A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife



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This is one of the most controversial topics to deal with in afterlife matters. There are those writers, such as the popular writer Neale Donald Walsch, who claims to have received a communication from God that‘Hitler is in heaven.’ Naturally, this has to be closely examined.

Others, like myself, as a professional lawyer with twenty two years of afterlife research, state that according to the laws of the afterlife, Hitler cannot be in heaven. He would be in the lower, darker, horrible regions of the afterlife dimension. And, according to transmitted information from highly credible sources, he will be there for eons and eons of time.


First, we have a dictator who caused more that fifty million deaths and who unleashed much racial hatred – initially targeting Jews. In addition to Jews, the targeted groups included Poles (of whom 2.5 million gentile Poles were killed) and some other 'Slavic' peoples; Soviets (particularly prisoners of war); Romanians (also known as Gypsies) and others who did not belong to the "Aryan race"; the mentally ill, the deaf, the physically disabled and mentally retarded; homosexual and trans-sexual people; political opponents such as social democrats and communist-socialists.

The torture, pain and suffering unleashed was on the grandest and most systematic scale in history.

Let’s see what the afterlife laws and authorities have to say about this. The critical law to apply to anything as huge as the above is the Law of Cause and Effect. This law is universally accepted by those informed about the afterlife circumstances. It is also known in some quarters as Karmic Law. The essence of this law is that every negative effect has to be experienced sooner or later by the one who caused the negative effect.

Information transmitted from the afterlife tells us that the Law of Cause and Effect – which has been in existence from time immemorial - is for the purpose of continuous refinement. Theism, atheism and agnosticism would be totally irrelevant because the Law of Cause and Effect applies equally to all human beings on earth irrespective of beliefs, tradition, race, gender, culture, history, and level social status and education. We are also credibly informed that this law operates in the afterlife dimension as well.

Simply put, this Law operates this way: if A kills B, at a later stage, A will suffer exactly what A did to B, i.e., being killed. This could be cruelty of all kinds: physical, psychological or any kind of cheating, abuse of power and so on.

We are credibly informed from afterlife sources that we humans and everything else in the universe are part of the continuous evolutionary process for refinement on all levels.

Now the tricky part comes about if one person kills not one, but two people. Will the murderer then have to experience the negative consequence twice?

Again, the afterlife authority tells us that the Law of Cause and Effect 'works with mathematical precision' – and every negative act has to be paid for – every negative act. This means nothing is forgotten, nothing is overlooked – and each negative act will have its own negative consequence. Now what if some dictator, like Hitler is responsible for killing fifty million people?

Consistent with the Law of Cause and Effect, each negative act has to be paid for separately. That inevitably will show that Hitler would spend eons and eons of time in the lower, darker region. If that did not happen, if Hitler was able to by-pass that, it would make a mockery of the Law of Cause and Effect and cosmic justice.

Further, the afterlife law states that every positive or negative act we do we will directly cause a change in our spirit soul body-vibration. Unselfishly helping others will actually increase the level of the spirit soul body. A negative act – killing, inflicting torture, pain, suffering – will cause the vibrations of the soul-body to be reduced.

At the time of crossing over, the level of our spirit body vibrations (known also as the level of spirituality) will automatically send us to the afterlife level which can accept our level of vibrations. But someone with a low vibrational spirit body – because of many negative deeds- cannot go to the levels where the vibrations are higher. Those with lower vibrations will automatically be drawn to the lower, darker horrible regions.

On crossing over there will be no St Peter, no God, no Angels to judge your earthly deeds. All is done automatically and instantly from the time we are on earth – raising and lowering our soul-spirit vibrations each time we do positive or negative thing.

There is no one on earth who would have the power, authority and jurisdiction to change that – no priest, no Pope, no Cardinal, no Mullah, no Ayatollah, no Dalai Lama or anybody else has the power to change by one iota the Law of Cause and Effect.

So, as far as this Adolf Hitler is concerned, his negative deeds – the killing of over fifty million people, illegally invading other countries in Europe, the torture, the unleashing of extreme racism – especially against the Jews, the pain and suffering he inflicted onto hundreds of millions of others would have severely lowered his vibrations to the lowest end.

And he will be in the darkest regions, according the laws transmitted to us from the afterlife, for eons and eons of time – which for him would feel like eternity.


March 1st 2013.