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MORE BRILLIANT SCIENTISTS WHO ACCEPT THE PARANORMAL: On February 7-9 2014 a group of scientists participated in an important international summit on post-materialist science, spirituality and society at Canyon Ranch Tucson Arizona.

It was co-organised by Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, Mario Beauregard, PhD, from the University of Arizona, and Lisa Miller, PhD, Columbia University. Read more ...

The scientists have issued a vitally important Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science (PDF) which sets out a list of "paranormal" events for which scientific evidence exists including psi phenomena, consciousness during NDEs and mediumship. They argue that refusal to publish strong science findings supporting a post-materialist framework is a violation of scientific principles. They are calling for establishment of a post-materialist science which may be of vital importance to the evolution of the human civilization. Read the manifesto and see who signed it.

MORE Scientists, Doctors and Philosophers Who Agree with this Manifesto are requested to join this long list of top scientists and professionals who do.


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