A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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Professor Stephen Hawking EXPOSED!

To-day’s brief talk is to show you why this closed-minded Professor of Cosmology Prof. Stephen Hawking is deluding himself when he says there is no afterlife. He further stated in the television documentary ‘Curiosity … Who Created the Universe’ that there is no God. This professor made serious blunders and failures which I believe have completely destroyed the credibility of his anti-afterlife argument.

1. His first big BLUNDER: he FAILED to use Scientific Methodology to show why the existing evidence for the afterlife is not valid. He had to deal with EVP, ITC, NDE, OBE and MENTAL MEDIUMSHIP including the research done by the Windbridge Institute where they use PURE SCIENCE to investigate mediumship. This paranormally uninformed professor FAILED to deal with the most sensational afterlife evidence of the Cross-Correspondences, and the objective and repeatable scientific evidence of materialization – and some ten other areas of afterlife evidence this professor shows he’s totally ignorant about.

2. His second BIGGER BLUNDER: this professor FAILED to apply scientific methodology to his claim about the afterlife when he negligently came to conclusions about the evidence BEFORE he investigated! The principle involved is not dissimilar to this professor saying there are no blond haired people in the United States before he investigated. This professor allowed his closed mindedness and negative prejudices to over-ride scientific reasoning. That is a huge blunder– and something which I believe destroyed his credibility in relation to the afterlife.

3. His third BIGGEST BLUNDER is that he is presenting speculations and interpretations from speculations as science. THAT IS WRONG! THAT IS INADMISSIBLE AND UNACCAPTABLE. Lawyers and scientists will tell you that you cannot present speculations UNLESS you can independently substantiate your argument. When afterlife investigators deal with some afterlife evidence, it has to be repeated over time and space, keeping variables constant. And it has to yield the same positive results. We CAN independently substantiate the evidence we present for the afterlife.

In relation to God this professor said that because there was no ‘time’ before the big-bang – there was no God. He also said that since protons appear and disappear this shows that the universe created itself without the need for a creator.

But I say all these are just mere speculations and interpretations from speculations. In the next two to three decades other cosmologists will make other discoveries to completely invalidate Stephen Hawking’s argument against the afterlife and against the existence of God.

He is using his status as a ‘scientist’ to completely ignore the strict laws of science. That can never be accepted. So what this afterlife UNINFORMED professor stated was NOT science.

He expressed his closed minded prejudices and negativity as an atheistic layperson. He shows he knows absolutely nothing about the afterlife - DON’T LET HIM MAKE A FOOL OF YOU! See my website for more information about this Professor who got it all wrong about the afterlife – and a Cross-Examination of Prof. S. Hawking: http://www.victorzammit.com/