A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife




First Fallacy: "There is no evidence for the afterlife".

There is huge amount of objective and repeatable evidence for the afterlife. The more than twenty areas of afterlife evidence Wendy and I present on our website, in our book (see above) and in our weekly Friday Reports have never been disproved in twenty six years.

This first excuse by skeptics shows how uninformed and ignorant they are about what expert afterlife investigators have discovered. We show in our book that hundreds of scientists and afterlife investigators investigated the evidence for the afterlife and accepted it. In professional debate the defendant – i.e. the skeptic, has to rebut the evidence submitted by the plaintiff – the person making the claim. This no skeptic has ever done.

Second Fallacy
: "Science says there is no afterlife". Those uninformed have been saying this for years – but it is completely untrue because science has never said ‘there is no afterlife’. Science is a methodology, a way of gathering evidence. True there are some scientists who do not accept the afterlife, but these scientists have NOT investigated the evidence for the afterlife.

On the other hand there have been and there still are a huge number of scientists who were initially sceptical about the afterlife but changed their minds after investigating.

Giants of physics Sir Oliver Lodge and of Chemistry Sir William Crookes and hundreds of others conceded that the evidence shows clearly that the afterlife exists- see the book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE – where there are nearly two pages of names of scientists and empiricists. There has never been a scientist in history who was able to write a book stating where, when, how and why there is no afterlife.

Third Fallacy:
"When you're dead, you're dead." This is another unsubstantiated adage - because there is a huge amount of evidence that those in the afterlife do make contact with us. It might have had some value many years ago, but in the twenty-first century people want EVIDENCE showing that the frequent contact experiences of almost 50% of the population with crossed over loved ones is not real. This has never been given.

Fourth Fallacy: “People who believe in the afterlife are afraid of the dark”: Professor Stephen Hawking made a fool of himself on a global level when he said that. Why? Because as a scientist his first job was to investigate the evidence for the afterlife BEFORE coming to conclusions about it. If he had investigated he would have known that many of those who investigated the afterlife and were convinced of the evidence were extremely courageous giants of science, philosophy, medicine, astronomy, physics and other professions.

Fifth Fallacy: “Nobody has come back from the dead to tell us about it”. Again, this is a nineteenth century throw away line used by skeptics trying to dismiss the afterlife. We now have evidence from around the world that many loved ones do come back. There are hundreds of books showing the more than twenty different ways those who crossed over have been and are making contacts – the index in my book has twenty five pages of references about this subject. As members of the David Thompson Silver Cord Physical Mediumship Circle we have been conversing with those from the afterlife - such as the afterlife intelligence by the name of 'William' (pictured) nearly every week for the last nine years.


Sixth Fallacy “I have not had any personal proof- my grandma died and did not return”. Just because your grandma or any other particular person did not make contact with you does not mean there is no afterlife. Transmitting thought from the afterlife and receiving the messages are both skills which need to be mastered. But thousands of loved ones have made contact to tell us they still exist.

Seventh Fallacy: “The spirit cannot exist outside the body”. This is an assumption of materialism which is contradicted by out of body experiencers and near-death experiencers. Photographs have been taken of the duplicate spirit body which resides inside us. We are informed that the spirit etheric- body’s atomic structure is different from our atomic structure. The atoms spin much faster than ours and hence, the spirit etheric- body can enter our body without any problem at all. Anyone who understands the afterlife physics will be able to confirm that.

Eighth Fallacy: “If there was an afterlife we would stay there and not choose to incarnate on earth”.
Clearly people who have this belief do not understand the purpose of life on planet earth. Life was not meant to be easy on physical earth – we are here to experience material life and to learn spiritual lessons. Negative experiences are very important in learning spiritual lessons. The purpose of life is to continue to spiritually evolve and all human experiences are essential for learning. Many of these lessons cannot be learnt in the spirit world because the circumstances are hugely different.

Ninth Fallacy: “Religions created the myth of the afterlife using the threat of hellfire to rule by fear. Since I reject religion I reject the afterlife.”
Religions were created as attempts to understand near-death experiences and other spiritual experiences but over the centuries were corrupted with false teachings. Modern research shows that you can gain an excellent understanding of the afterlife without having anything to do with religion. Most of the brilliant scientists and afterlife investigators had absolutely nothing to do with religion.

Tenth Fallacy: “I’m too busy to think about the afterlife now...I'll wait until I get to old age …” Anyone making that statement clearly shows he/she is a short term planner with a great deal of ignorance about the afterlife. We get highly credible information transmitted from the afterlife that many people do not realize where they are or what to do when they cross over. They know something has happened and get confused – and this confusion could last for hundreds of years by earth’s time. Yet if these people took the trouble to get to know what happens when we die – and there’s a lot of information about this topic – they would know exactly what is about to happen, without any fear, and find themselves in a wonderful place.
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