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There is. without any doubt whatsoever, obective and repeatable evidence for the existence of the afterlife. Lawyer Victor Zammit presents twenty three different areas of evidence showing that the existence of the afterlife can be proved ‘absolutely’ in his book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE.

For the record, this is NOT religious crusading. Nor is there any attempt in any way to change your beliefs. He is asking you to consider the objective evidence.

Dr. Victor Zammit states that the evidence he presented would be accepted by the highest court in any civilized country. Some of the technical evidence includes:

The Electronic Voice Phenomenon (Spirit Voices on Tape), Instrumental Transcommunication (two-way communication with those who crossed over), the SCOLE Experiment, Out-of-Body Experiences, Near-Death Experiences, Materialisation, Trance and Mental Mediumship; Poltergeists, Xenoglossy and Reincarnation, the Cross-Correspondences, Proxy Sittings.

There is also a chapter which informs about some of the most brilliant respected scientists and investigators who ever walked this planet earth who used their scientific knowledge and skills to investigate the afterlife and did find that the afterlife exists.

Dr. Zammit suggests that you not reject any evidence just because the evidence is not consistent with your own cherished beliefs. He says that we tend to be products of our own environment, our own upbringing. From the time we are born we absorb information from our family, friends, schools, the media. Also, we must not forget that we are born into a world environment with its own unique culture, history and tradition.

Inevitably, beliefs become deeply emotional and they are also neurological. We know that when we hear any information not consistent with our own cherished beliefs, we tend to reject that information. Why? Our mind will put up defenses to protect our bias, our partiality: because the inconsistent information will give us anxiety, elicit fear and will tend to destabilize us emotionally. Imagine how you would feel if you were an American deeply entrenched in Christianity being told by a fundamental Moslem that you are completely wrong in your beliefs – and that only Islam is the way to ‘salvation’!

We must also accept that if you the reader were born in the Middle East, you are very likely to be a Moslem – and in some instances you would have recited Allah Akbah (GOD IS GREAT) a number of times already. If you were born in India you would have totally different world view and beliefs to a Westerner. Or if you were born in Japan or China you would certainly have different beliefs if born in other countries.

Understand that whenever there is an inconsistency between ‘scientific’ knowledge and traditional or ‘personal beliefs’, inevitably scientific knowledge prevails over personal beliefs. It cannot be any other way. We remember what happened at the time of scientist Galileo in Italy who used his knowledge of science and stated that the earth is NOT in the centre of the universe and that it is the earth which revolves around the sun - not the sun revolves around the earth. The Christian Catholic Church eventually – after many years had to accept` that science prevails over their personal religious beliefs and the Church admitted it was wrong. This is also an example of continuous refinement in knowledge.

This is critical information to understand - because what ultimately is important for you to know and fully understand on this planet earth - is the truth based on information which can be repeatedly tested for validity.

The ‘scientific’ evidence for the afterlife is irrefutable – has never been shown it is wrong. The evidence mentioned has been sent to experts around the world to ask them what they find wrong with it– it has been sent to theologians, to scientists, to materialists and hard-core skeptics. Seven years later, no scientist – no biologist, no physicist, no skeptical empiricist , no materialist, no one has been able to rebut the evidence for the existence of the afterlife.

Victor has also a website on the materialists and skeptics to show that his sponsors are offering the sum of $1,000,000 for anyone in the world who could demonstrate the evidence for the afterlife as found in his research on the Net is not correct – click on new webpage Lawyer on the Skeptics www.victorzammit.com.

Time on earth is short. One of the most beautiful revelations from information transmitted from the afterlife by those who crossed over is that love continues after physical death. Yes, we will all meet our loved ones when we physically die.

There is nothing more important on earth than knowing what is going to happen when we cross over to the afterlife. Let me ask a direct question: what if it is true that life goes on and on for a long, long time – maybe for thousands of years? Is it not then reasonable to do serious investigations or to read what the professional investigators have discovered? Do you not think that would have enormous consequences?

Lawyer Victor Zammit has done many years of life-changing critical research in the afterlife. In his book he very carefully reports on his very important findings.

Can you afford to take the risk of not knowing what psychic science has to say about what is going to happen to you when you die?