveal that which will elevate the whole human race and give it a true conception of its position in life and in the universe, its relationship to the Great Spirit and an understanding of its kinship with other members of the vast human family in your world." (ibid p 34).


62. "We seek to restore reason, to replace error with truth, superstition with knowledge, darkness with light, so that those who are weak in the struggle may find strength and those who are helpless may become whole again, so that those who are tired may become refreshed, so that those who suffer injustice may have their due."(ibid p 35).


63. "I only see a world filled with sorrow that should be filled with happiness, darkness where therer should be light, hunger where there should be plenty. I see the Great Spirit has provided everything, and yet there are those who are preventing its distribution. There are obstacles which must be swept away." (ibid p 37).


64."It is not as if there were to be a sudden revolution. That could never happen, because all spiritual growth must be slow and progressive. Do not think that there is need for despair. There is on one hand - when you see the growing masses of materialistic forces - but on the other hand there is growing hope as the light of spiritual truth penetrates the fog of materialistic selfishness. And, as long as knowledge spreads, truth will be victorious." (ibid
p 40-1).


65."You have the greatest riches within ourselves. You are part of the Great Spirit. There are no riches or fortunes in your world that can be compared with that. We seek to teach you to explore your own gold mines, to reveal the diamonds of the spriti that are within the clay of your own natures. (ibid p 52).


66."Perfect love casteth our fear. Knowledge dispels fear, for fear is born of ignorance. Where there is love and trust and knowledge, there fear cannot reign. An evolved spirit cannot be afraid at any time, because he knows there is no experience that can come to him in any phase of life that he cannot master, for he is the Great Spirit." (ibid p 54).

67. "You were told many years ago that the kingdom of heaven is within. It is not without. It is not to be found in the rush of the world of matter. It is to be found within the soul. So finely balanced and so perfect is the Law that there can be no cheating. Not one person escapes his punishment, and not one loses his reward. Do not judge eternity with the eys of matter. Do not judge the smaller when you have not seen the greater." (ibid p55).


68." The great ones of your world are not the great ones of my world. We see greatess as greatness of soul, greatness of spirit, greatness in desire to serve. These things will endure long after the glitter of the material world has disappeared." (ibid p 59).


69. (Hereditary disease and perfect justice). "You get the body you have earned. You sart this life on earth with what you earned in your last life.. You start in one incarnation with what you deserved when you ended your last. But hereditary disease does not put you at an unfair disadvantage, becasue you each have the instrument that will enable you to fulfil what is necessary for your evolution." (ibid p 68).


70. "Spirit is superior to matter. Spirit is the king and matter is the servant. Spirit reigns supreme. It is the essence out of which all life is made, for spirit is life and life is spirit."(ibid p 74).

71. "We give you no creed, no ritual, no ceremony, but only the love of the Great Spirit seeking to express itself through His children. We ask you to follow no book, no dogma, no leader, no authority, no scroll of parchment, no learning, to worship no relilc, but only to follow the laws of the Great Spirit, which are the greatest things in the universe. They are the only supreme authority." (ibid p84)


72. "We are all servants of the Great Spirit. Some of us have evolved a little higher. Because of that, we return to give service, for service is the law of life. Where there is no service, there is desolation. Where there is service, there is peace and happiness. Your world must build a new system of life with service to one another. (ibid p 85).


73. "To die is not tragic. To live in your world is tragic. To see the garden of the Great Spirit choked with the weeds of selfishness and greed and avarice, that is tragedy. To die is to enjoy freedom of the spirit, which has been imprisoned behind the bars of the material body. Is it tragic to be released from suffering, for the soul to come into its own? Is it tragic to see wonders of colour, to hear music that does not belong to material expression? Do you call it tragic to express yourself in a body that has no pain, to be able to roam all over the world of matter in a flash and to taste the beauties of the spirit life too?


74. "There is not in your world one artist who could capture with his paints some of the glories of my world. there is not one musician who could record some of the glories of the music sphere with your notes. There is not one writer who could describe in physical words the beauty of parts of this world. What a pleasant surprise you will all have one day, when you become conscious of our world. (ibid p122).

75. "You come to our world now, but you do not remember. You visit the spirit world every night. that is your preparation. Otherewise, it would be such a shock when you come here to start your real life in earnest. When you pass on, you will remember the visits." (ibid p 122).