A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


A Spiritually Advanced Person is Someone Who ...

.. unconditionally accepts the ultimate supreme positive energy of peace, light and love called God;
2.. understands that all spirits – including those in the flesh – have a ‘spark’ of the Divine.
3.. is able to remain calm under pressure, always helping, always unselfishly doing something positive for others and being fully aware of the universal law of cause and effect,
4. is disciplined and is able to maintain harmony in mind, body and spirit
5. .. sees mistakes as lessons, is highly discerning and seeks more illumination, knowledge, wisdom and the understanding the purpose of existence is to conitnue to spiritually evolve;
6.. projects peace, ‘light’, love, positive thoughts and can get along with people irrespective of gender, race, colour and creed,
7.. can unconditionally love and unconditionally forgive; is highly altruistic and practices humility;
8.. has mastered detachment, ignores the negative and accentuates the positive;
9.. is always honest; has strength of character and accepts self-responsibility;
10.. can meditate at the deepest, most intense level and experience extreme love;
11. is without ego – without self-centeredness - and identifies with the ‘whole’ – cosmic consciousness.
12.. is non-judgmental, is highly ethically exemplary who exudes positive energy and compassion.

13.. can relate with extreme kindness to human beings - and also to animals, birds and living things; but reserves the right to self-protection.
14.. respects the environment and who does not have to ‘kill to eat’, (and for the really true purists: does not drink stimulants such as tea or coffee);
15.. does not consume alcohol, does not smoke, does not gamble, does not take any drugs for entertainment whatsoever - and has a preference for pure food, preferably organic and other foods without harmful chemicals.
16.. is morally and spiritually strong not affected by envy, jealousy or pride and avoids anger, greed and malice – and always expresses appreciation for all good things,
17.. does not lose his/her temper but is able to respond to all provocations and hostility with serenity, equanimity, peace, composure and love.
18.. has successfully evolved from the physical to the spiritual,
19.. on crossing over will know and understand that most critical and immediately relevant will be what we DID during life on earth - the level of our spirituality attained that will give us the place to go in the afterlife – not what beliefs we had.
20.. makes regular spiritual contribution/s and disseminates the Light (advanced spiritual wisdom) on a Global level, Afterlife level and anywhere else in the Universe where the Light can be accessed.

(Above is the collection of spiritual conduct accumulated after 30 years of afterlife research).

Victor and Wendy Zammit - updated 18/June. 2019.

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