A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

Summing Up to the Jury

Victor: Ladies and gentlemen, you have only one question to consider: is the defendant’s million dollar challenge a hoax?

Evidence was submitted that some fifty scientists, including Nobel Laureates, accepted that the paranormal is real after investigating the paranormal scientifically. You can see their names again on page 2 on your handouts. They include Dr Julie Beischel, Professor John Bockris, Professor J.W. Crawford, Dr Robert Crookal, Professor Arthur Ellison, Dr Peter Fenwick, Professor Festa, Dr Edith Fiore, Professor David Fontana and many, many other highly intelligent scientists. They found that the paranormal has nothing to do with personal beliefs, nothing to do with blind faith and can be shown to exist with objective and repeatable scientific evidence.

The defendant has tried for years to claim that he does not have to disprove the paranormal. For many years he relied on his unaccepted and inadmissible claim, “you can’t prove the negative” – saying ‘no one can prove there’s no green cheese on the other side of the moon’. But of course, no scientist ever claimed that there is green cheese on the moon. On the other hand respected scientists who can perceive the paranormal with true empirical equanimity and who investigated the evidence all agreed said there is irrefutable proof for the paranormal!

In professional debate, the onus is on those like the defendant who do NOT accept the evidence, to show WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY the paranormal evidence cannot be real. This, the defendant, has FAILED to do! The professional rule in debate is that anything not rebutted will remain valid.

For many years the defendant publicly stated in the media he has this million challenge – a HOAX – a gimmick and a trick to arouse the innate greed in the human condition. He used propaganda, he organized a HOAX to raise the hopes of many that they could make a quick million dollars.

There would have been many who were certain that they had psychic gifts and it would only be a matter of proving it. Of course, many were disappointed - not because they didn’t have the gift, not because they were not gifted mediums, not because they did not demonstrate their psychic gifts in public, but because experience showed it was IMPOSSIBLE to beat the challenge the way the defendant cleverly structured it.

In practice the defendant has a HOAX --- to ENTICE and ALLURE, to PROVOKE and to MISLEAD to TRAP and to SELF-PROMOTE.

He wrongly stated that it would be self-evident if a psychic passed the preliminary test of his alleged challenge.

But there’s a big problem there. It was put to the defendant that Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) tells us that the defendant – given his record - does NOT have the CAPACITY, the SKILLS and the COMPETENCE to identify when positive paranormal results occur because the defendant’s mind DELETES the critical information – the evidence - which is fundamentally inconsistent with his deeply entrenched skeptical beliefs.

For this reason in some fifty years no applicant was able to pass the defendant’s initial challenge test because he made himself the SOLE JUDGE AND JURY to determine if the psychic demonstrated a successful psychic initial test.

He was acting as a judge in his own cause!

It was put to the defendant that mediums and psychics had objectively demonstrated their psychic and mediumship skills when they were scientifically investigated by scientists and independently adjudicated by independent referees - in venues such as the Windbridge Institute. “I don’t care” the defendant says.

We heard the defendant say very forcefully that he will NEVER, under any circumstances, allow an INDEPENDENT professional, non-aligned objective adjudicators to determine if the psychic/medium passes the initial and final tests.

In this sense he is violating a very important EQUITY principle – no one is to be a judge in his own cause!

It’s also obvious that he has HOAX becuase he does not allow an INDEPENDENT adjudicator. But he pushes on with his HOAX to continue to try to fool the innocent public!

It is important here to very briefly review, the Experimenter Effect – that closed minded experimenters will ALWAYS obtain negative results in their tests. A negative result would be a foregone conclusion if the closed-minded-skeptical-defendant administers the test himself.

So he set up this HOAX as a gimmick for publicity - knowing that he will never have to pay a cent to anyone. This was confirmed by the evidence that Professor Dennis Rawlins ‘spilled the beans’ on the defendant when the Professor went public with the statement that the defendant told him he WILL ALWAYS have a way out of paying anything in relation to the challenge!

Of course, later the defendant tried to justify that by saying he has a way out not paying anything because there is no paranormal!

Now we remember, that the defendant conceded he is professionally trained as a magician. He said himself that he was a professionally trained liar skilled in deceiving people. He persuades and manipulates people that there IS something, but in fact there’s NOTHING – just an ILLUSION. And he puts his professional training in deception to the public by way of a HOAX.

Having this kind of framework in his mind, he goes on a crusade of organizing HOAXES to promote his activities and to delude himself that there is no paranormal – and to continue to deceive and mislead the public.

The defendant boasts about the Alpha Project HOAX – claiming that he was able to set back paranormal research some twenty five years. But the fact is that the two cheats were caught when controlled testing commenced. He thought it was a clever trick. But in practice, he admits it was really a HOAX.

And whilst the defendant thinks there’s nothing wrong in organizing a HOAX, there is nothing honest about a HOAX … as it was stated very clearly, a HOAX is about DECEPTION, DISHONESTY, CHEATING, NEGATIVELY MANIPULATION and MISREPRESENTATION.

Of course, the defendant also claims credit for the Carlos HOAX. But tough Australian skeptical journalists were able to expose his HOAX sending his stooge aping a guru back to the Bronx.

The defendant also conceded that he tried to cheat on the Don Lane Television Show …where the many viewers actually witnessed the defendant trying to secretly bend a key on the front cross timber bar of the chair to try to fool Don Lane – and the viewers.

(Victor shaking his head slowly carefully looking at the jury)
Cheating .. deception .. lying .. negative manipulation …

As to the refusal to concede defeat he tries to say that those senior police officers who accept psychics as having real psychic gifts are wrong. He implies that these tough, intelligent senior detectives from many States around the United States are either stupid, naïve or are a bunch of dummies.

In some fifteen years not one skeptic, not one materialist, not one reductionist scientist or anybody else ever showed that these decent senior and other police officers were wrong in their validation of the psychics’ gift.

Of course, his other defence is that anything said by a psychic or a medium in all cases is nothing but ‘cold-reading’ – where the psychic asks questions to elicit information from the person the psychic is with. What’s the problem with that?

Tough police officers do NOT answer questions. The police tell psychics hardly anything really. The police do NOT in most instances even show the photo of the person they are investigating. Yet it is always the psychic who produces the information, much of it leading to physical evidence to help the police solve crimes. In one instance I mentioned, this gifted psychic even informed the police WHERE to find the missing body and WHO killed the victim – and the police confirmed she was one hundred per cent accurate.

Where is the cold reading there?

You have heard how Professor Jan Vandersande, a physicist who investigated the paranormal, tried to discuss materialization with the defendant telling him that he could attend materializations where there would be communication with those from another dimension. What brilliant proof that would be. But again the defendant ran miles away from the Professor. He refused to discuss the matter any further – slamming the door shut on the evidence that would have fundamentally convinced him the paranormal is real!

The defendant does not want anyone to produce the ultimate evidence because he gets most of his funding on the false claim that he is exposing psychics. He claims that he is supporting and teaching critical thinking.

But his conduct shows the defendant himself is NOT A CRITICAL THINKER! He ASSUMES there is no validity in the paranormal when he says he did not investigate the paranorma. Is this not hypocrisy pushed to its extreme?

Just one more thing about materializations – the medium sits behind a curtain, he does not see the sitters and does NOT speak at all. How then can that ever be ‘cold reading’?

The record shows, as was stated, that very few gifted psychics ever applied to beat the challenge because they know that it is a ridiculous challenge, it’s a joke, it’s a trick. It’s deception because the way it is set up with its conditions, NO ONE CAN EVER BEAT THE CHALLENGE because it is in fact a HOAX.

The evidence is that there were a few really gifted psychics and medium who did apply- people such as Chris Robinson who demonstrated his gifts on television, or Prof. Vandersande’s medium or homeopath John Benneth. But once it was known to the defendant that they could possibly beat the challenge he refused to have anything to do with them.

I submit that this defendant, for his own promotion and profit – and to misinform and mislead - came up with a HOAX challenge knowing that he would never pay a cent. The gimmick sounded great where he knew he could manipulate the media journalists, he could manipulate other skeptics and keep promising falsely that the money is up for grabs.

And that is most UNFAIR, most CRUEL and most UNCONSCIONABLY HEARTLESS!

The challenge conditions themselves work against the applicant psychic. If the availability of the funding is not on oath, even if by some miracle a psychic succeeds, the defendant legally would not have to pay a cent if he decides to save a million dollars and go bankrupt.

That means the challenge is also perceived it has no credibility at all and in relation to the challenge, the defendant has no credibility at all!

Just remember ... the defendant is a professional liar – he virtually said so himself. He has a track record of hoaxes … which means he’s into deception – and illusions and negative manipulation.

Perhaps some people see that he’s been successful in fooling the media, fooling the journalists and fooling others who wanted to be fooled.… by a HOAX that there is something for grabs – an alleged one million dollars for virtually a few minutes psychic demonstration.

What a DREAM, what a FANTASY and WHAT A HOAX!

Members of the jury, there is only one question to answer, is the defendant’s challenge a HOAX?

Thank you for listening so attentively.

(The jury members came back after considering the verdict for three minutes, unanimously agreeing the defendant’s challenge is not just a HOAX but the GREATEST HOAX the defendant ever organized).

Copyright 2011 Victor Zammit All rights reserved.