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When it comes to the afterlife there is no better recent evidence than the Scole Experiment which is the basis for this outstanding DVD, AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATIONS available from the director, Tim Coleman, Tcole7777@aol.com

The documentary is based on the SCOLE EXPERIMENT- which was conducted from 1993 for five years in different countries including England, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and the United States over a period of some five years.

Some of the top professional investigators and scientists who were interviewed and some who were involved included: Professor David Fontana, Professor Ellison, Montague Keen – from the fairly conservative Society for Psychical Research who applied very rigid testing. There were others of course, Professor Archie Roy, Professor Rupert Sheldrake, Dr Hans Shaer, Marcello Bacci and others.
It began when seven people, headed by Robin and Sandra Foy who told by Spirit to form a group to conduct experiments with 'creative energy' – hopefully a more advanced and safer spiritual agent than ectoplasm – to explore new forms of tangible paranormal phenomena. Their aim was to prove conclusively once and for all that death does not exist and that there are other dimensions of being.
The Group was reduced to four, the Foys and two mediums, Alan and Diana Bennett, through whom the spirits communicated. The sessions took place in a completely blacked out cellar, except for luminous arm-bands worn by the sitters and luminous tabs on the table and some props.

The video makes it clear that the Scole Experiment included a whole range of phenomena including Electronic Voice Phenomena, Instrumental Trans-communication, mental and physical mediumship and materialization mediumship.
For the first time ever, we have a documentary about a scientific investigation of the afterlife using physical mediumship which patiently shows us that the evidence for the afterlife has become objective and repeatable. .

From Europe we have the testimony of lawyer/businessman Dr Hans Shaer and videos of the Scole team with Marcello Bacci one of the leading researchers into Instrumental Transcommunication. For 35 years Bacci has been receiving paranormal voices on a regular basis in his laboratory in Grosseto, Italy. He uses an old valve radio tuned to white noise in the short wave band. For many years, he has been holding sessions on Friday nights with parents who have lost deceased sons or daughters who claim to be able to hear the voices of their deceased children. Many books have already been written about his work, and Bacci today continues his research using his old valve radio.

Many researchers have visited Bacci’s laboratory to test the phenomenon of the Bacci voices. Physicist Prof. Salvatore Mario Festa, worked with Bacci analysing the voice weekly for six years.

The DVD contains interesting video of Marcello Bacci conducting his usual weekly sessions but also conducting communication between members of the Scole team and Manu, one of their friends in spirit. This is remarkable cross validation.

From the USA we have testimony of a number of independent experienced investigators from Los Angeles, Dr Gary Schwarz and medium Allison Dubois.

I was also very interested to see an interview with a professional master magician, James Webster, who participated in the SCOLE EXPERIMENT. He is on record for stating that it would not be possible for any magician in the world to repeat any of the phenomena produced by the SCOLE EXPERIMENT.

The Scole Experiment is not to be taken lightly – and when you take time to study the full array of the highly persuasive evidence accumulated over a five year period under the close scrutiny of some of the most gifted afterlife investigators one would have to be crazy not to accept the evidence as SPR investigator Montague Keen said.

This is not to say that the DVD is perfect. There are a few things in it that concerned me. Some people may object to including footage of the death of Montague Keen. It also appears to be pointless to do repeated interviews with people on the street who knew nothing about the afterlife and had not seen the video asking them if they thought there was any evidence. And I was very concerned that footage was secretly filmed in a Bacci séance after the film-makers had been specifically asked to turn off their camera. And of course the token skeptic is just laughable.

And the video does not really explain why the experiment was suddenly shut down.
Reportedly the group had begun to experiment with creating an 'inter-dimensional doorway 'through which 'many different types of beings were able to enter the cellar, passing between dimensions as they did so.' Unfortunately, the very powerful vortex of energies within the 'doorway' attracted the attention of 'a group of experimenters from the future, (whose) motives were not entirely benevolent' causing an 'interference contrary to the strict laws of time and space' and The Group activities had to cease forthwith.

Clearly it is not an easy task to fit the results of five years of experiments, which chalked up over 1,000 hours of genuine physical phenomena into a short dvd and clearly there is a great deal more to be told about these remarkable experiments.
However in spite of these issues I suggest that this DVD is extremely valuable and the very best available. The filming is of good quality, the pace is excellent and the interviews well edited. Altogether it maintains the interest and even races along. I suggest very strongly that watching the AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATIONS DVD very closely is very likely to “change your paradigms” as Pro. David Fontana stated in his interview.