by Victor Zammit
Retired Lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales,
and the High Court of Australia

$1 Million Challenge
Preface and Conditions


One million dollars is offered to any skeptic who can rebut the evidence for the existence of the afterlife.

The afterlife is not just a speculative claim like there may be unicorns or there may be green cheese on the other side of the moon. There have been top scientists, genuine, highly gifted mediums, and thousands of others including empirical investigators like myself, who experienced psi and afterlife communication.

There is now a substantial body of evidence which supports the existence of the afterlife and which taken as a whole cannot be satisfactorily accounted for except by the existence of the afterlife.

I have had complaints from genuine psychics, mediums and those who support the validity of psychic phenomena that those who reject the existence of the afterlife have never really examined the evidence.

Psychics and mediums claim they experienced a great deal of frustration when they tried to apply for a highly publicised skeptics' one million dollar challenge. It was put to me that the skeptics' offer is not genuine. Also, it was suggested that the psychics ought to put up a similar challenge reflecting the skeptics' own conditions for the stated prize.

This is how this challenge originated. Naturally, the effort has to be commensurate with the very high cash reward.

The applicant has to rebut the twenty substantive areas of evidence presented in Victor Zammit's A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife ( (see chapters 3 to 24) which includes: Materialisations, Electronic Voice Phenomena, Instrumental Transcommunication, the Scole Experiments, Professor Gary Schwartz' Experiments, Mediumship - Mental, Physical and Direct Voice, Xenoglossy, the Cross-Correspondences, Proxy Sittings, Automatic Etheric Writing, Laboratory Experiments, Poltergeists, Apparitions together with the evidence provided by Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences which psychics claim are supportive of and are directly linked with the afterlife.

Here is the challenge for those skeptics who have been continuously campaigning in the media that there is no afterlife: those closed-minded skeptics who have been crusading around the world denigrating, destroying and demeaning the credibility of gifted psychics, trying to dismiss the positive evidence being produced for the afterlife; those skeptics who have been cruelly twisting and manipulating psychic truth to reduce its effect; those who unconscionably have tried to destroy the reputations of some of the greatest and most brilliant 'classical' scientists and psychic writers who ever walked this planet earth like Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Barrett, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Arthur Findlay and so many others!

I concede that the skeptics' offer being offered by the JREF- IS a complete HOAX - has been used very successfully and has provided huge propaganda against mediums and psychics. The skeptic's alleged $1million challenge has misled and made fools of journalists, radio and TV interviewers. It has been a powerful tool for the dissemination of global darkness. The media's pet rent-a-skeptic vociferates on behalf of some 2% of the population who are closed minded skeptics yet these skeptics have been given exaggerated time and space in the media.

Although there is sponsorship for the offer, I am fully and solely responsible for the said offer.

Given the circumstances it is only reasonable, fair and equitable to match and to mirror as far as possible the skeptics' fundamental conditions one by one as the skeptics have had them on the Internet for a number of years now. It is reiterated that these conditions are generally based on the skeptics' own conditions.Of course other conditions are added.


'The challenge' refers to the offer of one million dollars. The 'offeror' refers to Victor Zammit who is making the challenge. 'The Committee' refers to a group of non-aligned experts in afterlife evidence. The committee is to be chosen for their expertise in the evidence of the afterlife.

1. Stage One- Initial submission.

Because there have been applicants who showed they are not qualified in the admissibility of evidence in law and science - they wasted a great deal of our precious time and money and who had not examined the evidence in detail -it has become essential and a pre-requisite that prior to any actual submission of any rebuttals of the evidence in Stage Two of the Challenge, a potential applicant must initially submit to the offeror a detailed exposition of how the applicant is going to rebut the evidence outlined in the above Preface.

2. The offeror and the applicant will agree that the applicant has demonstrated the technical skills to rebut the evidence. This is a fundamental and most important condition.

3. In relation to 2 above the decision of the offeror or his appointed authorised representative will be absolute, irrevocable and final.

4. The applicant agrees that all data of any sort gathered as a result of the application may be used freely by Mr Zammit or the Committee in any way they choose.

5. Stage Two- Rebutting the evidence

Once agreement on condition 2 above has been reached the claimant will prepare his submissions to be placed before the Committee.

6. The applicant and the offeror accept that the decision of the Committee in relation to the submissions will be absolute, irrevocable and final.

7. The applicant agrees that the level of proof required to rebut the evidence will be the Cartesian test, "beyond any absolute doubt". This means that there has to be absolutely no doubt at all in the minds of the Committee that the 'evidence' has been rebutted.

8. All correspondence in this challenge must be communicated in the English language and sent to: The Challenge, P.O. Box 1810 Dee Why, Northern Beaches, NSW Australia 2099 by registered mail.

9. All costs incurred by an applicant in relation to this challenge will be borne by the applicant.

10. The applicant agrees that in this challenge he or she is not a commercial consumer.

11. Upon successfully proceeding to Stage Two the claimant will be given all other relevant details.

12. Before the applicant makes a first submission (see paragraph 1 above) he/she must submit a document properly witnessed by a litigation lawyer that the litigation lawyer has explained to the applicant the preface and the conditions and that these have been understood and accepted by the applicant. This submission is to be forwarded to THE CHALLENGE, PO Box 1810, Dee Why, Northern Beaches, NSW AUSTRALIA 2099 by registered mail. Staff check mailbox and vet all mail everyday.

-- Victor Zammit (18th November 2001)

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